48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-3-20

  1. I saw the Dr. yesterday. I explained to him the issues I’m still having since C-19. After the experience I had over the weekend, he thought I should have an emergency inhaler. So now I do. I’ve only used it once, but it helped, and rather quickly. 🙂

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  2. Here we go with the pictures 😶

    Glad you got to the doctor AJ — I was given an inhaler for an especially bad cold a couple years ago but I kept spraying my glasses somehow

    May be a day of more lockdown announcements for us, things are looking very grim in the stats

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  3. Good morning.

    I must have missed it, too, AJ. Sounds scary, whatever happened. I’m glad you found relief with the inhaler now.


  4. Yesterday I got a link in my email to the recording of a virtual recital some of my local pianist friends and I participated in a while back. If anyone here is interested in seeing our all-Beethoven piano concert, let me know and I’ll send you a YouTube link if I have your email. (If I don’t have your email, perhaps someone else from the blog who has both mine and yours can forward it if you don’t want to put your email on the blog.)

    Sixth Arrow was my page turner, so you’ll see her up on stage, too. She had to wrestle an unwieldly book — too bad I couldn’t have gotten my music memorized, but ten pages of the score is more than I have time to work on to get something thoroughly memorized, so I called on daughter to rescue me from temperamental books that like to do their own thing on the music rack. 🙂

    Enjoy your day, and I’ll send out the link tonight or tomorrow for anyone who requests it.


  5. The bird is not concerned.
    The efforts to defeat this virus are beginning to be worse than the virus
    .People can’t just shut down for weeks.
    Hopefully, te vaccine will defeat the virus.

    Seems the picture is back


  6. I would love to see your concert, 6 Arrows. It would be a real treat. Maybe AJ can send you my email or Michelle? Please let me know on here if you send it because it may land in my junk mail and I will need to search for it. Thank you!


  7. New rule.

    No more amorous deer photos. 🙂


    Over the weekend I had to walk up a quite steep hill at Liz’s school. I felt like Cheryl looks when she’s in the middle of a full blown asthma attack. I couldn’t catch my breath for a several minutes. When I got back to Cheryl and Liz, Cheryl made me hit her inhaler. Within 2 minutes my breathing was fine again. This sort of thing happens a few times a week, sometimes while just sitting at home in a chair doing nothing. This is how it was for like 3 straight days when I had full blown C-19. It’s been intermittent since then. Same goes for the extreme fatigue. It comes and goes.

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  8. I went out very early to Sam’s and then stopped by Publix for three more items I needed. I saw frost on the ground for the first time this year. I am sure this was not the first day of it since the temp has been cold for several days. It is pretty and seems right for December.

    I was so thankful my brother got my car battery installed after the trouble we went through with being locked out of the car. I was making popcorn when the guy came to unlock the car. My brother said it took only 5 minutes for him to get in. He had some kind of flat balloon device that he slipped through the shut door and inflated a small bit to slightly open the door do he could slip in a tool to open the door. I had no idea how it would be opened.

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  9. There’s much confusion here over the mayor’s rather jolting comments last night (“Cancel everything,” “don’t leave your homes,” no gatherings with anyone outside your immediate household, “hunker down”). In the clips I saw last night I took it as something of a strong verbal admonition only, but some wondered if this was a new citywide “order” being issued.

    Mayor’s office said the comments simply reflected the standing county order, there was “nothing new.” But people are still confused. Meanwhile, a broader state order may be issued today so it won’t matter anyway.

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  10. Our windy, very dry weather continues here, we had a couple fires going in the hills and canyons to the north and south of us as of last night when I went to bed.

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  11. Yes, that header photo is seduction. The next shot was one I didn’t send. 🙂 I think it’s funny that the crow looks embarrassed–but in the mating shot, the crow is flying right next to the female’s rump as though he were trying to separate them.

    My husband thinks it’s remarkable that in 20 years of living in the country with deer coming through the field behind our house (I didn’t live there all that time, but he and the family did), none of us ever saw mating deer, but now we are in town and just saw mating deer from our driveway. I believe the male is doing the flehmen response, which is sucking in air over an organ in his mouth that tests the air for the female’s scent to confirm she is in estrus. That’s Rudolph, by the way, and I was standing in our driveway and taking the shot from across the street (and also across the creek on our side).

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  12. Six Arrows, I’d like the link to the concert, please. 🙂

    Janice, check with your own owner’s manual or google it, but at least with the Prius, there are a couple of back-up features in case the key fob doesn’t work. I once was locked out of our car after having lunch with a friend. The battery of the key fob had been showing signs of needing to be changed, but it usually took longer to actually go bad after the first hints, and I was stranded away from home. I called my husband and he knew there were some work-arounds, but he had to actually look them up to remember how to do them. First, there’s a button on the key fob to push (I think it has a little pin you have to pull out to use it, or something that keeps it from being pushed accidentally), and the fob pops open and there’s a little key inside to open the door. Second, the battery was too weak to start the car normally, but it has just enough juice that if I held it right next to the starter button and pushed it, I could start the car. I don’t remember the details of how either of those worked, but look them up and see if your car has them, since they were quite useful at that time. I was thinking my husband was going to have to get a ride to me and bring me his key, but he got me home because there were back-up features built in. Then when I got home, he changed the battery. (He’d already bought a new one, but he just hadn’t changed it yet.)


  13. Mr. COVID hears things like your mayor’s words and wonders where the force of law is–until the state legislature issues a legal ruling, all we’re getting here is unenforceable “advice” from bewildered officials.

    (The only real way this can be done is if martial law is called. In the meantime, no legal teeth, which is why some police are not enforcing anything. No one really knows how government works, do they?)

    That’s not to say you shouldn’t necessarily take the advice, but as the medical person I know rolls her eyes again, it’s overreach.

    Still, I hate to say it, but if my EMT elects to stay put, I won’t be upset. 😦 (Don’t tell her).

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  14. Good points, Michelle.

    I just need to get this Christmas tree buying story done before they close the lots, should it come to that.

    But we’ll all be making reaction calls today, also, for the story that’ll say how upsetting this all is for everyone, and right before Christmas.

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  15. Good morning. Life with two one year olds. We also had a nice surprise visit with the Ethiopian son. He came and went. But not before telling us that we are unique and he does not believe there is anyone else like us in the world and he values us. We had been discussing racism all morning and last night. He is trying to figure things out. He has dropped out of church, can’t believe in the white man’s Jesus. We talked. He plans to get back to church, he volunteered that information. Pray for son.

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  16. I cleaned the house then ventured out and supported three more small businesses in Monument…and I think I have most of my Christmas shopping done….now I just need to mail things out and drop things off…oh then there’s Christmas cards to be written…so much time so little to do!! 🙃

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  17. Kim, he still is! Just confused and growing up. He says he forgot he was black when he lived here. I explained that he was raised to think of himself and others as human in a beautiful variety of colors and personalities and abilities and challenges. We were remiss in not teaching him the world does not necessarily view it that way. God is working.

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  18. Who’s exhausted by all the covid rules? We now have, all coming out within the last few days, separate and overlapping sets of restrictions from the county, the city, the state (which has broken their restrictions into “regions”).

    I think people have given up trying to keep up.

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  19. A friend just posted this:

    the lifetime odds of dying from a meteor strike near you [is] 1:1,600,000—to put that in perspective, your odds of being struck by lightning are 1:135,000. The odds of dying as the result of a meteor strike anywhere in the world—like the kind of rare but catastrophic geologic event that shapes an eon—are 1:75,000.

    The odds of winning the PowerBall lottery? 1:195,249,054. Stop buying lotto tickets and watch out for meteorites, folks.” Kat Eschner
    NOVEMBER 30, 2016

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  20. For all you Monk fans, there is a COVID video with him and his costars from the show on youtube. My niece loves Monk because “he has to keep all his food separate like me!!!!”

    Michelle, I recommended the Codebreaker series to her because she loves characters with quirks like she has. 🙂 I finished the last book this morning.

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  21. LA Times:

    Californians will be asked to comply with strict new limits on community outings, travel and in-person shopping under a new statewide order issued Thursday by Gov. Gavin Newsom, a set of far-reaching restrictions tied to regional strains on critical care services as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

    The rules are designed to last for at least 21 days once local critical care facilities approach capacity. But the expectations set by state officials suggest that what Newsom described as a “regional stay-at-home” order will sharply limit activities across California throughout the holiday season and possibly into the new year.

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  22. You read the WHOLE series, Kare?

    Well, take a look at her other series of books, then. 🙂

    I liked Shadows Over England. The other one, Ladies of the Manor is Edwardian and features characters that appear in Shadows Over England and Codebreakers in cameo roles.

    I can’t speak for the rest of Roseanna’s book. But those Shadows and Codebreakers were good. Ladies of the Manor–so-so.

    If that’s the Monk COVID video where he’s talking on his screen to the Captain, Natalie, and Randy–yes, we’ve seen it and laughed.

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  23. The intro to Monk’s YouTube was weird but his piece was hilarious! I miss Monk! Well I watch him when I am home in the afternoon and sometimes I flip on Prime and watch episodes there. I am addicted to Monk…yes I am….

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  24. Monk is good, I may start watching some of those again, not sure I ever saw “all” of them. How many years did that run? I’m thinking 3 or so, not a long time.


  25. DJ, I’m not exhausted by any of the Covid rules because none of them affects me directly: our own isolation protocol is so much more strict than any of it.


  26. I am, however, heartily tired of the situation itself. It will be wonderful to be able to worship among other people, and talk to them and hug them. It will be so nice to be able to walk into a store again and choose what to buy, rather than trying to imagine what we might need or want in the next two weeks, describe it to someone else, and hope he manages to find it. It will be sweet to reintroduce ourselves to our granddaughter, who has now talked to us only by phone for almost a year. It will be good to go through a drive-thru or sit in a restaurant, or to invite people over to our house.

    In the meantime it’s time to learn patience and to wait. The good news is there is less than a month left in this year. While the end of 2020 probably doesn’t bring us to the end of Covid and its restrictions, it does presumably bring us closer, and it brings us closer to the end of winter, too.

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  27. Well, the good news really is the vaccine which already is being prepared for distribution. Can you imagine if that weren’t the case, how bleak this would feel?

    I like winter, I love the holidays, but this has been a challenge. And we’ve hardly had a drop of rain so far, the air is so dry here that it messes with your sinuses — and we’re “still” in wildfire season as a result. Dry, windy … Air filled with smoke from the burning canyons.

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  28. Monk ran for 7 seasons. One of the kids gave me the set for Christmas a few years ago. We watched our favorite episodes at the start of COVID. I was thinking the other day, maybe we should start over and watch one a night until . . . something ends.

    But, I probably won’t.

    Interesting news about the state and COVID. We live in the Bay area, which has a lot of terrific hospitals and medical centers. Our ICU capacity is currently 25%, so we’re not in draconian land, yet. But some of the other counties don’t have as many hospitals. One is at 18%. I hope it’s based on population per hospital . . .

    We’re not supposed to have our first rain for two more weeks. Very dry up here. 😦

    But, I suppose you’ve heard that from me before, sigh.


  29. In California, you can go tho the bathroom once a day. If you have covid, you are then quarantined for two days. This is cumulative. Some of you may not get out until the Fourth of July.
    However,you can reduce that time by voting in Nevada. A day per vote.
    You don’t have to be in Nevada, just send a card.


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