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  1. Another murder at the hands of “peaceful” rioters.



  2. Another murder victim’s family is suing Seattle.


    “Mother of CHOP shooting victim files wrongful death claim against Seattle”

    “The mother of a young man who was shot dead in Seattle’s former CHOP zone has filed a wrongful death claim against the city of Seattle, alleging that city officials created a dangerous environment and failed to provide medical help to her son as he lay dying.

    Lorenzo Anderson, 19, was one of two men shot in Seattle’s former Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone around 2:30 a.m. on June 20.

    Donnitta Sinclair, Anderson’s mother, is represented by the Herrmann Law Group, and contends in the claim that her son was shot multiple times, but Seattle police and fire department medics stood by and declined to help him as he lay bleeding to death.

    “I believe the city let me down, they let my son down (and)they let the community down,” Sinclair said. “And they need to be responsible.”

    Civilian medics eventually loaded Anderson into a pickup truck and drove him to Harborview Medical Center, where he later died.

    “Explain to me why they didn’t go in there and help my son,” Sinclair said.

    Attorney Mark Lindquist said the city created a dangerous environment by allowing lawlessness in the CHOP to flourish.

    “The city abandoned this area and the city had no safety plan in place for this abandoned area,” Lindquist said.”


  3. Thankfully the vast majority of Americans disagree with him.


    “Thick blue line: Surge in support for police, just 2 in 10 back ‘defund’ scheme”

    “In one of the first signs that a backlash has begun against police protests, a growing number of people are voicing their support for law enforcement, especially in their neighborhood, and shifting away from the “defund” effort sparked by the Black Lives Matter marches.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports survey indicates a strong national support for police and law and order, even among African Americans.

    In it, 66% of adults said they oppose cutting the police budget in their community to channel money to social services, the scheme pushed by many liberals. That is up from 59% just last month.

    And, said Rasmussen, 23% “favor defunding the cops where they live,” and that is down from 27% just a few weeks ago.

    It’s not just a white thing. Rasmussen said that 57% of black people oppose defunding police in their home community. For whites, it’s 69%, and for other minorities, it is 62%.

    The shift away from defunding police comes as many cities have seen a surge in crime and the images of looting, flag burnings, and riots during anti-police and Black Lives Matter protests remain fresh in the minds of the public, especially those in the suburbs.

    The new survey said that many believe that a cut in funding of traditional policing will lead to higher crime rates. Only 12% now think defunding police will cut crime. Another 61% see crime increasing.”


  4. The Dems Nov. strategy emerges…..

    Things don’t have to be that bad, they just need to make it appear that they are.


    “In The Fall, Democrats Will Lock Down America Again

    The poison of polarization has clearly infected enough people to spark a partisan pandemic in which incessant hysteria will no longer be in good-faith concern for the public’s well-being.”

    “On Sunday, Florida Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala demanded Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis shut down the state again to break the coronavirus cases increase making its way through the population.

    “We need to close down again,” Shalala said on ABC’s “This Week,” criticizing the state’s Republican leadership for reopening what she condemned as “too soon.” “I said four months ago if we don’t do this right we’re going to have to close down again. That’s our worst nightmare and we’re going to have to do that in Florida.”

    Cases in Florida are indeed rising. On Saturday, the state reported 12,523 new infections in the fifth consecutive day of more than 10,000 cases. The death toll too has risen, but not as much as one might expect.

    While Florida surpassed 5,000 COVID deaths this week, its fatality rate remains remarkably low considering its cases, particularly when compared to New York where Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo stuffed infected patients into nursing homes even though older people have proven more vulnerable to the virus. Florida has suffered approximately 231 deaths per million. In contrast, New York’s rate is about 1,675 per million.

    The same story is playing out nationwide, where cases have gone up as the government ramps up testing capacity while the death rate barely budges, suggesting the virus is getting weaker as it spreads.”


    Plus the numbers are garbage as I’ve shown repeatedly.


  5. ‘Cancel Culture’ and the Historical Illiteracy That Fuels It


    “Amid the debate over America’s monuments, a new poll reveals that an overwhelming majority of voters disapprove of the removal of historic statues perceived by some as offensive. The poll, which equally surveyed registered Democrats and Republicans, showed that 74% of respondents agree with President Trump that monuments should not be removed.

    It remains unclear how the controversy will affect the November election. Already, this summer has been upended by an extraordinary series of events, including the ongoing public health crisis and protests in response to the tragic death of George Floyd. What began as an outcry against abuses by police has led to unprecedented soul searching about the issue of race in America, including the propriety of statues honoring the nation’s former leaders. There are understandably strong feelings over the display of statues that honor leaders of the Confederacy, but the recent indiscriminate destruction of statues and monuments resembles a dystopian plot line about suppressed history and silenced dissenting voices.

    Understanding the current cultural context is key to understanding the controversy surrounding America’s statues. Defacing and vandalizing public memorials are the latest manifestation of the “cancel culture” that seeks to punish individuals for past actions or views ranging from unjust to merely out of step with today’s prevailing zeitgeist. Recently, this illiberal crusade instigated the outing of Boeing Communications Chief Niel Golightly, who resigned after a colleague complained about a 1987 article he wrote arguing that women should not serve in combat. Despite Golightly’s change of view, Boeing forced him out.

    Others, including comedians, politicians, and even pastors have had to scramble to atone for whatever landed them outside the good graces of the cultural elite. While the cancel culture movement is problematic for many reasons, the latest trend to “cancel” historical figures especially underscores the consequences of historical illiteracy.

    The first downed statues were those erected to Confederate leaders such as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. However, non-Confederate statues are now also targeted. For example, a statue of George Washington was vandalized and torn down in Portland, Ore.; a statue of abolitionist Matthias Baldwin was defaced in Philadelphia; and a statue of African American abolitionist Frederick Douglass was destroyed in Rochester, N.Y. Monuments to members of the Union army have been victimized, including statues of President Ulysses S. Grant in San Francisco, Adm. David Farragut in Washington, D.C., and abolitionist Hans Christian Heg in Madison, Wis. A monument to the Union’s 54th Massachusetts Regiment — which consisted of all-black volunteer soldiers — was defaced in Boston.

    Destroying monuments of abolitionists, Union generals, and black Union soldiers breaks with the narrative of the justice-seekers for George Floyd and defies common sense. But recent calls to “cancel” the Freedman’s Memorial in Washington, D.C., are perhaps even more problematic because they are symptomatic of a simplistic approach to history — one to which far too many Americans fall prey.

    The Freedman’s Memorial was unveiled on April 14, 1876, the 11th anniversary of President Lincoln’s shooting. With over 25,000 people present — including President Grant, his Cabinet, and justices of the Supreme Court — Frederick Douglass delivered the keynote address.

    The monument depicts two men: President Lincoln holding a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation and a freed slave modeled after Archer Alexander, the last slave to be captured under the Fugitive Slave Act. The former slave is depicted on one knee, about to stand up, with broken shackles at his feet. Notably, funds for the statue came predominantly from formerly enslaved people; Charlotte Scott, a freed slave, donated the first $5.

    Opponents of the statue object to what they perceive is an overt paternalistic design — not a completely unfounded concern. Lincoln is depicted standing upright while the former slave appears to be kneeling. Furthermore, in a recently unearthed letter to a local paper, Frederick Douglass, despite dedicating the statue, admitted reservations about its design: “Admirable as is the monument … it does not, as it seems to me, tell the whole truth, and perhaps no one monument could be made to tell the whole truth of any subject which it might be designed to illustrate.” Douglass notes the crux of the problem, “The negro here, though rising, is still on his knees and nude.”

    We ought to take a nuanced, historically informed view of removing statues and memorials. This, in part, means rejecting the rush to erase the past and recommitting to learning our history. This history, while complicated and full of imperfect people, is worth remembering, learning from, and sometimes celebrating.”


  6. The idiots are getting even stupider now. State a fact, lose your job.


    “Michigan School Fires Popular Teacher For Saying ‘Trump Is Our President’

    Parents, students praise ‘apolitical,’ ‘supportive’ teacher”

    “A Michigan school district fired a popular high school teacher and coach after he pointed out that “Trump is our president” on social media.

    Varsity baseball coach and social studies teacher Justin Kucera said Walled Lake school district officials hauled him into a closed-door meeting after he indicated his support for President Trump’s speech to reopen schools. He told the Washington Free Beacon the Walled Lake Western principal and district superintendent gave him an ultimatum: be fired or resign.”

    “Kucera said the statement that cost him his job was intended to unify, rather than divide.

    “I know a lot of people are just rooting for Trump to fail, and I don’t think that anybody should do that,” Kucera said. “Agree with him or not, you should want the president to do well. I apologized that [my tweet] brought so much negative attention, but I’m not sorry for what I said.””


    The tweet above is his crime. That’s it, a simple statement of fact.


  7. It’s what traitors do.


    “This essay is adapted from “Disloyal Opposition: How the #NeverTrump Right Tried—and Failed—to Take Down the President” by Julie Kelly (Encounter Books, 240 pages,”

    “Weapons of Mass Collusion

    For two years, as Robert Mueller tried and failed to find evidence of a criminal conspiracy, NeverTrump Republicans tended to the right flank of the Trump-Russia collusion front. But their role in pushing the hoax went much deeper.”

    “The biggest scandal in American political history started with NeverTrump conservatives. Desperate to tarnish Trump’s viability as a candidate, anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats joined together to convince the public that Donald Trump was working with Russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Articles connecting Donald Trump’s campaign to Russian interests started appearing on conservative websites as early as March 2016.

    Just two days after then-candidate Trump announced his foreign policy team in the spring of 2016, the Washington Free Beacon posted a 1,100-word hit piece on Dr. Carter Page: “Energy investor Carter Page, one of Donald Trump’s handpicked foreign policy advisers, has heavily criticized what he considers American aggression toward Russia, even comparing U.S. policy to American slavery and high-profile police shootings,” Lachlan Markay wrote on March 23, 2016. “Trump’s selection of Page may indicate the reality-star-cum-politician’s opposition to U.S. policies that counter Russian interests in key global theaters.”

    Markay’s piece contained arcane details about Page’s views on Russia, including columns Page had written for obscure energy publications. (Page is a global energy consultant.) Even the most dogged reporter would have been hard-pressed to find so many specifics on an unknown campaign advisor, draft the article, and post it in less than 48 hours. How did Markay produce a lengthy article in such a short time—and why?

    According to Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that helped concoct the Russian collusion hoax, a Republican Party elder connected Fusion with the Free Beacon in the summer of 2015. Fusion chief Glenn Simpson sent an email to a “longtime Republican politico” in August 2015 to pitch their expanding file of dirt on Donald Trump.

    The unnamed Republican immediately expressed interest in the project; a month later, Simpson’s GOP contact informed him that the Washington Free Beacon, reportedly backed by hedge fund manager and onetime Trump adversary Paul Singer, would hire Fusion for $50,000 per month. Simpson referred to his client as a “Never Trump operation.”

    The editor of the Washington Free Beacon at the time was Matthew Continetti—Bill Kristol’s son-in-law, the same Bill Kristol who, by mid-2015, was pledging to stop Donald Trump’s candidacy.

    The Free Beacon’s March 2016 article was the first to claim Carter Page had an alleged affinity for Mother Russia. It offered a platform for other anti-Trump outlets on the Right to expand upon. National Review published another Page-Russia article the following month; this time, the headline and content were more brazen.

    “Trump: The Kremlin’s Candidate,” cribbed many of the same links and talking points cited in Markay’s original piece. “Carter Page is an out-and-out Putinite,” declared Robert Zubrin in April 2016. “With Page providing Trump’s Russia policy, it is not surprising that the Donald has also attracted the support of other prominent Putinites.”

    According to Lee Smith’s book The Plot Against the President, a series of proto-dossiers—compiled by the Free Beacon’s paid dirt-digger, Fusion GPS—predated the infamous Steele dossier, the centerpiece of the collusion scheme. “Fusion GPS was the Clinton campaign’s shadow war room and subsequently became its dirty tricks operation center,” Smith wrote. The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired Fusion GPS in April 2016; the company became the nexus of the Left and NeverTrump, an alliance that would continue throughout Trump’s first term.

    The Free Beacon posted a few more smear jobs on Carter Page into July, the month that the Democratic Party heavily spun its Trump-Russia collusion narrative to bury the damaging release of internal emails the week of the party’s convention to officially nominate Hillary Clinton as its presidential candidate. By that time, Steele’s first installments of his dossier had been completed; the Fusion team began pitching his work to news outlets and friendly journalists in late July at the DNC’s coronation of Hillary in Philly. “


  8. They had nothing, and the media lied.


    “Media told America FBI had proof of collusion as bureau was realizing it had nothing”

    “Despite what The New York Times and Washington Post were loudly reporting in early 2017, the FBI had failed to find any evidence of Trump-Russia “collusion” — and indeed had found that the central source of those claims was a joke.

    This is a key takeaway from the Justice Department’s latest release of documents from the FBI’s investigation.

    One shocker is the summary of the long FBI interview that January with the “Primary Subsource” for the infamous Steele dossier — indeed, about the only source.

    The FBI had learned that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had paid for British ex-spy Christopher Steele to produce dirt on Donald Trump, and the resulting dossier was pretty much the entire basis for any investigation (barring gossip about a drunken conversation with an on-paper-only Trump adviser).

    And now Steele’s “factual” source admitted, essentially, to simply repackaging rumors — some of them from Internet “research.”

    Yet the nation’s two most prestigious papers were reporting that the FBI was finding a treasure trove of scandal.”


    Truth?….. Pfffttt…..


  9. I wonder what they will do when Trump is re-elected.
    Biden is a non-candidate. He has nothing going for him but a hatred for trump. That won’t be enough.
    Trump is not a likable person, but he has done a better job in the office than anyone else in the mix could do.
    There is an element, mostly in the Democratic Party, the wants to destroy America as a country with individual liberty.
    If America falls, what will China do with the world?

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  10. China will do whatever it wants if America falls.

    Who would stop them? Certainly not the French, British, Italians, Germans, or Canadians. They would run roughshod over them.


  11. I fear for your future. I really do.
    There is an insidious transformation happening to your world. I likely won’t be affected. But most of you will.
    America needs to get back to work and school
    Children need to be together in school. You can’t impart education through a computer.

    I understand why some people want to home school their children. But the social price is not worth it.
    Kids need to be together. .

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  12. This year has been stranger than fiction — and promises to get stranger (and not in a good way). It feels like things are simply unraveling, coming undone, at a very rapid pace.

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  13. If you had the situation under control, there’d be no need for help. But you don’t. So suck it up and let your betters do the job.


    “Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Won’t Allow Trump’s ‘Troops’ to ‘Terrorize’ the City as 15 Shot at Funeral

    Lightfoot said “that the city would be working with federal agents to fight crime but warned that her administration would be vigilant against abuses of power.”

    “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted that she will not “allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents.”

    Timestamp: 6:02 p.m. What happened 28 minutes later? A person shot 15 people at a funeral on the South Side.

    Lightfoot tweeted:”


    Yeah, ‘cuz our residents do a fine enough job terrorizing each other.


  14. Yesterday you attack the data based on the 20% false positive rate. However, the EU, Canada, etc, use basically the same testing procedure.

    Thus, if health care systems are equal, they too should have a 20% false positive rate. A comparative analysis then is possible. The graph of new cases follow the same trajectory in every western nation — a quick build-up and a slow drop. Only in the US, does the trajectory change — about halfway down the apex it surged back up and passed the initial high point. Why does the US have a harder time containing the virus? The false positives are the same everywhere.

    Perhaps there’s a different scenario — the false positives are a unique American phenomenon. For some reason the private for profit system creates more positives than public non profit systems elsewhere. In this scenario, we can fault the US health care system not its political leadership.


  15. It took two months to find a charred body? Perhaps someone was killed elsewhere, burned and then dropped in the burnt out building so the protests would be blamed. Excellent cover for any murder.

    I’m not well versed in Michigan labour law — I don’t think it allows dismissal without cause. Hence there must be something else involved. Unless your state allows dismissal at will, there’s usually a standard discipline procedure which would prevent this type of dismissal. Normally, its “progressive discipline” ie consequences become more severe; starting with verbal to written to short suspension to firing in all about five or six steps depending on the severity of offense. Occasionally, I will read teacher discipline notices in the College of Teachers and I will be puzzled; “is that all?”. Over the years I’ve come to understand principals and superintendents will use simple non-complex errors in judgement to discipline teachers. This allows them to avoid the time consuming data collection usually needed. Hence, I’m sure there’s more to his dismissal than a simple tweet or two.


  16. Sending in federal troops has not solved any problems. If Portland is any indication, they’ve only served to increase protests and inflame the tensions. The treatment of the suburban moms has motivated suburban dads to show up with leaf blowers to blow the tear gas back. As a Canadian I was impressed with the young people who showed up with hockey sticks to slap shot the tear gas canisters back to feds.

    And its obvious the CBP is not trained for crowd control. By deciding to protect specific structures, the protesters can easily lay siege to the CBP — stuck inside a building they were easily encircled. Their forays outside the siege are self defeating —- easily videoed committing individual rights violations. At the courthouse, they’ve emerged later at night and run straight into the crowd swinging batons — no discipline, no structure, no real objective. To copy this example in any other city will just make things worse — there nothing successful here to copy.


  17. Polls concerning nuanced issues are rarely correct and are usually determined by the questions asked.

    Chas and DJ,
    As a Canadian, I’m actually quite optimistic. We’ve beaten the virus and are preparing for a possible second wave in the fall. In the meantime, our government has learned a basic income is not a bade idea, paid sick leave is necessary and we need to restructure our for profit long term care homes. 2020 has been a weird year but we can use this as an opportunity to restructure our economy to be less exploitative.

    Reopening schools is a difficult decisions. Schools especially primary grades are disease vectors at the best of times. On the other hand schools are necessary for not only education but also the economy as it allows parents to return to work. Perhaps we can use this situation as an opportunity to revert to one-income households with a spouse staying home to take care of young children. In my situations, I have no problem with schools reopening (some of my colleagues are not so confident) but the situation in some US states would have me far more worried.

    China already is flexing its muscles. The complete disaster in the US has encouraged the Chinese to engage militarily with India, Nepal, and Bhutan. They’ve stepped up their claims in the South China Sea against the Philippines. They are continuing their neo-colonial practices in Africa. Hong Kong is slowly losing its special status, Meanwhile, the US has stymied by a virus that other OECD countries have beaten back and by a president who is manipulating events (reopen, troops) in attempt to improve his polls.

    Australia has been the most vocal critic of China policy in the last few months far more than EU, US or Canada. The EU has been busy trying to consolidate their internal economy and are quite content to cooperate with China for now (eg new SIlk Road) and play the long game. Canada is usually content just to trade with anyone and occasionally ask politely for better behaviour. However, their arrest of the Huawei CFO has created a real breach in the ordinary good trade relationship.

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  18. I have a friend who says we’ve survived hard times before in the U.S. and this will be no different in the end. Perhaps.

    But I’m much less optimistic than he is. Our economy is fast tumbling, the government is in debt beyond what is even imaginable, the culture is torn on just about everything, right down the middle. And our political parties are in shambles. Current and prospective leaders? Not very encouraging.


  19. Sure, the US is the only one with a problem….. Not.

    “However, the EU, Canada, etc, use basically the same testing procedure. Thus, if health care systems are equal, they too should have a 20% false positive rate.”

    And they do. You should try that new Google thing once in a while before you type.


    “Main coronavirus test produces ‘false negatives’ at least 20% of the time, study shows”

    The primary type of testing for the novel coronavirus around the world, including Canada, produces “false-negative” results at least 20 per cent of the time, researchers from Johns Hopkins University found.”



    “Since April the number of antibody kits carrying the region’s CE mark of quality doubled to more than 200, according to a list compiled by the EU Commission, the EU executive.

    Some of these kits are unreliable, half a dozen national regulators and industry sources across Europe told Reuters. A dozen tests have been subject to regulators’ warnings for mis-selling, including in Spain and Sweden.

    At least nine of them are no longer allowed to be sold in the United States, according to a Reuters analysis of public data from the Food and Drug Administration, which clamped down on the sector last month.

    The EU Commission is now looking at changing the self-certification regime that allows test-makers to label their products with the CE mark themselves, an EU official and two European regulatory sources told Reuters, declining to be named as the plans have not been made public.

    Among changes being examined, companies could be required to have tests reviewed by independent watchdogs before placing the CE mark on them, the sources said.

    That would mark a significant toughening of the current regime, whereby makers merely self-certify compliance with EU safety rules and supervisors can subsequently penalise them if their claims turn out to be false.”


  20. And this one I knew you’d bring up, so I saved this.

    ” The treatment of the suburban moms has motivated suburban dads to show up with leaf blowers to blow the tear gas back.”

    You mean these moms who joined in the rioting?


    “Portland: Antifa “Moms” Provide Human Shield Against Federal Law Enforcement”

    Such nice moms they are. Why the moms I know all riot on a moments notice too once they think the press is gone. Oh wait, no, that’s just you lefties….


  21. Chas, you say the children need the social aspect of school. I disagree. The social aspect of the schools is causing much more harm than good. You mentioned the other day that a child was too young to know about sex but if they are in public school or on the internet, they know and need to be told the truth. Being taught that their peers know more than the adults about everything is not in the child’s best interest. Children need guidance. A lot of homeschoolers belong to homeschool groups where the children get plenty of socialization and a lot of that is just as negative as the public school. We need to be careful with whom our children hang out if we are going to guide them into the way they should go. But there are neighbors, and teams and such. Of course, covid has changed some of that.

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  22. Uhhhhh…..?

    What the heck is he talking about?



  23. Wow. This is weapons grade type corruption. They need to spend a long time in jail.


    “Huge. Ohio Republican State House Speaker Arrested In Staggering Corruption Case”

    “Assuming these allegations prove true (and the FBI certainly seems to believe they’ve got the goods), we may have just witnessed one of the biggest political corruption scandals in the nation’s history unfolding before our eyes. And it’s not even a federal official, but a state officeholder. Before dawn yesterday morning, federal agents, joined by local police and County Sherriffs, arrived at the farm of Ohio state House Speaker Larry Householder (R) to take him into custody. And the charges against Householder are nothing short of spectacular, though not in a good way, obviously. He’s charged, along with some associates, with taking more than $60 million in bribes from a vaguely described group of interests associated with two nuclear power plants in the state. The amount of money changing hands is breathtaking.

    FBI agents were at the farm of Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder on Tuesday morning, hours ahead of a planned announcement of a $60 million bribe investigation by federal prosecutors.

    FBI agents were carrying out “law enforcement activity” on Householder’s property in Glenford in southeastern Ohio, FBI spokesman Todd Lindgren said, without providing details. The Perry County Sheriff’s Office also confirmed it was assisting the FBI at Householder’s farm.

    Lindgren noted the upcoming news conference by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, David DeVillers, whose office planned to announce “charges related to $60 million bribe to state official & associates.”

    Householder didn’t go down alone in this bust. Also arrested were one of his aides, a former Ohio State GOP chairman, a lobbyist and a political consultant. Everyone was later released on bail after surrendering their passports and any weapons they might have possessed.”


  24. Feel the enthusiasm. Dude is running for president, and only 19 people are watching? Try to contain your excitement.



  25. I wouldn’t have watched anyhow. But nevertheless,
    I didn’t know he was having a LiveStream.
    That may be part of his problem.



  26. AJ — So we agree then that all western countries roughly have a 20% false positive rate. Thus comparative analysis is possible and valid. Looking at any graph of new cases per day, we can see that the US is the outlier — whereas all other developed nations have a quick rise followed by a slow decline in new cases, the US has a quick rise, a short drop and then another rise in case going far higher than the original high mark. In other words, in comparison to the rest of the developed the US has done an extremely poor job in containing the virus.

    Now you can argue, the death rate has not gone up to the same degree. True, mostly because its now young people who are catching the virus. However, the death rate rose slightly to 800-1000 a day and has stagnated there for over a month. This is not good. Comparatively, other developed countries continued their decline in death rates until it reached single digits. In per capita terms, it should be no more than double digits in the US, or low 100s. As you state, all countries have a 20% false positive rate so these comparisons are valid.


  27. You seriously expect to believe these were “professional” protest types or antifa or anarchists? They were using a skateboard to pry the boards and the others were trying to kick it down. Any antifa or anarchist worthy of the name would have a crow bar handy. Nope these are every day people protesting federal oppression. These people would not have been here a week ago when it was only the Portland Police. The crowds have gotten bigger. By sending in armed forces associated with Trump, they just increased and strengthened the opposition.

    Do the CBP and other associated agencies really want to go to Chicago? They’re not trained for crowd control or policing large crowds. If Portland is demonstration of their expertise, Chicago is going to be disaster. This isn’t the same as putting as children in cages; this involves actual law enforcement and ability.


  28. Biden is mentally unfit for office. He takes no questions, except pre-scripted, which he still botches, he can’t hold a train of thought, misremembers, and he can’t even follow a teleprompter. It’s sad to watch.

    Trump’s issues are half the people don’t like him or his mouth. His issues are not cognitive.

    Big difference.


  29. I thought after the Wallace interview on FOX, these types of comments about Biden would cease. I’m sure you watched at least some of it…..its cringe worthy, and has been shared world wide. As for a live stream of Biden — no one cares. They’re not voting for Biden; they’re voting against Trump. Biden can spend the rest of the summer at the pool or beach and the polls won’t change. When you’re approval rating is a negative 14, the opponent doesn’t matter.


  30. The test Trump keeps bragging about is a test for cognitive decline and is usually only given when they suspect cognitive decline. The fact he was actually given the test is worrisome and then the fact he thinks passing it is a difficult accomplishment is again worrisome. There’s cognitive decline here be it from a stroke or simple old age.


  31. 8 in 10 Americans stand with police, and against Democrats like Biden.

    And I’d be willing to bet a similar number will back this. It’s time for the nonsense and murders to end. If local Dems who’ve enabled the problems for decades while in control won’t stop it, then the feds will.

    Long overdue.


    “Trump Announces Operation Legend, Sending Federal Agents to Chicago and Other Cities Amid Rise in Violence

    “The Justice Department will provide more than $61 million in grants to hire hundreds of new police officers where they are needed most.”

    “President Donald Trump announced Operation Legend, which involves sending federal agents to the Chicago and other cities that have seen a spike in violence since the death of George Floyd.

    From Fox News:

    The “surge” of agents announced on Wednesday to Chicago and other American cities is part of Operation Legend – named after 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was fatally shot while sleeping in a Kansas City apartment late last month – and comes as federal law enforcement officers have already descended on Portland, Ore. and Kansas City, Mo.

    “The effort to shut down police in their own communities has led to a shocking explosion of shootings, killing, violence, murders,” Trump said during a speech in the White House’s East Room. “This rampage of violence shocks the conscience of our nation and we will not stand by and watch it happen.”

    Chicago will get 100 federal agents. These agents usually come from the ATF and the DEA, but Operation Legend includes agents from the Department of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).”


  32. Democrat leaders did this. They held the police back so citizens could be assaulted.

    They will not escape the reckoning come Nov.


    “Denver police union head: ‘Stand-down’ order was in effect when pro-cop rally attacked

    Denver Police Protective Association Nick Rogers said one lieutenant broke rank and refused to stand down”

    “Denver police union president Nick Rogers said Wednesday that a “stand-down order” was in place when anti-cop demonstrators descended on a Back the Blue event Sunday afternoon, resulting in a violent clash with police supporters.

    Nick Rogers, president of the Denver Police Protective Association (DPPA), revealed the stand-down order during an interview on the “Peter Boyles Show” on 710 KNUS. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, who was at the pro-cop rally and also on the show, described accused police of not stepping down as the chaos unfolded.

    “Basically, what she described is exactly what happened,” Rogers said. “Once I figured that out, I reached out and said … someone has to apologize. Someone from the police side has to apologize.”


  33. Chas/Mumsee;

    The social benefits of school vary depending on the child and their situation. For some children, they socialize outside of school in sports, dance, clubs, family and neighbourhood but for others school is the main source of socialization and stimulation. Included in the latter group is often children who count on school for not only academics but food, emotional support and as a safe space. For this group, school closure is tough. And then there is another group for whom school serves as a discipline tool and a means to protect the rest of the neighbourhood. They will ignore social distancing — minor theft will go up as will fighting etc. I asked my students to sum up their typical day in April-June; one reply was “making money, chasing honeys”. As some would put it; he ran his own distribution business, in some cases he would acquire products on demand.


  34. And before you start braying about Trump’s action being illegal, we’ll let a constitutional scholar from the left answer that one….



  35. That’s a very confusing and shaky video tweeted by Malkin. And hashtaging it as anarchotyranny is weird. Tyranny is a form of government, I think she meant terror. However, you’d have to be a snowflake to call this tyranny or terror. Should go to a Berlin May Day parade or maybe a Saturday night in an entertainment district. Sure, its an uncomfortable situation but its not like unidentified masked men are lobbing flash bombs and tear gas. Honestly I’ve seen university keggers worse than that.

    And it begins in earnest; US federal agents patrolling the American streets. I’m young enough to remember right wing militias calling the ATF and DEA agents of gov’t oppression as they fought them in mountain hideouts. Now we don’t hear them as the people battle these forces in the street.


  36. As for polls and predictions, if we look at the states where Biden and Trump are polling above 10% or the usual sure wins, Biden has a 222 to 82 lead. I don’t see Biden losing any of the 222 electoral votes (California, NY, Illinois etc). It terms of a 5-10% lead Biden has an other 86 votes (blue wall, NH, Fl, Nevada) whereas Trump has 24. Toss-ups ie +/- 5% include Alaska, Arkansas (weird poll-should be higher for Trump), Missouri, Georgia (all 1-3% trump); Arizona, North Carolina (1-3% Biden) and true ties are Texas, Ohio, and Iowa. Sure anything can happen in 100 days but it will take a huge October surprise for Trump to catch up.

    Yeah I know Trump has the authority to send in agents to protect federal property. I read a similar article a few days ago. However, in Portland, agents have been seen far away from federal property “arresting” people with no probable cause. Its a grey line as to what “protecting federal property” entails. The Acting Head of the DHS called it acting in a “proactive” manner. At what point does “proactive” behaviour became random and arbitrary actions by federal forces.


  37. Just to recomment on the Malkin video — I’ve seen more violence at the end of the night at a county fair or when Vancouver loses a hockey game or Philadelphia loses a football game. Exaggeration does not help a situation.


  38. Trump’s challenge is that he’s the incumbent — and everything’s in a tailspin.

    Incumbents tend to take the hit for those things; it’s a matter of people thinking just maybe someone else could do a better job. ‘Cause this isn’t working …

    Might not even be anyone’s “fault,” but incumbents still get tied to whatever is going on at the time of an election, whether good or bad.

    It’s “their” country, it’s their 4 years they have to defend.

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  39. And it’s hard to recall a time when things were as bad as they are now. Granted, the virus is a big part of that. But how that’s been handled (or not) will be a big campaign issue.

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