10 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-7-21

  1. With our taxpayer dollars, did we finance a secret Chinese bio-weapon that has killed millions of people? Were Chinese scientists actually working on a vaccine before authorities admitted that there was a coronavirus outbreak?

    The answers to both questions appear to be ‘Yes’.


    “President Trump wanted to haul Dr. Anthony Fauci in front of a presidential commission to give evidence about funding the Wuhan laboratory suspected of leaking COVID-19.

    Advanced plans were underway for the special presidential panel, with an executive order even drawn up to hold China and its collaborators accountable and tally a reparations bill to fire off to Beijing.

    Trump’s senior advisers talked him out of the idea as it was about to be announced, according to insider accounts detailed in a soon-to-be-released book on the origins of COVID-19, “What Really Happened in Wuhan.”

    In another bombshell revelation from the book, United States officials suspected China had developed a vaccine for COVID-19 prior to the outbreak, with the claims included in a “sensitive but unclassified” internal report.

    The book also reveals President Biden scrapped a push by the State Department’s Arms, Control, Verification and Compliance Unit to formally confront China in Geneva over its cover-up of COVID-19 and potential breaches of the biological weapon convention in the Wuhan lab.”


  2. Note that it was unanimous. 🙂


    “A unanimous Supreme Court ruled Monday that thousands of people living in the U.S. for humanitarian reasons are ineligible to apply to become permanent residents.

    Justice Elena Kagan wrote for the court that federal immigration law prohibits people who entered the country illegally and now have Temporary Protected Status from seeking “green cards” to remain in the country permanently.

    The designation applies to people who come from countries ravaged by war or disaster. It protects them from deportation and allows them to work legally. There are 400,000 people from 12 countries with TPS status.

    The outcome in a case involving a couple from El Salvador who have been in the U.S. since the 1990s turned on whether people who entered the country illegally and were given humanitarian protections were ever “admitted” into the United States under immigration law.

    Kagan wrote that they were not. “The TPS program gives foreign nationals nonimmigrant status, but it does not admit them. So the conferral of TPS does not make an unlawful entrant…eligible” for a green card, she wrote.”


    “In 2001, the U.S. gave Salvadoran migrants legal protection to remain in the U.S. after a series of earthquakes in their home country.

    People from 11 other countries are similarly protected. They are: Haiti, Honduras, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.

    Monday’s decision does not affect immigrants with TPS who initially entered the U.S. legally and then, say, overstayed their visa, Kagan noted. Because those people were legally admitted to the country and later were given humanitarian protections, they can seek to become permanent residents.”

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  3. Tychicus,

    Even more…..


    “The Great Unmasking of the COVID-Origin Coverup Scheme Continues

    Each new addition to the revised timeline is more troubling than the last.”

    “The story behind the schemes to cover-up the probable laboratory-origin of the coronavirus that continues to plague the world continues to be revealed.

    To begin with, lengthy expose in Vanity Fair describes the work of group of professional scientists and educated, interested volunteers called DRASTIC, short for Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19. Their stated objective was to solve the riddle of COVID-19’s origin, thorough detailed review of the all records they could access on China’s coronavirus research…even utilizing Google Translate.

    The article also includes interviews of at least four State Department employees who said that they repeatedly were ‘warned’ that an investigation into a possible leak from the Wuhan lab would ‘open Pandora’s Box, inasmuch as the U.S. government had funded gain-of-function research there.

    It ‘smelled like a cover-up,’ Thomas DiNanno told Vanity Fair.

    DiNanno, the former acting assistant secretary of the State Department’s Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, was one of four State Department officials who told Vanity Fair they wanted to investigate the possibility that COVID-19 spread after it escaped from the Wuhan lab.

    The others were David Asher, David Feith and Miles Yu.

    But they were muzzled by other State Department officials as well as the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation and even ‘ostracized,’ Yu told Vanity Fair.

    …Yu, the State Department’s principal China strategist, found the government’s and scientists’ silence ‘maddening,’ Vanity Fair reported.

    He said, ‘Anyone who dares speak out would be ostracized.’

    Asher, now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute who ran the State Department’s day-to-day COVID-19 origins inquiry, told Vanity Fair it became clear that ‘there is a huge gain-of-function bureaucracy’ inside the federal government.”


    Required reading….


    “The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

    Throughout 2020, the notion that the novel coronavirus leaked from a lab was off-limits. Those who dared to push for transparency say toxic politics and hidden agendas kept us in the dark.”


  4. I found this to be true and accurate. Many in the medical community are still doing this same type of dismissing.

    “On February 19, 2020, The Lancet, among the most respected and influential medical journals in the world, published a statement that roundly rejected the lab-leak hypothesis, effectively casting it as a xenophobic cousin to climate change denialism and anti-vaxxism. Signed by 27 scientists, the statement expressed “solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China” and asserted: “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.””

    Where’s the scientific and journalistic curiosity?



  5. And he’s right…

    “The Lancet statement effectively ended the debate over COVID-19’s origins before it began. To Gilles Demaneuf, following along from the sidelines, it was as if it had been “nailed to the church doors,” establishing the natural origin theory as orthodoxy. “Everyone had to follow it. Everyone was intimidated. That set the tone.”

    The statement struck Demaneuf as “totally nonscientific.” To him, it seemed to contain no evidence or information. And so he decided to begin his own inquiry in a “proper” way, with no idea of what he would find.”

    The science on this is far from settled.

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  6. That Vanity Fair link is outstanding.

    Seriously, real, live journalism being performed there. 🙂


  7. The hits just keep a comin’….


    “WSJ: There’s scientific evidence of the Wuhan lab-leak theory — in the COVID-19 virus itself”

    “Was Brett Giroir correct after all? Perhaps even more so than he knew. According to two scientists writing at the Wall Street Journal yesterday, the COVID-19 virus bears a clear fingerprint of genetic manipulation characteristic of gain-of-function research. In fact, Steven Quay and Richard Muller argue, that fingerprint has been evident from the first full translation of the COVID-19 genome.

    Note well that this is argument, not necessarily evidence, however:

    In the case of the gain-of-function supercharge, other sequences could have been spliced into this same site. Instead of a CGG-CGG (known as “double CGG”) that tells the protein factory to make two arginine amino acids in a row, you’ll obtain equal lethality by splicing any one of 35 of the other two-word combinations for double arginine. If the insertion takes place naturally, say through recombination, then one of those 35 other sequences is far more likely to appear; CGG is rarely used in the class of coronaviruses that can recombine with CoV-2.

    In fact, in the entire class of coronaviruses that includes CoV-2, the CGG-CGG combination has never been found naturally. That means the common method of viruses picking up new skills, called recombination, cannot operate here. A virus simply cannot pick up a sequence from another virus if that sequence isn’t present in any other virus.

    Although the double CGG is suppressed naturally, the opposite is true in laboratory work. The insertion sequence of choice is the double CGG. That’s because it is readily available and convenient, and scientists have a great deal of experience inserting it. An additional advantage of the double CGG sequence compared with the other 35 possible choices: It creates a useful beacon that permits the scientists to track the insertion in the laboratory.

    Now the damning fact. It was this exact sequence that appears in CoV-2. Proponents of zoonotic origin must explain why the novel coronavirus, when it mutated or recombined, happened to pick its least favorite combination, the double CGG. Why did it replicate the choice the lab’s gain-of-function researchers would have made?”




  8. Hold. China. Accountable.

    They unleashed this on the world.


    “China’s COVID Wrongdoing Warrants Punishment by a Biden-Led Coalition
    Lewis Libby & Michael R. Pompeo”

    “A great diplomatic challenge lies before the Biden administration. Chinese Communist Party malfeasance sped the coronavirus into an unsuspecting world, killing 3.7 million people so far and inflicting global economic havoc. President Biden has an opportunity and responsibility to lead a fair, effective international response. Whether he does so will have enormous implications for the future.

    Four months into his administration, Biden shows little sign of rising to this task. On May 26, he announced that he was giving the U.S. intelligence community 90 more days, working with U.S. scientists, to report on covid-19’s origins in China, whether from infected animals or a laboratory leak. But he also laid down a marker that the true source may never be known.

    Regardless of how this investigation turns out, the regime of Chinese President Xi Jinping has already committed more than enough wrongdoing to warrant a strong response by the world’s leading democracies — a coalition that Biden should start to organize now.

    The bill of particulars against the CCP begins with the overwhelming evidence that for weeks in late 2019 and early 2020, as the coronavirus was loose in China and people fell ill, Beijing covered up its dangers, exponentially accelerating international harm. Even as CCP leaders eventually imposed domestic restrictions, they allowed unwitting travelers to visit infected zones and then spread disease and death abroad.

    And it was China’s reckless conduct of inherently dangerous activities — whether in unsanitary “wet markets,” where live animals are sold for food, or in CCP-run virology labs — that unleashed the virus in the first place.

    No responsible state would have behaved so badly, as most democratic world leaders would privately acknowledge. Yet they hesitate to say so publicly, no doubt aware of what happened last spring when the Australian government urged an independent inquiry into covid-19’s origins: Beijing instantly retaliated with punitive trade sanctions. Xi seems to be reviving the tradition of Chinese emperors who ended their instructions to officials, “Tremble and obey.”

    China already knows it can go largely unpunished for its push into the South China Sea, for its outrages against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, for throttling democracy in Hong Kong, for intellectual property theft that costs foreign states hundreds of billions of dollars annually. If the CCP similarly escapes consequences for playing the central role in a cataclysm that strikes innocents in homes across the world, it will grow ever bolder, seeing few lines it dare not cross.”


  9. The Real, in reply to the Vanity Fair article, a few points stand out. First, the article states that the origins are not firmly established one way or another. In other words, the jury is still out. Second, the article notes that one of the early proponents of the lab theory, Alina Chan, asserted that COVID’s apparent lack of mutations in human cases argued that it was uniquely adapted for humans by engineering. Time has proven her assertions false, as COVID has repeatedly mutated naturally among its human hosts, becoming more infectious and virulent than it was to begin with. She spoke too soon.

    Finally, the three lab workers getting sick may simply have been because COVID was already circulating in Wuhan generally. As I have linked before, there is lab evidence suggesting COVID was circulating in Europe in September 2019, a full two months before those three lab workers got sick in Wuhan: https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20201115/covid_19_circulated_in_italy_earlier_than_thought. There is also the genetic origin studies from Cambridge university, first published in April 2020, which suggest that Wuhan was not necessarily the point of origin of the virus: https://www.pnas.org/content/117/17/9241. Once again, it has yet to be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the very first cases of COVID occurred in Wuhan. Wuhan was where it was first identified, yes, but that doesn’t make it where it first occured. Until the pieces of evidence I just linked to are seriously dealt with in the currently renewed search for the virus origin, I shall continue to be skeptical that the renewed lab leak theory is anything more than human nature looking for a scapegoat.

    N.B. I have read the WSJ article. I will merely note that the scientist writing concedes that it could have occurred by natural mutation, but merely claims it was highly unlikely. It really sounds as if he is asserting his own opinion on that, since we only have his word for it that the sequence is regularly used in gain of function, and in that case, my opinion is as good as his.


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