42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-21-20

  1. Good morning from Atlanta where the weather continues to be hotter than the norm for July. The power was out for a little while last night. I thought it might have been from an overload of all the air conditioners running overtime.

    Beautiful flower in the header. Wondering if it is some type of aster or what else it could be.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. I have been up since 5 or so. I read, exercised (arms and torso), went for a 2 mile walk (listened to 2 podcasts), had breakfast, and posted to my agents on Facebook, so I thought I would check in with you.
    My walks give me time for introspection. I’ve thought a lot about work and the situation there. I have been so happy there, even with the situation last summer when I spent most of it with a lump in my throat over what happened. This year she has done it again. Someone who is friend with us both, and truthfully my right hand, told me that he told her she shouldn’t have been allowed to talk to me the way she did. Nope. She shouldn’t have, but she WAS.
    After we came out of quarantine, I was excited to be back in the office with my people. Now, I really don’t care if I am there or not. I can do my job from home. As long as I answer the phone, solve problems, and schedule speakers and classes.

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  3. Our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park won’t be happening due to their reservation system. I think we all need a day of rest after all of the kayaking and canoeing yesterday. Heading back to Grass Valley with my granddaughter tomorrow. Where is home??

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  4. Home is where I am every day, Jo! But my true home is in heaven.

    Sorry to hear that, Kim. I can remember saying some years back, “I love the work, but it’s the people who are a problem.” It seems there is always someone in any work situation who is the designated bad apple downer who tries to spread their rot throughout. The only place I ever worked that did not seem to have that was the part time preschool teaching position. But it was work with low pay, no benefits, and plenty of opportunity for exposure to germs and extra illness.

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  5. It’s cool and overcast this morning, yay.

    Our immediate (city) editor is taking a few much-deserved few days off this week so we’re dealing with senior editor who is a workaholic, expects the same from everyone else and can be difficult.

    The knee: Yes, it is better. Not completely back to 100%, probably between 60-70%, but it seems to be on a path of improvement. The pain & some discomfort still kicks up at night, at the end of the day. But the cortisone appears to be doing it’s work. My sports friend in town who had a number of these shots (shoulders, knees) during his football & school coaching days, said some of his shots for him worked almost right away, others took several days. So I don’t think this is out of the norm. I think my expectations were that it would be pretty instantaneous.

    I need to finish and turn in a story early today so I can be sure to get to my 4 p.m. PT appt. I’m lining up my needed interview now and it should be a fairly easy story, just another housing development coming into the downtown area. It’s one the quaint, 1920s-30s era street where some of the Perry Mason series was filmed and will start to change the look of it. It also may cover up the old fading sign for our old newspaper, painted and still visible on the side of a brick building. But, progress can’t be stopped.

    Idaho made the cover of Drudge. Not the same as being on the cover of the Rolling Stone, but close in the current hyped-up wild news climate.

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  6. DJ – When my left shoulder was extremely painful and “frozen”, I had a cortisone shot in it that helped tremendously over time. But I had read that it is not good to have several in the same place, because that would gradually degrade the bone (or something like that?). I don’t know for sure, and I hope I am wrong for your sports friend’s sake.


  7. I think sports friend’s cortisone shot days are behind him. MD didn’t say anything about that to me when I had my shot, he did say sometimes people come in for 2-3 shots a year to maintain if needed. But hoping the symptoms just ‘go away’ as he said they do for may with a bit of time.

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  8. Serious question here:
    I see on TV that UK is borrowing money to help get started again.
    We know from past news that US is borrowing money.
    Who has the money? or Where does the money come from?
    China? How did China get the money?

    The thing that worries me about your generation, and my kids and grandkids is:
    That much money doesn’t exist. e.g. If everyone in the world owes money. To whom do they owe it?

    if everyone in the world owes China, what happens when China tries to collect?

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  9. The thing that future historians will say was the cause of America’s downfall is minimum wage laws.
    I once (while in hs) worked for $0.50 /hr.
    My boss likely made $1.50/hr.
    Now, a person can’t, even in those days, live on$0.50/hr. But you can you can live well on$1.50. Gasoline cost $0.30/gal and Coke cost $0.11 a bottle. A penny tax there.
    Some politicians preached. “We need a minimum wage law? A person can’t live on $.50.hr.”
    And he was right. So they raised his wage. He now makes almost as much as his boss.
    What happens?
    The boss increases his wage.
    There is no end to it.

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  10. I tried to copy & paste, but couldn’t copy. I searched minimum wage on the internet. I found this.
    “A person cannot afford a two bedroom apartment on a minimum wage.”
    Of course not.
    Never could
    Never will
    Regardless of what our politicians do.

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  11. You may remember that several months ago I asked for prayer for my friend Susan, whose son (in his 30s) died of an undiagnosed heart defect. As you may imagine, she has been suffering with great grief that seems unbearable at times.

    One of her Facebook friends shared to her page a story that made me cringe, it was so cruel.

    The story is about a woman who loses her five year old daughter. She eventually can look into Heaven, and sees the “angels” (deceased people) holding candles. She finally sees her daughter but her daughter’s candle is not lit and glowing like the others.

    The daughter tells her mother that her tears (the mother’s tears) quench the flame of her candle, causing her to be kept in the dark rather than in the light with the others.

    Who in their right minds thinks that that is appropriate to share with a woman in such great grief?!


  12. Back from PT after hustling to get today’s ‘daily’ story finished, had to go out and take one of the photos myself as no available photographers. I parked, limped around the car, took the cell phone photo, came home.

    PT hurt a little, he was pressing on some of the muscles around the knee. I told him I might kick him. He said “Please don’t.” I said “OK.”

    Then exercises and some ice.

    Limped out to water the front porch baskets.

    I’m feeling discouraged today, this just seems to be lasting for so long … but need to wait to see if this shot take effect.

    But I’m tired of limping, tired of the pain, tired of walking sooooo slowwww.

    I see people walking normally and am so yearning for just that, so simple … but seemingly so out of reach for me right now.

    I have some tape on my knee tonight, PT says it can help with the remaining inflammation though he did say it has gone down considerably.

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  13. Description of the book above, which I am reading now:

    ~ Life is not easy. Its many trials often leave us wondering how we can press on in a fallen world. When we receive fresh wounds before old ones heal, we often are tempted to despair. We share this experience with the ancient people of God, and we can also share in the profound comfort God offered them. In the final chapters of Isaiah, the prophet presents a significant set of encouragements for the people of God as they journey through a world filled with trials and sorrow.

    In Strength for the Weary, Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas explores the final chapters of Isaiah, laying out the remarkable promises that God makes to His people. In these pages, there is consolation in the struggles of this life and encouragement for the road ahead. The God of Comfort has promised to be with His people always. ~

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  14. Took another hike with my family today. It made me feel old. My muscles were okay, but my lungs just weren’t getting enough air, so I kept resting and even sitting down. Finally someone was walking by and I asked if they knew our altitude. It was 10,150 feet. No wonder I was struggling Coming out was downhill and I had no problems. I was even getting dizzy. The path was rocky and my knee aches from all the stepping up and over rocks..

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  15. Jo, me too, sometimes just going from room to room 🙂

    Kidding (only sort of)

    Haven’t had to use a walking stick for a while now, but I have a couple placed around the house, just in case.

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  16. Yikes, Kizzie, what a horrible story! And such nonsense to boot.

    We are about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. Another cooler day tomorrow and then temps are back up. I like the cool, but it could be a bit warmer than this. We have plenty of rain again, so no need to worry about fires here.

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  17. My daughters bought my husband and I walking poles. They have tips that can be changed according to the surface you are walking on. We mostly walk on a dirt road, so we have a tip on them that can dig in. We don’t really need them here, but walk with one anyway. We appreciated the gift.

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  18. They have stationary walking poles at the PT gym, I used them once for the hamstring stretches when the “stretch cage” was being occupied by someone else.

    Saw a guy today who was balancing himself on the table with just his elbows & feet, I think, the rest of him was all in the air. Couldn’t help it, said “Oh,” as I passed by.

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  19. I think I’ve mentioned that I often have trouble walking straight, and tend to veer one way or the other. Once or twice, I have pretended that I have a walking stick, and it kind of helped!


  20. Oh Jo I am thankful you made it off that mountain. Everyone is finally sleeping. 5 of them are getting up at 3am to hike up Mt Elbert, the highest point in CO. Daughter and her 2 boys are spending the night due to the early start. Husband will carry hiking poles in case someone might need an assist.😊⛰


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