58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-12-21

  1. Good morning. Again. Fun to say it at night to add something new and different to this Covid restricted life of a lot of sameness.

    There was a 100 car pileup on I-35 near Fort Worth. We use I-35 when in TX. Ice and the fast driving Texans do not make a good combo. I was thankful to find out that Wesley’s classes were all done by Zoom.

    My friend, Florence, whose sister’s funeral is finally suppose to happen in the Fort Worth area tomorrow (in this extreme weather). I have not heard if they have rescheduled. Very sad.

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  2. Morning and a Happy Birthday to you Kare! You are a blessing to us all and we love you! β™₯️
    Janice I had just read about the pile up in TX and grew concerned for my sis in law and her husband who have been driving through that state visiting friends and relatives. Just as I began to pray she sent a message…so thankful for the timing knowing she was safe!
    It is zero degrees here in the forest and we had a light dusting of snow. A coyote was out prowling around the property at 4am..our property alarm sounded and husband saw him going down the hill…Lu just stood on the porch and growled…..a stay inside kind of a day for me!

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  3. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Kare! What a sweet birthday it is with two little guys in your life now who were not around for your last birthday!πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸŽπŸŽ


  4. Happy birthday, Kare.

    I hear some of the jam group are now getting the vaccine. I signed up with our clinic, but have yet to make the appointment. I was trying to get an appointment for my husband at the same time, but he has gotten no response yet. It have been well below zero for most of the time, so I haven’t been in a hurry to go out. Next week temperatures should be better and my husband has an eye appointment.

    I did have to laugh at a mom commenting about a conversation with her daughter the other day. The daughter (in her early twenties) commented that it really wasn’t that cold out. It was -10 at the time and they were dealing with some livestock. It is all relative. Age makes a difference, too. I have become a wimp. Lol.

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  5. Good Friday morning all. Another stay-at-home day for me, as school got canceled due to extreme cold and drifting snow. SO I slept in unitl 9:30. I must be getting old, as I never used to sleep that late. I’d get a headache if I was in bed past 7:00!

    At any rate, here are the editorial cartoons for the week (but not for weak snowflakes, as they mostly are critical of Pres. Biden and the Democrats).

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  6. Janice, yes, we know we’re getting older when some of those scam calls start coming — I’ve had a couple (robo) lately telling me, in a voice clearly meant to alarm) that my social security account has been CANCELED and I must act NOW.

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  7. Unless the weather gets worse, tomorrow we plan to go visit my oldest brother for his birthday. It was to be a surprise party, which it still is for him. But I think it will become our memorial for my dad. All my siblings will be there, as well as two of his children.

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  8. I get those SN calls every so often But the ones I laugh about are the ones saying they can lower the interest rate on my student loans, which I aid off 20 years ago.

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  9. Since we aren’t going out to eat these days, and since Valentine’s Day is Sunday (a day I don’t cook), I just made our Valentine’s Day dinner. It was good! Garlic steak bites and a choice of two kinds of potatoes (smashed potatoes or garlic baked potatoes). I decided to mash the rest of the bag (but leave the skin on) while I was already cooking. For me, I would have added a green vegetable, but my hubby really only cares about the beef and potatoes, and I didn’t really have time to cook anything else at the same time. We had sangria with it, and we’re both full.

    I also wrote 61 cards yesterday–my annual Valentines for nieces, a few adult friends and family, and girls in my church, to which I added a few cards saying hello to women in my church–after making 55 cards over the past week or so. Our church here has a whole lot more girls than the two previous ones where I have made cards, meaning I need to get a running start or I just wouldn’t get through them all. (Now I decide on a theme / template a year in advance and do a bit of prep work, so that when the end of January rolls around I’m not doing all of it at one time.)

    This year I did photo cards, water and oil and hearts. I think I just might send one of the photos to AJ. I thought about, for next year, doing a card with a removable bookmark, and a friend just mentioned she loved one like that I sent her some years ago. (I hadn’t even mentioned I was thinking about it.) I just have to figure out how to do it, including the practical consideration of whether the card will be destroyed (or ugly) if a person actually does choose to remove the bookmark, or if the bookmark is a stand-alone bonus. When I’ve done them in the past, the bookmark has been an extra, but that might be more work if both parts have to be pretty.

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  10. My mom was always hot, even when she was older – until she was dying of ovarian cancer. I think it may have been the loss of a lot of weight that added to her feeling colder then.

    I used to be comfortable in the winter, not feeling the need to bundle up inside. But now that I am getting older, as Kathaleena mentioned, I feel the cold so much more. I also notice that I get “the shivers” (as I call “the chills”) pretty easily whenever my body is weakened for some reason. I’ve had at least a couple bouts with the shivers this past week.

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  11. I had my thyroid checked not too long ago, and it was fine then. As part of the post-op follow-ups, I will be seeing my primary care doctor in a couple weeks, so maybe I’ll mention that.

    The hospital sets up the appointments with the primary care doctor and the surgeon, and then the patient can reschedule if necessary. (I had to reschedule the appointment with the surgeon for two days later.) I figure they do that so people will not shrug them off and let those follow-up appointments slide. (And to be honest, I could easily do that if I think everything seems to be going fine.)

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  12. Hubby used to use the talk-to-text feature quite often. “Aldi’s” would come out “all these”. πŸ˜€

    Nightingale and I try to be more correct and call it “Aldi”, not “Aldi’s”. I slip up from time to time, though.

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  13. Just interviewed a woman who was a refugee from Vietnam when she was 3 — her husband is Cuban-Mexican. They just moved to town (in the waterfront-downtown neighborhood) from Portland OR w/their 2 children (18 and 11). Within days were awakened by five gunshots, with one bullet going through the wall of her daughter’s (the 18-year-old) bedroom downstairs.

    She’s started a Neighborhood Watch group.

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  14. michelle @ 3:53: Oh, and it’s PEE-dro.

    Oh, my ears! How about if I start pronouncing English names as if they were Spanish. What would you say to that, mee-CHEL-eh?


  15. That San PEEdro thing reminds me of Quincy, Massachusetts. Quincy folks, like my MIL who grew up there, pronounced it Quinzy, with a z sound. It was said that that was how the Quincy family (as in John Quincy Adams) pronounced their name.

    Huh. Just thought of something. Quincy was the birthplace of John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams, and also where my MIL grew up and then retired. Here in Stafford, our mineral spring used to be a resort of sorts, and John Adams visited here to take the water.


  16. We had so many different nationalities in that port town that the Pee-dro is as close as everyone could agree.

    My own Sicilian grandfather once sent a letter to St. Peter, CA and it arrived!

    In that community before the Beatle’s song, my name often was a stumbling block. My own “America” grandmother didn’t learn to spell it properly until I was about 12.

    She did, however, perhaps after much coaching from my dad, pronounce it properly–to our family’s ears. πŸ˜‰

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  17. The pronunciation reminds me of Santa Fe pronounced Fee (in TN). We had an elderly pastor whose wife’s name was Inez. Everyone pronounced it Eye-nez for decades. Then one day her DIL mentioned to us that it is really pronounce short i-nes. She had never corrected anyone, so no one knew. Apparently, she never cared, but her DIL felt we should pronounce it correctly. I agree, but you do have to let people know.

    Well, we have been on ‘the list’ for the vaccine since Feb. 1st according to the clinic. No idea of when we will get it. I find it somewhat amusing that the really small town clinic was able to get both the husband and wife we know their shots long ago. Sometimes smaller can be better, I guess.

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  18. Second son got the second dose and got quite ill. High fever, severe headache, etc. He thinks it odd the military, filled with healthy young people, is among the early receivers but pointed out that a healthy army is probably important in the event of a war. He also thinks he and the family already had the virus last winter in Florida but it was “before” it got to Florida. Nurse daughter speculates the body kicked in to fight the intruder due to the earlier experience but we will never really know.

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  19. Just read where reactions to the 2nd shot are often more pronounced in younger people as their immune systems are stronger. Older people don’t get the same response, our systems are tired, I guess and it’s sort of a ‘who cares’ response? lol


    ~ Do some people experience more side effects?

    While many experience no side effects at all, some younger people with more robust immune systems often have a stronger immune response to the vaccine, which can take the form of side effects including fatigue, muscle aches and soreness at the injection site. In previous research, β€œthose over age 55 had less reactogenicity, because their immune systems aren’t as vigorous as those of younger individuals,” Dr. Huhn says. Those who have previously had Covid may also have a stronger immune response, he adds. ~

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  20. Cheryl’s night is young, she’s a night owl like me. She can come up with all kinds of fascinating number and date puzzles.

    I can answer other questions.

    So here we are.

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