49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-23-20

  1. Charles T. turns four.
    The ugly guy sitting next to him is Charles W. he is the great-grandfather.
    The grandfather is Charles also.
    I started to say that it’s unfair to post a picture of a ninety year old man.
    But it doesn’t matter. I never did look good.

    Another, more pleasant comment.
    There is a fawn (young deer) playing in the street in front of my house.
    Have a nice day, everyone

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  2. Re: The protesters that are protesting.
    What are they protesting?
    i.e. What would make them quit protesting?
    The answer will tell you something. I don’t know exactly what, but it won’t be good.

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  3. I just got an e-mail that says that I'[m supposed to wear red on Friday. I am still not clear about the reason.
    But It doesn’t matter. I’n not going anywhere.
    But I am kinda curious.

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  4. That is a wonderful header! It is super to have great grands. I have. I went to Publix this a.m. I had a big buggy full and the guy in the Express lane got a helper to get it checked out quickly. Of course a shopper came up to do Express and I felt badly. I told the nice checkout guy I did not want to make anyone mad. It is such a great little neighborhood store without a single self checkout lane.

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  5. Well look at those to handsome fellas. Good Morning Everyone. Today BG, Nana, BG’s aunt, and BG’s Baby Cousin (Niece’s baby girl) are going to lunch. Nana is 83 and I do everything I can to get BG to spend time with her.
    They have always had a special bond. When BG was first born, Nana walked over to the isolette, spoke to her, and that was it.

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  6. I took one look and said, why do we have Burt Lancaster up on our header? Oh, wait! That is the man on the moon, or the man who mapped the moon!

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  7. Sweet photo.

    What is QAnon? I just looked it up, I guess it’s a thing, a complicated conspiracy theory on the right, apparently.

    Honestly, what strange times we’re in.

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  8. I guess this is it?

    ~ What is R.E.D. Friday? … R.E.D. Friday was created to remind people of our heroes overseas and show that we are thinking of them. People across the country wear red every Friday to serve as a reminder and spread the message of how important it is that we keep our troops in our thoughts. ~


  9. I may have a vet visit coming up, Tess seems to have some new pain in her hip/right leg as of yesterday. She goes out of the doggie door fine, but in the past 24 hours she isn’t coming in using it (I think because it’s a higher short ‘jump-through’ from the outdoor patio side). She just barks until I open the sliding glass door.

    I’ve put a temporary platform (a couple flattened step stools) out there to see if she’ll use that as an aid, but she still needs to see the vet.

    Meanwhile, I can barely walk myself, of course, and after paying the IRS nearly $3,000, I don’t have a whole lot of extra cash sitting around right now for a vet ordeal.

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  10. I didn’t either, Chas.

    The latest from Fauci:



    The unique characteristics of this pandemic may not allow people to completely eradicate it, but public health measures and good vaccines should bring “very good control,” NIAID director Anthony Fauci said Wednesday.

    Driving the news: “We are living, right now, through a historic pandemic outbreak. And, we are, right now, in a situation where we do not see any particular end in sight,” Fauci told a panel hosted by the not-for-profit TB Alliance.

    “It’s the perfect storm,” Fauci says. “We often talk about outbreaks and pandemics, be they influenza or other pathogens, that have to have a few characteristics that make them particularly formidable. Well, this particular virus has that.”

    For a public health official, this is “almost your worst nightmare,” Fauci adds.

    He points out that SARS-CoV-2 jumps species, is a new pathogen with no known innate human immunity, and is a respiratory-borne virus that is “spectacularly efficient” at spreading from human to human and has a “substantial degree of morbidity and mortality, particularly in certain populations of people.”

    Plus, “the spectrum of involvement with the same pathogen is very unique,” Fauci says.

    “I’ve never seen an infection in which you have such a broad range โ€” of literally nothing, namely no symptoms at all, in a substantial proportion of the population; to some who get ill with minor symptoms; to some who get ill enough to be in bed for weeks and have post-viral syndromes; [to] others [who] get hospitalized, require oxygen, intensive care, ventilation and death.”

    From what doctors can tell right now, Fauci says the pathogenesis of the disease indicates “you want to block the virus and keep the immune systems intact early on. But, you want to block inflammation later on, because that assumes a much greater role.”

    What to watch: Several vaccines are in or will soon be entering phase 3 clinical testing, Fauci says. While the FDA gave a 50% efficacy benchmark for the vaccine, “they’re shooting” for a vaccine with 70% or higher effectiveness. …

    … Fauci says he’s “cautiously optimistic” a good vaccine will be available soon.

    “I don’t really see us eradicating it. I think with a combination of good public health measures, a degree of global herd immunity, and a good vaccine … I think we’ll get very good control of this. Whether it’s this year or next year, I’m not certain,” Fauci says. …

    My veterinarian told me some months ago these infections typically need to make the trip around the globe a couple times before things start to get better. He’s super-smart, knows a lot of science and one of his daughters is now an infectious disease researcher working mostly in Africa.


  11. Vet had a cancelation at 2:30 today so I’ll get Tess in at least for a look-see, but am juggling it during a workday which is always tricky. But I have already started my story for tomorrow and it shouldn’t take long to wrap up.

    Getting her in the Jeep will be the next challenge, but she’s easier than Cowboy. Kid next door who has helped me in the past w/Cowboy just had major surgery and is completely bandaged up and out of commission.

    She and I now will have matching limps.

    What a mess.

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  12. I just realized that It is also Archie’s 4th birthday. So Chas has a great grandson who is turning four today and I have a grandson with the same birthday.

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  13. My friend said that if I am thinking of purchasing a vehicle I should get on the internet and see when is the best time to buy.

    So…. internet friends, when is the best time to buy a car. Not new but close.


  14. Jo, typically one of the best times to buy a car is when the new model year is beginning and lots want to clear their excess inventory–and I think that may be as early as August. Friends of ours just bought a car a month or two ago, and they told us that now with COVID is an excellent time to buy, because so many people are driving less or don’t have money to spend.

    I’ve never bought from a car lot, only from individuals and once (through my brother) from an auction, so I’m not at all an expert on car buying.


  15. Love that header picture! Two precious souls.

    Also very moving and inspiring music at 12:29 — thank you, Janice. ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. There have been / will be a number of changes with the studio where I work.

    You may recall that I mentioned having a meeting in February with one of the studio co-owners and with two other teachers — one who planned to move out of the area after her husband’s military training was done, and the other who, like me, would be getting some of the departing teacher’s students.

    Then COVID came along and upended a lot of plans. Long story short, the studio as a whole lost a fair number of students, and the students the departing teacher had remaining when she left last month all went to the other teacher who was at the meeting.

    This didn’t come as a surprise to me because they all knew this other teacher, since she had already briefly taught them during L’s maternity leave this past fall/winter before I had signed on to the studio. A young, sweet teacher, fairly recently out of college and one who young children — most of L’s students were relative beginners — could relate to well, I’m sure.

    It didn’t distress me, either, not getting students that, for a while, it looked like I would, because I know plans can change. I “held on loosely,” you could say, to the thought about teaching some of L’s students in the then-future — a future we never know, and that really did this time change in major ways due to covid.

    The co-owner, though, was pretty stressed about it. It bothered her that things didn’t turn out for me the way she had thought it would. I assured her I didn’t feel badly about it.

    She had other things stressing her, as well. They have two studio locations, but due to having fewer students enrolled now, and because of other factors, they have decided to close one of their locations at the end of next month. So they didn’t have a room available for me to teach on the day I was to originally have had L’s students, anyway. (Though they are adding on to the studio they’re keeping open, but will still have one fewer room than the combined total of rooms between the two studios.)

    She asked me if I would want to teach Fridays, as there is more available space, since some teachers don’t work on Friday. But I wanted my Fridays free because that is our travel day when we go to babysit DG some weekends. I didn’t want to have to rearrange lessons every time I wanted to go visit and care for my granddaughter.

    It’s ending up that my Monday students, currently at the location that is to close next month, will move to Thursdays at the location that’s staying open. They’ll be early on my Thursday schedule, with lesson times before my current Thursday kids (the two newest ones that started this month).

    I was blessed that, unlike a lot of other teachers, I didn’t lose any students (well, one student did stop temporarily during the state shutdown, but has since returned). I don’t feel I “lost” the ones of L’s I might have gained under more normal circumstances. I kept the 10 I had at the time of that February meeting, plus I have gained three more now that things are opening up more and people are beginning to inquire again about piano lessons.

    It’s all good, and exactly as God has planned it. He knows, and is working His will for our good and His glory. I am thankful for His provision.

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  17. Yesterday DJ shared a cute video of a border collie helping her boy play basketball by rebounding the ball back to him.

    Janie may not be a border collie, but she is very smart. (She is supposedly one quarter lab, one quarter husky, one quarter pit bull, and one quarter German shepherd, but we’re not sure that is accurate.) One day while Nightingale was clearing out junk from the basement, she had the basement door to the outside open. Janie was out running around off-leash with the kids (Boy and Gabby). (She is allowed to do that because we live on this private lane, and she is good about staying near, or coming back quickly when called.)

    Well, Janie must have decided she wanted to come in. She was smart enough to know that she could go down the outside basement stairs and in through the open basement door, then through the basement, up the inside basement stairs, and push open the door that opens into the kitchen (which doesn’t click shut, so she could push it open). I was in the kitchen when she opened the door and came in. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  18. OK, got my story turned in and now I need to get ready to get Tess into that Jeep. It might be really harder this time, dealing with her new pain … Dreading this whole ordeal.

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  19. On car buying, I have bought several, new and used. I have heard end of the month is a good time to buy because that is when they are trying to meet month end goals. Also, I heard that there may be some extra incentives through the government at some point to help car sales. I am waiting to hear about that. Maybe before the election to make a certain party look good? Just speculation on my part. The last used Honda we bought, I started looking online when I heard there was a glut of three year old cars being turned in off of expiring leases and that good deals could be found. There may be different opportunities in different areas. With more people working from home and needing their vehicles less, you may find a good deal from someone wanting to be rid of a second car so they don’t have insurance or other expense. Also, online is a great way to shop for cars. I watched an DC waited until the used car showed up with desired features. We went to test drive it and then bought it. Very simple process.
    Janice G.

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  20. And one other thing on car buying. If you have a credit card that you get points or rewards for purchases, you may be able to put a chunk of the price of the car on the credit card to get your points, and then pay it off in the month so there is no interest charge. We try to work that into the payment when possible.

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  21. Jo, I did a tour through car sales when the market crashed. I didn’t have the killer instinct for it. I lasted 7 or 8 months. Typically end of the month is good. End of the calendar year on the previous year’s model is the absolute best. (They have to pay taxes on every car on the lot at year end).
    Another option, and one I am considering when BG saves enough to buy a car is looking at car rental companies. You know the car has been well maintained and they have unbelievable prices, usually because the car has higher miles for it’s age.


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  22. Back from the vet’s with pain meds, same ones Cowboy is on for his arthritis (so the cost for those to me just went up from $50 to $100 a month if she has to stay on it). We bypassed the X-rays for now due to cost, but he did bloodwork to see how that all looks first. The hope, since this was a rather sudden onset, is she ‘tweaked’ something and it’ll clear up in a week or so.

    But it was a long wait in the parking lot, they were running behind, and it was hotter there than it is here where I live.

    When the gal brought Tess back out, I asked about medications and she said they wouldn’t give me meds until after the bloodwork comes back tomorrow. Odd, but I went head and we headed back home on the freeway — then another person from the office called to say “Your meds are ready.” Huh? I just left … So had to get off the freeway, get turned around and go back to get those. Not a lot of communication I guess, Covid makes for very disjointed office visits.

    I had to get Lucky, the longshoreman, across the street along with his high school son to walk over and help me get Tess in the Jeep when we were leaving, I can’t fully just lift her (she’s over 50 lbs) and our old trick of getting her front paws up while I lift her tail end wasn’t working as she was hurting back there this time.

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  23. End of the month; end of the year. We got a good deal after Thanksgiving one year at the end of November when it was snowing. We had been looking for a truck for awhile and I think the dealer may have called my husband. He knew it was a good deal. That was many years ago and we still have it. We should really have a 4 wheel drive, but he likes this one.

    However, I think things may be different with the Covid crisis. I would think dealers would want to sell and would make good deals. Being flexible on make and model helps.

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  24. Oh how thankful I got to check in to see that precious photo up there! โค๏ธ
    Long day and we are all tired. I will be taking granddaughter shopping and to lunch after my hair appt tomorrow….sheโ€™s looking forward to shopping rather than climbing a 14โ€™er…she is walking slowly and says her hips hurt…itโ€™s that coming down the mountain that will get ya every time! She is a joy and I will be sad to see her leave on Sunday…how good is our Lord to give to us these treasured moments… ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Hoping Tess begins to feel better soon Dj. Lu is continually getting scolded these days…she keeps growling at our granddaughter…for no reason at all…having a stranger in the house has thrown her off terribly…she even barked and growled at me when I came in the house…dogs! (After a scolding she comes to her senses with a look of โ€œwhat was I thinkingโ€?! ๐Ÿ˜‚)

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  25. I was getting worried about Carol, hadn’t been able to reach for for 3 nights now and when I called a little while ago her voicemail was full. So I texted her (which she may or may not see) and called the nursing station who told me all is well, she’s fine, no covid signs, she’s eating well.

    I guess she’s just let her phone run down on occasion, or has been sleeping when I’ve called. Glad she put me down as a contact, otherwise they weren’t going to tell me anything and I’d really be worried.

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  26. Tess seems better, gave her a pain med. Her tail is wagging and she looks more like herself. Hope she just pulled something …

    I told her, only one medical crisis at a time in this house. And right now, my knee is in first place.

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  27. Just found out the two people I had watering the chicks and turkeys, backing each other up, both failed. The holders were full but no water was coming out to the chicks as the bottom was clogged with dirt. They know better. Then twelve had sneaked off to her room to read instead of helping us move chicks or doing her job of evening walking the dogs. I removed the books. As the youngest of fifteen children, she had a plethora. Probably close to five hundred books. Time to down size. She has read most of them. Also removed the book cases. Guess I will go walk the dogs as she stacks the books that went out her window onto the front porch as the easiest way out.


  28. Chas, someday photos like that are going to be so precious to him. All my grandparents died at least ten years before I was born (I think all but my dad’s mom had died before any of us was born–Mom’s mom died about the time she went into labor with my oldest brother, her dad had died when she was a teenager, and I don’t know when Dad’s father died but his mom was a widow when my three oldest brothers were little boys). I have photos of my mom as a little girl, but none of my dad before he met my mom (age 35).

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