58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-25-20

  1. Six more months ’till Christmas.

    Chas was around yesterday. Mostly lurking, but, you may recall, he told you everything he knows about the child bearing age for women.

    Good morning everyone.

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  2. My desk at school often looks similar, except it’s piled with various Spanish textbooks and folders with worksheet master copies.

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  3. And I am confused about one thing:
    Donna has a kerosene lamp on her desk. I can’t imagine a purpose and I know that if it wore on my desk, it would be knocked over soon.

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  4. Good morning. That is a busy desktop! I like the little lamp. ♡
    The weather is still on the cool side with our cloud cover. I was on the front porch last night for our blog Zoom. While out there I got to see the most lightening bugs that I have seen in a long time since I am rarely out at dark.

    It was great to finally get on Zoom with those who were there. And Art got to say hello when he arrived home from work.

    I saw on the news that all this racial unrest in Atlanta is hitting the real estate market. Those who can are making an exit. I am not sure how much we will be affected since we are outside Atlanta proper but I feel certain it will be a consideration for those looking to buy.

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  5. I went to Publix a little after 7 a.m. There were maybe 5 shoppers. The store was better stocked than I have seen it recently except for the paper aisle. They have now taken away the arrows on the floor directing people one way through the store. They need to let everyone know that from 7-8 a.m. is their designated shopping time for introverts!

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  6. Those little drawers in DJ’s hutch look like old library card catalog drawers. Another thing from our youth that young people may never see.

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  7. I’ve always wanted a rolltop desk, but realistically they are large and I’ve never had the space for one. But when my mom died, in her possessions I found a small lap desk with a roll top, and I claimed it. 🙂 It now sits among my craft supplies with a few craft items in it.

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  8. I don’t know, looks more like an oil lamp to me. We have those for power outages and for fun. I also have the green one on my desk.

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  9. Since the desk looks of an antique vintage, the lamp fits right in. I’d use it as a decoration and have the fuel handy for power outages.

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  10. I have a question about the picture.
    On the picture, there is a “News Items”. It has a “click here” finger. But when I click on it, it just reverts back to the same scene.
    Question: What might that be? Is it part of Donna’s site, or part of the post?


  11. Morning! This is obviously your work station at home but it is so charming. And I am certain it is organized chaos…you know where everything is right? 😊
    It will hit almost 90 today in this forest. This morning I will be sitting on my neighbor’s back porch sipping on coffee. Three of us have tried to schedule a time to gather and finally it will be this morning. ☕️

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  12. Chas, the way the sign blends into the desk, I thought the same thing at first, that it was a graphic superimposed on the picture.

    But in fact the sign is a real object in the picture attached to DJ’s desk. It’s almost the same color as the desk so it’s hard to see its edges. If you look closely you can see that the top edge of the antique lamp blocks the bottom of the last two letters.

    The “click here” finger isn’t just on the sign, it’s on the whole picture. I think clicking on each day’s header picture always takes you back to the Wandering Views home page.


  13. That’s a desk and desktop with character. 🙂

    Good morning. Sorry for the background noise from the Arrow household during the Zoom last night. I forgot to shut off the phone ringer, and when it rang during the meeting, 3rd Arrow went out to the kitchen to check the caller ID, then told me it was the clinic calling, where 6th Arrow had been seen last week.

    About 6 rings later, I finally picked it up and went out to the deck to take the call, closing the door quickly behind me, and probably too audibly to all of you on the Zoom.

    I need to figure out the mute button thing in Zoom or be better organized beforehand so there are not all these crash bang boom things going on around us! 😛

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  14. This afternoon is Karen’s memorial service. I’m afraid I’m going to be a terrible mess. Three hours of sleep usually wreaks havoc on my emotions, and losing a good friend is heartrending by itself.

    Please pray for their family. Mike has had heart issues in the past, and he internalizes a lot. I pray that the stress of losing Karen doesn’t weaken him more. The kids are probably concerned about that, too. Prayers for all of them, for comfort and peace. Thank you.

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  15. Beautiful summer day here. Nice day for walking dogs, at least, in the early morning it was. Maybe not this afternoon. Nice day for feeding chickens and turkeys and sheep and goats and weeding.

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  16. And I know right where everything is? Sometimes.

    In a novel I was reading last night, being a reporter was described as trying to constantly “run in front of a thresher” — deadlines, day in, day out.

    Today I need to talk to the physical therapist about this knee, I fear it’s not really getting better. The pain is wearing me down. I really don’t want surgery, but I can’t live like this either. Bedtime can’t come soon enough so I can just go to sleep for as long as possible.

    I had a recurring dream last night that I’ve had for years, about an awesome early 1920s apartment that got away back when I was apartment hunting in the 1980s in LB (someone got there first). I don’t think I ever even got inside to see it, but my dream has since developed this entire layout, including an upstairs “great room” with a fireplace, all original flooring, original tile work and beautiful cabinets everywhere.

    This time it was right down the street near where I live now and a neighbor bought it and was getting it ready for her and her husband to move into. I was inside wandering through the rooms again, telling her this was “the apartment of my dreams” (literally) — she kept laughing.

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  17. Oh, so the kerosene lamp was from my mom’s childhood home (when they actually used them in Iowa — she’d fill and light them around Christmas time when I was growing up, they gave off a great ambiance).

    The little “news items” sign was from our old newsroom, it was on a wooden tray on the front counter, people would come in and drop their news releases there. Way before email.

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  18. When I showed Heidi in our Zoom meeting last night, I should have mentioned that she now has her summer hair cut. Usually she is a shaggy ragamuffin (but an adorable one). There is a photo of her in her shaggy glory in the “Wandering Views 4” gallery of photos.

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  19. I managed to make egg salad sandwiches for dinner after that Zoom. I should have made something before, but Wed. is a pretty full day and I let the hours get by without making anything in advance. I think it will be kidney bean salad for this evening. I had leftover egg salad for lunch. I love leftovers.

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  20. The contractor dug the trench on the West side of our bedroom and revealed a crack in the foundation wall 1/2 inch or more wide. Today he poured liquid tar into it before putting new mortar over it. He wondered if the crack went into the bedroom. It did. Now there is a tar puddle in the bedroom. We’re not worried as we pulled the carpet out in December and that concrete floor is going to be covered with a wooden sub-floor before installing the vinyl flooring.


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  21. Peter – “MakeItMan” has been writing of their flooding troubles on Facebook. I don’t remember all the details, but it included drilling many holes in the walls looking for a certain important valve that seemed to be missing. I think it was eventually found, after much frustration.


  22. Janice – Yes, you have a nice, soft southern accent. I’ve heard Kim on a video on Facebook, and she, too, has a nice,soft accent.

    I also noticed 6 Arrows’ accent from her region of the Midwest, and Roscuro’s Canadian accent.

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  23. One recent morning, when Nightingale was in the bathroom getting ready for the day (one of her days off), with the door open, I was goofing around, and I think I annoyed her a bit. So I offered her this pretend conversation:

    “Many children do you have, [Nightingale]?”

    “I have two – my son and my mother.”

    Then I broke up laughing. She did manage to smile at that. 🙂

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  24. We had a very sweet time of catching up over coffee this morning. There are a few storms moving in and husband and I we sitting in our rocking chairs on the front porch. We heard a thud and sadly noticed a baby magpie fell from the nest that was up in one of the tallest pines. So sad 😞…the mama and dad have been so protective of their babes….


  25. We’re having an Adorable birthday party after dinner (she’s 9), so I worked in the yard today, spreading bark and then decided to mow the lawn.

    After I finished, Mr. YardWorker came rushing out, shocked. “Who mowed the lawn?”

    Sweating like mad, I stood before him shaking my head. “Who do you think?”

    Hmmmm. I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’ve mowed the lawn in 15 years. Once, he never did it.

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  26. I’m also laughing about the shirt I wore last night to the Zoom meeting: “Be careful, or you may end up in my novel.”

    Surveying the other eight faces, I realized at least half of their names HAD appeared in my last novel . . . The joke may have been on me! LOL

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  27. I have kerosene lamp on my bedroom dresser. I have extra kerosene handy for it. That in the lamp has long evaporated.


  28. Beautiful memorial service today. Karen picked all the hymns and readings:

    “I’m But a Stranger Here (Heaven Is My Home)”
    Psalm 23
    “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”
    “I Know that My Redeemer Lives”
    Acts 4:9, 12
    Isaiah 57:1-2
    “Borning Cry”
    “Abide with Me”

    The pastor’s sermon theme, based on Isaiah chapter 57, was “The Righteous Rest in Peace.” He spoke of how we commonly see R.I.P written on tombstones or in other writings — social media, for example — accompanying an announcement of death. But it’s used so often and many times without thought that those made righteous through Christ do truly rest in eternal peace.

    He said a lot more, and better than I did in that little snippet above. 🙂

    All the family seemed to be doing very well. No doubt after the busy-ness of all the arrangement-making and people coming over with meals and condolences and so on dwindle away, the hard work of grieving will present in a new way.

    Tears mixed with rejoicing is how I would characterize most of our emotions among friends and family today.

    One friend who has been in our Friday morning Bible study was really broken up at the end of the service. When we saw each other, we both started crying harder and gave each other a big hug.

    Another mutual friend of Karen’s and mine was there, too. I didn’t meet these friends until we were all adults, but Tammy and Karen had known each other since 4th grade and were very close friends from high school on.

    A third mutual friend had known Karen almost as long as I have, but she and her husband and Karen and Mike had been in a weekly couple’s Bible study — just the four of them — for something like 20 years. Cindy said that Karen wanted to keep doing the couples’ study even after her diagnosis. So they kept it up and, though Karen would get too exhausted if she’d say much, Cindy reported that at their last study, she had said to Karen, “You’re being quiet, but I can see [through the Zoom study] on your face that you have a lot of thoughts about this!”

    To which Karen beamed with her characteristic exuberant smile. 🙂

    Such a blessing today to talk with many of her family and friends that I hadn’t seen in quite a while — at least since last summer at her daughter’s wedding — and hear the many testimonials of how Karen touched their lives through her walk of faith.

    Thank you all for your prayers. The day was glorious; what a beautiful Savior we serve.

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  29. I noticed Janice’s accent, but it wasn’t hard to understand. I am accustomed to the Southern accent, which I encountered at ATI training centres not a few times. Michelle was mentioning the rural Alabama accent. Years ago, we met missionaries from Alabama whose accent was nearly unrecognizable, but we understood more of that family than the six foot something Texan preacher from East Texas who visited us once. When he got excited, he’d slap the nearest flat surface, give a yell, and his drawl would become entirely unintelligible.

    I have an accent? Whatever my accent is, it is not typical of a rural Ontario accent, as I actually notice the accent of the farming families around us. My siblings and I have been told at various times that we sound European, whatever is mean by that. My mother’s mother came from England, so there is a slight infusion of that still in our pronunciation, while my father is from central Nova Scotia, which has a distinct accent. Being homeschooled and without television meant we learnt our pronunciation from our parents and the radio announcers.

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  30. Chas- My New York cousins used to say that.

    Talk about hard to understand. I went to a bible camp near Alexandria, LA. There was a preacher there from Lake Charles. I needed a translator.

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  31. Went to PT, he took one look and declared the knee to be in the inflammatory state again, so my orders are to rest it and keep it elevated through the weekend. When I got back Tuesday, he’ll assess it again; if it’s back to where it was, we can start up again, he said. If not, he’s recommending I see an orthopedic surgeon (though not necessarily for surgery, but for other possible treatments and further assessment). Ugh.

    So I’m taking Ibuprofen and using hydrocortisone cream on the knee (which seems to have a skin burn from the ice packs I’ve been using). I’m a mess.

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  32. I noticed lovely-sounding accents from all my fellow Zoomers. 🙂

    Tonight I had a wonderful phone conversation with one of my friends I’d mentioned above. Tammy and I hadn’t had much time to talk at the memorial service, as there were quite a few other people to talk to whom we hadn’t seen in a while. So Tammy called me later to ask how I was doing, and about my husband and family.

    We talked about her family, too… and Karen’s legacy and family… and our churches… and faith… and a bunch of things really.

    So good to catch up with another sister in Christ. We talked for 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 4 seconds! Obviously, there was a lot of catching up to do. 😉

    All in all, a tremendously moving and blessed day that God gave me.

    May God bless all of reading this, as well.

    Goodnight, wandering friends and friendly wanderers. 🙂

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  33. DJ – Do you keep a towel or something between the ice pack and your skin? I think you are supposed to do that.


  34. The icepack I have has a fabric side and that’s the side I put next to the skin, but maybe that wasn’t enough protection. My neighbor said she has a similar ice burn on her knee (her situation is that she needs a double knee replacement surgery but is avoiding that). Her husband was good enough to wheel my large trash cans down to the curb tonight. He’d better stay in good shape.

    The knee pain is easing up tonight, thankfully. Meanwhile, it’ll be 3 days of reading, sleeping, and watching movies with my left knee elevated.

    Today was another day of running ahead of the thresher, did 2 phone interviews, wrote 2 stories and wrote 2 copy blocks for photo assignments.

    Grateful for a 3-day break (and another one next weekend with the 4th of July holiday coming on Friday for working folks). Meanwhile, our covid-19 numbers are spiraling upwards again in LA County, with many of the new cases being detected in those under 40.

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  35. 6 Arrows, I had a phone conversation about that same length with a friend tonight. My first roommate from college (two-and-a-half years), birthdays two days apart (though she’s two years younger) and we used to celebrate together, but we haven’t talked in ages. It was very good to touch base.

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