68 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-31-21

  1. Happy New Years’ Eve, all.

    NancyJill, praying for you with the fires and high winds in CO. Hoping the Lord will bring blessings of snow soon, if not already begun.

    Good to see you, Chas.

    I am feeling much much better after a good night’s sleep and normalized digestive activity again. Thank you for the prayers. Please continue them for Hubby. He’s on his way to the doctor’s. This will be the third consecutive day off of work because of his cough, and his company doesn’t approve more than two sick days off in a row unless one has a statement from a doctor.

    Blessings on your day, everyone, and may 2022 bring God’s deep peace to all here and to your loved ones.

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  2. Good late morning, Y’all! The header photo is from the property of the Coastal Discovery Museum which we had never been to before. This scene was at a junction in a boardwalk over the tar dark water that reflected the blue sky above. The photo does not do justice to the size of the branches covered in moss and resurrection fern. It was huge.

    Mumsee, what do you call that color on the sides that you like? I have trouble distinguishing some colors. Is it the moss green color or the darker olive or something else? I am really challenged to know if something is gray or green.

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  3. Good morning. Mumsee mentioned the type of snow needed for making snowmen. I took my littlest granddaughters out in the snow when they were here. The youngest was very disgusted that the snow was not good for making snowmen. The older one decided it was very good for shoveling, however. It always pays to have extra small plastic shovels handy for them when they visit in the winter. 🙂

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  4. Hi Kim…checking in…we are ok! Rk I think you all have been experiencing some of these dry awful winds down there too?
    Good Morning all. It is a very somber morning we awaken to here in our state. I was up at midnight praying and listening to the news folk report to us of the devastating progress of the fires. I know very few personally who live in that area but they and their loved ones had requested prayer over them and their neighbors. They report they are ok this morning.

    We are supposed to get snow tonight but ahead of it are those winds. We still have some snow on the ground and our rooftop from last week but other areas remain bone dry

    This is the last day of the year and our Lord is Lord over all and in Him we place our hope and our full trust. You all are such an important part of my life and I thank Him for each one of you!
    And good morning Chas! It is so good to see you first thing! And listen to what Kim and Mumsee said…we covet your prayers and we pray for you as well. How thankful are we to our Lord for you!

    And Debra!! How good it is to see you too!!

    Praying for your husband dear 6…and thankful you are feeling better!

    Janice the photo brings back so many sweet memories of living in the south. The hanging moss always fascinates me! Such beauty!

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  5. I love the new color! I would call it maybe wine or berry or maroon? (Although I think maroon would be darker.)

    Praying for the people who have been affected by those fires. So very sad, especially right after Christmas.

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  6. Morning all.

    Glad to see some like the new color. 🙂

    I just got back from shopping for tomorrow’s pork roast, smashed taters, sauerkraut and carrots. Can’t wait. 🙂

    But first I have to fix the toilet handle, clean the bathroom, and vacuum, and then watch Alabama and Michigan lose later today. 🙂

    My brother in law and family will be here for a visit and dinner tomorrow.

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  7. For once NancyJill and I disagree on something. I LOVE sauerkraut – will eat it straight from the jar 🙂

    Our plans for the eve have changed – it’s just too cold to do any unnecessary driving so our friends are not coming – we will eat the food and watch the movie by ourselves staying cozy warm while the temperatures outside go below 40 windchill.

    Husband needs to plough but he can’t find his skidoo pants and parka. I’m pretty sure they are at his office (they are work gear). Hopefully he can find them before he has to leave for another park – short trip but if it snows I will be stuck here.

    When I heard about the winds and the fires I first thought of you, NancyJill, and prayed for your safety and for snow.

    RK, I’m glad you are okay.

    Chas, please keep checking in and praying for us. We all love you and pray for you.

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  8. I haven’t had pork roast and sauerkraut in YEARS. I like sauerkraut but no one else around here does.
    If you are making a gravy with the pork roast you may want to try cornbread dumplings with it. My mother-in-law does this only she uses the drippings from the roast and then makes a gravy and cooks the dumplings in the gravy until they are done. I haven’t had those in a long time either.

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  9. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, 6 — and that those horrible fires are easing in Colorado, but how horrific.

    The sun is out again here after a week of on and off-again rain. It’s still chilly but it should make for a spectacular Rose Parade day tomorrow. It felt so strange when it was canceled last year.

    Let’s hope and pray that Omicron does its thing quickly, causing as little damage as possible, and fades out just as fast as it came.


    Ugh. Guess I’m working today after all, the big Polar Bear swim — canceled last year due to covid but all set for tomorrow (and our story posted / ran today) — has been canceled due to a big sewage spill into the ocean.

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  10. Eating heathy(er) is sending me to the grocery store almost every day!
    Tonight I will have salmon and green beens. Tomorrow? Who knows, but it won’t be pork roast and sauerkraut. 😦
    I’m limited on proteins because some of what I am allowed I either can’t source or won’t eat.
    This ends tomorrow but there is something else I may start Sunday.

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  11. I don’t know if I have shared any posts from the Pensacola Police Department’s FB page with you or not. It’s hilarious. They just completed Police Navidad where they pulled random people over and gave them gift cards. This is their New Year’s Eve message.

    Pensacola Police Department
    6h ·
    We would like to introduce our newest venture: Pensacola Police cologne: “Two Beers”.
    “Two Beers” cologne is inspired by a career of traffic stops and thinly veiled truths. “Two Beers” will almost cover up the odor of any amount of alcohol you have consumed. For instance, say you got plastered downtown and like a moron, you got behind the wheel. Now you find yourself in your upside-down ’02 Honda looking for your phone and dignity. Just a spritz of “Two Beers” will give the responding officer the impression you almost drank responsibly, you know, like an actual adult. He will be none the wiser.
    Two Beers: Smells like lies and sobriety.
    Available at finer Dollar Generals and Ace Hardware in the limited-edition Pontiac Bonneville shaped bottle.
    *** Warning: “Two Beers” will not help you complete any Field Sobriety exercises and won’t work on actual cops or Marine Corps Drill Instructors. Side effects include bologna sandwiches for lunch and dinner, Chiclet teeth, RBF, and a suspended drivers’ license. And you’ll still go to jail.

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  12. AJ – Try Alabama and Georgia losing. I thought about a Pigskin Picks for the bowl games, but got busy and forgot.

    I watched the first half of the Sun Bowl, and was surprised that Central Michigan got a 21-0 lead at the half. I recorded the second half for later viewing since Mrs L wanted to go shopping. I won’t be able to watch the big games as I don’t get ESPN and won’t be around a TV this evening anyway. So, 🏈 Go Bearcats! 🏈


  13. Now that I look at the side color closer, and see AJ’s post about football, does he realize that on some screens (like mine) the color looks like the Crimson Tide’s color?

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  14. The news folk tell us the smoke is going to hover above the towns closest to the burn area and are warning those with breathing issues. It is reportedly lightly snowing over the area which is 0% contained but not spreading so they say. They are telling us to not expect the 5 inches and only about 1 now…so disappointing but thankful for each and every flake! Clouds are moving in and the sunshine will be hidden soon!

    It seems as though Coloradans are pulling together and offering material goods, lodging for humans and animals alike. I am sure we will hear more in the coming days, One young man I have known since he was in elementary school lives up there with his family. He is an Oral Surgeon and owns his own practice so he knows many of the residents and his wife grew up in that area. I will be asking them for greater insight in regards how to help those needing it most. It is just numbing knowing the numbers of those who have lost everything they owned…they are reporting over 1000 homes destroyed 😞

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  15. Yep Superior is 75 miles north of us. Living here one sort of expects fires in the mountains and forest to be a higher probability. But no one could foresee that fire sweeping into the suburbs.

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  16. We know. We’re very sorry.

    Churches can mobilize to do a lot of good. Our administrative assistant helped with the Paradise fire–a friend pastors a large church in Redding and they went all in to help.

    She told me that she had no idea how cathartic it was to spend 90 minutes on the phone answering questions for someone caught right in the middle of it all.

    So very sorry. I was in a praying group last night and we certainly prayed for Colorado.

    Weird, though. 100 mph gusts?

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  17. Christmas decorations are coming down at my house. I’ve just postponed Tuesday’s Bible study for a week–too many sick people. The aforementioned church administrator sent me an email thanking me. “Too many sick. Better to be safe than sorry on this one.”

    My sister-in-law just stopped by wearing an N-95 mask. We stood around wearing masks outside catching up on the latest family news. Such an odd time.

    We did buy fresh crab this morning for crab cakes tonight!

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  18. Happy New Year!

    I think I’m finally done with the sewer spill story. There went my day off, but they’ll likely let met take Monday instead, which is fine.

    I need to get to the grocery store. It’s beautiful outside, sunny and clear and cold.

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  19. I now am using NK95 masks when a work assignment has me around a lot of people indoors — which was the case this past week at the aquarium for the otter story.

    My go-to masks are the blue surgical, disposable ones as they’re comfortable and “breathe-able.”

    I keep a box of those in my car, they’re still good for quick dashes into stores or to run a fast errand.

    I’ll be happy when masks aren’t needed every time we are going to be around people, though.

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  20. 26 degrees here and the snow is falling. A beautiful way to end this crazy year…here’s to a year of knowing Him deeper in relationship…and for those not knowing Him may this be a year of rebirth and new life in our Lord ♥️

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  21. mumsee, it’s not 58. It’s 55 here. Way colder than you thought.

    So about 800 folks were set to plunge into the ocean in our town tomorrow and will have to be turned away due to the sewer spill. Should be interesting.

    But my role is done, it took all day to track down and revise and add to and figure out the story. Someone else will have to follow up on it tomorrow.

    I think I’ll light a fire in the fireplace tonight.

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  22. Maybe Janice and I should compare islands!

    Only slightly sick from eating the wrong foods

    Arrived in a torrential downpour which made it a struggle to get off the plane

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  23. Happy New Year Jo!

    We had to miss the New Year’s gathering at our neighbors due to our positive covid result with daughter. I can see the lights on over there and I could pine away at not being able to join in on the fun…but my sweet neighbor brought over some meatballs and sauce for sandwiched tonight. That is one of the things she is serving over there. I love my neighbors…

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  24. That’s so nice to have great neighbors like that. 🙂

    I was looking online at the Alfred Music website today, shopping for some Spanish-style music for a student, when I saw this announcement:

    “Louisville, CO is the home of Alfred Music, and while our offices were thankfully spared by the recent Marshall fire, we feel an enormous sense of loss for everyone in our community impacted, including our own staff living nearby. Please note that our offices will remain closed until further notice, and all orders received will be subject to shipping delays at this time. We will update our customers with more information as it becomes available. Thank you for your understanding.”

    I don’t personally know anyone who works there (though a local-to-me composer friend of mine has been published through Alfred), but having purchased many fine pieces of music published by them over the years, just reading that announcement makes me feel for their staff. In a way, they feel like part of my “music family.” It’s not business only — there are people behind those businesses, they are real, and they’ve been impacted.

    I didn’t stop to think how much I have appreciated that company for a long time.

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  25. Hubby had a covid test today; it came back negative. They believe he’s got some sort of bacterial infection, so prescribed antibiotics. Hopefully that will help his cough and/or whatever else may be going on.

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  26. Happy New Year to you too, NJ! 🙂

    About one hour until the new year here. I am heading off to bed instead of waiting up for the start of 2022.

    Good night, all.

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