52 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-21-20

  1. It’s un-American the way the Democrats treated these people. There’s laws and processes for this. Let them play out.

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  2. Apparently there’s now an Emmy for killing old people in nursing homes.

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  3. If there was nothing wrong and nothing unscrupulous happening, why the need to run and hide?


    “On Friday, Republican members on the State Government Committee slammed Dominion Voting Systems after Dominion company canceled a scheduled appearance to discuss voting irregularities.

    The Pennsylvania House Republicans tweeted, “Transparency is key for our election security. Dominion Voting Software is asking us to give them only blind trust. We’re very disappointed in Dominion’s last minute cancelation in today’s hearing.”

    “On Friday, Republican members on the State Government Committee slammed Dominion Voting Systems after Dominion company canceled a scheduled appearance to discuss voting irregularities.

    The Pennsylvania House Republicans tweeted, “Transparency is key for our election security. Dominion Voting Software is asking us to give them only blind trust. We’re very disappointed in Dominion’s last minute cancelation in today’s hearing.”

    “She added, “How do we know? Does Dominion use open-source software so that observers can go in and see exactly what switches are being turned on and turned off? We don’t know. Moreover, how tightly controlled is the source code, and who has control of that source code?”

    Committee member Rep. Seth Grove snapped, “Instead of running towards the light of honesty and integrity, Dominion Voting Systems retreated to the darkness. Why? Why would a vendor of public goods fear discussing their product sold to the public for the public good? If Dominion’s products were successful and operated as they were supposed to, why wouldn’t Dominion take the opportunity to publicly review its success?””


  4. I have wondered if a new vote is in order for the states that had obvious fraud that made the difference in electoral votes. But there is that other remedy which was put in place by the wise ancestors under the influence of God to solve such scenarios.

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  5. Good.



    “Kyle Rittenhouse was released from jail in Wisconsin on Friday afternoon after his attorneys posted $2 million bail, setting the teenager free as he awaits trial for fatally shooting two men and wounding a third during summer protests in Kenosha, police said.

    His release came over the objections of family members and lawyers for two of the men he shot. They had asked for higher bail and voiced concerns Rittenhouse would flee, which his lawyers have said he would not.

    The 17-year-old’s release was funded by donations sought by his attorneys, who appealed to the political right, where Rittenhouse is popular….

    An attorney set up the payment and then a private security detail transported him from the jail about 2 p.m. Friday, according to Sgt. David Wright of the Kenosha County sheriff’s department.

    One of Rittenhouse’s lawyers, John M. Pierce, said previously that the bail money would come entirely from funds raised by a nonprofit that champions conservative causes led by another of the teen’s attorneys, L. Lin Wood. In a tweet Friday celebrating Rittenhouse’s release, Wood thanked actor Ricky Schroder and a Minnesota businessman allied with President Donald Trump for “putting us over the top.””

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  6. Good perspective piece from Kimberly Strassel this weekend. It’s perhaps time to move on from the presidential election which seems, in fact, decided at this point?




    Georgia on Not Enough Minds
    Republicans shouldn’t take the Jan. 5 runoffs, or their majority in the Senate, for granted.

    Republican activists remain fixated on the presidential results, pouring heart, money and time into litigation and recounts. In doing so, they risk losing a crucial battle—the Georgia Senate runoffs.

    Donald Trump’s campaign is within its rights to question the result, but the prospect of success is growing minimal. And if the president does come up short, the only thing standing between Democrats and dominance of Washington is the Peach State results Jan. 5. A Republican victory in either Georgia seat means a Senate majority and a check on progressive insanity. A loss of both means Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his party’s plans to reverse tax cuts, pack the Supreme Court, and cement a permanent Senate majority by admitting Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia as states.

    Those are alarmingly high stakes, yet many Republicans regard the Georgia runoffs as an afterthought. This complacency has been helped along by a media narrative that Georgia is Republicans’ to lose: The GOP has never lost a statewide runoff. Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are poor candidates. Republicans have a better ground game. The conservative base is motivated.

    That confidence is disconnected from reality. Start with the bizarre reliance on history. Yes, Republicans have won prior runoffs. But Joe Biden just carried the state, the first Democrat to do so in 28 years. The Nov. 3 results prove the left has succeeded in assembling a viable coalition—a mix of urban-gentry and minority voters. Mr. Trump’s base was energized; Georgia’s Democratic coalition more so. A Georgia electorate that sent Mr. Biden to the White House can easily send two Democrats to the Senate. …

    … But the biggest risk is that Republican base. The GOP is optimistic it can win back suburban and older voters who feel conflicted about Mr. Trump but still want a check on progressives. None of that will matter if GOP voters in rural and exurban areas stay home, angry or frustrated by the presidential election. …

    … Republicans down the ballot had a good Nov. 3. They have the opportunity to make it even better, to cement the Senate for two years, and force Democrats to climb down. But only if their priorities are straight.


  7. I am not just amazed that Biden was elected.
    I am amazed that such a person was even competitive.
    Hunter Biden and his dad should never be trusted with any authority.
    ‘None at all.

    It isn’t that i LIKE Trump. As I’ve said a dozen times before on this site
    There is no one else in the running who is fit to be president.

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  8. No, DJ, it’s not time to “move on” – not for those of us who care about election integrity and the future of our Republic. Don’t be an election fraud denier!

    It’s not an either/or proposition – conservatives/Republicans are highly engaged for the Georgia Senate runoffs as well.

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  9. I love you, DJ, but respectfully disagree. I have righteous anger about this whole situation as do a lot of people. Sometimes people have to take a stand. But I think I know why you have to tow the weight of what appears to be the middle ground.

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  10. A number of Republican lawmakers, along with Fox News (yes, I know that now they’re branded as “liberal”), WSJ, and, frankly, the list goes on, are saying the same thing.

    The question remains how enough votes could possibly be found at this point that would overturn the election. My understanding is that recounts have led to increases for Biden and that the gap is actually widening in his favor.

    Are all the ballots tainted? Are people saying the election should be held over again?

    Via powerline blog (poster argues that, yes, investigate as far as we can. But ‘wild allegations’ also are floating around out there — and we all need to beware of those — in the partisan/bubble media …)



    … Our election procedures changed substantially this year. The stated reason was the pandemic, but the new procedures are likely to remain when the pandemic is over. They need to be vetted. Litigation is one way partially to vet them.

    For these reasons, I believe Team Trump is doing the nation a service by litigating.

    However, Team Trump does the nation a great disservice if it makes wild allegations it can’t support. Scott’s post from this morning, with its quotation from Tucker Carlson, raises the possibility that this is what Team Trump is doing, in part.

    It is alleging that the election was stolen by a collection of international leftists who manipulated vote tabulating software in order to flip millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. One of the lawyers, Sidney Powell, asserts that when the fraud is finally uncovered, “I think we’ll find [Trump] had at least 80 million votes” — about seven million more than have been counted for him. According to Powell, “Trump won in a landslide.”

    If Powell has evidence to back this up, have at it. But so far, she hasn’t produced evidence. And she declined Carlson’s invitation to go on his show or to provide him with any.

    Powell has no obligation to litigate on television. But she’s already doing so to some degree. With her various utterances, including the highly dubious one that Trump won in a landslide, she’s made, in effect, her opening statement. It would be nice if she offered some evidence to back it up.

    If it turns out that Team Trump doesn’t have the goods to back up the claim of an international leftist conspiracy, the allegation will have to be considered demagoguery. And it will have caused profound damage to the nation.

    The nation was damaged when Democrats tried to blame their loss in the 2016 election on Russian interference in the election. These claims were a boon to Russia because they undermined America’s faith in its system of government. Putin surely was delighted by the chaos the Democrats inflicted on America.

    If millions of Americans believe that Trump was deprived of election victory — and a landslide victory, at that — the damage will be worse than that caused by the Democrats after the 2016 election. The Democrats’ claim that Trump conspired with Russia was investigated and found to be unsubstantiated. All that was left was the ridiculous claim that Russian involvement in our social media somehow swung the election to Trump. …

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  11. (cont’d)


    … Another problem with pursuing a wild and baseless conspiracy (if that’s what this turns out to be) is that it tends to discredit legitimate election fraud claims in the public’s mind. The problem of voter fraud is real. Its existence shouldn’t be controversial, but it is. Irresponsible claims of such fraud made it too easy for Democrats and their media allies to dismiss well founded claims.

    Finally, pursuing a baseless conspiracy theory would impede, if not prevent, an honest inquiry into why Trump lost this election. When a party’s presidential candidate loses, he or she lets down not just the party, but tens of millions of supporters.

    That’s why every such loss is followed by an inquest of sorts. It happened with Mitt Romney, whose showing in 2012 may have been, when all is said and done, not that much worse than Trump’s this year. It happened with Hillary Clinton, whose electoral defeat in 2016 may well have been comparable to Trump’s this time.

    There’s no reason for a Trump exception. If his challenges to the outcome of this year’s election fall short, it will be fair to ask why he didn’t get more votes. In fact, it will be important to do so.

    But claims that, far from falling short, Trump actually defeated (and, indeed, crushed) Biden stand in the way of an inquiry into the question of why Trump didn’t get more votes. If these claims are baseless, they will harm the GOP.

    Self-delusion is almost always a recipe for future failure.

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  12. DJ,

    I tend to agree with you, because I don’t see how the courts can decide all of it before Jan. 20th. Plus, I have zero faith in them doing the right thing. I also don’t see how a do over happens, as it’s not really an approved by the constitution remedy.

    But that being said, these investigations have to continue, for the sake of the republic. Fraud happened. Illegal activity happened. Enough to overturn the election? Probably not, but if the process isn’t adhered to and the appeals allowed by law are not permitted to happen, the whole system falls. If they get away with it here, they’ll just be emboldened. Al Gore took until the middle of December to concede. He and Dems set that precedent, so Trump needs to be afforded the same amount of time. He has the right to prove his case until at east then.

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  13. And from the earlier post referenced above by one of the (conservative) site’s other bloggers:


    I think that voter fraud had a lot to do with the outcome of the electoral results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. It’s a staple of Democratic Party politics. Democrats have long protected illegal voters like they are a core constituency of the party, as I believe they are. The vast expansion of mail-in voting predicated on the COVID-19 epidemic considerably widened the playing field, to say the least. So the Trump campaign’s allegations of fraud are certainly plausible. Have they got the goods?

    The Trump campaign legal team held a 90-minute press conference advertising the fraud claims supposedly at the heart of lawsuits now on file. I watched the press conference live yesterday. Full video is posted here on YouTube and here on C-SPAN.

    We seemed to be in the territory of “a conspiracy so immense.” Where are the lawsuits in which the affidavits cited by Rudy Giuliani are actually filed? Where in the lawsuits on file is the evidence that the voting machines were manipulated as attorney Sidney Powell described? I’m not clear on that.

    The affidavits aren’t filed in the Michigan lawsuit, which the Trump campaign has withdrawn allegedly “as a direct result of achieving the relief we sought: to stop the election in Wayne County from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted.” …

    … How so? It’s an important point. Although 90 minutes should have been sufficient to clarify it, we await further explanation. …

    (From Tucker Carlson’s remarks made on his show this week): ~ We’ve always respected her work, we simply wanted to see the details. How could you not want to see them? So we invited Sidney Powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour. We would have given her the entire week, actually, and listened quietly the whole time at rapt attention.

    But she never sent us any evidence, despite a lot of polite requests. When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her. When we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they also told us Powell had never given them any evidence to prove anything she claimed today at the press conference.

    Powell did say that electronic voting is dangerous, and she’s right, but she never demonstrated that a single actual vote was moved illegitimately by software from one candidate to another. Not one. … ~


  14. AJ, I don’t disagree about the investigation. But the claims aren’t being backed up by evidence, at least not any that’s being made public at this point. And that’s odd, no? I support investigating as long as it takes, but this quest seems to be losing some steam.

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  15. I don’t know that Gore ever claimed (repeatedly) that he’d actually won as the process moved forward. The question lingered by virtue of the investigation, I suppose, but Trump is continuing at times to publicly say and claim that he’s actually “won” — I don’t think that’s doing the process or the nation any good at this point.

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  16. There has been plenty of evidence provided, but most isn’t being covered by the mainstream press.

    This is interesting. The majority want Trump to concede, but even 1/3 of Dems think the election was stolen from Trump. They know it, they don’t care and just want him to concede.


    “Eighty-four percent (84%) of Democrats, 37% of Republicans and 59% of voters not affiliated with either major party believe Trump should concede. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Republicans disagree.

    Among all voters, though, only 51% think their friends and neighbors believe Trump should concede. Thirty percent (30%) suspect they would disagree, but 18% are not sure.

    Forty-seven percent (47%) say it’s likely that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Biden would win, but 50% disagree. This includes 36% who say it’s Very Likely and 41% who consider it Not At All Likely.”


    “Sixty-one percent (61%) of Republicans say it’s Very Likely the Democrats stole the election, but just as many Democrats (61%) say it’s Not At All Likely. Among unaffiliateds, 29% feel it’s a stolen election; 45% do not.

    Eighty percent (80%) of voters who do not believe Trump should concede yet think it’s Very Likely Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Biden would win. Fifteen percent (15%) of those who want Trump to concede agree.”


  17. Like I said….. plenty.

    All of these people aren’t lying, and there’s a lot of them.


    “FEC Chairman: Trump campaign bringing ‘legitimate accusations’ of election fraud to court

    The “massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place,” said FEC Chairman Trey Trainor. “And the other side really needs to answer these questions.”

    “The Trump campaign is bringing “legitimate accusations” to court through affidavits of credible witnesses and other evidence used in its challenges to electoral outcomes in various states, Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor said.

    Trainor said his review of evidence, including numerous affidavits claiming voter fraud and a sworn statement by a prominent mathematician flagging up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots, met the first level of legal scrutiny under what’s known as motion to dismiss or “Rule 12(b)(6)” of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which would dismiss less credible claims.

    Noting the subsequent legal threshold beyond a “motion to dismiss” is the “summary judgment phase,” Trainor said that under this phase, the credibility of witnesses is presumed to be accurate, especially given the caliber of the testimonies Trainor has observed to date.

    “When considering a motion for summary judgment, a judge will view all evidence in the light most favorable to the movant’s opponent,” explains Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute website.

    “What I would be concerned with, if I were on the other side of these election contests that are going on around the country, is that if you look at the level of evidence that has been provided by these affidavits — hundreds of affidavits that corroborate events that have happened on the ground — in a summary judgment phase of these cases, you have to take the evidence of the plaintiff as being true,” Trainor told “Just the News AM” television show Friday morning.

    “The court has to take the evidence of the plaintiff as being true and see whether or not the other side can make a case against it,” added Trainor. “So, the massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place. And the other side really needs to answer these questions.””


    Follow the process.

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  18. Georgia and the Senate are hanging in the balance.

    Trump doesn’t have to concede if he doesn’t want to, he probably won’t and that matters little at this stage actually.

    But now there’s Georgia: If the Republicans don’t hold the Senate, there will be more trouble ahead. A lot more trouble. Biden and a Republican Senate are doable; Biden and a Democrat Senate will probably buckle to the further-left leanings of the Dem party.


  19. A friend put it this way:

    “all the nonsense is just telling millions of voters who were maybe on the fence but voted for Biden that they made the right choice.”

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  20. There’s been quite a bit of political violence this election cycle and this year. Armed intimidation, militia/terrorists invading urban cities to participate in riots, open threats to governors and legislators, and even now election officials, both Republican and Democrat, are being threatened. In Georgia they somehow acquired the Sec’y of State’s wife’s cell phone number and left texts threatening to kill her family if her husband didn’t count correctly. Most of this violence and threats of violence would recede if the toddler in the White House would graciously concede. The Gore analogy is off — he wasn’t the sitting president, he never claimed he won and the 5-600 vote margin in Florida is far closer than the current margin in any state. Clinton lost by less and she conceded by now.

    Georgia recounted, every legal challenge to the actual vote count has been rejected, no evidence has been presented, and its quite evident that even if there were errors or fraud, the so called legitimate votes are enough. Biden won and the Republicans need to accept it. To paraphrase 2016 Republicans; Biden won get over it. He won by at least 6 million votes about 51 to 47% — which is roughly what you can be expected in any nation wide election; the Democrats slightly out number the Republicans but the latter can use the power of the rural vote to hold on to some power.

    DJ is correct; this will harm Republicans in Georgia. Sure the party can do two things at once; legally challenge Biden’s win and support the Senate campaign but that’s not the issue. Trump lost to some degree because he lost the support of white suburban women (who supported him in 2016). Although the data has yet to be analyzed this was probably the case in Georgia. As long as Republicans continue to support Trump and his refusal to concede, they risk losing the votes of white suburban women — and two Senate seats.


  21. Trump has been reduced to begging state officials to ignore the vote and to firing anyone who disagrees with him.

    He flew Michigan legislators to Washington and wined and dined them at the Trump Hotel on the gov’t dime (still siphoning taxpayer money to his companies). Despite the full court press they saw nothing convincing and will respect the vote.

    The head of the DHS said it was a fair, free and secure election. Trump fired him.

    And now they blame Dominion. The same company which was used by some Trump states in 2016 is now fraudulent. Unlike Diebold in 2004, there’s now a paper trail. Its impossible to cheat esp at the scale required for Trump to win. And besides if the Democrats were going to cheat, I would think Susan Collins would’ve lost. In a state where Biden won convincingly, Collins still managed to win.

    I’ve read some claims that its impossible for anyone to win a poll with 90% of the vote, Weird, my brother lives in a county which always votes 85-90% for the Republican party. Should they recount these rural counties? And Jodi Ernst out performed Trump — so in one of the most Republicans counties, some voters took the time to vote for Biden and then vote straight Republican down ballot — in a state where you can simply select straight party ticket and leave the voting booth in seconds.

    The best Dominion conspiracy, I’ve heard, is the claim that since Trudeau won the federal Canadian election, Dominion is obviously a liberal company. Canada as I’ve pointed out before doesn’t use electronic ballots rather it counts by hand.


  22. HRW,

    Riiiiight. They’ll not vote Trump, but they’ll vote for a black radical in the mold of Jeremiah Wright. Sure.

    They won’t vote for Trump, yet you think they’ll vote for the Democrat adulterer Ossoff instead.



  23. AJ — Its not 1996, adultery no longer matters. You can have three wives and cheat on all of them, you can pay off porn stars with campaign cash and its okay. Adultery is no longer a problem for American politicians. But are people okay with Senators who after a Covid briefing sell their stock and then tell people publicly not to worry?

    Polls indicate its a dead heat in both contests. Every vote is important. Stacy Abrams is on the ground registering every possible Democrat voter including kids who turn 18 on Jan 5. Trump is discouraging suburban white women — even if its a only a hundred or so women who stay home bc of him that could be the difference.


  24. I don’t have a legal background, but I think that evidence has to be presented in court rather than to the press or the public first. Has that changed in our nation, too? We seem to have the cart driving the horse now. That’s one way to go quickly over the cliff. And I imagine it’s all Democrats on that cart, but maybe they let a few RINOs on, too. Pride goes before the fall.

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  25. For the election fraud deniers (and yes, the massive fraud was way more than sufficient to swing the vote). It was a huge criminal conspiracy…

    Sidney Powell on Newsmax:

    Chanel Rion of OAN on “Dominion-izing the Vote”


  26. “That’s true, but so far the courts are turning the cases down”

    They are. In Democrat areas, in Dem run states with mostly Democrat elected judges and Democrat appointed judges. Of course they’ll throw it out, because they’re Dems too. Just like here in PA where our Dem majority of the PA Supreme Court allowed Dems to change the law the week of the election. Trump’s only hope is the higher echelon of courts where he will take his appeals. But Roberts will screw us again there too, of that I have no doubt.

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  27. Some Republican judges too. Check out MediaBuzz on Fox this morning for a clear discussion of what evidence has and has not emerged as news reporters (not partisan commentators) have covered this story.

    I didn’t know Glenn Beck was still around, but I never put much stock in him. Again, beware of bias on the right as much as bias on the left.

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  28. It’s not about Glenn Beck (whose program is one of the few outlets that has actually invited anyone from Pres. Trump’s team – guess why); it’s about the actual content of what Sidney Powell shared about the fraudulent election.

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  29. As DJ points out, Republican judges have thrown out law suits also. Each time its a Republican judge the left side of the internet will say; Judge so and so, a Republican/Bush appointee, …..

    This is amusing

    Listening to the Beck interview; there’s very little specific details — and the details given just don’t make sense. Most claims have been refuted already by DHS and CISA by Trump appointees And here’s Dominion’s response to her and other allegations;

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  30. What’s wrong with waiting and letting Trump and his team fight it out til the very end? If Trump were to wait quietly the population would be wholly unprepared for any outcome the Trump hating media and other Democrats desire. Most of us know it’s a long shot—even with the certainty of fraud.


  31. Ty,

    In the link I provided, Dominion has stated their employees are working from home due to death threats.

    By entertaining notions that elections can easily be fraudulent, Trump et al are undermining faith in the democratic process. The simple fact is there is no fraud. In terms of claims that have been brought to court the Trump campaign is 2 – 34. In sports, they would fire the coach, the manager and start the rebuilding process. The last failure was in Pennsylvania where a Republican appointed judge threw out yet another claim.

    On the plus side, Trump is sowing divisions within the Republican party putting the Georgia run-off elections in jeopardy.

    The election result was within the realms of predictability — I predicted a low of 278 to a high of 308 electoral votes for Biden; he won 306. Democrats usually win the popular vote by 2-4%, Biden won by slightly less than 4%. The result doesn’t indicate fraud happened. Trump’s reelection was always going to be difficult — the Democrats didn’t take him seriously in 2016 but did this year. Biden was the best candidate for the rust belt. Arizona and Georgia have been moving Democratic the last four years. There’s no fraud — the result was expected and predicted.


  32. I cannot understand why suddenly it is terrible to talk about elections being fraudulent, and how dangerous that is, when we have been hearing that for four years from the Democrats. It is that hypocrisy that is grating. Also, it is not the first time we have had to wait. Frankly, all the pearl clutching is just plain insulting to one’s intelligence.

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  33. From Peggy Noonan @ the WSJ:


    A Bogus Dispute Is Doing Real Damage

    Conspiracy theories are damaging the country today and will hurt Republicans tomorrow.

    By Peggy Noonan

    No hard evidence of widespread fraud, no success in the courts or prospect of it. You can have a theory that a bad thing was done, but only facts will establish it. You need to do more than what Rudy Giuliani did at his news conference Thursday, which was throw out huge, barely comprehensible allegations and call people “crooks.” You need to do more than Sidney Powell, who, at the same news conference, charged that “communist money” is behind an international conspiracy to rig the U.S. election. There was drama, hyperbole, perhaps madness. But the wilder the charges, the more insubstantial the case appeared.

    More than two weeks after the election, it’s clear where this is going. The winner will be certified and acknowledged; Joe Biden will be inaugurated. But it’s right to worry about the damage being done on the journey.

    It’s one thing when supporters of the president say, simply, “Let’s go through the process and see where we are.” It’s not bad to look into how messy the voting system is, not the worst to realize it needs long-term remedial attention. How did we devolve into a nation that no longer has an election night but an election month?

    But the sheer nuttiness surrounding the current mess is becoming deeply destructive. Online you see the websites read by millions saying the entire election system is shot through with criminality. The headlines read: It was stolen. We have proof of coordinated vote tampering. The president has many avenues to victory. The Trump campaign sent an email under the name of formerly respectable Republican Newt Gingrich, once speaker of the House, saying “The Corruption is Unprecedented”: “It’s time for us to get MAD.” We can’t “roll over.” “Please contribute $45 RIGHT NOW to the Official Election Defense Fund.”

    This isn’t a game. America isn’t your plaything. Doesn’t Mr. Gingrich realize how dangerous it is to stoke people like this, to rev them up on the idea that holding even the slightest faith in the system is for suckers?

    Trump staff and supporters should know at this point that in trying to change the outcome they are doing harm—undercutting respect in and hope for democracy. Republican senators and representatives, in their silence, are allowing the idea to take hold that the whole system is rigged. This lessens faith in institutions and in their party’s reputation. Republicans were once protective of who we are and what we created in this democratic republic long ago.

    Now they’re not even protecting themselves; in future years what’s happening now will give their voters an excuse not to take part or show up. What’s the point? It’s all rigged. …

    … We’ve all decried this aspect of the internet for 20 years; our alarm about its ability to enable and encourage extremism is so old, we forget to keep feeling it. But we’ll look back on this time as one in which the least responsible among us shook big foundations.

    Responsible Republican leaders ought to congeal and address the fact that what rough faith and trust we have in the system is being damaged. Which means our ability to proceed as a healthy democracy is being damaged.

    There is no realistic route to victory for the president, only to confusion and chaos and undermining. He is not going to find the votes in recounts to win the election. Dominion, the voting-machine company under attack, has not been credibly charged with doing anything wrong. As the Journal said this week in an editorial, “Strong claims need strong proof, not rumors and innuendo on Twitter. ”

    The irony is that this election will be remembered for the president’s attempts to sow chaos, not for what it actually appears to have been, which is a triumph for America. …

    … Imagine if he’d acted even remotely normal in his first term, if he’d had the intellectual, emotional and spiritual resources to moderate himself, to act respectably. Heck, imagine if he’d worn a mask. He might have won. …

    … If he were clever and disciplined, he’d do it differently. He’d accept the election’s outcome, if not graciously at least with finality, go home to Mar-a-Lago, play golf, and have fun torturing his party by plotting his return. “I’ll be back.”

    Instead he leaves behind real and politically pointless ruin.

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  34. I agree with Peggy Noonan?

    Kathleena — 4 years ago there were no claims of fraud and Clinton conceded on that night. The claim was made that Russia’s misinformation campaign undermined the election; ie a foreign power attempted to manipulate the American voter — a complete disrespect of American sovereignty.


  35. It’s just beginning to feel like a fishing expedition at this stage. If there’s something there that overturns the results, it needs to be revealed and vetted, but it’s more innuendo — or so it seems to me at this stage.

    Giuliani probably isn’t the most effective front man for the cause, either.


  36. Fraud allegations should always be investigated to the full extent. But what’s being claimed — a conspiratorial event that literally would upend the election results — seems highly unlikely, especially in light of no evidence (at least none that they’re rolling out) that something on that scale, coordinated and massive, was actually carried out.

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  37. I’m curious have any affidavits actually been used in court as evidence. There seems to be a lot of allegations and paper waving with the press but the lawyers are very subdued in the courtroom. In both Penn and Arizona courtrooms, lawyers said there was no fraud just human error.

    Human error occurs in every election but rarely has any effect on the outcome. In order to change the outcome of this election, there needs to be more than the usual human error and that doesn’t seem to be the case.


  38. The polls had shown that Biden would win by a small margin. That is what happened, and unless I am mistaken, he won by an even smaller margin than expected. (Excuse me if I am mistaken about that.) If the Democrats are trying to steal the election, they’re doing a pretty poor job of it by not even managing to give Biden a larger margin.


  39. The censoring continues….


  40. Uhhhhhh….



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