6 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-26-20

  1. Bob, who ever did believe the numbers from China?

    Disconcertingly, I talked to all but one of my six siblings last week (word was that the pastor in the LA area was much too busy to talk to siblings, so I didn’t try to reach him), and all but one of the ones I did talk to brought up the subject of the corona virus, and in effect rolled their eyes at how silly everyone is being about it. Two of them (who talk to each other a lot) actually got quite heated in expressing their anger that the government has concocted this whole made-up crisis just to shut down the economy and seize control of our lives.

    One of those told me of a friend in China who is posting that “people in China are laughing at the US” . . . but no, not laughing that they sent us a really nasty virus, but laughing that we are in self-isolation and otherwise taking the virus very seriously. Sorry, but I just don’t think that a Chinese citizen knows enough about what happened in her own country to be informed, let alone what is happening in ours to mock us and do so intelligently. If they really and truly are “laughing at us,” it’s hardly evidence that they are wiser and better informed than we are! And how does a libertarian American who thinks our government should have very few laws take anything from China seriously? (Oh, and that sibling said he/she had already had the corona virus; the timing was very vague, but it would seem that this illness was sometime in the fall, because of course the government is lying about its being a “new” virus.)

    Another sibling predicted that when it all plays out, we’ll find that only one in a thousand people or so have died of it. His church was still meeting, and he told me how pleased he was to see all these people there (and he went on to mention several individuals in their late eighties and early nineties).

    I have no idea how this will all play out. But it would seem that conservatives have been upset with the government for not being pro-life about abortion, and now that the government is being pro-life in regards to protection (well within its role) against a pandemic, suddenly we think they should put finances first. (Don’t shut down businesses! It will hurt our economy!)

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