21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-26-22

  1. I woke up at 3:45 and tried to go back to sleep until 5:15 when I decided that was not going to happen. My husband is not a morning person and I try to be somewhat compatible. I really am more productive early, and he is later in the day.

    Thanks for all the replies about metal roofs and solar panels. It seems our Founders were quite wise in letting states have so much say in the laws passed. We are a good example of living in such different climates. Metal roofs do seem to hold up quite well here. I do wonder about having to break through them when there is a fire in an attic area. I have never heard of any firefighters saying anything negative about them, however. Our roof is about twenty years old, but I was recently assured it is in decent shape. It is shingles.

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  2. Good morning.
    I had never given metal roofs a thought since we don’t seem to have them in this area. It is interesting and of importance, as Kathaleena, pointed out, to consider the needs of people living in different parts of our nation so we are not under an umbrella Federal law to the advantage of some and disadvantage of others.

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  3. Morning all! And again there is a lovely autumnal photo up there. Why are there tree trunks in the water thought? Is the water level higher than normal? We sure would like that to be the case here in the west!

    My neighbor has a metal roof and it is amazing! Over twelve years ago we all had to replace our roofs due to a severe hail storm. My neighbor was faced with replacing for the third time in three years so they looked into something other than shingle. While we upgraded to a “50” year roof paying more out of pocket for that and for freeze shield underlayment , they went with the metal. We have had to have some maintenance on ours due to high winds but the neighbors have not had to do a thing to theirs! If we have to replace again we will go with the metal.

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  4. Another chilly morning here, I’ll need to get that return register hauled up from the floor in the hallway and get it cleaned out for the season. I don’t like using the heater until that’s done, but it’s one of those annoying annual chores. The screen underneath to catch all the dust and pet hair has the tiniest little screws you have to get off and back on again.

    I think the time changes for us this weekend?

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  5. When it rained hard on our metal roof in Hawai’i, you couldn’t hear the TV.

    I’m sure you won’t have that problem.

    We got a light gray roof and received 10% off in rebates plus a drastic reduction in heating costs. We have no air conditioning and it made a big difference in cooling our house in the summer.

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  6. I also had a light gray roof put on last time but the house still gets pretty hot (and chilly). I think these older houses just don’t have any insulation.

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  7. It’s in the 60’s here today and breezy so feels chilly. I am making some cornbread dressing. It’s good weather for baking. I told Art earlier that it’s time for me to put our fans in storage.

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  8. Janice, do you see the big film crew trucks around your area? And the yellow signs with one-word code names and arrows for crew looking for the location?

    We get a lot of the TV shows — but also commercials. There’s a Film LA site that will send out emails on what’s filming where location-wise in advance, otherwise it’s hard to tell as the trucks are always unmarked.

    Could be your favorite actor on site somewhere — or just a cellular service or auto insurance commercial being shot.

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  9. We also have a community FB page chronicling the filming going on (and when folks spot the town in a show that’s being aired, I guess part of Dahmer was filmed here which I definitely would not want to watch!):

    A recent post about one week’s filming schedule:

    “The Greatest Hits” (Movie) starring Lucy Boynton- 3720 Stephen White Drive.

    “Fatal Attraction” (TV Series) starring Amanda Peet and Joshua Jackson – 241 Watchorn Walk and 3601 Gaffey Street.

    “NCIS LA” -2139 S. Pacific Ave. and 2293 Miner St.

    Another post (and this is a good series, waiting for the 2nd season to return:

    ~ Some of episode 7 of “The Old Man” Season 1 was shot in the Cabrillo Marina, featuring Jeff Bridges. It was posing as a Moroccan harbor. I saw the film crew go out on the speed boat being used for the scene that day actually. But only put 2 and 2 together while recently watching the season finale. Good series. ~

    And a few years back I was watching an old rerun of “Murder She Wrote” and recognized our ocean bluffs and lighthouse out on “the point” as we call it in town; it was supposed to be the East Coast, but there was Jessica / Angela Lansbury and co-star “Seth” William Windom, chatting away.

    Currently there’s a commercial running locally that was shot in the middle of our main downtown streets, where our newsroom once was — so weird every time I see that as I’ve been up and down and on that street a gazillion times over the years, it is so incredibly familiar to see.

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  10. Janice – I love cornbread stuffing! We didn’t have it when I was growing up, but I was introduced to it at my first Thanksgiving with Hubby. We often have both kinds of stuffing at Thanksgiving. 🙂 (We call it “stuffing”, but I guess since we don’t actually stuff the turkey with it, it should be called “dressing”. Oh, well.)

    DJ and Janice (with a typo, you were almost Jancie 🙂 ) – I may have mentioned that a Facebook friend of mine (and someone who MakeItMan used to know) is a long-time professional “extra” – and he lives in Georgia. He has (or had) a regular “role”, if you can call it that, as a background doctor in the show “The Resident”. (I’ve never seen the show, but he has shared photos of himself in it.)

    He has also written a couple of books, one about the business, and one fictional.

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  11. Being an “extra” sounds like fun.

    Our pastor’s father did bit parts in TV and movies back in the day and a couple of our pastor’s kids also pursued some acting, they were in a few commercials and had a few small parts but I don’t think they’re still doing that.

    Ah, and NCIS (original) also filmed recently in our area, spotted it like this FB commenter did when the episode aired a few weeks ago; it’s an old Army base on the coast that’s now a WWII-era (mostly) museum with some underground bunkers and tunnels; a place I’ve been numerous times through the years for stories:

    ~ Last night’s NCIS (S20E2) opening features Battery Osgood. Note how they covered the name with warning signs. Then there were several inside scenes. Love how they used mirrors or computer graphics to make the tunnel appear as it is filled with an endless supply of cheese barrels. ~

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  12. Those in the film industry here would know a lot more about locations. I just looked that up to see if something was filming in our neighborhood because of all the fireworks.

    The Resident was mentioned on the news this morning because it continues to be produced after most programs have been canned. A long time back, our neighborhood middle school (was a high school) was used for filming Remember the Titans. That was before Hollywood came to town.

    I really don’t keep up with films, tv programs, and stars. Watching Fox local news is my main thing, but I do watch Art’s shows. We have been enjoying Broadchurch, the second season, but I think everyone else has already seen it.

    A film crew did bring all their stuff to my former church and set up the church as base camp for one movie. That was before Covid.

    Art said it seemed amusing that many in the industry said they would leave based on our voting laws ( need ID for absentee ballot, etc.) and the abortion heartbeat bill, but hardly any left because of the money saved by filming here. Money is the main thing.

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  13. We picked our puppy and we bring him home tomorrow. I have plenty of towels as well as paper towels and water for clean up in case he gets carsick (sure hope not). We’ve puppy proofed the first area of the house and are so looking forward to three days of just puppy time as we all get to know each other. Duke is wondering why there are all these toys he can’t chew on. 😀

    I’ll send AJ a picture of Kootenay soon!

    And no baby news. Midwife said DIL isn’t even close yet 😳. Son leaves for work training on Nov 6 and they hoped to be all settled at home before he leaves.

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