29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-20-20

  1. Thank you AJ, for taking time to put these threads up every day. I just watched them appear one by one and thought about your consistency and how you and your efforts are a blessing from God.

    Good morning, Wanderers!β™‘

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  2. Morning! Yes and amen to the sentiments expressed by Janice…it’s what is in all of our hearts AJ…thank you!
    The sky is finally showing a wee bit of light…wondering if we will have an orange sunrise? I need to go down to the end of the drive to retrieve the milk but won’t until it gets lighter…I don’t want to be surprised by a coyote, mountain lion or whatever else lurks in the forest 😊

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  3. Morning all. Sun just rising here. Cold and clear, no rain predicted in the next ten days, but we are so grateful for the several inches that we got in the last storm which ended the fire season.

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  4. Lots of frost out this morning, about twenty seven degrees. Thirteen will have lots of work ahead as she is the only chore doer. I did the sheep and goats but she is walking the dogs, will feed all the chickens and turkeys and unfreeze everybody’s water. I will be inside with granddaughter and nineteen.

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  5. I personally hunt and gather all my milk, eggs and other supplies.

    So my internet/WiFi service is back up with a new router that took a long time to get up and running, with needed phone help. Everything connected seamlessly — except the TV for some reason, so they’re having someone else call me back today to work on that.

    It’s such a relief to have an actual laptop computer to work on again. Can’t tell you how much more efficient and faster things are with that. I managed to get a lot done on the iPad and phone (and with no printer available, either), but it was really labor intensive.

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  6. hmmm, well, now my phone isn’t connecting to the Wifi. That’s strange.

    And I’m dealing with a frustrated photographer who says she’s about to be arrested at a 2,000 turkey giveaway event at the port because the whole thing was poorly organized and it’s a madhouse, a traffic nightmare that had her arguing with one of the cops (another cop tried to smooth things out later and as of now she’s not arrested).

    35-year-old teenager next door is playing his electric guitar in the garage, meanwhile, and it’s trash collection day so there’s that racket going on outside the house. Happy Friday.

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  7. Would you all like to do another Zoom meeting–say Monday at 4 pm California time–to share things we’re thankful for in 2020 and then pray (Spell check turned that word into pry, play, and party!)?

    Let me know some thoughts and if I get, say, 7 folks, I’ll send out an invite.

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  8. Sounds good Michelle. πŸ™‚

    We’re off in a few minutes to retrieve our daughter. About 160 miles round trip. She’ll spend until Wed. with us, then is joining a classmate and family for Thanksgiving, and then returning to us for a few more days. The plan so far is to return a week from Monday and then have 2 and a half weeks of finals before the semester ends. She’ll then be home until 3rd week in Jan. when the next starts.

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  9. Safe travels, AJ.

    Count me in for the Zoom, Michelle, if you don’t mind letting me back in the times I lose my connection. I’ve been teaching piano via Zoom all week, and my wifi disconnects about every 10-15 minutes. It takes me about a minute or two to reboot and start up again each time.

    If you don’t want to mess with watching to see when I’ve “disappeared” and letting me back in when I’m in the waiting room again, I’ll understand. But if you don’t mind the interruptions, I’d love to be involved. It will be lovely for me to hear (and see faces again!) of my WV friends expressing gratitude for the blessings of 2020, and a good reminder for me to be thankful instead of grousing about having to go back to Zoom lessons because of quarantine!


  10. Roscuro, I’m so sorry about your sister’s impending loss of her little one. May God bring comfort to her and all your family.


  11. Monday, I cannot make it as I am working – at 8:00 PM, I will still be on the job. Tuesday or Friday next week are my only free weekdays.

    6 and everyone else, thank you. I have not seen Second since yesterday morning because I am working back to back 12 hour shifts, but I know she went to the ER and the ultrasound showed the little one had already passed away. They gave her something to make the process less dangerous and they are checking her again to make sure nothing remains to cause problems. My mother said when Second came home yesterday, she had to tell the little ones their sibling had died. Sixth is only two and didn’t really take it in, but Tiny, who is four, cried.

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  12. I’ll have to play it by ear, working 9-6 M-W so will depend on whether stories are filed and editor doesn’t need me for something else.

    That is so sad, roscuro, I’m sorry.


  13. Roscuro, when I had my first miscarriage, my four (at the time) children were ages 12, 9, 5, and 1.5. Nine-year-old took it the hardest, screaming and running out of the room when we announced the loss. The 12- and 5-year-old were sad, but not traumatized, and the 1.5-year-old really didn’t understand, though she did seem to have grasped the concept of getting a new sibling when she had learned I was pregnant.

    All the kids had been excited about the new baby on the way when they’d learned that a couple weeks before we knew the baby died. The irony is that, when I had an ultrasound to check the baby’s welfare, a few days after I’d had a little spotting, we learned at the time of the ultrasound that the baby had already died about 2 weeks before that.

    So we had essentially, unknowingly, announced the pregnancy to our kids on perhaps the very day their little sibling died.

    The nine-year-old (2nd Arrow) grieved for a couple of weeks, but found comfort and release from her grief once the baby passed from my womb. She asked to see her little sibling — I delivered at home — and while the amniotic sac was too dark/discolored to see the baby inside, we could feel the baby’s body in the section of the sac in which s/he lay.

    Oh, my, and now I’m crying. In one month, less one day, it will be 18 years since that little one emerged from my womb. Sometimes the tears come back long after the fact.

    My second and last miscarriage happened in 2006, when my then five living children were 15, 12, 8, 4, and 2. That time it was the 4-year-old (4th Arrow) who needed to process her sibling’s passing most. Though none of the kids knew I was pregnant at the time of losing the second one, which seemed to result in less trauma at the announcement of our loss — we announced it because we’ve done burial services for both of our babies — 4th Arrow talked for many months about both babies, mentioning them by name. (We felt strongly about giving all our babies names, whether they were born alive or went home to the Lord before birth.) I think she remembered enough about my previous miscarriage that that was something she needed to talk about as well as about our second loss, as she then, at age 4, had the language skills to talk about both her siblings she hadn’t met. (“I miss Aron and Shawn.”)

    more tears

    Praying especially for Second and for Tiny.

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  14. Some good things about this week with Zoom piano lessons:

    I got to “meet” some of the students’ pets. One of them was off-camera and barking a big bark — it sounded like a big dog — which made my ever-serious high school student smile big and laugh heartily. I’ve never heard her laugh, so that was a joy to witness that side of her.

    Another funny moment happened with a small dog at a different student’s home. I could see the dog in the background. It was dancing around a little, but making no noise. I was working with the student –a beginner — on getting the rhythm right on a new piece she had started to work on. The song had the melody passing from hand to hand in a steady beat: right, right, left, left; right, right; etc.

    The girl would play right, right [STOP], left, left [STOP] … instead of the continuous swirl of equally spaced notes indicated in the music.

    After a couple of minutes or so, after I tried various strategies to help her hear and execute the correct rhythm, she finally got it.

    At which point, about five seconds into the newly-fixed rhythm, the dog erupted with ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF! πŸ˜€

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  15. Chas- Gotcha. Also, better late than never- the comics.

    Michelle- Monday works for me, unless my 3 students decide they want class on Monday instead of Tuesday. It’s scheduled for Tuesday, but the holiday begins Wednesday and at least one of them is travelling Tuesday night. Count me in for Monday, though.


  16. Tuesday also works for me, as next week is a scheduled vacation week for me with piano. (I normally take off the week of Thanksgiving; although I do have a few make-up lessons scheduled for Monday afternoon, because of taking an unscheduled day in August after my sister-in-law died. Those lessons on the 23rd will be finished before the WV Zoom meet-up, if you decide to go with Monday, Michelle. And Tuesday is completely free and clear.)

    Unless I don’t feel up to it. I developed covid-like symptoms on Monday this week, 13 days after I saw my student who is now covid-positive. I got tested on Tuesday and was told results will be in in 3-5 days, but haven’t heard back yet. So far Wednesday has been the only day I felt really crummy and had a fever; the other days this week weren’t too bad, so I’m hoping the worst is past, whatever I have.


  17. D1 and her daughter G1 have symptoms. Not sure if they’ve gotten tested. D3 is in quarantine as well since she was exposed at work and then from her house mate being exposed. I guess we’ll have a Zoom Thanksgiving, since D2 and husband don’t want to leave their house.


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