33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-27-19

  1. Happy Birthday from Australia, Cheryl.
    Had lots of help on my travels and back is feeling better.
    Already went out for groceries and found a friend to go with me.
    She already said that I could stay with her my last night, if need be.
    God continues to bless.

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  2. I am calmly nervous about tomorrow. When I am awake I am calm. When I am asleep I wake up nervous.
    I have to call the hospital today and see if some point they can allow Mr P into my room so he can stretch out in one of the uncomfortable recliners. I found out yesterday that when I arrive at the hospital I will meet with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, then have a chest X-ray (possibly because I have good insurance and they are padding my bill?) so I am not expecting this to move quickly.
    BG is coming to the house tomorrow to take care of the dogs. I will call her dad this morning to get him to remind her.
    My friend M has made several containers of soup. Chicken and tumeric? I love soup so this is a good excuse.
    My office gave me a bucket of jolly ranchers, those nasty ice pop things in the net bag that we all secretly love, a movie, a trash novel, and a book of sudoku puzzles. I figure by Sunday I will be over it all and want out of the house.
    I continue to be thankful that all of this happened after BCAR offered its agents group health coverage and that up until now I have been disgustingly healthy.
    I have no real complaints.

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  3. Thank you ladies, and AJ. Once my husband gets up, we plan to go out for a walk at a local park we haven’t been to yet, with a small hiking trail and waterfalls. I already received a dozen lovely roses, and yesterday he went out to order a cake and buy a card he prepared (he makes them through apps and picks them up at CVS or Walgreen’s). And we went to bed just after midnight, so he already wished me a happy birthday.

    The photo is a yellow lady’s slipper, a wild orchid and one of the most coveted of “finds” among wildflower enthusiasts. Unfortunately people often (illegally) dig them to plant in their own gardens. But they need a special fungus for the seed to sprout, so they usually don’t grow there. In this case, there were a bunch of them growing outside a shop in a little community of shops (across from the restaurant where we bought our dining-room chairs), so I’m guessing they either grew wild there once and they are protected and they thrive or that somehow they did cultivate them; they aren’t just random wildflowers where they are growing now. But it is still a pretty wildflower and was a nice find the day we went over to that shop with my mother-in-law.

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  4. Some time ago we were talking about ‘compliments”
    I can count on my fingers the times she said, “I love you”.
    But I would run out of fingers to count the no umber of times a day she says, “I think I’ll keep you”. I always reply with “You’d better keep me. The next guy you get won’t (warm your coffee for you)” -or some such.
    Sometimes, it’s “I’m glad I have you”>

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  5. Good morning, all, and happy birthday, Cheryl.

    A beautiful day here. Supposed to be more thunderstorms today. School work, maybe a trip to the thrift store to see about getting some maternity wear.

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  6. Wishing Cheryl a very happy birthday, and it’ off to a great start!

    I was happy to read about the lady’s slipper wild orchid because with my tiny phone screen and poor vision I saw it as a baby squash. I had been to our community garden and saw a baby squash there so my mind was prepped to see it as a baby squash. I am on my old phone which has a smaller screen than my new phone which is being powered up now.


  7. I am having one of my parathyroid glands removed. (You have two on each side of your thyroid). Because they are cutting into my neck I have to be fully intubated and will have to spend the night in the hospital because of possible bleeding.

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  8. Fortunately, she has her own doting medic to care for her afterwards . . . or, maybe not if she’d prefer to heal in peace.

    How long is the recovery? xoxox


  9. Hubby and I would say “I love you” to each other at least a few times each day. Nightingale is not one to say that a lot, and often will not return it if I say it to her, so I don’t say it to her as often as I would like, and I don’t hear an “I love you” to me very often at all.

    However, she has her way of showing me her love, so I accept that with a grateful heart.

    Chickadee and I will tell each other “I love you” at least once when she visits, and usually in the texts we send each other (although we don’t text much).

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  10. Praying, Kim.

    Bonne anniversaire, Cheryl.

    My parents have a Lady’s Slipper. It appeared one year in a grove of cedar and birch trees behind the little playhouse our father built for us out of packing crates. A few years ago, my hermit uncle finagled my mother into digging up part of the clump of plants and the remainder has not bloomed since – I was away that summer, or I might have had something to say about digging up rare wood flowers, but my mother finds it hard to resist requests from her younger brother. This year, my mother said that although the clump still had not bloomed, they did find another small patch of Lady’s Slipper a little further out that had bloomed. She said they were thinking about cutting down a few of the trees, because she thought the original clump wasn’t getting enough light, but I will tell them about what you said, Cheryl, about the fungus needed for the seeds to germinate. Years ago, before my living memory, my mother said there was a Jack-in-the-pulpit that they found on their property, but the dead stump it was growing in was cleared away and that was then end of poor Jack. Wood flowers hate to be disturbed in any way.

    Moving back to my parents’ house today ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Very mixed feelings, as I will miss the freedom of movement I have in the city and the city church feels much more like family than the family church (which still has no pastor). I was bidding farewell to dear friends on Sunday and yesterday at Bible study. They made it clear that they want me back if I can come back. Thankful for how they have welcomed me into their midst. My maternal grandmother once wrote of list of things she was thankful for, which my mother found after my grandmother died, and one thing on her list was that “the Lord makes people love me and take care of me.” I feel thankful for the same gift from the Lord, as life would be much harder without those friendships.

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  11. Happy Birthday Cheryl! And prayers for Kim, that everything will go smoothly and you’ll sleep through most of it. Enjoy the soup.

    I did something wacky to my lower back yesterday or last night and didn’t sleep well at all — on top of that, I woke up around 3 a.m. to the sounds of beep-beep-beep — it was that horrible smoke/carbon monoxide alarm that was becoming such an annoyance (3 beeps mean something, but it’s only a year old so it can’t be a battery change–it has a 10-year battery). I’d moved it onto the patio a couple months ago after it went off in the middle of the night in the hallway and just about sent me into a panic for what turned out to be nothing.

    So there it sat out there, beeping away in the wee hours of this morning. Neighbor kid was up and heard it and came racing over to make sure I was ok, he went into the backyard following the sound and handed the detector to me when I opened the front door.

    So between that and my really sore back — ever which way I tried to turn and sleep was painful — it’s not a good morning.

    I’m waiting to hear if there’s a resolution between the terminal operators and union on this automation issue; they were in talks at the mayor’s office into the late evening last night and are probably picking it back up today. If no agreement is made, it all goes to the LA City Council tomorrow morning and I can’t tell you how much I’m dreading having to cover all of that live, especially if my thrown-out back doesn’t get thrown back in.

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  12. The Minnesota state flower is a Showy Lady Slipper. It is white and pink.

    As a child one summer I dug up Jack-in-the-Pulpits and sold them in my mom’s greenhouse. My mom had many of them in a garden on the side of her home and they lasted for a long time. Even in nature plants change location, thrive and fail. Taking pictures is so easy to do now and is a very nice way to enjoy the plants instead of transplanting.

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  13. Back from the waterfall hike. It was spectacular! We’ve had lots and lots of rain in June, so there was water everywhere, and even some patches of the trail were rather mushy. My husband went a couple of steps ahead, and he found the best places to walk. A year ago we went hiking for my birthday (only because of the weather, we went a couple days early) and I slipped and hurt my knee and it took a couple of months to get the right treatment for it to begin healing (turns out I’m allergic to a couple of antibiotic ointments); we both couldn’t help but think of that. But last year’s hike was to a state park known for its waterfall and there wasn’t a lot of water in it; this year’s was to a fairly unknown city park, and there was water everywhere. Hopefully I got some good shots.

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  14. Did I mention that my hurt back came from brushing my teeth, bent over to rinse my mouth and I sneezed. That tweaked something and I could barely move. I took advil and began walking to loosen it up. I also asked for help everywhere I went. Even lifting my one case onto the security place. We were on a dual prop plane so had to walk out and then up the stairs. In Cairns there were lots of stairs up off the tarmac. I kept asking and got help. Now it is better, but not gone. Funny how I basically did nothing.

    I ended up from Ukarumpa to the plane traveling with three siblings. The girls and I even shared a room. It was a blessing to watch their love. I don’t think they had any PNG kina. At the airport I gave them some kina, as others had certainly blessed me. They were slightly shocked, but it was delightful to tell them to go treat themselves. They were raised in PNG, and the treats were special to them.

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  15. DJ, yes, I think it is periwinkle blue. The flower is a spiderwort. I’ve seen them in “wildflower gardens,” but these are, as far as I know, true wildflowers.

    The reality is it is quite difficult to distinguish wildflowers from garden flowers, in many settings. Some are clear: heavily bred roses are garden flowers, and tiny little flowers almost too small to see are probably completely wild. But lots of wildflowers are “escapees” from gardens, and a huge percentage of American wildflowers (including dandelions) are not originally from this country at all! When one person plants a flower because it is a “wildflower,” does it then become a garden flower? What about if you plant wildflowers in your garden, and their seeds blow out of your yard and sprout somewhere else?

    My own unscientific definition is that a wildflower is growing where no one deliberately planted it. If you or someone else planted it, then it’s a garden flower. If it planted itself, it’s a wildflower. It becomes tricky if a cultivar escapes into the wild, but my definition is the most practical way to make the division, I think. (A plant that reseeds itself in the garden is still a garden flower, but a plant that reseeds farther afield is not.)

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  16. It has really been a lovely day. I woke up to find that one of my photos (a baby rabbit) made it onto Flickr’s “Explore” overnight, bringing me extra views of the shot. My husband gave me the card he made for me, which took a photo I shot a few days ago of three turtles and gave all the turtles something to say. Then we went on a walk and were really overwhelmed with beauty, and he got to spend some time chatting with a couple from Sweden (he’s part Swedish). We went to the local pizza place that offers a discount on your birthday based on your age (we got more than half off) and later to Starbucks for my free birthday drink.

    He gave me my gifts (we remove the surprise factor, and probably half the fun, by making requests, and I asked for a dragonfly book and a craft punch). We went to the grocery store and bought a few things, including picking up the cake he had ordered for me (he usually makes them, but I like the whipped cream frosting, so sometimes he orders one). Two of my brothers called, two of my siblings and a friend e-mailed, both girls called (and I got to talk to our 10-month-old grandbaby), and my mother-in-law left a message. And a bunch of you gave birthday wishes.

    My schedule has been really busy lately, and I ended up taking the whole day “off” except for washing some laundry and making supper. It was a nice break.

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  17. Been gone all the live long day!! Happy Birthday Cheryl!! It is only 10:10 mountain time so I am not late!! ๐Ÿ˜Š sounds like you had a lovely day !


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