42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-25-20

  1. It took more time entering the statement than it did to make it.
    I’m trying to explain to Elvera that “Fox News Alert” doesn’t mean anything.
    She thinks “Alert” and “Breaking News” means somethig.

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  2. Good morning, all. Roosters are crowing, sun will be along.
    Third son tells me he and his little family have taken a vacation to the coast, the Chesapeake Bay area. A lovely home there. But I wondered as we have heard so much about destination places asking people to stay home, not come to their second homes or whatever as they are not set up for the health situation. Kind of odd as they make their money from people vacationing and one would think they provide health assistance for their visitors.

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  3. I was awake around midnight and probably got back to sleep around 2. During that time I see that our worthless politicians reached some sort of agreement on a stimulus package. Mr. P made a statement this morning that made sense. Until this thing calms down Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx are the two people in charge of the country. Listen to them, not politicians who always have their eye on their re-election.

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  4. Morning! Mr P is right!
    Continued prayers for you AJ…how we pray you feel better this day and that healing has begun!
    The sun is shining and I received word from my precious foster girl this morning. She is the one just married this January and they live in NYC….I had been praying for her and her folks so desperately yesterday and today she messaged me….the Lord knows! ❤️

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  5. Finally, they got a bill passed.

    I see Prince Charles has now tested positive.

    I’m back ‘at’ work again today. Someone who tracks scheduled ship traffic says looks like the Navy hospital ship arrives at midnight Friday, that will provide an eerie feel to everything.

    Yesterday sure was a nice day off.

    Carol was having a hard time when we talked last night, saying the meal quality is slipping (over-peppered mac and cheese with hardly any cheese for lunch yesterday) and being confined to their rooms is becoming very hard. She was sounding resentful of the staff, she’s sure they can order takeout food and get other personal deliveries for themselves — one of her frustrations is she’s been told no orders can be brought in, including from amazon or any of her favorite shopping places. I reminded her how much stress the staff must be under right now making sure they’re all kept safe and unexposed and working on the front lines of this epidemic, as it were. The staff all received the special masks yesterday, so that’s good.

    Carol won’t request any more information about the situation, however. I told her from what I can tell all of the homes similar to hers are having to confine residents to their rooms.

    I don’t tell her how scary it is for facilities such as hers (and she doesn’t seem to have picked up on that yet in news reports) where the bug has raced through killing so many people who are among the most vulnerable with their poor immune systems and pre-existing health issues. We have a local beach cities elder-residence that I believe now has 10 staff and residents, combined, who have tested positive and several are now hospitalized; the county has taken the facility over for now.

    But I can see where their literal “lockdown” situation would be very difficult and I’m reminded of how easy I have it with a house, a yard – – and a job that keeps me occupied mentally and busy every day.

    But our business isn’t immune to being hit economically by all of this so our future income also might be on the line at some point if this doesn’t abate.

    My one neighbor said yesterday she’s on the verge of feeling really depressed about it all.

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  6. I may be the only one in this situation but will share anyway.
    My health insurance through Healthcare dot gov is $581 per month with a $7,100 deductible. Twice this month I have had to put off a 6 month follow test because I had to make the choice between paying for insurance or paying for the test.
    I called today and they reassessed my application. I explained that with the shutdown of everything and people freaking out I had not made the money so far this year that I made last year. The woman I spoke with was very kind and now I will have to pay $581 for April, but in May I will pay substantially less. I think I can breath now. In July I will have to have a $4,000 bone marrow scan, but I can negotiate that cost when I get there.

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  7. Janice, You might find this interesting—In the mail we got our taxes back from out tax
    preparer the day after we got some forms required by the IRS with corrected information. My husband called and brought the new forms in just in case an amended form needs to be done. He was met at the door (not allowed in) and the new forms were taken in by someone wearing gloves. The person said that there have been many of these corrected forms this year.

    Those insurance costs just make me shudder, Kim. I think of how much less one of my children paid for her family to have a high deductible of $3,000.00 and a very much smaller monthly for her whole family. 😦 I hope this can be fixed some day.

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  8. yes, Janice, I am also off to have a zoom Bible study. I don’t know these folks well, it is BSF, so it is different than my two hour zoom last night.

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  9. Chas, I think the photo is a bird of some sort, blue, flying right in the middle of the frame. A bluebird perhaps since it is too bright to be most other species and probably not the right color for an indigo bunting.


  10. I thought it was a bird, too.

    Those insurance costs! Yikes, Kim. Talked to Real Estate Guy yesterday, tough business to be in right now, nothing’s selling he says.

    From Ministry Watch email update today:


    COVID-19 and its consequences continue to dominate the news, and we’ve got two new stories this morning on the topic.

    First up is the news that the Southern Baptist Convention has cancelled its annual meeting this summer. This event is usually one of the biggest religious conferences of the year, attracting 8,000 people. Read Shawn Hendricks’ story here:


    The second article concerns the stimulus package that is set to pass in Congress today. Marco Rubio wants the small business funds to also apply to churches. Here’s Christina Darnell’s article:


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  11. Yikes and shudder are correct responses. Before the Affordable Care Act I was able to pay $150 per month for insurance with a $1,000 deductible. There is nothing affordable about this fiasco, yet with as much cancer as is in my family, I am afraid not to have it.

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  12. Churches? Not to be flippant, but won’t God provide?

    One pastor–I’m sorry, I don’t have the source–commented that his church had 40K views of their worship service the first Sunday they live-streamed.

    We’ve been invited to a Zoom small group Bible study tonight and my husband is looking forward to it.

    I, however, wanted to watch our former pastor, now in Boise, and his Wednesday Lenten service.

    “You can watch it later,” Mr. Techy said. 🙂

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  13. Husband and I had a little over 3 mile walk this morning and the temps were warm but the winds a howling!!
    We had our first Zoom small group last night. It was so good to see their sweet faces and hear their voices. We are going to do it again next Tuesday ❤️
    Healthcare…ugh. I am on Medicare and husband pays almost 300 a month for himself and a 10,000 dollar out of pocket before any expense is covered. Needless to say we do not go to the doctor often. Our daughter who will turn 26 next month pays almost 70 a month with the 10,000 out of pocket before any coverage. But then I remember those days when husband was at Clemson we had no insurance at all. Taking the kids to the doctor was painful financially but somehow the Lord made a way 😊

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  14. I see positives coming out of this. I’ve been texting all morning with a variety of friends, sharing the good things God is doing as a result. We have much to be thankful for, and we can encourage each other in this way.

    And for those of us in Christ Jesus, well, He will never leave us nor forsake us and lo, He will be with us always!

    Back to work for me. 🙂

    Oh, and as I’ve been saying to friends as we begin day 8 in house arrest, er, sheltering, this is the first time in nearly 50 years that I have NOTHING on my calendar. Bliss.

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  15. Michelle – Nightingale remarked that the positive thing for her about this social distancing is that she has an excuse/reason to stay home in the evenings and on her days off.

    One particular criticism I’ve seen about the stimulus bill is that some big corporations get bail-outs, but small businesses get loans they have to pay back.

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  16. As you know, Miguel and I are older parents and both of our father’s have passed, so Trey has no grandfather. Last summer, Miguel stopped to help an elderly gentleman on the side of the road. He wasn’t having car trouble just camping on the side of the road in hos pickup. Miguel invited him over. He has stayed in our trailer park ever since. He had come down here to recover from a horse wreck. He spent much time in his camper, and we don’t put any expectations on his company. He takes most of his meals with us and uses our shower etc.

    He is a strong Christian man. We have such good fellowship. Since this coronavirus thing, he has spent most days in the house with us. He has become a true grandfather to my son. His quiet wisdom us very much appreciated.

    Yesterday, he got out a .22 rifle and taught Trey how to shoot. He had spent lots of time with him previously supervising the BB gun activity. He was talking to him about learning to build a fire with a flint rock.

    That is my blessing report for the day.

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  17. Oh no, not Idaho. So we can’t get in now?


    Came across this 2011 post of mine from FB, fanfare for the uniqueness of community journalism:

    Love covering this area. Over the years I’ve interviewed the same guy, by chance, for a Thanksgiving basket giveaway at 1st Pres. where he’s an elder, a mountain lion sighting near where he happens to live on the PV Peninsula, and now it turns out he was the broker for the lease with a new restaurant coming into the downtown.

    Back to juggling, juggling, juggling — local breaking news. DMV workers walking out, local Catholic home for the elderly in dire need of food and medical supply contributions from the public; first coronavirus infection found at the local community college (which I’d attended eons ago); unconfirmed report of a longshore worker testing positive (so far seems to not be the case); Navy hospital ship arriving Friday, we believe. Our OC reporter who covers the military as part of her beat really has the best contacts and has actually been on the ship before so she’s taking the lead on that one.

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  18. You might be able to get in but then you could just march around in circles. I don’t know how it affects us. Does not really change my life other than husband being locked down in Boise. But he believes, since this is his address, they would let him come home. But he is still needed there. Apparently those two bottom of the heap enlisted people are essential so their babysitter is as well.

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  19. Our old pastor, serving on a Mercy ship out of Senegal, says they are having to stop their work for now. But he is still teaching children on board.

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  20. My taxes are done! I only owe because they didn’t take out enough for self employment taxes. And the preparer forgot my deposit last year when she billed me. I mentioned it, but then just let it go. Without me saying another word, she found the error and gave me the credit this year. God is good.

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  21. To get them done I had to figure out how to scan the signature documents on the printer here. All of this technology can be confusing.

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  22. I am going to weigh 300 pounds once this quarantine is over.
    My husband went to the store today and came home with canned goods. I don’t eat that junk. 3 cans of pinto beans. I asked him he ate those. He told me I would if I got hungry enough.
    Tonight was hamburger steak smothered in onion gravy with mashed potatoes, roast asparagus and carrots.

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  23. Oh he teased me about being Holly Homemaker. I informed him I used to be really good at this he just happened to catch me on a bad decade. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  24. That is an extreme blessing, RKessler!

    I’ve tried to like comments but my liker is being uncooperative.

    I need to go post the prayer requests from our Zoom study this a.m. The group has grown so I have a lot to post. It isn’t easy doing it all on this phone and trying to edit it. I am better than I use to be, but I think it is the reason my right elbow is experiencing problems.

    Hopefully we will soon get the internet set up at home and I can have a computer to use with it.

    Kathaleena, I really like that idea. I am surprised people are still keeping their appointments with Art. Yesterday he saw a teacher and I asked if she had on gloves or mask. He said no. From the desk to where the people sit may be four feet away.

    Finally management closed my brother’s tax office. Now that means he calls me several times each day for something to fill his time. When he called first thing this a.m. I told him I needed to memorize a Bible verse. He talked and talked and finally said he needed to go. I asked him why and he said he had some things to do. Then on second thought he said that I had my group. I then said, “And I have to memorize a Bible verse.”

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  25. So we are “shelter in place” or “stay home”…not sure what changes though. Most businesses are shut down or employees working from home. I need to run to the post office tomorrow and I suppose they would let me run into the grocery for some bananas (if they have them…I am disgusted by bananas…husband loves them…I purchase them green!)
    My neighbor and I can still take a walk about the forest as long as we are 6 ft apart. We walked for about a mile just a little while ago so that gives me a bit over 4 miles for the day 😊
    Rk thank you for sharing your blessing. My heart swelled at the kindness of our Lord to bring a grandfather into your lives and the kindness your family has shown to him ❤️

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  26. About my verse, Psalm 46:1, another person who had planned to go with me to the conference that got cancelled had memorized from the same Psalm some verses later. Then at another point in discussion, a late arrival said she wanted to read a Psalm to us. It was Psalm 46. She had not been in the group when we earlier had recited from that Psalm. We will soon finish our study in Hebrews which has been great for this time when we need extra faith building.

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  27. No Zoom Bible studies here, but our Toastmasters club is talking about doing a Zoom meeting in early April. I’m not real keen on the idea – I’ve participated in Zoom meetings at work but just audio. I’ve never done video with the computer (I’d have to borrow my husband’s, which has a webcam), and certainly not public speaking. But I’m an officer in the club and I feel obligated to try to be positive about it. My son had a music lesson (baritone horn) using Zoom today, so I guess it works for lots more than just remote meetings – though of course with his lesson the audio is more important than the video.


  28. the port is giving a Zoom news conference tomorrow. I’ve never used Zoom, so what’s the deal with that? How does it work, exactly — I have the link to go to.


  29. We have official “stay at home” since midnight last night; I looked to make sure it doesn’t say we can’t go out for walks, and it specifically says we can. (Now, if I lived in Indianapolis, I’m not sure I’d want to, as there are a lot of cases there and people are closer together.) I went out several times today, including a long walk by myself, two short outings to photograph a specific thing, and a medium-sized walk with my husband. And I rarely had to change my course for people, though it was a really beautiful day and early in the afternoon a lot of people were out and about in our condo development, so I had to make sure I was staying more than the prescribed distance from everybody. (I’m aiming for quite a bit more than the six feet specified, just to err on the side of caution for everyone’s sake. Many of the people I’m seeing are well past eighty.)

    At one point I was trying to take some photos and a man came along, and I moved away and waited for him to get out of the space I wanted. (I would have been a bit more than six feet from him, but as I said I’m being cautious–and when he sneezed a time or two, I was glad for that.) I think he was setting a Fitbit or something, because he ended up standing in the same place for several minutes. I debated saying something like, “Sir, I’m waiting for you to move on, if you wouldn’t mind moving up a bit” but instead I just started deleting some photos so that I was making use of the time. He eventually moved forward about 10 or 12 feet and starting doing push-ups on the trail, and he was then far enough away I could go back to the plants I was photographing.

    But I’m really thrilled with some of the photos I got today, and I also finished a book I’ve been editing, so overall it was a good day.

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  30. I know zoom is 2-way, but I’m confused by how that works for something like a news conference that probably will have a lot of people signed in. What do you mean, don’t show your screen? My camera on my laptop already is covered, has been for a few years because they all tell you to do that, whoever “they all” are. Does zoom have its own mute? I’m much more used to phone conferences, voice only.

    I’m grateful I have dogs to walk. We were out for about 30 minutes tonight, changed course once when it looked like a coyote was crossing the street a ways ahead of us. It’s been cold here, and windy, a very blustery spring so far with dark clouds coming in off the ocean. But the dog walks at night, once work is all behind me, are a good time to unwind. I’m having neck and shoulder aches from the intense days at the computer. It’s just like putting out fires all day as stories everywhere pop up and you’re asked by some editor or another to “chase” this one or that one. Doesn’t help to say you’re already working on something else …

    We thought it might hit a slower pace this week, but it almost feels like it just continues to get more and more intense and stressful with this virus.

    My vet sent me a tweet tonight saying he thinks we (the state) should be shut down for at least 2 more months. He’s probably right, I think Trump’s desire to get us back to business by Easter is overly ambitious.

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  31. Oh, and I saw this on Twitter which I liked:

    This is a good reminder that if you are still lucky enough to be working and getting paid, you should continue to pay everyone who may not be lucky enough to work right now…but who was absolutely vital to your life pre-coronavirus.

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