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  1. In another life, I knew this man. I will always remember teasing him that certainly no one would go see a Doctor Hatchett, especially a RICH hatchett. I will also remember his panic when we had his young brother, probably about 4 or 5 in the theater and realized Bambi’s mother was about to get shot. He suddenly had to go to the bathroom and dragged his brother with him. He always was the smartest one in the room.

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  2. Good morning! We had our first COVID-19 test for a pt who presented with symptoms and had contact risk. It will take several days to get the results, so am interested to see how it goes. We are in full gown, face mask, contact and droplet precaution mode.

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  3. While I am certainly not in panic mode, Mr. P and I just had a conversation about maybe having 2 weeks worth of food/supplies in the house. I told him that we needed to have cash. Like REAL honest to goodness PAPER money. He questioned my logic.
    Cash is always king. You may need to buy something from a roadside stand.
    I am only basing this on having survived hurricanes. Michelle can speak to wild fires.

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  4. Morning all! I like Lewis and the words penned by him….
    Kim my Mr doesn’t get it when I decide we need cash around. Mostly I take it out and hide it somewhere. And he still doesn’t get it when there have been those times he has needed cash…he come to me his human ATM…. 😊

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  5. Good morning, all. Fresh snow on the ground and in the air this morning. My phone has caught DJs rapid dying disease. But it won’t be getting a new battery any time soon.

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  6. KIm @ 8:36 is giving good advice.
    It is good to always have some green money available. Not just because of virus, but you come to events where a credit card, won’t work. Or some similar event.
    Green money as always handy to have. By that, I mean, carry some with you.

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  7. Re: MY 9:41
    Last time I was at JiffyLube to have my truck serviced, the bill came to over $50.99. When I handed my card, their card reader wouldn’t work. Their problem. My other one didn’t work either. So? I dug through my wallet and pockets and found a little over $40. They took it, and let me go.
    I don’t know what they did for future customers.
    I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have any money. It’s their problem. But I’m glad I had something.

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  8. If a credit card reader is on the blink, the card info can be recorded by hand and processed later. We process called in cards at the office. We will mail the receipt or stick it in th their file.

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  9. Everything is shutting down in the big cities now. We here in the country will not notice it much, as it was always a 20 minute drive or more to go to the library, etc. But for those who live in apartments, life will be challenging. The provincial government made the decision to shut the schools down for three weeks, essentially extending March break for another two weeks. Listening to my coworkers and patients talk about the challenges they face as a result of all this, my heart goes out to them.

    You may have seen the news about our Prime Minister’s wife having been diagnosed with COVID-19 after returning from the UK. She is now among our statistics of those infected by travel. The Prime Minister is, rightly, isolating himself – in another age, communicating via technology would not have been an option. We wish them well. Perhaps as a result of how the dangers of travel as a vector of infection have been so publicly highlighted, travel outside the country is not forbidden, but is discouraged and health insurance companies are beginning to refuse coverage if one goes to an endemic area. We have a staff member who recently came back from vacation, just as a new policy requiring anyone returning from an out of country vacation to self isolate for 2 weeks as a precaution. So, now they are scrambling to replace the shifts this staff member should have been working. The snowbirds will be returning soon from Florida, and other southern destinations, so they will need to be monitored.

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  10. Since Elvera and I are the high risk population, I have decided not to attend church tomorrow. Chuck is attending a meeting at 5:00 this evening to work out s schedule.
    SS is still undecided. There is much less chance for exposure in a small class.
    But I’ll decide later. The Lord knows and nobody else cares.

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  11. Janice @ 11:03 The clerks must have known that. They messed with the system for about five minutes, then decided to settle for what I had. I gave them every penny I had. But still came out almost $10.00 ahead.

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  12. At the cave we occasionally get a credit card that won’t work, but we can still enter the info on the number pad, so it’s a minor inconvenience.

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  13. As a general rule, I always have several hundred dollars in cash around the house. I don’t know if my husband even knows . . . I’m not even sure I remember where it all is . . . I do know it’s not a bad idea to store it in a jar in the freezer. I suppose that would kill all the germs.

    Hmm. maybe I’ll have a scavenger hunt today around the house. 🙂

    However, I use a credit card as much as possible–particularly since paper money is known to be so very dirty and germy. My husband tracks spending and it’s easier to do with a credit card.

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  14. My husband had made the decision that we aren’t going to church, and I was wanting a substitute for my Sunday school class. Then church decided to do the “remote” route–one of our elders is a medical doctor, and it seems that was his counsel. Our senior pastor and family are actually in Florida–spring break is this coming week–but our other pastor will preach. I’m guessing that the tourist spots that geared up for spring-break season will be fairly empty this year.

    My 83-year-old mother-in-law has been exposed to the flu. I don’t know if she got a shot. Periodically her other great-granddaughter (not our granddaughter) spends the night with her, sleeping in her bed, and she did so night before last and then was diagnosed with the flu yesterday. And my brother-in-law collapsed yesterday and was taken to the hospital, where he was determined to need a pacemaker, which he will receive Monday. So my husband’s family had quite a “health-scare” day yesterday. It really isn’t a weekend I’d want to spend in the hospital. But maybe God has put some Christians there because this is such a time of uncertainty for everyone. I talked to one brother yesterday who still thinks this virus is much ado about nothing and we’ll finish it with the discovery only one in a thousand people have died of it. I don’t think it’s a time to panic, but I do think it’s a time in which caution is warranted and will hopefully limit its spread.

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  15. Good idea to get some cash. I will plan on going to the atm today. I have some, but not much. I am so glad that even with no tv, I have my own key to the church library. What a blessing.

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  16. I prefer to pay by cash in store, so I try to always have some on hand. Our cash can survive being washed (though it doesn’t survive the drier) so technically, we could clean it 🙃

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  17. Let’s go shopping together someday, mumsee. 🙂

    Plans are in flux now for our church as well, they will livestream the service — but the service is cancelled. The email is quite confusing. Sounds like there will be something on the screen, the sermon and prayers, music? but no one in the facility other than those on the platform. We also have an MD in our congregation so these folks are good sources in times like this.

    We received notice at work that we all are to work from home, our editor has offered up his apartment if anyone needs a place near something they’re covering so I did the same. I have comfort animals to offer and can maybe get a BYOTP deal out of it.

    I had to pick up dog meds at the vet’s today (where their credit card reader also was down, but they were able to do the transaction manually). I typically carry about $100 in cash with me, it is handy.

    Driving back home it was an eerie scene on our waterfront this morning — two hulking Princess cruise ships floating in dock, empty, end to end, and also the now-closed to visitors and very empty looking USS Iowa next to them. The Norwegian Joy with a couple thousand passengers is due back in port tomorrow, but now all the cruise lines have canceled future cruises. More people were set to go back out on that as well, hopefully the word was spread in time; otherwise, more stranded people to try to figure out what they do now. Hope no one is sick onboard the incoming voyage.

    I was going to execute a late-night, just-the-basics grocery run last night but didn’t have the motivation. Sounds like shelves are still bare and crowds are still surging today out there. So I’ll just wait it out. I hope by the middle of next week this run on buying up everything in sight will have calmed down some — and the rest of us can get a few groceries (also hoping shelves can get restocked quickly).

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  18. I just got word that the Kidz Lit conference is cancelled. I am more sad for my church friend who was to attend for her first time to be at a Christian writer’s conference. I am not surprised by the cancellation, but am disappointed especially since we had to cancel our December vacation at Hilton Head. Next thing that could get cancelled? Graduation ceremony. We will wait and see.

    I have been holding out from going to the grocery store. I do not want to be in the mobs. I was happy shopping at 7 a.m. when I had the store to myself.

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  19. Kim, a few years ago we had a large power outage covering a vast area. The ATMs and debit/credit machines don’t work without power…

    Cash is a very good idea.

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  20. We have so many doctors and retired doctors in our church. We’re still having services, but since there are only 2 presumptive Covid19 patients in the province and not even in our city, the elders have advised those who currently have a cold or other illness and the elderly and compromised to stay home.

    I am in toddler room so will be looking after babies. I will be washing my hands many many times tomorrow morning.

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  21. I sent a photo to AJ.

    We have one primary care doctor and perhaps some more medical people in our small congregation. We have the large church also on site in the main sanctuary. I expect there are other doctors in that group. I have not heard how they are doing church, but I expect they are streaming Andy Stanley at all their locations. We can easily walk inside between our two congregations although I never venture over there.

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  22. We will be having church tomorrow. Each service is around the 250 mark and many will stay home.
    I got an email on the prayer chain from our pastor. I will copy a couple of his comments and then how he ended the email.

    we will be taking the offering as we exit the services to avoid handling the baskets
    – we will be changing procedures during our coffee time to ensure less contamination

    We encourage each of you to be loving your neighbor by practicing the best hygiene and by praying for those around you during this time when many are very frightened; this is Love.

    We encourage each of you to be resting in the fact that our Father holds us in His hands and we can entrust our anxieties to Him; this is Faith.

    We encourage each of you to be confident that our God causes all things to work together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His promise; this is Hope.
    God Bless you all!

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  23. Well said, Jo’s pastor.

    Church here, I never hear anything about our church except when I am there. I think they text each other but I am not on the list. However, it does not look like I am going. I have the cold as does thirteen year old son and the baby is still getting over it. Her mom will probably take her though. I had a different mindset with children and sickness. Her call. We only have around twenty folk, more or less. We meet in the community center and fill it up.

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  24. My morning involved Force Mageure. If military is PCS’ing to the area and have made an offer on a house and now cannot travel for any reason for 60 days…what happens to the contract. It can become null and void due to fire, hurricane, earthquake, or other act of God. I commented that the corona virus WAS and act of God. They laughed and said only in the South would someone say that. Act of God/act of nature. I can argue this either way. A contract is a contract and you made an offer on the house. You must perform. You can still get the loan. On the other hand you belong the the United States Government and if they say you can’t do something you can’t do it. Give the military buyer their money back.. It’s mess and I will be on the phone Monday morning with attorneys getting an opinion.

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  25. In other news, there is no Fair Hope of getting toilette tissue, isopopryl alcohol, or several other items in my little corner of the world.
    I made my first Corona Virus bargain. Mr. P has a legitimate need for the alcohol. My friend M had almost a full bottle. She sent it home with me. Her next door neighbor needs hydrogen peroxide to keep her tracheotomy clean. I have put a bottle in my car to drop off tomorrow.
    Mr. P did get the last 6 -pack of TP at Winn Dixie this morning. He has instructed me on the proper usage. Puh-leeze. My daddy made the stuff!!!!
    Which brings me to a meme that is on FB where they are cutting a roll of paper towels in half. One is designed to desinigrate and the other is not. Be careful. Don’t stop up your toilet.

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  26. Things change hourly. I just received a call that church is cancelled for tomorrow. I think we had the greatest increase in known cases yesterday and the governor put us under our first State of Georgia Public Health Emergency ever. Not sure I worded that properly but you know what I meant.

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  27. So also here.
    I just got an e-mail and my SS teacher called.
    No church or other activities tomorrow or the next three Sundays.
    We’ll see.

    I understand the governor wants that. Not an order, but we will cooperate.

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  28. Let it go!

    The good folks at Disney Plus have announced Frozen 2 will hit the streaming service this Sunday, 3 months early, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 🙂

    I know what we’re doing Sunday. 🙂

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  29. yes, I just got an email from my BSF leader. They want to do discussion groups by Zoom. I can listen to the lecture online and print out the notes and discussion questions. I think that that will be enough for me.

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  30. Jo – Did you ever see the link I posted for last week’s episode of Blue Bloods? You can watch the episodes the day after they air on cbs.com.


  31. Oops. Messed up closing my italics there.

    My church will be having service at the church tomorrow, but Pastor Billy has cautioned that we should refrain from hugs and handshakes. (But what about milkshakes? 🙂 ) The church has been cleaned extra-well, and they are going to try to have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available for those who want them. But he also said that if anyone still feels concerned, they should feel free to watch online.

    The pot luck that was scheduled for next week is cancelled, though.

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  32. I’m back from the market and — surprised, it wasn’t that bad. Yes, some shelves were cleared off (toilet paper, of course). But most other staples and other items were there for the buying. And no lines to speak off, it was about 4:30 p.m. when I went and I suspect I missed the morning/afternoon crowds.

    I bought more than I planned, my small freezer and fridge are kind of stuffed, but figured I might as well stock up since I was there.

    It’s going to feel strange going to church “online” tomorrow, for sure. Not thrilled about that, but think it’s the wisest move and I’m grateful that our technology now allows us to do that (not to mention also being able easily to work from home).

    I spoke with Carol and her pastor wasn’t able to visit, the front desk told him no outside visitors for now, which is wise I think. He told her by phone that they’re also exploring how to live stream and will give a wednesday night service or session a trial run with it this week. I would hope Carol would take advantage of something like that, but she may not. He’s sent her sermons that she has yet to listen to for some reason.

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  33. I happened to check out the TP section of the grocery store we stopped at this evening. It had quite a bit of toilet paper. Much was a brand I did not recognize, so they may have just gotten it in. I know someone from that area was not happy to find it all gone recently.

    Our church is still meeting. We are a small congregation, however. The Catholic Church and several others are not meeting.

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  34. Another impact: All the TV shows have stopped filming for now, including all the “NCISes” 😦 May be a dearth of fresh episodes ahead.

    Sorry. Remember, I live in Southern California. Disneyland closing and film shoots halting are viewed as major impacts, psychologically speaking.

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  35. And puzzles, of course. The three thousand one is still not finished. If it is not done by the time to head to Boise, I suspect I will just put it away so it is not in everybody else’s way while I am gone.

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  36. I have a decision to make. Friends in Ukarumpa just emailed about me buying their 4wd Nissan Patrol/safari. I had told them I would like it before I left, but they forgot. Other friends that I mentioned it to reminded them so they emailed me. Confused, yet?

    Anyway, it is much more of a vehicle than I need, but also the only one available. These friends are coming home early so they don’t get stuck not being able to travel. It is more than I wanted to pay, but would probably sell okay in a year. These are uncertain times, so it is hard to make a decision.

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  37. Mr Disaster Management showed up last night. He has me up early,dressed, and about to head to the store. We are going to have to shop separately so we won’t look like hoarders. We will have to shop from the back of the store to the front.
    He did have a good idea if you can’t find toilet paper- so far no one has started hoarding baby wipes. Just throw them in the trash DON’T flush them.

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  38. There is no shortage of TP, they just cannot keep it on the shelves – the manufacturers and retailers are not even putting up the price: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-plenty-of-toilet-paper-to-go-around-canadas-biggest-producer-kruger/

    ‘“We’ve got all the raw material, we’ve got all the assets running, we have all the production, our sites are at full capacity to recover from this spike,” said Dino Bianco, chief executive officer of Mississauga-based Kruger Products LP, maker of Cashmere and Purex brand toilet paper, which has a 33-per-cent market share. (Kruger also makes Scotties facial tissues, the market leader in its category, and Sponge Towels paper towels.) “You’re going to see it catch up in days and weeks.”
    ‘He added: “We’re essentially selling it at exactly the same price to all our customers. Ethically, we do not want to take advantage of a situation that is of great consumer and community need.”…

    ‘Michael Medline, CEO of Sobeys parent Empire Co. Ltd., said despite a spike in purchases of food, health and hygiene products, and cleaning supplies, “we have not seen disruptions to the supply chain” despite shortages of some items. He said suppliers aren’t increasing prices, “and we would never allow them to do that,” nor will Sobey’s do so. “This is a serious situation.”’

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  39. I told Art I had something sad to show him. I held up an empty toilet paper tube.

    We are doing another prayer conference call in a few minutes before the service.

    Zoom can be done by telephone without the video on, too, I believe.

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  40. Well, we stocked up early, so we’re “out of the way” of people doing so now. I did do a shopping trip Tuesday or Wednesday, but I didn’t buy a lot then (less than $100 between two stores). My husband filled in the gap with some non-perishables by placing an order with Target (free shipping with $35), but he found several things that were only available in some varieties.

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  41. We’re good to go for weeks if need be. We’re on day 3 of our self-imposed isolation, and no one has killed anyone yet. 🙂

    We’re not going to church obviously, but they’re gonna do a Facebook Live broadcast, so we won’t miss it. 🙂

    I must say though I’m a bit shocked at some of my neighbors. There are about 20 kids on the block, and they’re using the time off of school to congregate and play basketball and football. They and their parents don’t seem to be following that whole social distancing directive, limiting physical contact with others thing, or any of the other advice the govt is offering. It’s a party out there.

    Ah to be young and stupid again. 🙂

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  42. I just went on Facebook and read a post from the mayor of the next town over admonishing parents for what I mentioned above.

    Let’s see if this works.

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  43. We just had a sweet hour of prayer on the free conference call line. I love these dedicated children of God I am doing church with now. God is blessing us so much through this. I also had a nice conversation with Wesley last night and he asked for prayer. So my new norm is a lot of on the phone praying time. I think that we will be setting up a community prayer line through the church, and I will be one on call.

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  44. You could pray for baby boy Akiah who had to go to the ER for a blocked shunt. Expected. Don’t want him or mommy picking up flu or covid or anything else. Peace for mom and dad and grandpa, who was turned away from the hospital. Dad is still in quarantine.

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  45. Morning all. Evidently there are icy roads around here. I haven’t left the house since Friday except for walking in the neighborhood and walking to the mailboxes. The Springs has been under an icy cloud for the past two days but we have had sunshine and blue skies…the blessing of living above the clouds!! 😊
    Church is to begin in a half hour so I must get myself out of my pj’s and get showered. Would it be wrong to attend online church in your pj’s? 🙃
    Praying for baby boy and all those in close contact Mumsee….such difficult days but by His grace all will be well I trust ❤️

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  46. The Real, that is the trouble, how to balance needed activity and social interaction with safety. Viruses, thankfully, do not survive the elements well, so it is much safer to interact outdoors. But standing too close to each other or handing a basketball/football from person to person is increasing the risk of transmission. Perhaps a game where no one can handle the object, like street hockey (a popular warm weather pastime in urban settings here), would be better. The outdoors is certainly a better place to be, and running, jogging, hiking, biking, and taking a stroll are all completely safe things to do.

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  47. Nancyjill, that’s my question, should I get dressed to ‘go to’ church today?

    What about people who aren’t on FB? How will be see the service? I’m guessing our elders and deacons have been on that and will arrange teaming up options for those people. Maybe churches also will be able to just put the option as an embed on their home pages.

    Chas, is your church live-streaming the service? Any way for you to watch that?

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  48. One of our Princess cruise ships left port late yesterday, just the crew onboard. That will make room for the Norwegian Joy that is probably in port already right now. Hopefully no one on board is sick …

    Many of our older congregation members are, in fact, on FB but I’m sure there are some who aren’t.

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  49. Our “live stream” was a bit off…the video didn’t line up with the audio so that was quite distracting. At the end the audio still played and the video was gone…but I got to hear most of it. 😊

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  50. DJ, the link that was sent to us, they said it should still work even if you aren’t “on Facebook.” But my husband is on Facebook (barely . . . basically just to give him access to things on Facebook when he needs it, like now), so we did it. The tech geek who was present at church along with the pastor and his family to set up the connection is also one of our music people, and members of the church are given a Psalter for each family member when they join, so we did have a song along with the sermon, Scripture readings, and prayer. (The longest song in the book! It only has four verses, but covers two complete pages, so it’s the equivalent of eight verses.)

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  51. Interesting FB comment from a woman in Wuhan about what she needed during her 26 days quarantine:

    Since we’ve been at this so long, people have asked what advice we can offer. What would we have stocked up on, if we knew then what we know now.

    The first things we tried to stock up on were sanitizer, masks, and disinfectant. HOWEVER, if you’re in quarantine, you don’t need much of those things. If you’re not out among the public, you don’t need to obsess about cleaning. All we use now are our masks when we go out and good soap/warm water on our hands when we get back. We haven’t used sanitizer in weeks.

    Toilet paper has never been an issue. TP = not a problem.

    What would I have stocked up on first? Coffee. I can fast from food like nobody’s business, but my day doesn’t work very well without coffee.

    Next: raw staples from which to cook. Don’t waste your space (or your health) on processed foods. If you are preparing to be stuck indoors, buy things you can build meals from – flour, rice, sugar, butter, salt, dried beans, dried nuts/fruits, meat, etc.

    And folks, that’s it. The list is short, and it’s common sense.

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  52. Yes, on wearing PJs to church–for kids. 🙂 (I’m wearing sweatpants, slippers and a shirt with a fleece vest. It’s cold in northern CA today!)

    The boys were toddlers and I had hoped to shame them. It didn’t work. Everyone, especially mothers of young children, was delighted to see them in their footed sleepers. Sigh.

    Among the four church services I “attended” today via Facebook, was my home church less than a mile from DJ’s house. Nostalgia to be there washed over me and I enjoyed it.

    It’s curious over the years how often I’d wondered what my life would have been like without the Navy and living in LA. My heart sometimes just yearns for that church once more, even though few are there whom I knew nearly 50 years ago! 🙂

    My other heart church, Bishop Seabury Episcopal Church in Groton, CT, was attacked by the Episcopal Diocese of New England. The church was wrestled away from that after a long protracted fight that went to the CT Supreme Court, and the pastor has retired to SC, but the body remains, smaller, shaken but still worshipping as an Anglican Church and recently bought a new building.

    To God be the glory!

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  53. I was surrounded by dogs while singing along to “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Isn’t there a scripture verse about being surrounded by dogs?

    I’m grateful technology provides believers a way of connecting in most all times. It’s definitely not the same as gathering together physically — and I genuinely missed that — but was still edified (our sermon, appropriately, was on the Good Samaritan and caring for our neighbor).

    Our feed worked pretty well but then this wasn’t “our first rodeo,” as they say. We’ve done FB live before for some of our in-house conferences and debates. I’m not aware that we’ve ever done the live option with an actual Sunday service, however. There were a couple small glitches, some buffering (only twice), but a refresh brought everything back into sync quickly.

    I’m sure this was a trial run for many churches, which had to hastily go this route in just the last couple days,

    Chas, let them know that you had problems connecting, I’m sure they’ll help you with that — and you probably weren’t the only one. This is all new both for many churches and congregation members.

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  54. For any who wish: our former church has most of its sermons on audio at its website. Here is the link: https://lakeroad.sermon.net/main/ (you may need to copy and paste)
    Since they are audio they load faster. Feb 17 is our son-in-law on “Worthy is the Lamb” from Revelation 5.


  55. They ate her corpse?

    I was thinking of Ps. 22:16

    It’s generally not seen as a positive circumstance in which to find yourself, biblically speaking 🙂

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  56. We are planning our prayer hotline.

    Now that we are not doing church in the building, I am spending more time than usual doing church outside of the building.

    I tried to do an online order from Walmart to have it delivered. After selecting items I found that they are not able to do deliveries right now due to demand. It looked like I could do curbside pickup, but I want to check elsewhere for delivery of my cat supplies and TP. I have never done the pickup, and it seems it could be a tangle of cars at our closest Walmart that has a smallish parking lot on the outside and under the building parking which I have not wanted to use.

    Oh, the sky is brightening. We have had 22″ of rain this winter. That is a record breaking amount.

    And the latest number of COVID-19 cases in GA is 66. Still only 1 death here so far. Delta Airlines has let 800 contract workers go. That is so difficult to consider what they all will do. Maybe become delivery drivers and home health care workers/home school instructors?

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  57. I normally wear a dress to church, but I wore a sweater and slacks. My husband was in his PJs. Afterward we lay down for a nap. (Neither of us has gotten our energy back 100%.)

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  58. Our church sent out a liturgy on Friday with links to songs online instead of having live music at the church. The lead pastor started with a five-minute livestream with welcome and orientation. Then we were left to follow the readings and watch/sing the linked songs. At the half-hour mark two pastors came back on for the sermon, and then to lead some further liturgy and the Doxology.

    I’m sure it was strange for them leading an invisible congregation. Mrs B and KJ and I worshipped together in front of the TV.

    Also, a member of our church staff called us yesterday to check up on us and pray with us over the phone. It sounds as if the staff has divvied up all the church regulars and plan to make sure to connect with everyone at least once a week.

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  59. Some folks seemed to have shown up at our church based on the live feed. They either didn’t get word or maybe it’s allowable if a few want to come in person, I’m not sure. But it helped, actually, you could hear the singing (beyond the leaders on the platform, and yes, I’m sure that made it easier for our congregational leader who today was giving the sermon.

    I’m sure it’s all a work in progress and we’ll hear more about the weekly plans as this gives forward.

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  60. The church I attend just asked that people not attend if they had any symptoms at all. I did not, which is just as well. Remember that slight cold I had last week? It wasn’t much more than a runny nose and sneezing. Well, it seemed to abate, so I went to work on Friday. But then it was like I had a sinus infection, with a slight earache on one side, a just a hint of soreness in my throat. Well, this morning I woke up feeling a bit of just congestion, which has intensified during the day. I was supposed to fill in tomorrow for someone else, but I have had to call in sick. I feel really badly, as we are already short staffed (one of our staff just came home from vacation and has to stay home for 2 weeks as a precaution).

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  61. something I hadn’t thought about (but it triggered a memory of when I dated, briefly, a guy who washed his hands obsessively, every public restroom we would pass he’d have to stop in to scrub!)


    Obsessive-compulsive disorder

    The hellish side of handwashing: how coronavirus is affecting people with OCD

    For some OCD patients, not washing their hands is part of their treatment. So guidance to do so regularly is reviving their anxieties – and triggering them in others

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  62. Although my church did meet, some of us watched online. (I did because I am home with Boy.) I was fully dressed, but wearing my comfy old LL Bean slippers (that Hubby bought for me a few years ago) instead of shoes. 🙂

    Today would have been our 34th wedding anniversary, so it is kind of a tough day for me. Nightingale brought me a bouquet of six yellow roses when she came home from work. The sweetness of the gesture touched me deeply, and made me cry a bit.

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  63. Oh Kizzie..sending a long distance hug to you this day 🤗 and yep…we love you!
    My neighbor was going stir crazy so we drove into town and stopped at Tuesday Morning (I got lavender soap and some pretty paper napkins that made me smile). We then stopped off at Target. Bread,paper,canned goods, and pasta aisles were totally empty. I did get the husband some bananas and our spoiled rotten dog some treats (and the dog food aisle was nearly empty as well!) We stopped into the Starbucks and got a chai and scone. A lovely time we had.
    Neighbor’s son did call while we were out…he has been laid off until April 7…he is a dealer at a Casino in Las Vegas…they are shutting things down in that town….

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  64. I live-streamed our service this morning. I was in my jammies but it was good to hear the music and the message of hope.

    Next door in Alberta, they have now closed schools for the year!! Everyone from K-12 will receive a final mark. Diploma exams needed for university entrance will still be conducted. Wow!

    Saskatchewan still only has 6 cases and all travel based.

    We have schools booked to come to camp for their outdoor rec trips through all of May and June. Wondering what will all happen, but resting in the fact that God knows and is in control.

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  65. Thank you for the love, friends, and back at ya. ❤

    DJ – I have been wondering about how this must be affecting OCD folks since the advice to wash our hands started being pushed. 😦

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  66. Getting real

    Restaurant closures coming?

    LA Mayor Eric Garcetti May Soon Order Citywide Lockdown of Bars and Dine-In Restaurants

    Bars will close by today, while dine-in restaurants will likely be directed to shutter

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  67. Yeah, I’ve thought of the OCD folks. I’m not OCD, but I wash my hands frequently enough that the towels in bathroom and kitchen tend to stay damp. So when they say, “Wash your hands more often that you do now!” I tend to say, “Nope, I probably don’t need to do that.” (I don’t get chapped hands, or hands that bleed, so I don’t “overdo” the hand washing, but it’s frequent. I don’t like the feel of greasy hands, and if I touch anything at all dirty, I wash them. I wash them when working with food, etc., and if I haven’t washed them in a couple of hours and I walk by a sink, I’ll wash them just because. Not the “two times through Happy Birthday'” washing, though.)

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  68. We had a guest preacher who preached on Psalm 139. It was excellent. He brought his family, so the church was quite full. His children are all adults. We had a few other visitors. We have a lot of older folks in the congregation and most were there. There is always hand sanitizer available. We do have ‘coffee and’ after the service. There have been no cases of the virus reported yet in our county.

    The usual restaurant we go to after church was also full yet. Things will change when there are cases reporter, I assume.

    Someone had told me the Catholic churches were closed, but I see that they are just telling their parishioners that it won’t be counted as a sin against them if they do not attend right now. I saw a lot of cars at all the churches we pass, including the Catholic one.

    My husband went to a music jam. The ones at Senior places are canceled. This is a very small one. He is at risk, but has a mind of his own. He is used to going, so will find it a challenge to stay home. I like being home and have plenty to do.

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  69. A friend in Chicago said all restaurants are closing down after tonight…he and his wife eat out every single night! Ohio has the same thing happening. The only saving grace for the restaurants is that you can still order carry out or if there is a drive through that is still allowed.


  70. Just talked to the kid (20s, 30ish?, but a bit ‘off,’ immature) next door who works at a burger place & bakery and he’s looking at no work for a while potentially. He was assuring me they (his mom & the 2 sons and assorted relatives around the corner) have lots of food to share if I ever need it — and, he added, if things get really out of hand, his truck can take several people up to the mountains or down to Mexico to flee the apocalypse and I’d be welcome. 🙂 He had some choice words for Trump also, but I managed to steer him off of that topic. He’s convinced this whole thing is being orchestrated by politicians (on the right).

    People are just stressed. Our sermon today emphasized approaching all with compassion and hope rather than criticism or ridicule.

    Oh, and he was also quite upset with all the shoppers buying up stuff — but again, people are just scared right now.

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  71. To me the irony of the hordes of shoppers is that the official word is “Avoid crowds” and so people crowd into stores. My husband and I stocked up on “things that keep” a couple of weeks ago, and so now we can keep our shopping to perishables only, and not shop very often, and if necessary not shop at all. We saw stocking up as “buying in advance,” but we did it before the crowds descended, and stayed out of the crowded conditions. I understand the governor of Ohio has ordered bars and restaurants to close, and in particular he mentioned that St Patrick’s Day is often a day of crowds and revelry and that simply isn’t wise right now. When they’ll reopen is unknown. It can’t be an easy time to own a small business that interacts with the public. If people come, you’re at risk with health; if they don’t, you’re at financial risk. If you shut down for a while, your employees suffer, and they’re likely to get other jobs and force you to rehire and retrain when you do reopen.

    My husband and I keep saying the rippling ramifications of this are incalculable–especially to those who live paycheck to paycheck, which is I think the vast majority of the American workforce. Those who don’t work can’t pay rent or mortgages, and it isn’t like landlords and bankers can simply write off a few months payments . . .

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  72. Yep. All restaurants and bars in Illinois will close tomorrow night until March 31. Only delivery, drive though and take-out orders allowed. I presume that restaurants here along the border will get a few nearby Illinoisans who like to eat out.

    And Walmart is going to close at 11PM til further notice so the workers can sanitize the stores overnight.

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  73. Also:

    Movie theaters, arcades, gyms and fitness centers will be closed.

    He (Garcetti) is also urging churches to close


  74. Michelle, pack a lunch.

    I’m not seeing how the economy will recover.

    I am at COVID_19 central at the dept of health. We are following up on people who call the hotline to recommend self quarantine and/or testing. The tests are in limited supply, as are N95 masks.

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  75. The epidemiology/infectious disease Dr gave a good orientation. He thinks we may have reached the peak of panic from the public, but not with actual cases and transmission.

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