Prayer Requests 6-10-21

It’s Thursday, so don’t forget to pray for Jo, her students, and the people of PNG.

Anyone else?

Psalm 115

Not to us, Lord, not to us
    but to your name be the glory,
    because of your love and faithfulness.

Why do the nations say,
    “Where is their God?”
Our God is in heaven;
    he does whatever pleases him.
But their idols are silver and gold,
    made by human hands.
They have mouths, but cannot speak,
    eyes, but cannot see.
They have ears, but cannot hear,
    noses, but cannot smell.
They have hands, but cannot feel,
    feet, but cannot walk,
    nor can they utter a sound with their throats.
Those who make them will be like them,
    and so will all who trust in them.

All you Israelites, trust in the Lord
    he is their help and shield.
10 House of Aaron, trust in the Lord
    he is their help and shield.
11 You who fear him, trust in the Lord
    he is their help and shield.

12 The Lord remembers us and will bless us:
    He will bless his people Israel,
    he will bless the house of Aaron,
13 he will bless those who fear the Lord
    small and great alike.

14 May the Lord cause you to flourish,
    both you and your children.
15 May you be blessed by the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.

16 The highest heavens belong to the Lord,
    but the earth he has given to mankind.
17 It is not the dead who praise the Lord,
    those who go down to the place of silence;
18 it is we who extol the Lord,
    both now and forevermore.

   Praise the Lord.


18 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 6-10-21

  1. Continuing prayer for the real and family as they go through the grieving of their loss.

    Continuing to pray for Debra and C, may God continue to be glorified in their words and trust as He continues to work in their lives. Praying for healing and restoration of health. Praying for increase in faith and trust.

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  2. Requesting prayers for a couple of issues that cropped up this week, which I don’t know if they’re related or not.

    First, for God’s favor that I not develop Lyme Disease from the tick bite — sorry, Michelle — I got this week. I’ve had tick bites several times before, and this one is extremely itchy like the one that gave me Lyme previously. But I haven’t gotten a fever or rash or pain from it (yet) — those things developed a few days after the bite and itching started with the previous Lyme’s — so I’m hoping the tick this week was not a Lyme carrier. If it was, I likely will get LD again, since it appears the tick had been embedded for a day or so before I discovered it, long enough to transmit the disease.

    My other prayer request is that I discover the source of the feet/ankles/lower legs swelling I developed yesterday. This is unusual for me — the only other time it happened was after 4th Arrow’s birth. I didn’t even have trouble with swelling feet during pregnancy, which I know a number of people experience. Elevating and icing helped last night, and today the swelling is noticeably less, so it may be on the way out, but prayers for wisdom and relief from it are welcome and appreciated.

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  3. Ticks, ugh.

    Continued prayer for our church member who’s now going through numerous tests and appointments with cancer specialists. She’s young to be going through this and is much loved in our circle. One of her daughters has started a blog that can be signed up for as there are so many prayer needs coming so fast right now. Everyone’s just heartbroken this has happened.

    I remember talking with her at some length last fall when we were both attending the outdoor services at our sister church. She and I had a similar take then on Covid (the more conservative position) but found ourselves sometimes ‘outliers’ and expressing the minority report among other Christians at that time.

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  4. Today is Chickadee’s 29th birthday. So hard to believe that my “baby” is in the last year of her 20s now. Please pray for a special blessing from God upon her today, especially that she will feel herself being lifted out of the dark pit of depression and anxiety that she is in. (Well, even more especially that she will turn to Jesus and be saved.) As you all know, my heart aches for her.

    I ordered a special card to be sent to her, with a personal message from me inside. It’s called a LovePop card, and when she opens it, a card sculpture (not sure how else to describe it) of a basket of roses will “pop” up. I am hoping and praying that she will find it delightful, and that it will raise her spirits a bit. Separately, I have sent a check for a birthday present. I hope that blesses her, too.

    Here’s the link to the card I sent. (Yes, it is expensive for a card, but I felt that this was a special circumstance, and wanted to send something more than the ordinary birthday card.)

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  5. 😦 Via text, while she is at work, I asked Nightingale if she remembered that today is her sister’s birthday. She replied that she is not going to reach out and be nice to someone who has cut her out of her life. My reply to that was that from what Chickadee texted on Mother’s Day, it sounds more like she is deeply depressed. (I had a glimmer of hope when she texted me that day, but she hasn’t replied to my weekly texts since then, which has extinguished that glimmer.)

    Nightingale’s next reply was tell me to “Stop buying into people’s excuses and bull____.” I wish I could ask her to wish her sister a happy birthday just for my sake, but I think she is too angry and would then be more angry at me for asking. 😦

    I fear that my family is broken, and it will take some kind of miracle to fix us. One of my daily prayers is for reconciliation and restoration in my family, particularly between my daughters. My heart is aching and I am in tears. Both my daughters (and my grandson) so greatly need salvation and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

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  6. Praying for you, 6arrows.

    Prayers for Chickadee and Nightingale.

    Prayers for Debra and Cyrus.

    Praising God that I passed my NCLEX!

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  7. Kizzie that is a beautiful card and I pray as she opens it she senses the need for her Mom… ♥️
    Broken family is an all too relatable situation. We have that in our own and I know all too many who have children turn away in their adult years…for no good reason! All we can do is to ask our Lord to cover them and minister to them as only He can…for He is their Creator and He truly does love them most…may He become their first love which will bring healing to all ♥️
    Rk we all sense the excitement of your accomplishment!! I actually felt the sting of happy tears upon your announcement!! Well done!!

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  8. 6 Arrows, I think you can collect the tick and have it tested (but where, I don’t know). Apparently sooner is better for treatment for Lyme disease, so I guess testing the tick is a good way to say whether you were exposed?


  9. Cheryl, our area stopped testing ticks over a decade ago. We used to be able to take them in for testing, but at one point they said they don’t do that anymore. Not sure why they stopped, but they did. My husband crushes the ticks with a hammer now after he pulls them out.

    Updates: the swelling in my lower extremities has gone down more tonight and I can see the veins mostly quite prominently in my feet again. Thank you for praying!

    Also, the itchiness at the site of the tick bite goes from extreme to moderate to mild to none, and back and forth. Right now I am pleased it is none. Still red and inflamed, probably because I’m not very good at not scratching the itch, but no fever, bullseye, headache or pain/achiness at the site or elsewhere at this point. Please continue praying (incubation period can be up to 30 days, though we’ve generally manifested clear symptoms of the disease in about 3-7 days). And thank you.

    Prayers, all above, and praises on passing the NCLEX, RK! That is so great!

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