24 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-26-20

  1. At this point I don’t see how any American can vote for these clowns.


    “Founding Fathers too? Pelosi says subject every monument to ‘review’ for removal”

    “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said there should be a “review” of historical statues for possible removal, perhaps even those of the Founding Fathers.

    During a Washington Post interview on Thursday, the California Democrat was asked about how the United States should deal with the issue of the Founding Fathers who were slave owners going forward. The speaker called slavery a “sin” and said she was also concerned about the past treatment of Native Americans.

    “We have a list of grievances that are part of the early years of our country, and we do not want that to be continued by glorifying any of the people who perpetrated those injustices,” she said, adding that instead of demonstrators vandalizing and tearing down monuments, she thinks that there should be a more methodical process to it.

    “Have a review in terms of let’s take it down safely so that we’re not hurting anybody when the statue comes down or costing more money to get rid of it or get rid of the defacing of something that maybe shouldn’t have been,” the speaker said.

    Although Pelosi highlighted a distinction between the Founding Fathers who owned slaves and the Confederate leaders who fought for slavery, she said the U.S. should “subject everything to scrutiny.”

    “I’m all for it. Let’s review this. Why are we glorifying the sins of the past?” she said. “But that doesn’t mean that because Thomas Jefferson or George Washington or others were slave owners that we should undermine what they did for our country. These Confederates — Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens — they committed treason against the United States in the name of slavery. I think that’s a different story.”


    The South would disagree.



    “Three House Democrats say federal authorities should not interfere with mobs pulling down statues”

    “Democrats say federal authorities should not intervene when crowds of protesters deface and destroy monuments.

    President Trump issued an executive order on Tuesday authorizing the federal government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument that resides on U.S. federal property. An individual could face up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act.

    “It’s not our role, and that this was acting locally, and people are working on it. I don’t feel the need to intervene,” Oregon Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer told the Washington Examiner.

    Connecticut Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro said the protesters “ought to be protesting [Attorney General William] Barr” instead.”


  2. The level of historical ignorance is astounding.


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  3. Good, and sue the mayor and Gov personally.


    “Seattle CHOP zone prompts lawsuit from businesses, residents: reports”

    “Numerous Seattle businesses – including an auto repair shop, a tattoo parlor and a property management company – sued the city Wednesday, alleging city officials were complicit in allowing an “occupied protest” that has made them feel unsafe in their neighborhood, according to reports.

    Workers and residents also joined the lawsuit over CHOP, the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, which drew scorn from President Trump and other critics who accused Mayor Jenny Durkan, the city’s police chief and other city leaders of turning the area over to “anarchists.”

    Organizers of CHOP — part of the widespread rioting and demonstrations that followed the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis — said they sought to establish a “police-free” area in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district.”


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  4. Now round ’em up and get ’em outta here.


    “Supreme Court Sides With Trump Administration In Asylum Cases”

    “The U.S. Supreme Court handed the Trump administration a major victory on a signature issue Thursday, ruling that asylum-seekers whose claims are initially denied by immigration officials have no right to a hearing before a judge.

    The decision authorizes the Trump administration to fast-track deportations for thousands of asylum-seekers after bare-bones screening procedures.

    Immigrants who make a claim for asylum must initially prove to immigration officials that they have a “credible fear” of persecution in their country of origin to proceed with the full asylum process. If they fail, they can be deported without ever having the opportunity to make their case in court.”


    “But the Supreme Court disagreed, with Justice Samuel Alito writing the opinion for the conservative court majority. He said that neither the right of habeas corpus nor the right to due process of law requires a hearing before a judge for those turned down in their initial asylum screenings. This framework, he said, was properly authorized by Congress in a 1996 law aimed at speeding deportations at the border.

    The vote was 7-2, but Alito’s opinion was joined only by the court’s four other conservatives — Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

    Two of the court’s liberal justices — Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg –agreed that Thuraissigiam’s removal order was proper but said that the opinion’s reasoning and language swept too broadly.”


  5. Just keep electing Democrats…..


    “NYC Criminal Justice System ‘Imploding,’ NYPD Boss Says as Homicides Hit 5-Year High”

    “New York City’s homicide rate has hit a five-year high as the amount of people shot has jumped 42 percent compared to last year on the heels of an “implosion” of the city’s judicial system, according to NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea.

    A perfect storm of COVID-19 shutdowns within the judicial system (which have shunted indictments against the most dangerous illegal gun criminals), a breakdown in the city’s social safety nets (which has prisoners being released from jail straight into homelessness), and bail reform laws and case deferments have all hindered the NYPD’s efforts to staunch the bleeding, Shea believes.

    “We cannot keep people safe without keeping bad, dangerous, people off the streets,” Shea said. “You have a criminal justice system that’s imploding. That’s the kindest way to put it.”

    Shea said that if the Supreme Court can hold proceedings during the pandemic, there should be a way to arraign people and have grand juries during these pandemic times, pleading “do it virtually, do something.”

    The commissioner also said supervised release is a “fallacy,” and that there’s no system right now to keep an eye on those who are released from prison — including Riker’s Island — and supposed to be monitored.

    “Releasing people to homeless shelters is a recipe for disaster,” he said. “There is no safety net, often we don’t even have a clue where they are.”

    Shea summed up his thoughts bluntly: “The people who are suffering are the people in New York City.””


  6. Truth.

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  7. Don’t negotiate with terrorists.



    “Hawk Newsome defended the protests and violent riots that have erupted across the nation during a heated Wednesday segment with Fox News host Martha MacCallum.

    Newsome, who chairs Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, argued that because violence and rioting appeared to be getting the point across more effectively, those efforts were justifiable.

    MacCallum began by quoting Newsome as saying that he wanted to “shove legislation down people’s throats,” and then asked him, “What exactly is it that you hope to achieve through violence?”

    Newsome responded by claiming that the United States had been “built upon violence,” citing the American Revolution and arguing that American diplomacy largely consisted of blowing up other countries and replacing their leaders with leaders we liked better.

    “So for any American to accuse us of being violent, it’s extremely hypocritical,” Newsome said as MacCallum tried to cut in. “Now when we talk about us using self defense, we use — why are you screaming and not allowing me to talk, ma’am? You asked me a question, allow me to answer. I’m in the process of answering and it won’t be that much longer. You asked what we hope to achieve, we are talking about self defense.”

    Newsome went on to argue that the protests were a form of self defense and that the ultimate goal was to save lives.”


    And if they have to destroy others to do so, they will. So treat them accordingly.

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  8. I studied history for six years and still don’t understand why people insist on statues. Read a book if you wish to be informed. Statues can commemorate particular events or social movements but too often they perpetuate the great man theory of history. In the case of the US, I really don’t understand why people erect statues of traitors and losers to perpetuate the scar that is the Civil War.

    The examiner seems to twist Pelosi’s words, I don’t get the sense she wants to tear down Jefferson etc but does want to acknowledge their failings. Personally, if you insist on erecting statues of historical figures, perhaps select somebody everyone likes as Arkansas did recently — everyone like Johnny Cash.

    Icons, statues and symbols evolve over time. The current Lincoln statue of the slave at his feet may have suggested empowerment and agency 125 years ago but perhaps now the imagery could be reconsidered. Statues tend to stagnate and solidify over time, miss the currents of change and may no longer reflect the current society.


  9. You can’t really blame one party for any particular failure, including crime, in the US right now. The pressure of COVID and other current events suggest a failure of the administrative state. And the state doesn’t fail overnight, its been 40 years in the making ever since Reagan disparaged the government. Although Trump failed in any type of leadership over COVID and race relations, this is a long term problem requiring solutions and leadership at every level of government. An attitude change is needed — one where government and science is respected. Currently, the only means to achieve order and any semblance of a civil society is through the enforcement arm of the state. Like Rome and Prussia before them, the US has become an armed force with a state not a state with an armed force. And like Rome and Prussia before them, the armed force serves not the people but the elite. The administrative state must be rebuilt or this will continue.

    The US response to COVID is a stark illustration of the failure of the administrative state — at all levels. The federal gov’t provided no leadership or coordination. States were slow to response and valued economics over human life in opening to soon. And on and on. Yesterday, the US had over 40 000 new cases. And this isnt because of over-testing — the US is average in testing but extremely high in positive tests. As the US continues to battle the first wave, other countries are opening up again.

    And before you complain about my anti-American bias — let me point out that COVID exposed the failure of the conservative-libertarian ideology evrywhere. Right wing populists did far worse in containing Covid than most leftist governments. In fact add gender to it, right wing men did far worse than left wing female leaders. The UK like the US continues to flounder. Meanwhile in Canada, which is extremely decentralized, the political difference and results are stark. The right wing gov’ts of Alberta, Quebec and Ontario accounted for over 95% of all cases meanwhile socialist-green British Columbia who had the earliest exposure was able to contain the virus almost right away with few outbreaks. The one obvious failure was the lack of government involvement in our long term care facilities. 82% of all Covid deaths in Canada were in for profit nursing homes. The administrative state, ie public health care, must take over from the corporations who have demonstrated only the ability to generate profit not take care of humans.


  10. From the editorial:


    President Trump may soon need a new nickname for “Sleepy Joe” Biden. How does President-elect sound? On present trend that’s exactly what Mr. Biden will be on Nov. 4, as Mr. Trump heads for what could be an historic repudiation that would take the Republican Senate down with him.

    Mr. Trump refuses to acknowledge what every poll now says is true: His approval rating has fallen to the 40% or below that is George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter territory. They’re the last two Presidents to be denied a second term. This isn’t 2017 when Mr. Trump reached similar depths after failing to repeal ObamaCare while blaming Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. He regained support with tax reform and a buoyant economy that really was lifting all incomes.

    Now the election is four months away, voters know him very well, and Mr. Trump has reverted to his worst form. His record fighting the coronavirus is better than his critics claim after a bad start in late February and March. He mobilized federal resources to help hard-hit states, especially New York.

    But he wasted his chance to show leadership by turning his daily pandemic pressers into brawls with the bear-baiting press and any politician who didn’t praise him to the skies. Lately he has all but given up even talking about the pandemic when he might offer realism and hope about the road ahead even as the country reopens. His default now is defensive self-congratulation.

    The country also wants firm but empathetic leadership after the death of George Floyd, but Mr. Trump offers combative tweets that inflame. Not long ago Mr. Trump tweeted that a 75-year old man who was pushed by police in Buffalo might be an antifa activist. He offered no evidence.

    Americans don’t like racial enmity and they want their President to reduce it. Mr. Trump has preached racial harmony on occasion, but he gives it all back with riffs that misjudge the national moment. His “law and order” message might resonate if disorder and rioting continue through the summer, but only if Mr. Trump is also talking about racial reconciliation and opportunity for all. Mr. Trump has little time to recover. …

    … (And) Mr. Biden hasn’t even had to campaign to take a large lead. …

    Some Democrats are literally advising Mr. Biden to barely campaign at all. Eliminate the risk of a mental stumble that will raise doubts about his declining capacity that was obvious in the primaries. Let Mr. Trump remind voters each day why they don’t want four more years of tumult and narcissism.

    Mr. Trump’s base of 35% or so will never leave, but the swing voters who stood by him for three and a half years have fallen away in the last two months. This includes suburban women, independents, and seniors who took a risk on him in 2016 as an outsider who would shake things up. Now millions of Americans are close to deciding that four more years are more risk than they can stand.

    As of now Mr. Trump has no second-term agenda, or even a message beyond four more years of himself. His recent events in Tulsa and Arizona were dominated by personal grievances. He resorted to his familiar themes from 2016 like reducing immigration and denouncing the press, but he offered nothing for those who aren’t already persuaded. …

    Perhaps Mr. Trump lacks the self-awareness and discipline to make this case. …


  11. I think Trump is at the point he was with Hilary last time. Expected to lose, all the press and pundits say so, and so do their questionable polls.

    But my prediction is Trump wins even bigger this time around. Democrats have overplayed their Marxist hands. The choice couldn’t be more clear. It’s America as you know it, or the socialist Banana Republic Dems have planned. What’s your preference? Vote accordingly.

    It’s not even a hard choice.


  12. Like I said……

    It’s not even hard…..



  13. ———–

    So what’s it gonna be?

    Lady Liberty, or the Marxist Tiger?


  14. The numbers are awful for Trump. And AJ does articulate the Trump strategy — highlight the anarchist and protest violence and try to associate Democrats with the protests. Fear may indeed motivate some voters back to him. However, Trump has yet to articulate why he should have a second term. He was asked by Hannity to state his priorities for the second term and the reply was a word salad — with not one mention of his plans. The WSJ is correct in that he is running on grievances only. Fear and personal grievances do not a campaign make.

    I do thing the Democrats can also run on fear — Trump’s inept handling of the coronavirus makes him an easy target for the simple argument; to vote for Trump is to vote for the pandemic. Trump is one of the few politicians not to get a bump from his handling of the coronavirus. WSJ correctly notes his treatment of the press but he also engages in wishful thinking aloud. There are times to step back and let the experts speak but he couldn’t do that. Even in the Hannity interview he says it fading away when clearly its not — record new cases in the last week. Here he’s clearly lying or not aware of the facts — both are not good images.

    Biden will stay in the basement. I’ve argued this before and WSJ agrees; he just has to offer an air of competence, empathy, and a reasonable platform. He should take the summer off. The Democrats may even cancel the convention and just have a made for TV special….far better control and gives the impression of caution and erring on the side of safety. Meanwhile Trump will host rallies where attendees sign waivers agreeing not to hold the Trump campaign responsible for illness — not a good look when the president won’t take responsibility for his campaign.


  15. If he does, then that’s what happens. I just don’t see it.

    But I do see a whole lot of people who are really pissed at what Dems and their supporters are doing to the US. They may not vote for Trump, but they ain’t voting Democrat either.

    Would you vote for candidates that support the historical purge, destruction of US cities, and whose supporters riot and destroy property?

    Didn’t think so.


  16. Oh look, and every single one….. a Democrat.

    Mail in balloting is a bad idea, and as shown here, easily manipulated.


    ““Myth” Busted? NJ AG Indicts Four Over “Hundreds” Of Fraudulent Mail-In Ballots”

    “And here I thought we had it on the highest authority that mail-in balloting didn’t have more risk for fraud and manipulation. Don’t tell that to New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, who just indicted four men for voter fraud connected to hundreds of fraudulent mail-in ballots. Two of suspects are city council members in Paterson, in fact:

    Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal announced voting fraud charges against 1st Ward Councilman Michael Jackson, 3rd Ward Council-Elect Alex Mendez and two other men, weeks after the May 12 local election in which the Passaic County Board of Elections decided not to count 800 city ballots found scattered across different municipalities.

    Both Jackson, 48, and Mendez, 45, were charged with fraud in casting mail-in votes, unauthorized possession of ballots, tampering with public records and falsifying or tampering with records, according to the statement. Mendez was additionally charged with election fraud and false registration or transfer.

    Along with Jackson and Mendez, two Passaic County men, Shelim Khalique, 51, of Wayne, and Abu Razyen, 21, of Prospect Park, were also charged.

    The investigation was sparked by reports that hundreds of mail-in ballots were found in a mailbox in Paterson and in a mailbox in Haledon. The coronavirus pandemic has forced voters to mail in their ballots, as voting sites are no longer open.

    This can’t be! We have been assured repeatedly by our elite that mail-in balloting doesn’t create more risks for voter fraud than normal voting. If that’s really the case, it might be the most depressing part of this story arc.

    Mark Hemingway says the actual problem may have been in the thousands — and that it came close to 20% of all voting in the election:”


    “It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of fraud, either. North Carolina needed to hold a special election to deal with “ballot harvesting” fraud that took place in its 9th CD election in the 2018 midterms. Remember that the operative at the center of that fraud had over 800 mail-in ballots in his possession for the general election, and might have manipulated the primary that defeated the sitting GOP incumbent. Republican Dan Bishop won the special election, but the entire mess pointed up the risk factors of massive mail-in ballots.”


    Same in Cali. too, and from a very reputable source too. 🙂


    “On the eve of a contentious national election that at times has focused on potential voter fraud and suppression, a San Pedro couple unexpectedly landed in the media spotlight this week.

    Authorities are investigating the story behind more than 80 unused ballots — all with different names but all addressed to the same single-unit apartment — that landed at their mailboxes.

    “I call it spooky,” said Jerry Mosna, who discovered the bundled stacks on top of the apartment building’s mailbox center on Saturday. He went first to the Los Angeles Police Department, where officers directed him to the main San Pedro post office on Beacon Street. The ballots were returned to the sender, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s Office.”


  17. Similar things in NJ.


    “Stacks of mail-in ballots left at Paterson apartment buildings”

    “Stacks of vote-by-mail ballots have been left at Paterson apartment buildings raising concerns about people potentially being disenfranchised in the May municipal elections.

    A dozen mail-in ballots were scattered on the floor of the Park East Terrace Apartment complex at 789 11th Avenue. Nearby at the Kent Village complex at 769 11th Avenue mail-in ballots were left on top of mailboxes.

    “People are complaining of not getting them in the 3rd Ward,” said Sharrieff Bugg speaking of ballots. He is running in the 3rd Ward race. “It’s really frustrating.”

    Bugg said some of his supporters at Kent Village have told him they have not received their ballots.”


    “In some cases, the mail-in ballots may have been addressed to people who do not reside at the buildings.

    “There’s a stack of ballots sitting on top of the mailbox because these are people that have moved away,” said retired firefighter Luis Vega, who lives at the Kent Village complex.”


    Now what’s to stop someone else from picking up the ballots, filling them out, and mailing them in?

    Nothing is.


    Click to access pacei-voterfraudcases.pdf


  18. And now AJ brings out an other part of Trump’s election campaign — its rigged, they cheat. I don’t see a rigged election, I see the failure of the administrative state. Why doesn’t the government have an update voters list? In Europe, residents are expected to register at their municipal hall when they move and they create the election list from there. In Canada, we use the tax return to keep an up to date list. Estonia has been running elections over the internet for over a decade. All of this is not difficult to do — it just requires a functional administrative state.

    The Republican voter suppression is a far greater threat to democracy than incompetence. Kentucky had only 300 polling stations at their primary. Georgia has similar problems. In both cases the ratio of polling machines to people was much higher in predominately African American neighborhoods. Trump and other Republicans have openly admitted they are against mail in ballots because it will increase the vote.

    However, if mail in ballots are that terrible the Trump and Pence families should lead from example and stop using mail in ballots.


  19. Wow, my 80-ballot story.

    I’d noticed that had gotten a huge uptick in views in recent weeks, finally heard from a woman from another state saying it was making the rounds regarding the dangers of mail-in ballots. She’d asked if there was ever a follow up so I sent her this that I did a few weeks later. But yes, there is room for messing with the system and I suspect it happens on both sides. I will never understand the opposition to voter IDs being required.



  20. Good stuff DJ.



    “I don’t see a rigged election, I see the failure of the administrative state. Why doesn’t the government have an update voters list?”

    Because in state after state Democrats sue whenever someone tries to clean up voter rolls. They fight any effort to do so.

    See for yourself. The fraud only ever goes one way, that’s why they file lawsuits so it can continue.

    In state after state….. Wis., Cali, Georgia, NY, PA, NC, SC, Texas, and others, Dems try and stop it.



  21. Re whether statues put up in the past reflect the present well: Why must everything in life reflect the present moment? Seriously. A monument to the end of slavery paid for by freed slaves and using an actual freed slave as the model doesn’t have to reflect 2020. It really doesn’t. I’m not a huge fan of statues, but perhaps that is exactly why we need statues: because we need something that doesn’t flow with today’s momentary fads.


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