22 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-2-20

  1. It’s that time of year again…….

    For end of year lists.

    First up, Trump and his 319 accomplishments. And yes, presidents always exaggerate, and Trump is no different. In fact, he included all 3 years….. 🙂


    “Exclusive: Trump list shows 319 ‘results’ and promises kept in three years”

    “One month shy of completing three years in office, President Trump has fulfilled or is making significant progress on most of his 2016 campaign promises, which aides said give him a strong reelection argument to counter his impeachment by a bitterly partisan House last week.

    As the president and his team ready for the 2020 campaign at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, officials said it would be built on the administration’s achievements list of 15 categories and 319 “results.”

    Vice President Mike Pence told Secrets that the message is simple: “Promises made, promises kept.” Pence, who has already hit the campaign trail in a specially outfitted Trump-Pence bus, added, “Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, we are living in a stronger and more secure America with the best economy in the history of this country.”

    In looking at the extensive administration “results” list provided to Secrets, pollster Jonathan Zogby said, “You really see the genesis of why Trump was elected in 2016 and will probably not be hampered by the Democratic impeachment and wins reelection in 2020.”


  2. Here’s another top 10…….


    “America stands on the cusp of a new decade that promises to unfold as the new “Roaring Twenties.” A review of President Trump’s 2019 achievements, building on the successes of 2017 and 2018, provides context for the year and decade ahead, and reasons to expect a resounding Trump reelection next November. Here are my top 10:

    Jobs – The stunning recent news on employment proves, more than any other metric, the efficacy of President Trump’s growth doctrine of economic nationalism and the diffusion of power. Defying globalist skeptics from Wall Street, academia, and the corporate media, payrolls surged in America in 2019. The most recent jobs report revealed a plethora of records and extended the wage-growth winning streak to 16 straight months above a 3% pace, a mark seen only three months total during the sluggish Obama years. In addition, the fastest wage gains now flow to those groups that formerly lagged badly in the slow-growth recovery following the Great Recession. For example, the lowest 10% of earners saw income grow at an astounding 7% rate over the last year. Similarly, those without a high school diploma welcomed 9% wage acceleration in 2019.

    Broadening the Movement – 2019 represented a seminal breakout year for the America First movement as the Republican Party changes to a workers’ party. This new focus translates, already, into significant signs of ethnic, racial, and geographic diversity for the GOP. For example, a recent CNN poll in deeply blue California reported 32% minority support for Trump vs. current Democratic front-runner Joe Biden. Similarly, recent polls by The Hill and Emerson show Latino approval for the president at nearly 40%. It is difficult to overstate the importance of this kind of minority support, both for politics and, more importantly, for the overall cohesion of our society.

    Confronting China – Though a near-term détente in trade tensions was reached, Trump proved to the world in 2019 that tariffs can be effectively deployed to force the Chinese Communist Party into a bargaining posture. The soaring economy in America demonstrated that tough trade policy can indeed coincide with growth.”


  3. The Anti-Benghazi…..

    Thank you President Trump.



    As Paul noted a little while ago, pro-Iran militia forces known as Kataeb Hezbollah have besieged the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. They are being referred to in news accounts a “protesters,” but in fact they are a trained and organized military force. The attackers breached the outer wall of the embassy compound and then milled around, set fires, etc.

    Apparently many liberals are trying to portray this attack as Trump’s Benghazi; “Benghazi” is now the most trending word on Twitter, with 231,000 tweets. There is, of course, no analogy: President Trump has not ignored calls for help, and instead has sent Marines to reinforce the embassy’s guards and Iraqi troops. So far, there have been no American casualties.”:


    But that won’t stop the media from lying about it. And lie they did………



    They’ll get that roadrunner next time for sure…… 🤣


  4. And they were an enemy force with bad intentions, so of course the media called them mouners. They’d side with the devil if it scored points on Trump. So pathetic.


    And yet…..



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  5. Good news……. unless you’re an open borders globalist type seeking to exploit illegal immigrants.

    Again, thank you President Trump.


    “Turns Out, Trump’s ‘Evil’ ICE Raids Benefited American Workers”

    “emember when Democrats reflexively accused President Donald Trump of being a racist when he said illegal immigrants steal American jobs? Turns out, he was right, as evidenced by the aftermath of the massive summer raid that rounded up hundreds of illegals working at chicken processing plants in Mississippi.

    In early August, some 600 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents surrounded seven plants operated by five companies in six different cities. They rounded up 680 “undocumented” immigrants, in what was described as the largest raid in a single state.

    This is part of a larger effort by Trump to target companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Last year, it raided a landscaping company near Toledo, Ohio, and a meatpacking plant in eastern Tennessee. A Government Accountability Office report issued in early December found that arrests, detentions, and removals were all up in Trump’s first two years in office compared with Obama’s last two.

    Nevertheless, the reaction to the Mississippi raid from Democrats was swift and furious. Joe Biden said the raid was a sign that “Trump is morally unfit to lead this country.” Sen. Bernie Sanders called it “evil.” Beto O’Rourke – who dropped out of the race two months after the raid – said Trump’s “cruelty knows no bounds.” The media, naturally, lent Democrats a hand by playing up the disruption and crying children, while playing down the fact that those workers were in the country illegally.

    In fact, the raid was the furthest thing from cruel or evil or immoral to American citizens living in the area – many of them black people – who flocked to get the jobs those illegals had held.

    This week, the New York Times, to its credit, went to Morton, Mississippi – where a third of the illegals rounded up in those raids had worked – to see what’s become of the town months after Trump’s “evil” act.

    And in a shocking display of honest reporting, the Times shows how American workers – particularly black people – benefited as a result.

    The Times notes that before the raid, managers had been recruiting Hispanic workers “by the thousands” to work in those chicken plants because they were “cheaper and more exploitable.”

    The Times story focuses on Juan Grant, a young black man two years out of high school who landed a job at the plant and boosted his wage by $4 an hour. He “strode into the Koch Foods chicken processing plant for his new job on a Wednesday morning, joining many other African Americans in a procession of rubber boots, hairnets, and last cigarettes before the grinds.”

    It quotes Cortez McClinton, who got a job at the plant after the raids, which he said, “gave the American people their jobs back.””


  6. NY has a serious anti-Semite problem.


    “There have been so many anti-Semitic attacks in the New York area within the past month that it’s difficult to keep them all straight. In trying to sift through this timeline myself using YouTube and local news reports, I kept coming across earlier incidents. I decided I would close out 2019 by attempting to assemble a timeline of anti-Semitic attacks in New York and surrounding areas which took place this year. I’m certain I won’t uncover them all simply because there are so many.

    Jan 8: A stranger attacks a 13-year-old Jewish girl on the street in Brooklyn, grabbing her neck and slapping her in the face:”


    And of course the leftist media seeks to rationalize it.



  7. Something tells me NYC cops aren’t a fan of DeBlasio and Cuomo’s bail reform law.


    “Video: Suspect Sucker Punches NY Cop On Camera. Is Immediately Released By Judge”

    “New York City continues to descend into chaos under the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio, particularly when it comes to the rule of law. We’ve already witnessed multiple instances of people dumping buckets of water on police officers as they perform their duties. There are weekly “protests” in Brooklyn, where marching vandals chant “F*** the Police” and demand that the cops be banned from subway stations so they can more easily commit crimes. And in the latest incident, a suspect sucker-punched a member of the NYPD right in front of other officers. And thanks to the lax rules being pushed by City Hall, the suspect was back out on the street almost immediately. (CBS New York)

    An NYPD officer was assaulted in a wild confrontation caught on camera in Brooklyn Heights. Police say 40-year-old Steven Haynes punched an officer after being asked to leave the middle of an intersection where he was sitting.

    The attack took place near a Bank of America on Court and Livingston Streets…

    Despite those charges, Haynes is reportedly already back out on the street, according to the Police Benevolent Association.”


  8. They don’t have the decency to do so, but yes, they should..


    “A New Year’s Resolution For The Left And Never Trump: Apologize To Devin Nunes

    Rep. Devin Nunes succeeded in exposing numerous problems with FISA applications, later confirmed by Inspector General Michael Horowitz. For this, he was slimed.”

    “It’s time to start those New Year’s resolutions. Here’s one for left-leaning politicians and pundits, plus those on the Never Trump right: Apologize to Rep. Devin Nunes.

    Since Nunes first began investigating Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and other abuse underlying the Department of Justice and FBI’s probe into the Russia collusion hoax, he’s been maligned and defamed from the floor of Congress to the front pages of liberal legacy outlets and their replacement digital sources. With Twitter and other social media platforms aerosolizing the assaults on the former head of the House Intelligence Committee, the false attacks on Nunes circulated widely.

    But now we know the truth: Nunes was right. There was widespread FISA abuse. If anything, the California congressman understated the amount of abuse involved in the targeting of former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

    Not that it was Nunes’ fault. He fought tooth and nail for access to the documents and information needed to provide the necessary congressional oversight. Still, with the limited information available, Nunes succeeded in exposing numerous problems with the Page FISA applications, later confirmed by Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s 400-page tome.

    Yet, with access to the same information, Nunes’ Democratic counterpart, Rep. Adam Schiff, spent more than a year proclaiming there was no FISA abuse. Calling the memorandum little more than a “conspiracy theory” in an Washington Post op-ed, Schiff later penned a Democratic response to Nunes’ memo.

    The IG report gave truth to those lies Schiff spread, in spades. So, Schiff would be a good one to start the necessary New Year’s resolution repentance. It could be a simple, “I’m sorry, Devin.” What a great start to the New Year and new decade, and an example to America that truth can triumph over partisanship.

    While he’s at it, Schiff should show House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the way, the truth, and the reality. Pelosi’s latest canard might be the Ukrainian impeachment hoax, but in the days leading up to the release of Nunes’ memo, the then-minority leader penned a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan demanding Nunes be removed as Intelligence Committee chairman.

    Nunes “disgraced” the committee, with his “dishonest” handling of the committee’s review of the Russia collusion problem, Pelosi wrote. The committee proceedings had become a “charade” and a “coverup campaign . . . to hide the truth about the Trump-Russia scandal,” Pelosi claimed in her letter to the now-retired Ryan.

    Now that it is clear the only charade emanating from the House Intelligence Committee came in the form Democrats’ response memo, she should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Schiff and say “sorry.””


    And then do the same for Carter Page, Gen. Flynn, President Trump, Bill Barr, etc…..

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  9. We think that, because it’s true.


    “Religious People Think Democrats Will Strip Our Rights Because It’s True

    A professor claims religious people are afraid of atheists and Democrats because they’re projecting ignorance and hatred. Maybe instead religious people just follow the news.”

    ““White evangelicals fear atheists and Democrats would strip away their rights. Why?” asks a recent op-ed in the Washington Post. The op-ed author, Paul A. Djupe, a professor at Denison University and scholar with the Public Religion Research Institute, offered two completely out-of-touch reasons.

    The first is “because that’s what they’re hearing, quite explicitly, from conservative media, religious elites, partisan commentators and some politicians, including the president.” The second is an “inverted golden rule,” meaning white evangelical Protestants “express low levels of tolerance for atheists, which leads them to expect intolerance from atheists in return.”

    It’s not about projection or an authoritarian impulse. Religious conservaties worry atheists and Democrats will strip their rights because they have repeatedly witnessed attempts, typically by Democrats, to strip them of their religious liberties.

    Examples of Democrats’ attempts to gut religious liberties abound. Perhaps the most high-profile example was the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) federal mandate in 2011, as part of the Affordable Care Act, mandating that certain employers provide all FDA-approved contraceptives, including abortifacients, in their health insurance plans. The narrow religious exemption did not include religious nonprofits such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic order of nuns that manages homes for the elderly poor across America, nor businesses such as Hobby Lobby.

    A district court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled against the Little Sisters of the Poor, and it was only in 2016 before the U.S. Supreme Court that the liberties of the religious order were secured. Hobby Lobby won in a separate 2014 case.

    Democrats Attack Religious Liberty in Law and Institutions
    This is hardly the only recent example. Over the last decade and a half, a number of jurisdictions, including the state of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., have targeted Christian adoption agencies that refuse to place children with same-sex or unmarried couples. Many of these adoption agencies have since closed.

    The pro-choice organization NARAL, a prominent supporter of Democratic candidates, opposes conscience laws that allow medical practitioners to exempt themselves from activities that violate their religious beliefs, such as abortion or euthanasia.

    Several Democratic presidential candidates have declared their support for legislation that would prohibit employers — including Christian schools or organizations — from maintaining rules about their employees’ sexual behavior. When the media reported that Vice President Mike Pence’s wife Karen had taken a position at an evangelical Virginia school that prohibits employees and students from homosexual behavior, left-leaning secular media ruthlessly attacked her. A cake baker in suburban Denver, despite the U.S. Supreme Court upholding his religious liberty in 2018, is still facing harassment by the state of Colorado.

    Federal law still prohibits employers discriminating based on a person’s religious beliefs or affiliation, but conservative Christians can read between the lines. If city, county, and state governments are willing to target people for their “bigoted” beliefs, and if left-leaning judges seem increasingly willing to rule against religious liberty, it’s hard to imagine governments will be objective, neutral arbiters in their hiring practices toward religious conservatives.”

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  10. Nothing to see here……

    Just “Scandal Free Barry” rubbing elbows with the people responsible for the latest embassy attack.



    “Barack Obama welcomed leader of US embassy attack to the White House: Iran’s ‘point man’ in Baghdad Hadi al-Amiri was hosted in the Oval Office in 2011 – eight years before he orchestrated siege in Iraq

    Hadi al Amiri joined Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki when he met President Obama in Oval Office in December 2011

    On Tuesday, he was outside the US embassy in Baghdad when it was breached and set alight by Iran-backed members of Kataeb Hezbollah, and other militia of the government-sanctioned Popular Mobilization Forces

    Lawmakers and a former FBI director had been outraged by Amiri’s presence in the White House in 2011

    He is head of the Badr Corps, an Iranian vassal, which despite fighting alongside the US against ISIS in 2014 and 2015, has received funding and arms form Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard – a designated terror group

    Amiri is accused of engaging in terrorism against the US as well as helping Iran ship arms to Bashar al-Assad”

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  11. There the same as apples and coconuts.

    Not. At. All.



  12. Here’s a “nice” lest.


    “Mary’s Five Favorite Feel Good Stories of 2019

    “There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.”

    “Believe it or not 2019 had many stories that show us the world isn’t totally lost and humans don’t suck. Unfortunately, the bad news and humans dominate the headlines.

    To kick off 2020 I present to you my five favorite feel-good stories of 2019 to remind you that yes, there is good in this world.”


    “Husband, Wife Celebrate 80 Years of Marriage
    John and Charlotte Henderson celebrated their 80th anniversary in November. John is 106 and Charlotte is 105, making them “the oldest living couple on Earth.” Look at their picture! What is their secret?”


    “Glendale Officer Road Trips With Veteran
    Retired Air Force member and Glendale Police Sgt. Jeff Turney received a phone call to help discourage a veteran from taking a road trip to Florida.

    That did not happen.

    94-year-old WWII veteran Howard Benson’s son called the Glendale Police Department in an attempt to stop his father from driving to Florida by himself to his assisted living facility.

    Turney went to visit Benson, realized no one would talk him out of it, and decided to go with him:”

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  13. What happened to my ‘no more wars in the middle east’ President?! I thought we were leaving Iraq. War with Iran is not a game. The mullahs are unpopular with the people, but I’m afraid that war is more likely to unify Iran internally than topple them. Iran is not like Iraq: there will be no soldiers surrendering to reporters.


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