72 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-23-21

  1. I am usually up this early, but only for about three more days. Then little girl is moving and so will my reason for getting up this early.

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  2. My goal is to be up by four thirty so I can get started before little girl arrives with me at five fifteen. Then she started showing up at five or shortly after, then four fifty five. This morning at ten to five. I think mommy may finally be adjusting to her work hours, a year plus into it. Just in time to change jobs I do not use an alarm clock so should be fairly easy to shift to a later get up time.

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  3. I don’t know, Mumsee. I am not connected to the world in any way. I’m just here and everything is swirling about me. But I can’t do anything to affect the outcome of any of it.
    I pray a lot. But I suspect God is too busy with the rest of the world to care about what I have.

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  4. Good morning from way out east, Mumsee. In Atlanta we have an overcast sky with a chill in the air. It’s fleece hoodie weather. A lawn crew has broken the sound barrier at a nearby house with their ninja leaf blower. I still have a lot of leaves to mow and mulch since the beech tree loses last year’s leaves as new leaf buds push them off.

    I have so many errands to take care of these days, all those little things put on hold during Covid (as if it were passe . . . wishful thinking).


  5. Interesting. On camera, the man and woman sit about ten feet apart. That’s just for show. I know that when the cameras leave, they get together for a cup of coffee.

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  6. Chas, and you also know that God is paying close attention to you, along with His other billions of folk to watch. And He can do it. All we need to do is what He puts in front of us.

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  7. Morning! The sun is rising and it is 27 degrees in this snowy forest. We will get another round of snow this evening and tomorrow morning. But the plows were out and the roads might be clear enough for a walk upon them without the risk of our falling and breaking our necks! We shall try it out and see this afternoon 😊

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  8. Oswald Chambers liked to remind us “prayer is the greater work.” The world needs you and your prayers, Chas. You may be a silent warrior to most, but the Lord has you here to fight hard.

    Thank you.

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  9. Good Morning Everyone. I typed out a long. post yesterday but it didn’t post. Go figure!
    I bought a new car Saturday. It is a Nissan Murano. Not quite the SUV I wanted, nor is it really a car. It’s a “crossover”. I wanted a Pathfinder, but the gas mileage was awful and we all know how much I drive.
    Right now we are down to sharing Mr. P’s truck. The Volvo is still in the shop. They are “working it in”, which is code for we have had it since last Thursday and it isn’t a priority. The new car won’t be here until Thursday or so. For the first time in my life, I got what I really wanted instead of what was on the lot. Considering I drove the Xterra for 10 years and the Volvo is 11 years old….why not.
    Off to deal with taxes….

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  10. Aw good for you Kim!
    Husband decided to start in on the taxes this morning. He is bellowing from his office “where is this and where is that? Where did you put this and why don’t I have that in this envelope?! It’s gonna be a long long day around here!!


  11. Congrats on the new car, Kim. Art keeps driving my old 2007 Corolla and Wesley has my old Versa. I feel badly that I am the one who selected each of the cars we all own. Well, Art and I decided together to go with what I picked on the Versa and Honda. I selected the Corolla by myself one day after I had dropped Wesley off at his homeschool class at a church. I felt amazed at how quickly I bought a car!

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  12. Whew! It’s not going to be a long day after all…he’s done with federal and we owe a little over 100.00…that’s new for us. He hasn’t completed our state taxes yet and it seems no matter how we calculate and prepare we always owe the state of CO. And why is it paperwork can be right in front of him and he still cannot find it?! 🙃
    And AJ that is an amazing photo up there!
    We drive older cars. Husband’s 02 Tundra…never been in the shop and runs like a gem! I love driving his truck. My 2014 Subaru Forester runs well but he has had to replace some things on it and it burns oil. Daughter has mom in law’s old car 2005 Altima…husband has had to replace a few things on it but it sure is a smooth riding car.

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  13. Chas, the photo is two Canada geese flying down to land on a pond, so you see two birds and also the reflections of both. The bird in the back has already touched down, so you see a big splash.

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  14. I a;m opposed to statehood for DC, or anyone else. I opposed statehood for Alaska and Hawaii. I think it should the original 48. But it’s too late for that.
    No more states..

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  15. Yes, awesome photo.

    Kim, your Murano sounds like my Cherokee. These new-fangled ‘crossover’ SUVs really are large wagons in my mind. I miss my jaunty, boxy Liberty with its cute, round headlights. New Jeep has Batman headlights. Sigh. They just don’t make many vehicles like the Liberty or Xterra anymore without going full-on into a genuine off-road model — which is way too much for most of us.

    What color is the new car?

    Major gardening noise here, too, this morning (next door). Tess is egging them on by barking while the cat is flinging something off the kitchen island, demanding her food (knocking things onto the floor always works to get my attention). Our staff call is in about 30 minutes and then my day officially is off and running.

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  16. Meanwhile, north of us this morning (but not far from Michelle?):


    Possible shooter at Yountville Veterans Home; authorities warn people to stay away

    LA Times
    MARCH 23, 2021 9:17 AM PT

    Law enforcement was responding to a veterans facility in Napa County on Tuesday morning, with several outlets reporting a possible shooter at the building.

    The Napa County Sheriff’s Office was asking people to avoid the Veterans Home of California in Yountville.

    According to the Napa Valley Register, there was a report of a woman with a shotgun near Holderman Hospital, prompting a response from the California Highway Patrol, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office and SWAT units. …


  17. My husband and I went out this morning to get gas, which included a short stretch on the Interstate. As we were getting ready to enter, we saw a car pulled over on our side of the interstate by a state police officer and then FIVE vehicles pulled over on the next quarter to half mile of interstate traveling the other direction, for a total of six vehicles. One area had four cars, two cars with accompanying officers, lined up pretty much bumper to bumper. (One or two of the other vehicles were semi trucks.) We got gas and re-entered the interstate traveling the other direction, and drove under an underpass in which officers waited on both sides of the road on our side. One of them quickly took off after an SUV.

    I’ve heard of “speed traps” but never in my life saw officers descending in “flocks” on a small section of roadway to write as many tickets as possible in a small segment of the road. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with genuine interest in law and order, but just getting as much money as possible in a short period of time. And no, that isn’t a segment of road in which people drive 80 mph or in a particularly dangerous way. By all appearances it was simply setting up traps and catching lots of drivers. We were quite disgusted.

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  18. 12:26 gotcha, chas 🙂

    From Ballotpedia:

    ~ The United States of America initially consisted of 13 states that had been British colonies until their independence was declared in 1776 and verified by the Treaty of Paris in 1783: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.[1] ~

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  19. There were 4 provinces of Canada originally in Confederation, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada East (now Quebec), and Canada West (now Ontario). Canada East and West had already joined together in United Canada, so Confederation added Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to United Canada.

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  20. There’s a spot as you come down from the bridge on our side of the harbor — heading to Long Beach — that often has a cop-in-waiting. The speed limit is 45 mph and with the downhill span of the bridge onto what is a wide highway dedicated mostly to port uses it’s easy to wind up going faster than 45 mph which really does feel unnaturally slow for that particular stretch of road.

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  21. I routinely drive a stretch of I-10. There are law enforcement officers in each crossover most days. Sometimes there will be multiples in each crossover. There are sheriffs deputies, local police, border patrol, and homeland security. Mostly they aren’t interested in speeders- Which is why I recently got a speeding ticket. They are looking for human, sex, and drug trafficking.

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  22. Nice color combination.

    I did manage to get the ’18 Cherokee in a dark/gunmetal gray with black trim which suited my tastes — I wanted to stay clear of the overdone silver, but the dark grays now are becoming very dominant on the road, too.

    But I miss the leather seats & sunroof from my old (also bought used) ’07 dark blue Jeep Liberty, which was a very good deal at the time.

    But your murano looks cut from the same cloth (or steel) as the Cherokee:

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  23. Chas, was there controversy surrounding the adding of Alaska and Hawaii? I only vaguely remember the “new” states being admitted as a kid.


  24. I don’t recall any controversy. But there shouold have been. It will eventually happen. That is: The DC area and possibly others. It’s a political move.
    As I said before, Hawaii doesn’t belong to us. And Alaska should not be a state.

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  25. All taxes done and CO will be giving us some money back…that’s a change for us!
    Maybe next year we will be doing taxes in another state…husband wants to move and I am becoming more inclined…we shall see 😊
    Dj our son just purchased a Jeep…it looks boxy so it must be a Wrangler….he loves it…so does my DIL and Granddaughter…they all want to drive his car but he is being very protective…it still smells new! …

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  26. The Renegade is also boxy but quite small, a cool car for students. Wranglers are the only full-sized Jeep currently made, I think? They’re also the most expensive in the Jeep line and really are geared for younger folks. Sounds like it’ll be a nice fit for the family.

    The Libertys (which really were the modified old-school Cherokees) were perfect for city driving while still keeping all the classic Jeep looks and hallmarks (tire on the back, boxy shape, high-ride platform & design (more truck than car), and very cute front ends — which made them so popular with females). Now, the Liberty are gone, replaced by the new-fangled Cherokees, which have morphed into the generic, wagon-style crossover SUVs we see everywhere now. But they are still 4WD.


  27. I drove past the veteran’s home in Yountville last week (another out of county trip! The fourth one in the last year!) and I know your local speed trap.

    EMT is looking to bu6 a new car— she wants a recent model RAV4. I’ve been thinking I should tell her this weekend is a good time to bu6 since it’s the end of the quarter.

    She also might want to join Costco to go with their deals.

    But, she’s an adult and doesn’t need me to kibbutz.

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  28. The newer Rav4s look like the newer Jeep Cherokees 🙂

    I think the Rav4s were among the first of the very popular city/commuter SUVs,

    When a co-worker bought one, she drove us to LA City Hall for some kind of meeting we both had to tag-team cover, it was a very fun car.

    Her husband at the time, one of our photographers who went on to the Times, had lost his deeply-loved old-style Ford Bronco when the engine caught fire on the freeway so I think the Rav4 was seen as sort of a replacement, if not the real deal in his eyes

    I see they’ve now come out with a new version of the Ford Bronco, at long last, I was wondering if he’d get one.


  29. In replacing my laptop, I am considering getting a Chromebook instead of an ordinary laptop. A technology site that I am familiar with says that a Chromebook is a good alternative for people (like me) who use their laptops for the internet, but not much else.

    Anyone here have any input on that?


  30. Mumsee, did the Constitution have to be amended to add: Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, Indiana, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Maine, West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Utah, Wyoming, Florida, and Idaho, to the original 13?


  31. For those who follow March Madness at all, what a weird year for college basketball! Going into the tournament, the Big 10 had nine teams including one that had to play in and didn’t make it. Only one Big 10 Team, Michigan, remains, as they go into the Sweet 16. And theoretically the Sweet 16 should be comprised of four each of seeds number 1, 2, 3, and 4, though of course there are always some upsets. This year’s tournament has had so many upsets they’ve already had “upset” teams playing other upsets.

    Going into the Sweet 16, here are the seed numbers: 1 (3 teams), 2 (2 teams), 3, 4, 5 (2 teams), 6, 7, 8, 11 (2 teams), 12, and 15. So 16 teams include everything but 9, 10, 13, 14, and of course 16. (This is only the second #15 seed to make it through two games. And only once has a #16 won its first game.)


  32. Roscuro, the District was taken from the adjoining states, designed to be a ten mile square, for our government. It was a place where the reps from all of the States could go and make their cases known. It was expected that the State reps would also represent the District. It was not supposed to be a State. There were amendments to give them representation in the electoral college and then representatives. But they were land given by the States to be the home of the federal gov’t. Nothing else.
    The States were allowed to join the Federation as they became the home of enough voters to make them tolerably self sufficient and an asset to the Federation.

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  33. Kizzie, I have had a Chromebook for several years, as has big brother. I like mine, it works very well for what I want and is very portable.

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  34. But we will see. They will have to change the actual Constitution though. Amendments can cancel amendments but not the Constitution. Our Constitution is actually quite a limited document, designed to limit the powers of the three branches of government. Delineating the powers given to them, leaving the rest of the powers in the hands of the States and the people. They have far overstepped their bounds.

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  35. you are quite the talkative group this morning.
    I am going to market and then over to school for the worship and teaching of the spiritual emphasis week. It is painful to go to worship. It is the admin team and the employees. I guess the employees don’t know the songs, so for the entire hour and a half they all just sit there and don’t move. I am hoping today there will be some music that moves them to worship.

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  36. One reason for not wanting the District to become another state is that many, if not most, have a theoretical allegiance to some other state. i.e. Everyone who lives in the District theoretically belongs to another state.

    Republicans don’t want it to become another state because it would be in the Democrat column/ :Like Northern Virginia as compared to the rest of the state.


  37. Chas, Washington DC has many year-round residents now; it isn’t all politicians. But presumably everyone knew upon moving there that it wasn’t a state, and the ability to decide whether that was a positive or a negative.


  38. The wind is kicking up here

    I’m having trouble grasping spring this year. It’s still quite chilly (for us) and I can’t seem to motivate myself to replace the dead hanging flower baskets on the front porch (NOT a good look) or star watering anything again. I haven’t even replaced my faux evergreen door wreath with the spring olive branch wreath yet.

    Learned from the brother of my deceased friend Shirley that she’s been cremated and requested her ashes be scattered in the San Bernardino Mts., visible to the northeast from here. He said the family will do that in the spring.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to nurture an online connection with our mutual friend, D, whom we went all through school with and is a very liberal Christian (brought up Methodist but not attending church now). She was sexually assaulted as a young girl, became a public librarian after having to overcome that trauma and is now mostly deaf and getting ready to move out to the desert where her (non-Christian) friend and husband are moving, they’re all pretty close friends.

    From her FB posts through the years, I’ve noticed she’s quite sharply critical of more conservative Christians, believers she feels aren’t living up to the attitudes and behavior they should. Her latest post says atheism is the direct result of this, Christians not “being” Christians.

    While I think Christianity in the west has some major problems to be sure,

    We’ve shared a bit and one of her latest msgs back to me she’s a fan of Joyce Meyers (she said she’s changed of late?); she liked Tripp because he spoke at a counseling session she was part of some years ago — so she ordered his Lenten book that I’d mentioned to her, but she hasn’t said if she likes it.

    Anyway, just prayers that the relationship can somehow continue on and God will show me the best way to minister to her without saying something that would just close that door. I sense that her background has held much pain that’s been hard for her to overcome — and that may be a part of her more rebellious (in my mind) attitudes about LGBT issues, gay marriage, and other more liberal positions popular right now in the culture that stand in conflict with God’s Word.

    I forget the name of the guy she always used to share posts from, but he was absolutely horrible — an angry, liberal but confession Christian who blogged continually about how awful “other” Christians were.

    There just seems to be a lot of anger in all of it.

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  39. Apparently this is the ‘change’ in Joyce Meyer she was referring to:


    From The Gospel Coalition:

    ~ Meyer’s admission—that a person’s lack of faith is not the reason they suffer or fail—is a positive development. But while she recognizes she got out of balance, and hopefully is moving toward a biblical theology of faith and suffering, people shouldn’t assume she’s completely divested herself of prosperity-gospel teachings.

    In the same clip where she admits she was out of balance, she calls faith a force; and in another recent Instagram video, she exhorts the audience:

    [I]f you have faith, then God can do amazing things in your life. But you gotta at least start with an attitude, “Something good is going to happen to me. Come on. Something good is going to happen to me.” And if you can’t do anything else, at least grab a hold of that—that something good is going to happen to you.

    To be fair, she clarifies that something good will happen because God has a good plan for you, so you can trust in that truth. But what if God’s good plan for you includes hardship? Are her exhortations substantially different from another tenet of the prosperity gospel: Just think positive thoughts and tell yourself what future success you desire? Such “positive thinking” is pagan philosophy disguised as biblical truth.

    Pray for More Light

    May Joyce Meyer continue to find balance and keep seeking the truth in the Scriptures. ~

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  40. I don’t like the crossover SUVs. Most are too ugly. As for Jeeps, the new Gladiator looks like an extended old Jeep with a pick-up bed.


  41. Jeep is coming out with a new version of their old Wagoneer — very good looking, but considered a “luxury” SUV. Starting price? About $100,000.

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  42. To follow up on the worship: I walked in this morning and the video link was not on. Either they asked or someone suggested, the employees led their own worship. It was beautiful. Strong voices singing praise and they all were standing and clapping. I didn’t know most of the words, but the praise was so powerful that I could hum along and lift my hands in worship. We later jointed the video link for a testimony and for the devotion. In the devotion he reminded us of ways to do battle. We all go to the Word and to prayer, but he reminded us of praise as a weapon, rest, and joy.

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