19 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-24-21

  1. Nope, no crisis here….

    Those aren’t children, they’re baked potatoes, right Joe?


    Most transparent admin evah!


    “Most asylum seekers cross the Rio Grande into South Texas on land controlled by federal agents. For decades, the U.S. government has let journalists accompany Border Patrol agents and other officials as they surveil the land. But since the change in administration, those agents have been physically blocking journalists from the riverbank. For example, after being turned down for official access on a trip in February, I followed a Border Patrol transport bus in my own vehicle to where agents were detaining migrants. They stopped me before I got close enough to take pictures. They called a supervisor, and ordered me to leave immediately.

    We have gone from the Trump-era “zero tolerance” policy toward immigrants to a Biden-era “zero access” policy for journalists covering immigration. This development is unprecedented in modern history.

    Thank goodness our president isn’t a Republican, or it would be a scandal. But still, a serious question: why is the administration so nervous about allowing an always-friendly press access to what is going on? Not because of the stories reporters would write, I suspect. Rather, because journalists and film crews take pictures and shoot video. And there is no way that the most loyal reporter can spin visual images of Biden’s border disaster.”

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  2. Mid East peace was happening under Trump. Numerous peace deals between what were enemies were signed thanks to Trump. But Biden has killed that idea.

    “Biden Torpedoes Abraham Accords Summit”

    “The new administration turns its back on peace between Israel and Arab states in order to pursue deal with Iran”


    “Media reports on March 18 revealed that the United Arab Emirates has suspended its plans for an Abraham Accords summit in Abu Dhabi with Israel, the United States, and other Arab signatories to the historic peace agreements brokered by the Donald Trump administration. Supposedly, the Emiratis are angry with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for using the UAE’s de facto leader Mohammed bin Zayed as a “prop in his election campaign.”

    In fact, as the theme of “election interference” should make clear (the UAE doesn’t have elections), and as has been substantiated by Israeli reporting, the source of the upset isn’t in Abu Dhabi but in Washington. In other words, the Biden administration is interfering in Israel’s upcoming election by strong-arming the Emiratis into publicly distancing themselves from Bibi.

    Next week Israel will hold its fourth election in a little more than two years, so in effect Netanyahu has been campaigning for more than 24 months—including in August when he and MBZ signed the agreement. Should the Emiratis have shunned the deal since Netanyahu, like any Israeli prime minister, would invariably present his accomplishment to voters? What about sending an ambassador to Israel, as it did at the beginning of March? What about investing $10 billion, as MBZ told Netanyahu he would? So how does a photo op with the prime minister glad-handing the crown prince of Abu Dhabi on his home turf cross the line?

    Plainly, the Obama-Biden team doesn’t care about interfering in Israeli elections or else Barack Obama’s State Department wouldn’t have funneled money to an NGO that campaigned against Netanyahu in 2015. Nor do Arab royals sitting atop petro-kingdoms have much theoretical or practical reason to worry about appearing to back one candidate against another. Smaller powers like the UAE make alliances not with factions but with states—and all parties in Israel support the Abraham Accords. Israel’s strategic class, its political, military, and intelligence echelons, as well as Israeli voters consider relations with Gulf Cooperation Council members a strategic boon. It is difficult to imagine any circumstances short of war under which an Israeli prime minister would think it politically wise to abandon a normalization agreement with any Arab state, never mind a major oil producer.

    No, “election interference” is a staple of American political discourse. More particularly it is the rhetoric through which the Democratic Party now pushes information operations, like the Russiagate conspiracy theory holding that Russia interfered with the 2016 vote to put Trump in the White House. News of the canceled visit by the Israeli prime minister was eagerly pushed in the press and on social media by Obama’s Israel point man Dan Shapiro through his proprietary Israel wing of the echo chamber.

    But there’s a bigger play here than interfering in Israeli politics by denying Bibi a preelection photo op with Israel’s peace partners in the Gulf. Their larger goal is to weaken or dismantle the Abraham Accords, which by assembling a treaty structure that binds Israel together with the Gulf states structurally interferes with the administration’s stated goal of realigning the United States with Iran—and therefore against Israel and the Gulf—by reentering Obama’s nuclear deal.

    But isn’t peace in the Middle East the collective dream of the Beltway policy establishment, left and right? Trump, love or hate him, got Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan as well as the UAE to normalize relations with Israel, the first peace agreements with the Jewish state since Jordan signed in 1994—and Biden said he wanted to build on the Abraham Accords. But as it turns out, “peace” has a very particular meaning for American policymakers. For the Middle East hands in the Biden administration, what matters most is completing the project many of these Obama alumni helped initiate while serving under Biden’s former boss—realignment with Iran.”

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  3. Gold all around!

    “Boulder Shooting: If Leaping To Conclusions Was An Olympic Sport, These Would Be The Gold Medalists”


    “As Ed pointed out this morning, authorities have named the suspect in the Boulder, Colorado supermarket shooting. Ahmad al-Issa is apparently a foreign national and a believer in Islam but as Ed also noted, it’s looking like he may have some longer term mental issues. Heavy found some Facebook posts from 2019 in which he’s talking about his high school hacking his phone. It’s too early to say for sure what the motive is here but undiagnosed schizophrenia has entered the chat as a possibility.

    But before we knew the shooter’s name or identity, there were lots of people on social media ready to jump to politically popular conclusions about who the shooter would be. Caleb Hull put together a thread highlighting some of the journalists and other blue-check Twitter users who ran with the white domestic terrorist narrative before having any facts.”


    Click the tweet below for the thread that shows what frauds most of the media are. There are numerous examples. Again.

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  4. Is crime against Asian Americans’ on the rise?

    Yes, but the media narrative is gaslighting us as to the why. The why exposes inconvenient truths for the left.


    “Anti-Asian crime is awful, but ‘white supremacy’ isn’t driving most of it”

    “At least it’s permissible to question the conclusions of federal law-enforcement officials again.

    During the Russia investigation and afterward, officials like FBI Director Christopher Wray were put on a pedestal by Democrats and the media. Now, Wray has occasioned Democratic dissents with his assessment that the horrifying murder spree at Atlanta-area spas that killed six Asian-American women wasn’t racially motivated.

    Over the weekend, Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), said in response to Wray that she wanted to see a deeper investigation: “It looks racially motivated to me.” One of two new Democratic senators from Georgia, Raphael Warnock, agreed: “We all know hate when we see it.”

    These are evidence-free objections to an FBI evaluation that we have every reason to believe is based on the best available facts.

    All indications so far, including the perpetrator’s statement as related by the police and reporting about his background in the media, suggest that he was struggling with a sex addiction, visited massage parlors for sex and carried out his attacks as, by his perverse reasoning, vengeance against the parlors as the occasion for his temptation.

    What he did is unforgivably awful, heartbreakingly destructive and, of course, profoundly hateful.

    It’s just not the right kind of hate to fit a woke narrative of white supremacists targeting Asian Americans in a frenzy of racism fueled by former President Donald Trump’s use of terms like “the China virus” and “Kung Flu” during the pandemic.

    There has been an ongoing effort to link the spa shootings to a trend of increasing hate crimes against Asian Americans. There is much still to learn about this phenomenon. It may have peaked last spring with the onset of the coronavirus and certainly appears to have driven by several big cities, especially New York City, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. But this broader trend doesn’t appear to fit a neat woke narrative, either.

    For one thing, many attacks against Asian Americans clearly aren’t acts of white supremacism or even incidents of racial hatred.

    It is an unfortunate feature of big American cities at the moment that not much explanation is needed for attacks against anyone other than a rising tide of lawlessness. That surely accounts for some significant percentage — if by no means all — of the attacks.

    A high-profile stabbing of a Chinese man in Manhattan in February was carried out by a troubled 23-year-old man from Yemen. Despite pressure from Asian-American activists, prosecutors declined to charge the assault as a hate crime after they found no evidence that it was.

    The suspect in the killing of Vicha Ratanapakdee — an elderly Thai American who died after being brutally pushed to the ground in broad daylight in San Francisco in January — is a 19-year-old black man.

    Last March, an Asian-American woman was assailed on a bus in The Bronx by a group of black teenage girls, who accused her of spreading the coronavirus. There can be no doubt about the racial element of this assault, but the perpetrators belonged to one of the demographic groups in America least likely to be influenced by Trump or to favor white nationalism. “

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  5. The Woke NY Times crowd comes for The Babylon Bee.

    Of course, because leftists don’t get it. 🙂


    “The New York Times, which these days is the Democratic Party’s goon squad, is trying to drive the Babylon Bee out of existence. The Bee hilariously mocks liberalism, and if there is anything liberals can’t tolerate it is humor. So the Times is trying to get social media sites to shut the Bee down. Tyler O’Neil of PJ Media reports:

    Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, told PJ Media that the Christian satire site is considering legal options after The New York Times published an article accusing the Bee of having “trafficked in misinformation under the guise of satire.” In an email to subscribers, Dillon had said the Times’ claim “is false and defamatory.”

    It certainly is! The Babylon Bee proudly describes itself as a satire site. To say that it has “trafficked in misinformation under the guise of satire” is a claim so stupid that the New York Times is one of the few “news” sites low-grade enough to assert it.

    On Friday, the Times published an article about the difficulty that social media platforms have in distinguishing false news reporting from satire, focusing sympathetically on a left-wing cartoonist. In that article, Times reporter Mike Isaac wrote:

    But satire kept popping up as a blind spot. In 2019 and 2020, Facebook often dealt with far-right misinformation sites that used “satire” claims to protect their presence on the platform, Mr. Brooking said. For example, The Babylon Bee, a right-leaning site, frequently trafficked in misinformation under the guise of satire.

    O’Neil notes that the phrase “trafficked in misinformation” links to a New York Times article that–naturally–did not accuse the Bee of trafficking in misinformation, let alone doing so “frequently.” The closest that linked article came was this paragraph:

    The Bee found itself walking the thin line between satire and fact in 2018, when it joked that CNN purchased an “industrial-sized washing machine for spinning the news.” However obvious it should have been that the comment resided on the satirical side of the ledger, it still led to an awkward vetting by the fact-checking website Snopes and Facebook.

    You really have to laugh. For the “That’s not funny!” left-wingers at the Times, the “thin line between satire and fact” runs through a story on CNN buying an “industrial-sized washing machine for spinning the news.” Times reporters must think that the rest of us are as clueless as their dim readers, who apparently can’t get the joke.”

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  6. Of course they are.

    If Biden and libs have their way our military might will consist of 6 soy boys, 8 femi-nazis, and a half a dozen mentally ill transgendered folk.

    But don’t worry, they’ll save us all from the imaginary insurrectionists they see behind every bush.


    “Read the Shocking Pentagon Training Materials Targeting Conservatives in the Military”

    “I have obtained a copy of all the materials regarding the sudden new threat of “Extremism” used for training in the United States military. Throughout the services, service members have been shocked at the Biden blitz to root out ideas and people who stand in the way of the administration’s transformative agenda.

    One individual in the training told me, “The military is one of the last institutions left that hasn’t been radicalized by the progressives. That’s why it is being targeted now.”

    All personnel are being subjected to a PowerPoint presentation packed with progressive ideology and misstatements of the Constitution. Designated officers are conducting the training on bases, stations, and ships at sea. The slides contain misstatements of the law and warped characterizations of fellow citizens who believe in constitutional principles.

    The document crafted by the Pentagon for the Navy is called “Extremism Stand Down – Commander Engagements With All Service Members. Discussion Guide 19FEB21.” I have obtained both the slides shown to service members and the training guide for the officers presenting the training.

    “Extremism in the Ranks” is a capitalized proper noun in the document.

    “The Navy’s leadership plays a significant role in preventing Extremism in the Ranks, particularly in the creation and sustainment of command climates which discourage and hold accountable such behavior and promote a culture of respect, trust and professionalism in the Force.”


    Note how they attempt to pit service members against one another. Disgusting and un-American is what it is.


  7. Ball.



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  8. Clowns.


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  9. Like I said, inconvenient truths.

    And more clowns! 🙂


    The coward Dem running for Congress pulled racist and offensive tweet.

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  10. https://www.theepochtimes.com/3-fully-vaccinated-hawaii-residents-test-positive-for-covid-19_3745456.html

    “Three Hawaii residents who were fully vaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, according to the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH).

    All three patients had received both doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, reported KITV4. They all experienced mild symptoms and did not appear to spread the disease to others, the DOH told the news station.

    COVID-19 vaccines don’t prevent infection, however they mitigate severe symptoms and lower the risk of hospitalization, health experts say.”

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  11. hwesseli, Sidney Powell is asking the Dominion lawsuit to be dropped b/c it was filed in the wrong jurisdiction (D.C., where Dominion is trusting in corrupt judges to rescue them). Powell is just getting started with Dominion…

    Dominion claims that their company has been harmed, while simply ignoring all the harm they have caused the USA!

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  12. One can also contract the flu after getting the flu shot — but the cases are milder, and in the case of covid should keep one out of the hospital or experiencing severe symptoms. These, again, are exceptions (getting covid or other illnesses after having been vaccinated), but nothing that was not understood going into this.

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  13. “These, again, are exceptions (getting covid or other illnesses after having been vaccinated), but nothing that was not understood going into this.”

    Well I hope folks understand this then too, and why many would remain reluctant.


    “AstraZeneca used ‘outdated and potentially misleading’ data that overstated effectiveness of its vaccine, panel says”

    “The long-running saga behind the coronavirus vaccine developed by the drugmaker AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford made another dramatic turn Tuesday as independent monitors took the extraordinary step of questioning the company’s portrayal of its data – a move that cast into doubt the fate of the vaccine in the United States.

    In a memo sent to company and government officials obtained by The Washington Post, experts who have been overseeing the vaccine trial expressed concern and disappointment that the drugmaker had presented “outdated and potentially misleading” data on its coronavirus vaccine, making the shots appear more effective than shown by fuller data.

    On Monday, AstraZeneca and academic scientists trumpeted a vaccine that was 79% effective in its large U.S. clinical trial. That news release triggered concern among independent monitors who had seen more recent data, because when an additional month was taken into account, the effectiveness ranged from 69% to 75%.

    The letter came from 11 leading statisticians, infectious-disease physicians and ethics experts appointed by the National Institutes of Health to review trial data for all the major coronavirus vaccines supported by the federal government. It says the company’s decision to use early data that puts the vaccine in the most favorable light is a scientific misstep that could erode trust in the shot.”

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  14. Most transparent admin evah!

    I hope the media is enjoying this. After all, they built this.


    “White House finally allowing one camera to document border facility holding children”

    “The Biden administration is finally granting limited access to the press at the southern border — following overly restrictive measures to block journalists from documenting the migrant crisis.”

    “One pooled network camera will join White House officials and members of Congress as they tour a facility holding unaccompanied migrant children in Carrizo Springs on Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported.

    The Biden administration is allowing one network camera into the border holding facility.

    That footage will be shared once the tour wraps up.

    The Post has been among news outlets that have been prohibited from photographing or recording the flood of Central American migrants, including thousands of minors, at the border since President Biden took office.”

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  15. The chyrons tell you all you need to know about CNN and their “reporting.” 🙂

    Be afraid……. 😧


    Like, totally. 🙄


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