22 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-21-20

  1. Little grandson is learning that he is not in charge when he is with me. It is making it so much more pleasant to spend time with him. We can now enjoy each other. Lots of tickles.

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  2. When my granddaughters were that age, I was amazing at how smart God was when he made them so close to the ground.
    And in soft diapers, yet.
    Actually, it was fun to see them plop down on their bottoms.

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  3. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! (for grand babies)

    Re: heated seats on the prayer thread. Our car has heated seats even in the back seat!!!! We’ve used those a few times but only when taking friends places. Up here in the Great White North those heated seats are a must! Next car, I would like a heated steering wheel. That’s really the only luxury this car doesn’t have.

    🙂 Making Christmas presents – husband does some wood burning art, so he made 9 wooden blocks for a block puzzle and will burn pictures of Noah’s ark on one side of the set of 9 and then different pairs of animals on the other sides. So much love will be going into that gift.

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  4. Heated steering wheel? Never considered such a thing. I do like the heated seats; our current car is the only one that has ever had that.

    In Phoenix what was necessary was a cooled steering wheel. I remember the day I got into my car after work and tried to turn the ignition and I couldn’t–it was too hot to touch with several attempts. I looked all around the front seat for something I could use and opened the glove compartment, and in it there happened to be a McDonald’s paper napkin. Using it like a pot holder, I was able to start my car. After that I always made sure that the glove compartment contained at least one napkin, because periodically I needed it!

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  5. You just reminded me that my car (Merc) has heated seats. It was garaged in Hendersonville and I never needed them. Nover thought about them here.
    I likely won’t use them. I don’t go anywhere any more.

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  6. At 40 below, heated seats are almost a necessity (especially with leather!) and a frozen steering wheel hurts as much as a too hot steering wheel. Aren’t I lucky? I get to experience both every year 🙂

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  7. I had no idea there were such things as heated steering wheels. When mine accidentally turned on it fascinated me. There it was, a little icon of a steering wheel with heat waves coming out of it on the media display screen. How about that, I thought.

    But I agree with Cheryl, a cooling steering wheel would be more applicable for many of us. My new Jeep does include the option of a remote ignition — so you could start the car up before getting into it; that way the A/C or heat can get a head start for you.

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  8. In Chicago I often went outside and started my car while I cleaned the windows and brushed off the snow . . . but I was always just a little bit afraid someone would come along and steal my running car with me standing right there! So I never left the driver’s door unlocked; I’d unlock the passenger door right behind it, but lock the driver’s door. Remote start does sound like a nice feature, especially since apparently you can’t actually drive it without the key.

    Here we don’t have extreme weather, and if we happened to get a lot of snow, we’d probably just stay home. Well, we’re kinda doing that anyway. 🙂

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  9. It’s a heated-seat and steering wheel kind of morning here. My quad leg muscles are feeling much better, thankfully, I was afraid I’d seriously pulled something. Still sore, but certainly not like Friday-Saturday.

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  10. They’re those, too. 🙂

    I still prefer the squared-off body styles, but those are gone for now apparently. Jeep still makes the Wrangler, the truly off-road, rugged model that’s boxy and tall, but those are strictly for young ones who really do go off roading 🙂 They’re also one of the most expensive styles they offer.

    This Cherokee style (mine is dark gray with black trim) is 4-wheel drive and off-road capable I’m told — and all Jeeps have that distinctive front grill, it’s the brand’s trademark that never seems to change.

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