57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-31-20

  1. So? Who is the pretty girl?
    Eighteen was a rough year for me. I graduated from high school and couldn’t find a job. I worked on a vegetable stand in Columbia, S.C. for a couple of weeks. Then I came back to N. Charleston where Bobby Murray, my long time buddy (since 1940) talked me into joining the Air Force with him.
    So? It was a life changing event. I’ve told you about it before.

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  2. I turned 19 on KP that year. It was mid-morning before I realized it myself. I kept it a secret. I already learned that guys play tricks on such occasions.

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  3. Happy birthday to Elizabeth.

    Beautiful flowers. I have some in my back yard, but these seem so much brighter and prettier on my computer. πŸ™‚

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  4. Happy Birthday! 18, wow. That’s a big one.

    I see my plumbago in the backyard has sprouted several new blue blooms in the last couple days. Gorgeous. I may plant more of that.

    Today should be easier than yesterday — homeless encampment cleanup story. Debating whether I need to get down there to interview at least 1-2 people. I probably should make the effort, even with the knee.

    But the knee is feeling better in the past couple days, remarkably. Could it be … ? I’m feeling just a wee bit hopeful that we may be finally “getting there.” What an ordeal.

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  5. I am rather annoyed at the baby deer this morning. Overnight they came up to the porch and chomped down my lobelia and petunias. They even spit out the petunias that are now down on the ground! I have heard young mothers state they can having nothing nice due to having kids…well…wait until you have deer….at least the kids give hugs and kisses…. πŸ’•

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  6. @Chery,
    Ethics didn’t happen today. I was awake at 4 am. My coffee didn’t sit well with me this morning. Mr. P hadn’t slept. I went to pick up Little Miss from her Mommy this morning. When we got home Papa was in charge and I went back to bed. I am just now among the living.

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  7. I got my hair cut this morning — it’s several inches shorter now, and comes down to about my collarbone. Bouncy and swingy again.

    Just in time for family pics we’ll be taking on Sunday, since all of us will be gathering for DG’s 1st birthday party. Our living room has gift bags filling one corner, gifts from Grandpa and Grandma and the adoring uncle and aunties who live here. Fun fun fun! πŸ™‚

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  8. Ir qill probably shock those of you who have met me that my hair mostly stays in a ponytail these days. With a mask on and my hair in a ponytail I go out in public.

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  9. Yesterday I got a call that some dry cleaning I had dropped off in early March had finally been located and processed and was ready for pickup.

    Now I finally have my 3 items back, thanks to a kind employee who really went to bat for me, trying to figure out where my stuff went after I’d dropped it off.

    I am going to write her a thank-you note for her persistence in trying to contact the owner of the business that was the dry cleaner’s drop-off/pick-up spot I took my items to. She tried for months to get in touch with that person and ask why my dry cleaning was never delivered to the cleaners, in the hopes of getting her to actually go hunt around the small building she owns to find where my items were.

    One of that person’s employees (at the drop-off spot) — a high school girl — finally this week found the bag of items I’d brought in, and then the transport person took the things to the actual cleaning location in another community, and they were cleaned and then returned to the place in my community that I’d used for the drop-off.

    So my things got back there on Wednesday, and the kind lady at the cleaners called me on Thursday to say that my finished items had been sent the evening before to the pick-up spot, and she wanted to know if anyone had called to let me know that my apparel was back and ready for pick-up.

    Nope, they had not. So I was very grateful to that lady that she followed through with me right to the end.

    Next time I have dry cleaning, I’m taking it straight to the cleaners where the helpful lady works, even though it’s farther away than the drop-off spot I had previously used.

    Kindness and thoroughness deserve to be rewarded, in my book.

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  10. Bonne Anniversaire to Elizabeth.

    Eldest Niece also turned 18 and graduated from her homeschool this year. She is taking a gap year before she goes off to school. It is something I recommended. As the only one of my siblings in our first generation homeschooling family to go to college, I never regretted waiting to go to college until I was ready.

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  11. Have you all heard about Dr. Stella Immanuel), one who is claiming that HCQ is a cure for Covid-19? (This comment is not about HCQ, but about the doctor.)

    “Five years ago, she alleged that alien DNA was being used in medical treatments, and that scientists were cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious.
    Some of her other claims include blaming medical conditions on witches and demons – a common enough belief among some evangelical Christians – though she says they have sex with people in a dream world.
    “They turn into a woman and then they sleep with the man and collect his sperm… then they turn into the man and they sleep with a man and deposit the sperm and reproduce more of themselves,” she said during a sermon in 2013.”



  12. The reason I bring that up is that Nightingale’s now former friend SJ shared a video with Dr. Immanuel and some others touting HCQ. I shared the above article with her, and said simply that we need to be careful who our sources are (or something to that effect).

    SJ accused me of character assassination, so I assumed that she didn’t believe the doctor/pastor had actually said those things. So I shared another article that had a video of her preaching a lot of that stuff. Imagine my disappointed surprise when she replied in a way that indicated that, she, too, believes that kind of thing.

    It makes me so sad to see this Christian sister going off the deep end in so many ways. I had been so happy and encouraged that Nightingale had such a close relationship with a devout Christian woman. But SJ’s increasingly strident views against vaccines (to the extent that the last time they were together, that is all she talked about) and in favor of certain conspiracy theories, has pushed Nightingale away.


  13. Phos, @ 3:10.
    One of the blessings I count is that I delayed college until i matured for three years.
    (I had to, I had no resources, but it worked for the best.)

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  14. Butchering is done. Two sheep and a goat and four chickens. The goat was a little well who could not seem to get ahead of a setback. Sad to see her go, but relieved she will be put to good use.

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  15. So, I have a social behaviour question. I was cooking some meat for zuchinni boats and stuffed peppers. Stepped into the kitchen and their was twenty three daughter, hovering over the pan, pulling out chunks of meat. Without turning, she said, “stealing some of this for baby, in a chipper little voice, while holding baby next to the pan and dishing some into the bowl.”

    Keep in mind, she has her own fridge where she is supposed to keep her own food and make her own meals. Not the first time we have discovered her snagging things meant for others. But is that okay? Is it normal? Would you tolerate it? Would you welcome it? Or should I speak up?


  16. Speak up[ Mumsee. It’s for her own good.
    She might get away with such in a situation where she is loved and cared for.
    The same trick in the rest of the world could lead to permanent damage.
    The least thing is that it might break a friendship.

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  17. Well I walked three miles this morning and then went off to babysit for four hours. It is going well at their house. When the lad did not obey me I let it be known that that was not okay. When Grandma Jo tells you to do something, it is not an option.

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  18. Kizzie,

    I’m almost broke my rule and said this on Facebook, but I didn’t.

    Here’s the issue I have. While it may not be character assassination because she really said it, it’s dishonest. It’s an attempt to discredit and dismiss the whole group because one person, a foreigner from Africa were the beliefs like the one held by her and her fellow Africans are much more common, and not at all an accurate reflection of the entire organization. This is intentional, it’s dishonest, and it’s typical leftist garbage. They need to drop the nonsense and let the data speak for itself. If it’s inaccurate, other drs. will point that out with facts pretty quick.

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  19. Mumsee, I would at the least expect that she would make a meal for everyone if she continues the habit of mooching. You probably only see half of what she snags. It is not good for her child to think it is the proper thing to do. Maybe you need to put padlocks on your cooking pans?

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  20. Mumsee, I may have lived with more people (non-family) than anyone else on here. With a range of housemates, I also had a range of ways to handle food. Let’s see. The first time I shared a household, my sister and I and one other lady pooled our money and I took the money and did the shopping. I was good at shopping sales, and I’d buy food I didn’t like myself (such as onions) if they were a good price and someone else would want them. We were all free to eat anything in the house.

    With other living situations, each of us has bought our own food and put it on our own shelves in the fridge or the pantry, and no one else is allowed to eat any of it unless with specific permission.

    With one specific housemate, our agreement was that we would each buy our own food, but we were also each free to eat anything in the house. She loved cashews, so I learned to buy two containers at a time. I’d leave one at home and know it would get eaten up quickly, but I took the second one to work and was able to eat it at my leisure. That particular way of handling food worked really well for both of us, but it wouldn’t work in scenarios where one party never bothered to do any shopping but just ate what was there.

    The key, I think, is that everyone knows what the actual rules are, and everyone follows them. If she is to buy and cook her own food, then she needs to ask before she takes any other food. If she takes some of her food and offers it to you, and does this fairly regularly, then it could be time to revisit what you’ve agreed. But if she is holding her food to herself and taking some of yours too, without paying “board,” then she is indeed stealing. If she doesn’t have enough food, then she needs to talk to you about it and not simply take it. It seems to me that there should be consequences attached to doing this.

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  21. Back from PT. I don’t want to be too optimistic, but I’m really feeling like that proverbial “corner” he’s talked about might be getting turned. Things are improving, I was able to walk quite a bit, albeit still slowly, out at the encampment today with city officials and on my own interviewing people.

    We’ll see how it goes.

    Anyone here ever hear of a boom-boom room?

    I had to include that in my story today, it’s apparently the term the homeless use for certain tents where things happen.

    My editor said he didn’t realize there would be so much “hanky-panky” in this story.

    The photographer congratulated me on finding a way to get it in somehow (it was kind of needed, but awkward).

    We’ve had a warm day, 80 or hotter, I’d say. It’s still 86 in my house (at 6 p.m.) and I’ve finally opened the windows since here’s a coolish breeze at last. Fans are all on.

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  22. Down to ninety three here, from ninety nine earlier, though my neighbor assured me I should be inside because it was one hundred nine at her place.

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  23. We have an event coming to town! We are the county seat, and we recently had a deputy shoot a guy who shot at him after fleeing from a traffic stop. Anyway, turns out the guy is a friend and fellow protester of Ammond Bundy. So Ammond has called for a protest at our Court House/sheriff dept. Eleven o clock tomorrow morning. The mayor has called a city emergency and the store will be closed along with the swimming pool and the park. Counter protesters are expected. He and his group are welcome to protest peacefully. The counter protesters are welcome to counter protest peacefully. But the mayor is encouraging the populace to stay away as we are the only county around with no covid and we don’t want to pick up what the protesters may be bringing with them as they come from the most highly infected area of Idaho.

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  24. I’ll have to watch the news for that one, mumsee.

    My surfer-boy therapist today also congratulated me on finally wearing some “better” shoes. As in better than my usual flat-foot sneaker-tennys or (gasp) the Birkenstocks I showed up in for my first visit. Said he’d been meaning to talk to me about that …

    I bought some everyday New Balance “sneakers” a few weeks ago and, my, they’re so cushion-y! I used to wear New Balance ages ago for exercise walking but hadn’t really bought any in a while. These were on sale and I must say they do help with the knee.

    Anyway, they made him happy.

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  25. AJ – As I said on Facebook and to SJ, I wasn’t sharing the story to discredit HCQ, but as an alert that this particular doctor may not be the best source to use to prove the case in favor of it. Those beliefs may be common in Cameroon, but she is an educated doctor who is claiming that certain diseases are caused by dream sex with demons and something about alien DNA. She should know better.

    My FB friend is white, from Maine or New Hampshire, but she apparently believes in those things, too, which I found alarming.

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  26. DJ – I am so glad that you are finally feeling some relief!

    Something cute. . . Boy and Gabby were playing out front when I went out to get the mail. They asked why I came out, and I told them. Gabby immediately asked excitedly if she could go get the mail for me (remember, we have to walk up the lane to the mailboxes), and then Boy said he wanted to, too. Well, living in a two-family house means we have two addresses and two mailboxes, so each child could check a mailbox.

    They ran up the lane, and then ran back down again with the mail, as if that was a fun event. It was pretty cute. πŸ™‚

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  27. My children used to enjoy doing that, until i realized son was stealing mail from the neighbor’s mailbox. Now I go get it. Good for my blood pressure in many ways.

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  28. I remember running. I have to fill out a questionnaire at the PT office every so often, to track the progress. When I get to the questions about running on an incline, or doing sudden turns while running, I, of course, mark “impossible” or something to that effect. πŸ™‚

    Once, when my mom and I were walking her dogs — I was in my 20s, I guess — I took off running ahead, thinking I need to enjoy this while I can, thinking my mom probably couldn’t really ‘run’ at her age (60-something by then?). I never really “liked” or enjoyed running as an adult, I did take “jogging” in college though. We used to run across campus and my future college boyfriend said he remembered seeing me doing that. We had a journalism class together also at the time.

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  29. Kevin,

    My first thought was, well if I count Basic/AIT that’s 30+ per floor with daily interaction, 120+ in the same building, for 26 straight weeks, 6 months, none of whom I was related to……. πŸ™‚

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  30. AJ, I included only people with whom I lived in a house or apartment, arrangements like Cheryl’s, where we had to figure out how to manage the kitchen, utilities, etc. I did not include my dorm roommates. πŸ™‚

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  31. Kizzie, traditional beliefs in spirits causing illness can run in parallel to belief in science. Not everything can be explained by science, and science is good at determining causes, but much slower to find cures. Spiritualism offers cures, and, to a certain degree, they can be effective. I have it on firsthand testimony that charms against knife wounds when worn were effective, for example. It is creepy that they are, but spiritual forces are real and charms worn to summon their power were partly effective. I saw what we were forced to conclude were demonic attacks, since natural explanations were ruled out and they occured in unrelated people (they were witnessed by team members both in the city and the village). Of course, spiritualism breaks down when it comes to disease and decay. The group of Christians I witnessed trying to exorcise a stroke victim were unsuccessful, because strokes are due to a loss of blood flow to a part of the brain. A spirit might be able to ward off a blade from entering a physical body, but do not have the power to heal the body on the inside. Similarly, a charm against and infectious disease is not effective. Pharaoh’s magicians could only do some of the signs that Moses could do. We once were able to ask on of the demonic attack victims what they experienced, and there did seem to be some sexual element in what they described, but whether that was the human interpretation of what the spirit dimension was doing, I do not know. Certainly, demons, as angels, are incapable of sexual intercourse, according to what Jesus says about the lack of marriage among angels and the future lack of it in the resurrection, and certainly, physically, there wasn’t nothing to be seen or felt during the attack as I have stood right beside someone writhing and screaming in torment. But demons no doubt observe human behaviour and are capable of creating impressions on the mind. I do fault the doctor for blaming spiritual causes for physical problems and the combining of animistic spiritual traditions with Christianity in Africa has produced some horrific results, like the , but our ancestors were just as gullible. I have been thinking, in watching the FB feed of all the Christians who think it is all a conspiracy, and realized, they are just immature, children in the faith who have not had their senses exercised to discern good and evil (Hebrews 5:12-14). They are in need of sound teaching, and until they recieved that, they will be driven with every wind if doctrine.

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  32. Kevin, nope, not more than 32. That’s why I said “may,” since I thought someone might top me. (I counted once, and it was around 20 I think, not counting college.)

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  33. 3 non-family apartment-mates: 1 in my first apartment, 2 in the second. We all bought, prepared, and ate our own food.

    The first apartment and roommate was only for 3 months — a summer sublet situation, so we didn’t really get to know each other that well. We got along nicely, though, and maybe would have forged a deeper connection and shared meals and done things like that if we’d been roommates longer. Or maybe not — I’m not sure how she and the 3 roommates she had during the school year normally did things with groceries, meals, etc.

    I lived at the second apartment for 9 months, then got married. The two roommates there — people I didn’t know before I moved in — had been apartment-mates previously, so I stepped into an already-established routine regarding food buying and preparation.

    One of the roommates was quite nice, the other not at all, so I wouldn’t really have enjoyed trying to share meal prep and that sort of thing with the latter. (And I’m glad I got to share a bedroom with the nice one — the unpleasant one had her own room, and paid half the rent because of that; we other two split the other half.)


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