18 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-10-21

  1. Think the Chinese are anyone’s friend?

    Think again.

    They ravage the world with a virus of their making, all while they plunder the world fisheries, and the UN is asleep once again.

    “Chinese Fishing Fleet Going ‘Dark’ as it Plunders Argentina’s Waters

    Chinese fishing vessels switch off their tracking beacons to evade detection while sailing into Argentina’s Exclusive Economic Zone.”


    “In the summer of 2020, I reported that a fleet of Chinese fishing ships plundered the ecologically sensitive waters off of Ecuador, including the iconic Galapagos Islands.

    These ships continue to target to coastal waters of South America. The boats go “dark” by turning off tracking equipment as they sail into Argentina’s national waters.

    Giant distant-water fishing fleets, primarily from China, are switching off their tracking beacons to evade detection while they engage in a possibly illegal hunt for squid and other lucrative species on the very edge of Argentina’s extensive fishing grounds, according to a new study by Oceana, an international NGO dedicated to ocean conservation.

    …By monitoring the ships’ tracking beacons between January 2018 and April 2021, Oceana found that more than 800 vessels apparently conducted nearly 900,000 hours of fishing within 20 nautical miles of the invisible border between Argentina’s national waters and the high seas.

    “During this three-and-a-half-year period, there were over 6,000 instances in which these fishing vessels appeared to go ‘dark’ by potentially disabling their electronic tracking devices, known as Automatic Identification Systems (AIS),” says the report, published on Wednesday, titled, Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Vanishing Vessels Along Argentina’s Waters.

    In all, these vessels were “hidden” for over 600,000 hours during which Oceana suspects they crossed over into Argentina’s territorial waters for illegal fishing.

    “It’s very suspicious that they have their AIS turned off for such a large proportion of the time they are out fishing,” said Marla Valentine, an ecologist at Oceana, an international NGO dedicated to ocean conservation.

    The incursion into Argentina’s Exclusive Economic Zone would be astonishing if any other nation did it. But it is clear China does not follow rules that do not suit its purposes.

    Argentina’s commercial fishing industry constitutes 3.4% of the country’s gross domestic product and is worth about $2.7 billion. The industry is mostly driven by the catch of four species: Argentine shortfin squid, Argentine red shrimp, Argentine hake (Merluccius hubbsi), and Patagonian grenadier (Macruronus magellanicus). The shortfin squid fishery in and of itself is the second-largest in the world, generating an average of $597 million each year for South America’s economy.

    Foreign vessels are not allowed to fish within Argentina’s EEZ without proper authorization, but they can legally fish beyond the EEZ in the high seas.”


  2. Even if they do?

    You mean when they do.

    So not only is Joe Biden leading the largest human trafficking operation in the world, his admin is now admitting it doesn’t have an issue with funding terrorism.

    “Blinken: Biden Will Lift Sanctions Necessary In Iran Deal Even If Those Entities Fund Terrorism…”

    But hey, no more mean tweets, right?

    #@%@%$%#%# idiots.


  3. It is disgusting that companies go through all kinds of hoops to be able to start mining or delivering oil etc. and then are still not allowed to do so even though they proved what they had to prove. It is even more disgusting when they are fought all the way by so-called environmentalists who leave garbage, pollute, use fossil fuels to get to the protests and refuse to see the truth that not doing some things lead to more world wide pollution.

    Thank God for those speaking out against CRT in their local schools. I pray more people will rise up and insist this is stopped. Thank God for those who refuse to allow others to cause them to hate others according to their skin color.


  4. Stacey Lies. Black Business Dies.


    “Stacey Abrams is the very worst kind of race huckster. Not only does she lie about Republican efforts to safeguard election integrity, but she is so eager to subvert the security of our elections that she is perfectly willing to harm the interests of the very community she claims to protect.

    Exhibit A: Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta — a city that’s well over 50% Black and has one of the highest proportions of Black-owned businesses in the nation — to mostly white Denver.

    The controversial stunt is the subject of a lawsuit demanding that the MLB either move the game back to Atlanta or pay damages to small businesses impacted by the decision.

    But the rash, almost comically tone-deaf move by the baseball was a direct result of Abrams’s partisan propaganda campaign against Georgia’s election integrity law, which painted the perfectly reasonable and common-sense legislation as racist and an inherent threat to civil rights.

    The reality of the situation, however, is that Georgia’s law actually made it easier to vote — easier in fact than Colorado, the new home of the All-Star Game. But Georgia’s law did make it harder to cheat during elections, which one could easily be forgiven for thinking is the real reason why Abrams and her allies in the Democratic Party are so upset about it.

    The truth is that between 87% and 98% of Black Americans in Georgia have IDs. The truth is that nearly 70% of Black voters support voter IDs. The truth is that Stacey Abrams’s steady stream of lies about Georgia’s election integrity law condemned a mostly Black city brimming with Black business owners and Black workers to unnecessary and painful economic loss.

    The cost to the state of the MLB’s decision is estimated at $100 million. That might just be a meaningless number to the Democrats, but to the hardworking Black men and women of Atlanta that money was a lifeline, especially as it was coming on the heels of an economy-shattering pandemic.

    Take, for example, Marvil Rodney, the owner of Rodney’s Jamaican Soul Food, located near Truist Park. Mr. Rodney and his staff were counting desperately on the extra business that the All-Star Game would bring. The restaurant industry was arguably hit harder than any other by the COVID pandemic, and the game was a godsend to Rodney and his employees. It was to be their first opportunity to make good money in over a year.

    Then there’s Michael Bennett, an Atlanta-area promoter specializing in upscale events and clientele. Based on his revenue from the NBA All-Star Game, Bennett estimates losses in the many thousands of dollars as a result of the MLB’s decision. That’s to say nothing of the money lost by caterers, waiters, and other staff he would have hired for his events.

    These are just two of Stacey Abrams’s Black victims. But there are more. Many more. I’ve spoken with them. They’re hurting and they’re angry and they don’t like Stacey Abrams acting like she’s Queen of All Black People and harming their livelihoods. But they also see her power, and the power wielded by the liberal elites who support her, and they’re afraid to speak out. But we can’t afford to stay silent any longer. “


  5. Rand was right, just like Trump.


  6. Kathaleena,

    This CRT story will make your blood boil.

    THIS is how the schools treat opposition to their indoctrination efforts.

    “Update: Smear of Mom Nicole Solas Was Prepared By Public Relations Firm Hired By South Kingstown (RI) School Committee

    Emily Cummiskey steps down as Chair of School Committee, blames others for smear of Nicole: “The PR firm delivered me three statements, one for social media, one for Fox news, and one to read at last Wednesday’s meeting.””


    “The aggressiveness with which the South Kingstown (Rhode Island) School Committee went after local mom Nicole Solas, for filing a series of public records requests regarding Critical Race and Gender activities in the school system, has never made sense. We now have a partial answer – the smear of Nicole in public statements by the School Committee Chair was drafted by a Public Relations firm.

    The story broke nationally when Nicole wrote about a school board threat to sue her in a post at Legal Insurrection, I’m A Mom Seeking Records Of Critical Race and Gender Curriculum, Now The School Committee May Sue To Stop Me.

    Our additional posts covered the developing story, which has received widespread national attention:

    South Kingstown (RI) School Committee Votes NOT To Sue Mom Nicole Solas Who Sought CRT Records
    South Kingstown Mom Nicole Solas: “They smear people who ask them questions, who disagree with them”

    As the School Committee members openly discussed at the meeting on June 2, 2021, there never was an attempt to resolve the issue or work with Nicole prior to item being placed on the School Committee public agenda to discuss suing Nicole. The excuse that the district faced potentially millions of dollars of fines if they missed a deadline to respond to the public records requests was nonsense. As someone who has filed many public records requests over my career, there almost always is a negotiation and accommodation where the agency cannot comply because of personnel or other limitations.

    From the get-go I felt something else was going on here. That Nicole was being singled out and made an example of for some other reason.”

    “My suspicions were further heightened when, in response to Nicole going public with the lawsuit threat, School Committee Chair Emily Cummiskey issued very vicious attacks on Nicole on Facebook, to the local media, and then at the June 2, 2021, public forum, accusing Nicole of being associated with a national racist group, which Cummiskey identified at the public meeting as Parents Defending Education (PDE). The accusation that PDE is “racist” is outrageously false, as I’ve previously explained, and there is no evidence that PDE was behind Nicole’s requests.

    The accusation that Nicole was working with a national “racist” organization has circulated even in mainstream local media without pushback from reporters.”


    You can always rely on the media to take the wrong side when they should be taking none.


  7. Imagine the press reaction had this been Eric, or DT Jr..

    But it’s a Dem, so the press become crickets….


    Lapdogs and crickets.


  8. Move along….


    Yes, what indeed….?


  9. More fake news exposed….

    The media caught lying again.



  10. ———

    Here they are, lying their @#$%$#@ off time and time again.


  11. Just imagine the outrage from the presstitutes if Trump were still in charge.

    But it’s a Dem, so nary a whisper.

    “Number Of Migrants Who Have Died Crossing The Border Has Tripled Over Last Year”


  12. The fall of the media’s patron St. Fauci continues…..


    “Dr. Anthony Fauci is busted stuff. He’s damaged goods. He’s a liar. He needs to go away. Every time he gets on television to stroke his ego, he only damages the very institutions entrusted with fighting pathogens and preparing for future pandemics. The medical expert community is finished for a while. There’s no reason to listen to them ever again. They said wear masks but didn’t tell us that the store-bought products were useless. There was no such thing as asymptomatic spread. He thought a COVID vaccine wasn’t necessary, and there’s quite a paper trail concerning Fauci, the NIH, EcoHealth Alliance, and the grants doled out to the Wuhan virology lab that might be the epicenter for this pandemic.

    The emails Fauci sent, which were obtained via a FOIA request, show a massive history of lying to the public about some key COVID protocols that simply were not backed by science. They went along with it anyway. Noble lies…are still lies, and when exposed, the damage can be catastrophic. It shows the scientific community decided to peddle pure fiction. It shows they got political. It shows the bias that has seeped into this expert community. And now they must now speak to empty rooms because no one should ever listen to these people again. They kept us scared about asymptomatic spread that’s as real as the Russian collusion myth. Oh, and the variants—it’s all scare tactics. Remember the “impending doom” we faced during spring break? Nothing happened. The ruse is up, and a Stanford epidemiologist summed up Fauci perfectly concerning his credibility. It’s over (via NY Post): ”

    “A Stanford epidemiologist said Dr. Anthony Fauci’s “credibility is entirely shot” after his conflicting advice on face masks throughout the pandemic — which the scientist criticized as “all over the place.”

    “I think he’s been all over the place on masks,” Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford, told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on her show, “The Ingham Angle” Saturday.

    “There are emails you can find in the treasure trove of emails that have been released where he acknowledged the virus has been aerosolized,” he continued.

    “Well, the cloth masks people have been recommending, they’re not particularly effective against aerosolized viruses.

    “I really don’t understand his back and forth, and his answer made absolutely no sense.””


  13. ———–


  14. Petty and pathetic.

    But no mean tweets!



  15. I know, right….?

    Weird man…..


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