104 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-22-22

  1. It’s Saturday. I see everyone is sleeping in.

    Today’s date is a math problem of sorts: 1×22=22. (This is what happens when one marries a math major.)

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  2. Copy and paste can be a wonderful thing…

    Good Morning Wanderers. Where is everyone? I was out way past my bedtime last night. I didn’t sleep very well in this hotel room but I didn’t have to drive home at 10:30pm either so for that I am thankful and it was less than 5 minutes from the event venue.
    The theme was An Evening with the Tsars. Yeah, well, here in the Sunshine State it sort of felt like Russia. We have indoor heaters and fire pits. It’s more of a warehouse space that gets decorated for events. It turned out to be a great night.
    I even got to dance. I was very impressed that my 24 year old agent was able to really dance and lead. He kept asking how I learned to dance. ” My dad taught me. I can’t dance with short men and if you can lead I can follow”. I asked him the same question. He is getting married and he and his fiancée are taking dance lessons. Then one of my gay men agents grabbed me to dance.
    I was able to give two of the speeches. I ALWAYS give the Culture Award and last night I also talked about what a True Leader does for our ring leader.
    My gift last night was a Gucci Belt. It is black leather with a gold buckle and they had my initials stamped on the inside. I never thought I would be “that person” but I sure do like it and luckily can wear it today when I venture out from my hotel and show property on the way home.

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  3. I am glad it was a good time for you, Kim.

    Today is a funeral for one of my uncles. He lives way too far away for us to go the service. His brother turns 98 today. He lives on the opposite side of the country. He was once a POW in Korea and has outlived several siblings, including my mom. It is sad to see that generation pass away. It is sobering to realize our generation will soon be the oldest. Chas has been there awhile now, of course. Time is surely fleeting as we are told in the bible.

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  4. Good afternoon already! Next door a moving truck backed in making that beeping sound to tell people to watch out. That’s what Bosley and I did from the window.

    My frieind Karen said they must be moving furniture in to stage the house since it was vacated. The For Sale sign is still not back up again. It is adding a new source of curiosity to my life. This all happens about thirty feet from my bedroom window. Urban Life: Much Too Keep One In Wonder!

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  5. Janice, if it doesn’t sell first, you can always go to the open house.

    My cousin told me she kind of got hooked on going to those, long after she’d bought her house. And I’d gone to a few with my friend Ellen when she was trying to figure out if she could buy a house (never quite worked out). I remember one place we went to down at the beach here in town, very cute and charming, in one of our older (but still nice) neighborhoods. Houses were smaller and closer together there, but it was within a block or two of the beach so the neighborhood just had that beach-y “vibe” about it.

    Surfboards, boats, and bare feet.

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  6. Oh, DJ, good idea. I have never been to one of those open houses. Another truck is over there unloading now. All that expense to get the look that sells!

    All I had to do was report here about Miss Bosley’s game of sneak out to make me rattle the car door trick for her to reform.

    I decided to work on my rose bush trimmings and use the loppers to chop them to fit in my garbage bins to put on the street. As usual I had pulled the door to thinking it had shut all the way, but it had not clicked for a firm shut. When I turned from my chore I could see the door had been pushed open. The car was parked by the door so I was unable to see ground level. When I rounded the car, Miss Bosley was laid out on the kitchen floor by the open door looking out at me. I think it was so cold that she decided she wanted the best of both worlds. The kitchen vent blowed out warm air while the open door brought in cold air. She was like a hot fudge sundae! Later she did it again but was on the outside mat by the kitchen door. She went right in with me. She is learning better behavior. She really tries to earn her, “Good Girl!”

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  7. Kim, I wish you much success for 2022. So thankful that 2021 went so well, too! In RE you have to make it in such years as these to cover all the down years.
    Thanks for making time to hang out here with us♡

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  8. Not 81 here either, but the blanket on my lap is nice.

    Looks like my friends home sold from the showing yesterday.

    There is a lot in the development where my home is. It is on the golf course, but there is nothing special about it. Not a tree, not very wide, very plain. I was on zillow yesterday and saw that they were selling that plain, small lot for 277, 000. incredible.

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  9. The reference to staging a home reminded me of seeing a post (must have been on Facebook) advertising units to rent at the apartment complex where we lived for 13 years, before buying this house.

    The apartment in the photos was the same size and set-up as the one we had lived in last. (We had lived in three different apartments during those years, going from a one-bedroom to a small two-bedroom, and then the larger two-bedroom for the last six years we were there.) I noticed that they had staged the apartment with small furniture. The couch they had in the living room area had two cushions, like a loveseat, and the dining table was obviously a small one.

    And yet, those apartments really were rather large, with plenty of room. I guess they wanted to make them seem even larger. (Well, they were large for people like us, but “large” is a relative term.)

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  10. Do not approach the monkey. 🙈🙉🙊

    Only in Pennsylvania. 🙂 🐒


    Please be especially careful, as the monkey may try to blend in with the locals.

    Sorry, I removed this one. The first time I watched it was with the sound off, so I didn’t hear the guy curse. Sorry.

    Bad human!

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  11. One of my uncles had a pet monkey (before I knew him). He did say they were mean and dirty to keep as pets. Probably best not to monkey around with the monkey. Sorry. I just couldn’t resist.

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  12. We did write an offer this afternoon

    No I did not lose a slipper. I drove MeMaw from my hotel to the venue and back. 4 minutes each way. I pretended to be on the phone talking to my husband last night as I walked to my room.

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  13. Here in Connecticut, I don’t know if we’ve had any monkeys on the loose, but we did have Buddy the Beefalo (a hybrid of a bison and domestic cattle) on the loose for eight months. 🙂

    By the time he was finally caught, he had become popular, so the company that owned him, and was originally going to slaughter him for food (or sell him to be slaughtered), donated him to an animal sanctuary in Florida.

    A couple of my friends and I enjoyed reading the occasional updates about Buddy sightings, and were happy when he was caught and had his sentence commuted. 🙂


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  14. Aw, loved the Buddy-the-Beealo stories and news clip videos.

    Reminded me of Reggie the Alligator who was loose in a large LA city park lake for more than a year, bringing people out with their lawn chairs to wait fo a sighting, vendors selling “Reggie” T-shirts and other memorabilia. And the professional gator “wranglers” who came to see if they could catch him (they could not).

    Steve Irwin from Animal Planet was going to be next up but he tragically was killed before his scheduled trip back. I met him when he came out to scope out the lake, though, such a nice guy.

    Anyway, as with Buddy, Reggie really did bring folks together and provided some needed laughter and intrigue. An LA Zoo worker got lucky, eventually, and nabbed him as he was lounging on the lakeshore one day. He went to the LA Zoo, promptly managed to escape during his first week in captivity there, was recaptured in the zoo parking lot before he got too far, and has been a zoo resident ever since.

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  15. Beefalo have been around for ages. If you lived in Winchester, you would know that. We had them on a ranch near my house when we lived in the country (before I turned seven)

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  16. I was psyched up to go to a new church this morning, but the reality of how bad Omicron is right now hit so I shall stay home again. I have a little congestion that never would have stopped me in the past, but these days one never knows. I have so many choices for online church, but one does not build a church family situation by staying home. I keep trying to look on the bright side.

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  17. When we lived in Iowa we knew a young man whose father raised beefalo. I looked forward to when he’d bring beefalo meatballs to church dinners. Such a tasty meat.

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  18. Of course not. Nobody would ask you to. I would suggest a very strong fence. But not needed if you keep it in the house. Might want to take out the windows though.

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  19. So thankful to see Chas!

    I suppose it was good I did online church since a call came through from the Prayer Hotline. There are only two of us who actively get the calls now and I knew the other lady is out of town so I got it.

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  20. We went to play with 10 six week old puppies yesterday. They are Newfoundland poodle cross pups. Absolutely adorable! It was quite therapeutic for both husband and for me. We may (likely) get one of these pups in the fall. Well, not these pups, but pups of the litter of the other mama. The breeder’s husband is a vet at the University of Saskatchewan so these pups are very healthy and well taken care of. We also got to see both the mom of these pups and the mom of the future litter as well as the poodle dad.

    Kim, congratulations on a great year!

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  21. It is supposed to reach 43 degrees here today and that will melt some of this snow. I spent 4 hours shoveling the drive and the concrete pad in front of the garages (that’s the worst part!) husband needs to give me snow thrower lessons for when he is away and I need to clear 5-6 inches of snow! I got a great workout and surprisingly I am not sore this morning!

    Church was rich in encouragement and exhortation this morning. Our young Pastor was back after enduring Covid but he was careful to not be around others and wore a mask coming in and going out. He is a gem and the Lord is using this young man in so many lives.

    Kare I can sense the joy of your being around puppies. Therapeutic and sweet! We are looking forward to bringing our puppy home next month. She has a sister dog who has not been spoken for and my sister put a picture of her on FB…I cried!! I want to bring her home too but we are allowed only 2 dogs according to HOA rules… 😞

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  22. Eee, puppies! Sigh. I live in the world of beloved old dogs and it’s a privilege to see them through their lives when things are a little harder.

    But I do miss (a lot) the young-dog energy and fun.

    We were back in Revelation today.

    And now it’s the Rams this afternoon, playing Tampa Bay.

    The Rams are a longshot for the Super Bowl. But, hey, it’s still a “shot.” 🙂


  23. HOAs are a downside. I remember being cautioned about that when I was starting to look at houses — and considered a townhouse with some outdoor space. At the time I was moving, I had 3 dogs which would probably have been an issue with an HOA, I was told.

    I haven’t had 3 dogs since then, but if circumstances were different I’d consider it again. As it is, 3 dogs and 1 person (who until recently worked away from home all day, 5 days a week) was a bit of a challenge (2 dogs seemed the perfect number for me). There also can be more “pack” issues once you have more than 2 dogs, I’ve been through a few of those.

    Then the vet bills …

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  24. Had I mentioned a few weeks or so ago that Nightingale’s dog Janie had had a seizure late one night? Nightingale was up late studying when she heard a strange noise and went to check on Janie, who was in the midst of a seizure. It was pretty scary for her (Nightingale, not to mention for Janie, too), not knowing why this was happening. After the seizure, Janie seemed confused and not too steady on her feet, but quickly regained her normal self.

    Nightingale called a 24-hour animal hospital a few towns over, and was told that sometimes a dog will have one seizure, and that will be it – no more for the rest of their lives – but that if she has another one, she should take her in to see our vet.

    Well, earlier this afternoon, when they were down here for a little while, Janie had another seizure. It was disturbing to witness, as she thrashed around on the floor, foaming at the mouth. She had vomited a bit shortly before the seizure began, so Nightingale at first feared that she was choking on something. After the seizure was over, Janie seemed terrified, and somehow slid herself under my bed to hide. But after just a minute or two, she pulled herself out, looking happy and wagging her tail, excited to go upstairs with Nightingale.

    Needless to say, Nightingale will be calling our vet tomorrow. (A beloved family dog in my childhood had epilepsy, and was put on the same kind of medication that a human epileptic would take.)

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  25. Oh, poor Janie. Those seizures are scary, one of my mom’s terriers that I later took in had those. Once they are over with, the dogs bounce back but they can be so hard.

    One of my neighbors’ Labs, Sundance, also has seizures and is on some kind of medication but seems to be doing OK now.

    I think they’re harder for us to watch then they are for the dogs — they kind of black out during those episodes, I remember hearing from our vet. So you just keep them quiet, dim the lights cut out any noise and just try to keep them quiet and still. My mom would sit on the back steps and put Muffin on her lap — I’d sit on the floor and hold him on my lap or sit beside him until it passed.

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  26. And Muffin when several years without having a seizure (at least that I knew of, that was when I had to leave the dogs alone while I went to work). They started up again when he was old, probably 16 years old (he died at 17). But it was something we were able to live with.

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  27. Dog seizures: I was told to leave the dog alone while she was having one. See that the environment was safe but not to interfere to avoid getting bitten and causing harm. As DJ said, the dog is not aware. However, repeated seizures tend to fry the brain. Son’s dogs lost their training and normal behavior but they had quite a few. Jake seems confused at first but then gets back on track but she no longer comes when called or does other training. Though as far as we know, she has only had a few and only when it was very hot or when we brought her in and it was a big temp change.

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  28. 27-3

    Yes, you do leave the dog alone but we also liked to keep close and watch so they didn’t wind up hurting themselves. We’d try to talk soothingly also, just being there for comfort, whether they knew it or not I suppose.

    One of Muffin’s last seizures was scarily long, I remember sitting next to him on the floor of my bedroom when I lived in Long Beach, it just seemed to go on forever.


  29. I have a slight case of puppy fever, but I have Mister Amos and he deserves my attention for the rest of his life. He let me sleep until a little after 5 this morning. I bought him some CBD drops. Who cares if he is stoned/drugged/whatever as long as he feels good and doesn’t cough.
    I also can’t have another do with Lulabelle. She would ruin any training a put into another dog, so I look at puppies and promise myself that I will have another one day. Puppy breath is highly addictive anyway. I want another Golden Retriever and I would like another little dog. I don’t know that I have ever experienced the love that I get from Amos and give to Amos. He is my heart.

    I worked on taxes today and watched a business planning clinic. I am working on numbers for the year. I have set a fairly large goal. We shall see. I want to pay off all debt except for the house and my car and I would like to buy an investment property. That would probably look like buying and living in a house in Pensacola and renting this one out.

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  30. My son’s border collie has seizures almost weekly. It’s so hard to see and watch. When one comes on the first thing that happens is the babies are safely put in their room because the dog can jump and blindly run around – once he ended up in the kitchen sink before they woke up enough to help him. They wrap a large towel around his neck to help support his head and keep it from banging on the floor and to absorb all the drool. They move him to the dog bed and just sit with him through it. They can last up to two hours!!! Then they walk with him and pace the house until he finally has recovered. It’s crazy. But watching my son being so patient and kind with the dog reassured me he was going to be a great daddy. :). I don’t think I could go through that weekly and the meds are very expensive but Dio is just the sweetest dog when not having a seizure.

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  31. I didn’t go to church this morning. It was only the 10am service and it was going to be the annual parish meeting and as I haven’t attended in a year or so, I just didn’t feel I had the “right”. I will be back in the routine next week.

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  32. Kare, wow, that sounds very intense. Muffin’s seizures never led to him running around, he just went stiff and stayed in one position.

    Kim, our annual meeting was today, too, must the the time of year for that. I lose track of what month it is with this pandemic.

    Buccaneers finally woke up and scored. It’s now 27-13, (Rams), 4th quarter


  33. “He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature” Hebrews 1:3

    Can you imagine being a person walking around at the time and then having a conversation with That? The exact representation of His nature. That is no small thing. And we can have that conversation now, as we speak.

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  34. Janie was thrashing around as she had her seizure, but her legs were also stiffening, so she could not get up. When she came out of it, and I started to gently approach her to comfort her, she growled, then stumbled/ran into my bedroom to go under the bed. (She had had the seizure right outside my bedroom.) But when she came to herself fully, she was fine and happy again.

    I’ll tell Nightingale about the possibility of her losing some of her training.

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  35. I am often bored when Art watches football games, but the exciting gamess get me all pumped up. And it was neat to see KC in the red and white uniforms, the colors of my high school team, the CK Indians, who always lost. I was pulling for a win for red and white team, lol.


  36. LA went without a home team for such a long time, so when the Rams returned we were thrilled, even if they weren’t a very good team initially.

    A beautiful new stadium was built for them — in my old home town — and this year’s Super Bowl (whoever makes the final 2 slots) will be played there.

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  37. I found a box of Cheerios to use as a bedtime snack (without milk).

    I hope the folks staying nextdoor in the mystery For Sale/Not For Sale house will turn off the back deck string of party lights they left on all last night. Too bright for all the night! An urban problem.


  38. Did I mention the young man took back his jeep? He never did manage to get us a title so ended up just taking it away, and leaving cash to cover our costs.

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