25 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-1-20

  1. Another good question….


    “Are the Social-Distancing Shutdowns a Contributing Factor to U.S. COVID-19 Challenges?

    Review of COVID-19 outcomes suggest a strong connection between Vitamin D and disease response. So, a better response includes fewer masks and more freedom.”

    “In mid-March, President Donald Trump issued the official guidelines involving the closures of businesses, non-essential businesses, and all other areas where people could gather for 15-days, which had several extensions through April. This essentially created a nationwide shut-in, which may have been unwise in light of recent findings.

    New research shows that it could be a significant factor that impacts people’s abilities to stave off infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus is Vitamin D.

    Good levels of vitamin D, the so-called sunshine vitamin, help people to fight the coronavirus more quickly and effectively and reduce chances of hospitalization, Israeli researchers have concluded.

    However, others are cautioning broad conclusions, saying other factors may be involved.

    Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern of Bar Ilan University told The Times of Israel on Sunday that vitamin D is “like a steroid,” after publishing what she says is the world’s largest population-based study of its kind.

    She embarked on the joint study with Leumit Health Services to probe whether there is a basis to suggestions — heard throughout the pandemic — that vitamin D may prove helpful.

    Her team studied a 7,807-strong sample of Israelis who were tested for the coronavirus. It found that the average vitamin D level for people who screened negative was in the internationally-accepted “adequate” range, while the average for those who tested positive fell in the “inadequate” category.

    Vitamin D levels of less than 20 nanograms per milliliter of blood are considered inadequate.

    Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin after exposure to sunlight. Then it is metabolized by the liver and kidney to the metabolically active form called 1α,25-dihydroxy vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a critical role in bone formation and maintenance. It is also essential for immune system response and cardiovascular health. It is interesting to note that many of the fatalities associated with COVID-19 stem from its impact on the cardiovascular system.

    This study may explain the findings that obese people among black and minority ethnic communities (BME) are at around two times higher the risk of contracting COVID-19 than white Europeans.

    Previous research has shown that ethnicity can alter the association between the body mass index (BMI) and cardiometabolic health so the researchers wanted to explore whether a person’s weight could change the relative risk of COVID-19 across ethnic groups.

    Emerging COVID-19 evidence has found that South Asian and black, African, or Caribbean populations are at a higher risk of becoming seriously unwell with the condition. In addition, a link with obesity has also been found.

    To begin with, research had demonstrated that obesity is tied to Vitamin D deficiency.”


  2. Some graffiti is more equal than others. The kind that washes off apparently is a crime, but paint F Police! and it’s all good…..

    Because only some BLM.



  3. Remember folks, this is the Democrats base.

    Vote accordingly.


  4. Burning Bible’s does not, in fact, reduce the number of Bibles available.
    But it does increase the amount of explanation that will be necessary in the judgment.
    I BTW, have five Bibles and a couple of commentaries in case someone runs short.


  5. There has always been a strong correlation (not cause) between Vitamin D and good respiratory health. High levels of vitamin D indicate, especially in white people, time spent outside. In the dark cold days of winter, people get sick but its not because of the cold but the tendency to stay inside where you are at the mercy of the HVAC system. Social distancing does not mean hide in your house, you need to get outside what ever the weather.

    Its that reliance on the HVAC system which has me worried when I return to school. Institutional HVAC systems are notorious for their lack of constituency and competency. I keep my windows open all winter in order to keep the air fresh. A summer camp in Georgia had an Covid outbreak with over 200 positive tests. The cabins lacked proper air flow and ventilation. My conservative gov’t decided that it was okay to send the K-8 students back to school with very little change — 3 feet distancing not 6 feet, no masks needed in K-3, and a few minor changes in instructional methods. Not impressed — they’re are doing this on the cheap; they should’ve lowered class sizes and updated all HVAC systems at the least . I’m lucky in that my school is relatively new but there are schools that are over 50 years old.

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  6. Police decisions can be strange. In this case, I would go with low hanging fruit.

    Book burning is never a good idea no matter what book.


  7. The other day there was all that talk about Trump supposedly saying he was going to delay the election.


    “Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???”

    He wasn’t making a statement, he wasn’t saying he would. He merely asked if we should given the circumstances. So why all the doom and gloom? Save that for the leftists…..

    DJ noted this but even I missed it. ??? still means it’s a question, right?…..


  8. Post whatever you like HRW. Free exchange of ideas and all that, and I don’t censor. 🙂

    But yes, he’s a hack. 🙂

    And I’m saying that because yes, even when I know I’ll disagree, I still read/hear his opinion, even though it’s wrong.


  9. I found it interesting as a travel piece — comparing two different approaches and attitudes.

    Trump is not only raising a question regarding the election date but questioning the validity of the election. I watched Barr and Pompeo spit up a word salad when asked a simple question regarding election dates. The whole point of the tweet and other admin statements is to raise questions regarding the validity of the election. The US ran elections through the Civil War and the Spanish Flu but now it can’t? What does that say for the competency of the administrative state? I’m sure the US can run a perfectly valid election.

    Apparently, the Trump campaign has suspended ad buys in Michigan, Biden is up by 8%. I’m sure they will be back but apparently for the month of August there will be no Trump ads. I’m sure they have plenty of money but it raises questions. In Canada and Europe, August is pretty much vacation or slack work schedule and ad buys would be useless. The US however has a reputation for a 12 month work schedule and hence I wonder what the lack of an ad buy is about.


  10. 3 feet is WHO recommendations. I agree, air conditioning is a concern and I’d leave windows open, too. You must have an older school, though if you have windows that can open.

    I’m, frankly, perplexed why Californians can’t just teach outside, particularly elementary school. Wouldn’t that solve a bunch of issues?


  11. My school is about 15-20 years old. All the schools I’ve worked in have had windows that open. The newer schools tend to have the upper windows open only.

    I suppose outdoor ed is a behavior management issue. Some teachers won’t be comfortable with it. I’m mulling over in my mind how I will approach the new school year. My usual method for English class — model, guided group, pair, independent — will change to model, independent. Not sure I can jump those stages. And inquiry learning in social studies will be a little different.

    We’ve been told to have outdoor phys ed classes as long as possible but that’s always been the case — outside til about mid November then again in mid Aprial (unless the field is too wet or muddy)


  12. Suckers.

    They fell for it again. 🙂


    Or the difference between questions and statements… 🙂


  13. Not sure having a troll for a president is something to celebrate. To “troll the Dems ” (or Republicans) should be left to late night comedians and talk radio not the people who are supposed to be running the country.


  14. Nope.

    He’s doing what he was elected to do. 🙂

    Blow. Up. The. Norm.

    All of them. The time of playing by Democrat rules is over. Besides, they only care about norms when it limits R’s. But the left no longer control the news cycle. He does, for better or worse, and it’s been both clearly. 🙂


  15. Ruh-roh…..

    And now you know why Sanders never ended his campaign. 🙂


  16. The slap back for Pelosi.


  17. The left never controlled the news cycle. The corporations did and still do control the news cycle. The news is about eyeballs and making money.

    Blow up the norm? Please he’s just a massive distraction while corporations make money and the 1% get even richer. He’s mindless entertainment just as he was in the Apprentice — he’s playing the president in a reality tv show.

    That’s standard advice when confronted with criminals — its not bowing to the mob.

    Biden’s not quitting nor is Trump and for the same reason; its too late to put some one else on the ballot. Both Biden and Trump have some cognitive decline but Biden is in better physical health. Its funny, Trump brags about passing a cognitive test yet this test is only given to people when a physician suspects a cognitive decline or brain injury. I’m sure Bush, Obama, and Clinton didn’t take the test when they were president. Reagan probably did in the last two years but he had the good sense to be quiet about it. Jimmy Carter and my dad (two years apart) have more cognitive sense than both Biden and Trump combined. The important thing to realize is personalities don’t change despite cognitive decline. So Trump will continue to be a loud mouth know-it-all bully whereas Biden will be laid back, relaxed and man of compromise.


  18. HRW is right about those tips being standard advice for when confronted by a criminal. The point is to save your life by not fighting someone who may be armed and/or dangerous.


  19. HRW – Some personalities do change as dementia progresses. I know of two men who were harsh, stern men for most of their adult lives but became marshmallows as they sunk into dementia. One man eagerly ate foods he had never liked before, and also seemed happy, whereas he used to be quite stern.

    On the other hand, my MIL was a negative and critical person, and Alzheimer’s magnified that, causing her to be miserable. 😦


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