26 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-16-20

  1. I’m a little sick, so I’m a little behind.


    “Spying on coronavirus: A little-known U.S. intel outfit has its most important mission yet

    The National Center for Medical Intelligence, an obscure patch of the U.S. spy world, is in the midst of one of the most important missions in its history.”

    “Last month, well before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, a little-known unit within the Defense Intelligence Agency had already predicted that the outbreak would reach pandemic proportions.

    The warning came from the National Center for Medical Intelligence, a senior defense official told NBC News. The NCMI, as it is known, is an obscure patch of the U.S. spying community that is now in the midst of one of the most important missions in its history. The warning was first reported by Newsweek.

    The NCMI is the intelligence community’s eyes and ears when it comes to global disease outbreaks. While the CIA also has a medical intelligence unit, current and former officials said, the NCMI, headquartered at Fort Detrick, Maryland, is the clearing ground for classified information and analysis related to the coronavirus outbreak.

    The Trump administration declined a request to tour the facility and interview its leaders. Former officials and outside experts say the NCMI calls upon all sources of intelligence — from communications intercepts to satellite imagery to human source reporting — to seek answers that elude public health authorities, including whether foreign governments are lying about the extent and nature of the disease in their countries. It also combs open sources, such as social media.”


  2. And yes, some of those countries are lying….

    Like the Chinese…..


    “Coronavirus name blame game is an insane distraction playing into Beijing’s hands”

    “For sheer cynicism, this takes the cake: Democrats are calling House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy “racist” for using the term “Chinese coronavirus.”

    No joke: “Bigoted statements” that “blame Asians and the Asian American community for #coronavirus make us all less safe,” tweeted Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) called it “racist” to use the term “Chinese.” Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) huffs that she’s “disgusted.”

    What exactly did McCarthy tweet? Just that: “Everything you need to know about the Chinese coronavirus can be found on one, regularly updated website: coronavirus.gov.” Oh, the horrors, huh?

    Never mind that COVID-19 really did start in China and that attaching that adjective in no way “blames” Chinese Americans or even China itself for it (though Beijing’s early censorship of warnings about the virus surely worsened the situation for everyone).

    Never mind that left-leaning, uber politically correct outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN have used that exact phrase, with nary a complaint. Even the Democratic-run House Committee on Foreign Relations itself referred to the bug as “the Wuhan Coronavirus.” (Wuhan, remember, is in . . . China.)”

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  3. Burnin’ down the house……

    As I predicted……


    “Bernie Bros Warn Of A ‘Mass Exodus’ If Joe Biden Gets The Democratic Presidential Nomination”

    “Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) hardcore supporters say that, despite assurances from the Democratic National Committee that left-leaning voters will fall in line behind the likely Democratic presidential nominee, they’re ready to “resist” casting a ballot for former Vice President Joe Biden, “even if that means handing [President Donald] Trump a second term,” according to the New York Post.

    Biden pulled well ahead of Sanders in the delegate count last week after inking convincing victories in the South Carolina primary, several major Super Tuesday states, and in the all-important battleground state of Michigan, where he beat the Vermont socialist by a respectable 14 points.

    But although Biden is now considered the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, many Sanders’ supporters believe the former Veep’s remarkable comeback from near complete obscurity was orchestrated by Democratic powers-that-be and that powerful “moderates” are pressing Sanders out of competition for the nod.

    They’re planning to fight back.

    “We will never – NEVER boost or support Joe Biden or defend his abysmal record and terrible policy positions,” one progressive activist told the New York Post. “We will tell people, as we always have, to vote their conscience and to make decisions based on the interests of all the world’s oppressed people … I do expect a massive exodus from the Democratic Party.”

    “I don’t know if I could vote for Biden,” one “high-profile local Democratic Socialist” added. “Biden is just an old white guy who inspires nobody. I sincerely think he will lose the electoral and popular vote and I know I won’t be voting for him in New York.””


  4. Utter garbage, but that is just what we’ve come to expect from Jen Rubin.

    She’s such a principled conservative, unlike us rubes……


    “Jennifer Rubin: More Republicans Than Democrats Will Die Because Right-Wing Media Is Downplaying Coronavirus”

    “JENNIFER RUBIN, WASHINGTON POST: There is a particular cruelty/irony that it is their core viewers, the Republican older viewers, who are the most at risk.

    And when you think about it, which party immediately canceled all of their rallies? Which party immediately started having their political figures really portray and use their lies as an example? It was the Democrats.

    So, I hate to put it this way, but there will be less Democrat deaths because there will be less mass gatherings, there will be less opportunities for people to congregate and share this horrible disease. So it is really a very short-sighted strategy.”


    News flash clown. The Democrats did that for one reason only. To protect Joe Biden. It wasn’t about the virus, it was about derailing Bernie and protecting the senile front-runner.


  5. About time. Now let’s end this charade of justice.


    “Trump considering ‘full pardon’ for Michael Flynn after FBI ‘lost’ records”

    “President Trump said he is seriously considering a pardon for former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.

    “So now it is reported that, after destroying his life & the life of his wonderful family (and many others also), the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has ‘lost’ the records of General Michael Flynn. How convenient. I am strongly considering a Full Pardon!” Trump tweeted on Sunday.”


    “For months, Powell has insisted that the original draft of the FBI’s notes from its interview with Flynn has gone missing. In one September 2019 filing, Powell asked the judge to help produce “the original draft of Mr. Flynn’s 302 and 1A file, and any FBI document that identifies everyone who had possession of it.”

    “Where is the original 302?” Powell tweeted in January. “It cannot be ‘missing’.”

    After Attorney General William Barr selected U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen to review the Flynn case earlier this year, Powell tweeted that Jensen “should demand the Original Flynn 302 and audit trail” because “as former FBI, he knows it’s not ‘missing’.”

    “The longer this false prosecution continues, the worse DOJ & FBI look,” she said.

    In a filing earlier this year, Powell pointed to a section of DOJ Inspector General Horowitz’s report that showed the intelligence briefing the FBI gave to Trump’s team in August 2016 during the presidential campaign was a “pretext” to gather evidence to help in the counterintelligence investigation into Trump’s campaign. The FBI agent who led that briefing, known as “SSA 1” in Horowitz’s report and believed to be FBI supervisory Special Agent Joseph Pientka, was the same official who accompanied Strzok in their controversial January 2017 interview of Flynn.

    Powell said “the IG Report establishes that SSA 1 was chosen and inserted into the presidential briefing for the very purpose of collecting information on Mr. Flynn” and that “this act was outrageous government misconduct that alone warrants dismissal of this prosecution.””


  6. Vote accordingly.



  7. The difference is clear.


    The lies flow like water…..


  8. Trump was right, not the globalist shills….


    “In the current WuFlu crisis, the problem for the Trump-is-an-idiot crowd is that when you step back a bit — and when you subtract his clumsy statements and the usual government missteps in any crisis — the guy has been right about almost everything. Uncontrolled migration, globalization, and the Chinese supply chain — everything Trump has tried to rectify — are precisely what make flus like this so dangerous.

    Plus he’s been nice to the Jews so they’ll share the vaccine with us when they make it. Always be nice to the Jews!

    The science writer Matt Ridley — a relentless debunker of panic narratives from peak oil to global warming — writes “It is now likely, though not inevitable, that [the virus] will kill hundreds of thousands of people.” Among the reasons the threat is real, he says, is globalization. “If we persist in creating conditions in which viruses can be easily transmitted and amplified, then we will persist in experiencing waves of new viral epidemics.”

    So every time you hear a Democrat complain about Trump’s actions, ask yourself this: Do you really want to replace him with the party of open borders and world government? A party that worries we’ll insult our dear Chinese Communist friends by naming the virus improperly? A party that is about to be led by an empty suit who can’t remember the name of God? It would be insane.

    Even with Trump at the helm, the Democrats have to be thwarted in this moment at every turn. They are the party of “Never let a crisis go to waste,” which translates into, “Always use people’s fears to extend the power of government.”

    There’s a reason this works. Crises like this are exactly what government is good for. Barring the End of Days, a crisis is, by definition, a limited event demanding the rapid acquirement of factual information that can be quickly translated into specific actions. As an example: inventing a vaccine and getting it out to the people. So it’s a time when you can make a specious argument like: “Look how well government is doing! Wouldn’t it be great if it did this all the time?”

    That’s why the Democrats are always declaring a crisis where none exists. The climate is a crisis. A Trump phone call is a crisis. Thursday is a crisis. It’s their opportunity to spread the fears of their hysterical base to the rest of us in the hope of cramming their agenda through.”

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  9. Victor Davis Hanson has more…..


    “America In a New Upside-Down World

    Who can game the election-year politics of these chaotic times, especially the more macabre calculations of the electoral beneficiaries of the media-driven hysteria over the COVID-19?”

    “The world is changing at a pace not seen in years, and it is no time to become captives of fear despite the real and immediate dangers we face.

    The coronavirus and the ensuing panic, at least for a few more weeks, have stagnated the economy and scared global financial markets, accompanied by both collateral, and independent and simultaneous, bad news. Rumor- and panic-mongers predominate; the rational and reasonable are written-off as naïve and out of it. Thousands may die, but millions who will not are terrified into anxieties and sleeplessness that they will.

    COVID-19 itself has raised fundamental questions about the merits of globalization in general, and in particular the wisdom of any sovereign nation outsourcing key industries like high-tech, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and food processing to an autocratic, non-transparent—and dangerous—nation like China.

    The current oil glut and price crash—a result of a Saudi-Russian price war, in part directed at record U.S. production, in part due to the crumbling of OPEC, and less demand as a global public, frightened by the specter of the Wuhan virus, stays closer to home—are radically changing the relationship between oil sellers and buyers. In particular, vulnerable cash-hungry exporting countries like Iran, Russia, and Venezuela are losing clout. Interest rates are also dropping. The world at large may for a time experience historic de facto negative interest.

    Trump Was Right About China

    Ostensibly, all of this news should be terrible. And, of course, terrible is the reality that as I write over 6,000 people have died worldwide (out a global population nearing 8 billion) from the disease caused by the coronavirus. But that said, there will emerge winners and losers in every crisis, whether medical, economic, psychological, or political.

    Donald Trump was ridiculed for taking on the Chinese juggernaut in 2017, even though he was not wrong that China was a serial world trade cheater—manipulating currencies, dumping products below the cost of production, appropriating technology, infringing on patents and copyrights, and running up huge asymmetrical trade surpluses.

    The writ against his pushback on China was that it was hopeless to fight a 1.4-billion-person powerhouse, destined to surpass the United States in annual GDP in just a few years. Or Trump was deemed naïvely reckless, given that to achieve symmetry, legality, and fairness would incur too much pain and involve ossified and discredited concepts like tariffs.

    But either by design or accident, the Trump standoff tore off the China scab. The exposed putrid wound beneath has terrified the world: lying, deceit, and subterfuge surrounded the mysterious COVID-19 contagion that emerged from Wuhan late last year and now has spread worldwide and panicked the globe. The coronavirus helped remind the world that the Hong Kong democracy protests, the creepy 1-million-person reeducation camps for Uyghur Muslims, and internal Chinese Orwellian surveillance were characteristic not aberrant.

    In a reductionist sense, it is not surprising that a China, systematically lying to and cheating its trading partners, cannot be trusted to tell the world how a virus was born on its own soil, spread among its population, and hopped oceans into other nations.

    When the virus peters out and the panic fades, China may be permanently rebranded and recalibrated by the world at large. Its trading partners will trust it far less to honor any commitments or to abide by any international agreements. Supply chains will be diversified. Tourism will be reduced in fears another such coronavirus will follow SARS and COVID-19—and be hushed up. Countries that had particular close commercial and cultural ties with China—Iran, South Korea, and Italy—were hurt most during the epidemic by Chinese silence and duplicity.”

    Some assembly plants will be shut down. Nations will be less trusting to outsource key industries to Chinese companies. Supply chains were changing before the epidemic and will redirect even more afterward.

    In sum, China’s mercantile system will take a hit. The only country that can match and surpass its economic output, the United States, will be the long-term beneficiary as investors and businesses look away from Beijing to a more transparent partner.”


    The globalists will of course call for a return to the old way of doing business with China, to bow down and beg. Let’s hope those days are behind us. We can do, and deserve, better.

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  10. That’s what I love about Kurt. He doesn’t sugar coat it, and you never have any doubt where he’s at on an issue. 🙂


    “There’s nothing like a hideous pandemic to reaffirm what we always knew…

    Communists are terrible.
    Our establishment is terrible.
    Our media is terrible.
    Democrats are terrible.
    Never Trumpers are terrible.

    Let’s start with the bat soup-slurpin’ version of Bernie Sanders’s favorite ideology, the Red Chinese. Their bizarre fetish for gobbling up pangolins and other appalling foods led to this outbreak, as if eating weird stuff was ever going to lead to anything good. Anyway, their secrecy, ineptitude and general commie incompetence led to it getting all out of control. Now they are blaming America for it, as if Trump went over to the far east and started stuffing rodents, marsupials and varmints down their gullets.

    Turns out the Chinese and their slave labor fake capitalism were just too attractive to our globalist betters, who decided that it would be super-smart to outsource all sorts of necessary stuff to a committed enemy of the United States. But then, at heart, the lickspittle Wall Street types and the Bain Brigades starring the likes of Mitt Romney don’t truly believe that America still exists in a Westphalian nation-state paradigm. After all, doesn’t everyone from everywhere get along so swimmingly over cocktails and crudités in Davos? So when the ChiComs started sounding off maybe not letting us have any of the drugs we need, we dug a bit deeper and found out that the Bush/Clinton/BushAgain/Obama era geniuses who keep telling us how smart they are let America transfer our drug-making, mask-making, and all-sorts-of-other-stuff-we-really-really-need-making to our enemy. As the hep kids once said, “Smooth move, Ex-Lax,” except Ex-Lax is probably now made in Wuhan, and that’s a problem considering what our establishment is so manifestly full of.

    So now we have Chinese officials in official Chinese newspapers claiming that the U.S. Army created and spread the Chinese coronavirus, which is ridiculous because today’s Army is focused on important tasks like transgender diversity day awareness training stand-downs and making sure that drill sergeants aren’t mean to the puffy new recruits.

    But our garbage media – sorry garbage, since you were at least useful at one point – is eager to parrot the Peking line. Blaming the ChiComs for the ChiComs’s failure is now xenophobic, according to the memo that obviously circulated among these dummies, and super-smart people who talk to you at airports like Fredo Cuomo and my special pal Don Lemon. We’re also not supposed to say where this disease came from because it promotes unease among the masters of the population that insists on imbibing creepy crawlies. After all, if you knew what kind of things some of these people put in their mouth’s you might think less of the persons doing that, because you should. I submit that any individual who wishes to dine on a dugong, dolphin, or dog should be thought less of.

    You know, like Obama.

    Key Democrats weighed in on this important issue. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced that not eating Chinese food is racist, but she did not confront the fact that eating General Tsao’s chicken is militarist. She needs to get more woke. Not-Senile Joe needs to be woken up. His big speech about his big virus plan focused on us not being racist by accurately pointing out the disease’s origins, which seems like a super-important consideration to the people hacking their lungs out.

    So, I guess I should stop referring to it as “Woking Pneumonia?” Nah, I think I’ll do whatever I want instead.

    The Democrats’ shiny new meme was that Donald Trump wasted the time China bought us with its dissembling and incompetence. What was Trump doing at that time? Dealing with being impeached for allegedly seeking an explanation about why the exotic dancer-diddling and wacky dust-inhaling scion of the presumptive Democrat nominee was getting paid off to the tune of $83K a month by foreign corruptocrats. At least Hoover Biden’s safe. If that virus wanders into his nostrils it’ll OD harder than a pal of Democrat Andrew Gillum at a wedding after-party.”

    “Who wants to bet the Democrats are less concerned with their up n’ comer being caught wasted in a hotel room with a couple muscular dudes and some sacks of meth than with his obvious failure to practice his social distancing?

    Yeah, Trump is responsible for the government’s alleged botching of the test kit thing. The answer is, of course, to give all power over health care to the government because reasons and are you kidding me? Now, if you aren’t tested and show symptoms, you should self-quarantine. And if you are tested and come out positive, you should self-quarantine. So, if you are showing symptoms, but test negative, you should go cough on people and lick door handles? I’m not sure the lack of testing is key to stopping this pandemic. Maybe staying away from other people if you have some loathsome infection is.”


  11. When a vaccine is ready, who gets it first?

    In most cases, not the average Joe.


    “So once we have an approved, safe, functional vaccine, obviously there won’t be 340 million doses available on day one. Who gets vaccinated first? It turns out the CDC has a plan in place and it’s published on their website. Just so you know what you have to look forward to, let’s check out the categories and find where you land on the waiting list. The schedule is broken down into four tiers, with those at the top getting the first vaccines when they are ready to go.”

    “Are you in the military, the National Guard or any federal intelligence service or in Homeland Security? If so, I’ve got some great news for you. You are at the top of the list of people to receive vaccines before anyone else. ”

    “Up next in line to (hopefully) survive with coronavirus immunity are those who work in the healthcare field. If you’re involved in almost any way, including doctors, nurses, clinicians, or even morticians, you’ll be getting your vaccination just as soon as the military is taken care of. I suppose that makes sense, because without you we may not have anyone to administer the vaccinations.”

    “Don’t see a category for yourself yet? Not to worry. Plenty of people will qualify for the third tier, though some of them seem a little bit out of place. The people lucky enough to make the cut will come from various sectors including EMS workers, law enforcement and other first responders. (Makes sense.) Also included are people involved in manufacturing the vaccines. (Ditto.) But then we come to “critical government personnel.” (Hmmm.) And those involved in “banking and finance” (!?!) and a few other industries. Wait… how did Wall Street make the cut?”

    “If you didn’t qualify for any of those categories I’ve got some bad news for you. You fall into the bottom tier, including “everyone else.” It’s named the “General Population” tier. And at the very bottom of that tier are healthy adults age 19-65 and all adults age 65 and over.”


  12. The current crisis demonstrates Sanders has a point—universal free health care is necessary. Even Pence recognizes this in part by making corona testing free. And I’m sure if a vaccine is developed it will be free. A healthy populace keeps everyone healthy. Socialism is here to rescue capitalism. Speaking of socialism, hopefully today’s stock market crash will force the admin to stop throwing good money after bad…its spent over 2 trillion dollars in stock market welfare….stop propping up the rich. That kind of money can give you universal health care and protect you from the next virus


  13. Regarding 8:13 am, in the video of Biden he is not calling for cuts, he is calling for a freeze. Bernie (and Republicans too) who say Biden called for cuts are making the same error as Democrats who accuse Republicans of “cutting” when all they’re doing is stopping (or just slowing) increases.


  14. Its not racist to call it Wuhan flu — but now that there’s a more accurate term why insist on Wuhan…it seems a bit much.

    Vastly amused by the Townhall link — Reds, Chicoms etc, somebody is living in the past. The author is a bit naive to think this is the end of Chinese manufacturing, outsourcing, etc. With fuel prices dropping, foreign manufacturing has never been more profitable — and if the corporate world no longer trusts the Chinese (which i doubt) there’s always Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, the Philippines etc……


  15. A crisis turns even a Republican into socialist — Romney expressed support for Yang’s minimal income suggesting the federal gov’t give everyone a $1000. Probably far more effective than dropping a trillion in the stock market. It might be the perfect policy for Trump to strut his populist credentials..He might need to throw a $1000 per person given his poor performance.

    Canada closed its borders today except for Cdn citizens, permanent residents and US citizens. Some people question the latter but we need to keep the goods moving north-south since they don’t move east west . Many Canadians worry that the US lag in testing is putting us at risk (with one-tenth the population, Canada has done the same level of testing). Norway has recommended its citizens return from countries with a poor public health structure — and then naming the US in one tweet put out to students overseas.


  16. Just saw a graph comparing Italy to the US — it appears the two are identical but two weeks apart. Its a bit misleading in that the US has a far greater population but it is something the Trump admin should worry about.


  17. I neither need nor want $1000 from the federal government. US manufacturing was already souring on China owing to excessive and daily changing of requirements on US businesses.

    US hasn’t allowed air transportation of people between our country and China for weeks. Milan, alas, had direct daily flights to Wuhan. I do not know when they stopped them.

    Difficult times, for sure, for many.

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  18. Exactly

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