51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-1-20

  1. Morning! The flowers are a very pretty color…what type of plant is that? And Happy 2020!
    It is dark outside and the lights of the Christmas tree are so soothing to behold. It will all come down today.

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  2. Exciting New Year’s Eve here. Mr P bought steaks. He cooked them. We ate. We watched two episodes of The Last Czars. They weren’t kind to Alexandra and they had needless porn in it. I assume with 5 children they had sex. I didn’t need to see it.
    I awoke this morning and it was 2020.
    I don’t recall any other decade (with the exception of 2000) having as much hype as this one. The calendar will turn over every year whether I am awake for it or not. It did occur to me watching the news last night that I need to go ahead and get my driver’s license renewed tomorrow or Friday. I gathered most of the documents I need to get the star on mine. My only problem is that none of the acceptable bills with the address on them have my name on them. I suppose tomorrow I can print off the home owner’s insurance declaration and perhaps 2018’s tax return. I do have a passport, my SS card, and miracle of miracles I have my original voter registration from when I was 18. They came to school and registered us to vote, then mailed it to us.

    Oh by the way, Happy New Year! Shhh…don’t tell anyone but I am going to go to the store, buy a can of Margaret Holmes black eyed peas and a can of turnip greens, thaw out some Christmas ham, make some Jiffy corn bread and call it good.

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  3. Happy New Year, everyone! Beautiful scene in the header. :–)

    Last year was very eventful, and one of the most difficult. I have much to thank God for: Dad had 4 strokes and is still quite healthy. He’s living with us and we’re feeling blessed by it. I’ve been blessed in my work after a period of severe trial. Cyrus saw an unwelcome reduction in one client, but God is opening another door now. One son had life-changing troubles which almost proved fatal, but God was merciful and spared his life.

    And finally, it is with a heavy heart that I have to report that Samster, our beloved daschund, lost his battle with cancer. Samster was quite a figure in our household and was instrumental in Dad’s recovery. He is sorely missed.

    In all these things we thank God, and testify to his faithfulness. Have a blessed beginning to this new year everyone.


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  4. Home! We could often see Catalina—looking so close as to touch—this time of year.

    Skipped playing in church last night, had engrossing conversations instead and was asleep by 9:30.

    Did I miss anything?

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  5. ¡Feliz año nuevo!

    We have most of our descendants here this morning. They are slowly getting up. We went to a party at the church we attend on Wednesdays and didn’t get home until 12:30 or so. When I got up the younger granddaughter was up, so we talked a little and had breakfast together. A pleasant time.

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  6. So good to see you Debra and thanks for catching us up. Sorry to hear about Samster 😢
    Peter what lovely memories you are creating with your offspring. My local grandkids still talk about their sleepovers and cinnamon rolls in the mornings…thankful!
    Finished my first day of reading through the Bible, got myself cleaned up and now it is time to tackle that Christmas tree. Sad to see it come down…but it must!

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  7. I went to bed at around 11:30 but with all the fireworks at midnight didn’t actually get to sleep until sometime after that. The noise didn’t seem as bad last night, but the 4th is always worse in this city where all fireworks are always illegal (but who would know).

    I was out at our lookout point yesterday for a story and decided to take a couple shots with the phone (how weird would that sound to a time traveler from only a couple decades ago?). That is Catalina Island, as Michelle noted. I’ve looked up what kind of flower that is when I saw it in my yard once, Cape Honeysuckle? It’s some kind of wild-growing thing that is beautiful but no something you want too much of on your own property. It clings to houses and fences.

    Debra, I’m so sorry to hear about the pup. Sounds like he had a good life and was well loved by his people.

    Most all the Christmas stuff is down and packed, but today I need to start moving it into the garage storage bins to get it out of the house. And the bare Christmas tree needs to be hauled out as well, I’m sure it will leave needles everywhere. Yes, sad to see it go, always, Christmas is such a pretty time of year. I should probably collect the strings of battery lights from outside also, I have left those on. I ordered some wreath storage boxes so the outdoor wreaths will go in those (but they haven’t arrived yet.) I’ll leave the white-lighted wreath on the front door through winter, I just need to remove the large Christmas bell from it to make it work as a neutral wreath for the rest of the season until spring arrives.

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  8. I don’t think I ever knew the flower name, it I immediately remembered it was sticky!

    Just in from a lovely walk with Mr. Fit who, like me, is still coughing and trying to remember what it’s like to have energy.

    I’m making sausage, homemade Mac and cheese, chocolate mousse and berry crisp. The children should be happy.

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  9. Sticky, yes. It’s a beautiful vine/plant but it had grown all over the south side of my house and up and over the back patio overhang at one point. I loved the look, but it contributed to some of the issues I had to fix on the house, especially on the exterior wood around the windows.

    Two different gardeners have long since ripped it out by the roots, as best they could, although every so often I see one of the orange blooms pop up randomly … It’s one of those plants that probably never truly goes away for good once it’s rooted. It is beautiful growing wild on the hillsides along the coast, though.

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  10. And I just noticed, when I was in the backyard a little while ago, that the honeysuckle is growing up and above my back fence from the neighbor’s yard.

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  11. Tree is down..not put away but down. Moving furniture around because everything looks bare. Sometimes I just hate decorating! And I noticed after I moved a cupboard that the floor guy pulled trim from along the stairs and cut off the end for some reason…it looks awful and there is another project. I need someone to build a full wall library bookcase for me and for some reason I can find no such craftsman….maybe I could call the floor guy 😜

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  12. Med Flight landed in the empty lot behind me. They sounded like they were landing on top of my house. They were there about 30 minutes getting the person from the back of the ambulance. I don’t know what happened…obviously a car wreck that’s a bad intersection. Someone needs prayers/

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  13. Happy 2020! I stayed up till past midnight though Hubby was in bed long before. My phone was charging and I thought it might be loud at midnight (it wasn’t–just a couple of pops). Someone just ran by my window with short shorts and a T-shirt. It’s January!

    I went out for a few hours this morning to the trail far enough away I have to drive to it. The birds cooperated nicely; I got several decent photos and several more sightings that didn’t bring good photos. I joined a group on Flickr that asks for 366 photos over the course of the year, one per day (and no, you can’t just shoot two the next day if you miss a day; you just miss a day). That may be way too demanding, we’ll see. (I don’t have to upload them on the day I take them or I wouldn’t even try it.) I figured I’ll give myself permission to take Sundays off; if I go for a walk or something, I’ll take my camera, but I won’t try extra hard to make sure I get a photo. It would have been easier to make such a commitment in my old house, though, especially when Misten was alive. We had a lovely view of sunsets and a farm field out our picture window, and we fed the birds outside our kitchen window, so I often went quite a few weeks without ever missing a day. And in the film-camera days, if I had a roll I wanted to use up, I’d just take a shot or two of Misten. We no longer have good views of outside from inside our home, we don’t feed the birds because we wouldn’t see them eating anyway, and I don’t have any pets now. But it might give me motivation to go outside at least for a few minutes on winter days I don’t really want to, and that would be a good thing. We’ll see. There are no prizes for getting all 366 days, anyway, you’re just supposed to do your best to do it.

    There was frost when I left, but close to 50 by noon. We had snow once in November (and it stuck around for several days) and once in December, and frost a bunch of times, but it hasn’t really felt like winter yet–and no, I’m not complaining!

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  14. It’s 63 and sunny here but we’re still bundled up (though some guys will wear shorts and flip-flops all year ’round). 🙂 It’s all relative.

    The “Polar” Bear swim happened at noon near me at local beach, that usually draws a few hundred folks. We had a photographer shooting it. I’ve yet to have a desire to go do that.

    But I am so grateful to have the day off, even if we do get back to work tomorrow. I purposely wanted this to be a low-key, do-nothing (almost) kind of day — and so far I’m excelling at that very unambitious goal.

    This morning our editor sent our a group email extolling all of our individual strengths (he’s done this before and it really is a morale booster). But in this one he compared me to the Battleship Iowa — steady, dependable, with reliable beat knowledge and good news judgement. OK, that may have sounded good in his head, but being compared to a 75(?) year-old battleship was a bit jarring! lol But he’s young and he meant well. 🙂

    Reminds me, has anyone caught Bret Baier’s “3 Days at the Brink” this weekend on the Tehran Conference in 1943? He did quite a bit of filming for that at the Iowa last year (Roosevelt was transported on the ship to the conference and the ship still features the specially built bathtub & room where he stayed onboard), but so far I’ve missed seeing that part of the show. I’ll have to watch it online


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  15. I stayed up with my family until midnight, even the one and three year old made it. Then we had a few fireworks and the 12 and 14 year old jumped into the pool. They got out again very quickly!

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  16. I just read Kizzie’s post about the houses with super Christmas light displays. The one in our neighborhood had no lights this year. Maybe they moved to your vicinity, Kizzie. And took the radio broadcast with them. I was curious what happened to them.

    Art and Wesley had the sparkling cider but I decided I did not need the sweetness since I had eaten a few slices of the chocolate orange my brother gave Wesley for Christmas. I may have some sparkling cider later.

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  17. Our day has been odd. Wesley was suppose to be out of town with friends. I thought Art would be at work. I planned for my brother to help me clear out the area with the pull down stairs to the attic, to clean and vacuum any varmint mess that might tumble out when we opened it up. I did not want the inspector to have to deal with that before the roof work begins. But Wesley is here because of his friend’s flu and our flat tire. Art decided he’d spend the day here working on our personal return. My brother got here and commenced working on the flat tire situation. He got Wesley to work with him on that. They took the flat spare off and put the spare from the other Honda on, but it had a valve problem so they took it off and took a tire from the older Honda and put it on the newer Honda. Wesley got a lot of good experience changing tires. So now I have three tires to deal with, two flat spares and the original flat. Art keeps plugging along at the computer loading transactions and reconciling. Now Wesley is helping Unc with the attic situation. I am keeping the guys and Miss Bosley fed. I also cleaned out the litter box. And just to think, this is our Staycation when we could be at Hilton Head, our one week of true vacation each year. We make our plans and God laughs. Just glad to be taking care of business!

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  18. I finally talked to Karen today. She has not been well and almost needed to go to the hospital.

    I told Karen about going to the Flying Biscuit for breakfast and said we could do that sometime. I told her it is at Toco Hills in a corner where La Petite Auberge was located. I told her that was where Art and I had our engagement dinner. She said that was where she and her husband had their wedding dinner. Art just laughed when he heard her say that on the speaker phone. We also both spent the first night of our honeymoons at the same downtown hotel. We did not know each other back then but were doing the same things. And we always find more things we have in common. It is bizarre to have so much background in common.

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  19. Debra – Saying a prayer that 2020 will be a much better year for you and your family. So sorry to hear about Samster. 😦 I remember when you lost Penelope (I think that was her name).

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  20. Cheryl – Several years ago, Chickadee was doing a challenge of taking a photo every day for a year. She took a lot of photos from interesting angles, or highlighting parts of a whole (know what I mean?). As my SIL said, she has a good eye for composition. I enjoyed seeing her photos each day.

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  21. A photo a day would be expensive back when I was taking 35mm pictures.

    Donna, I saw Bret Barer’s story segment.
    I was surprised, even as a kid, when Hitler invaded Russia. He didn’t need to do that. The Russian winter defeated Napoleon and it defeated Hitler. As a 11 year old kid, I knew that would happen.

    /Question for Hitler. What will you do with Russia if you conquer them?
    I know. It’s for the oil.
    There has to be better sources.

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  22. I see the hand of God in that issue between Hitler & Stalin.
    They had a non-aggression pact, and Stalin would have observed it. He didn’t like any of them.
    Does God interfere in battles? you ask.
    The Americans lost all but the last ten minutes of the battle of Midway. It was weird. Worth your study if you haven’t done so.

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  23. I see on my computer face page that Florida rescued a lost female hiker by her cell phone flashlight.
    I thought the “find friends” would position someone who was calling.
    I have “emergency” on my phone. I haven’t used it, but I don’t even have to punch in the code to get on it.
    I don’t know, but I would suspect it automatically has “find” options.

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  24. ok, I am getting discouraged. It is 63 in here even though the thermostat is set for 70. It has not come on in several hours. My daughter said to google it, but what do I know??

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  25. My assessment is that something is wrong with the heater or the thermostat. You’re welcome. 🙂

    Hope you can figure it out and get it fixed soon, though.

    Does God interfere with battles? He’s sovereign so he’s over all that comes to pass would be my answer.

    Had a call from one of our freelance photographers asking about her deadline for the polar bear swim (apparently my cell was on the photo assignment so she called me when the photo editor didn’t respond to her text right away). I couldn’t really help her, gave her another editor to connect with, but I thanked her for working on a holiday. She said it was a “fun” assignment.

    I got all the Christmas boxes moved into the garage, so that’s done. Whew. There are a couple random things I left out but I’ll take those out in another few days, I sort of “ease” out of Christmas some years. Feels good to have the house back to semi-normal though. But I miss the prettiness of Christmas.

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  26. I was thinking of one of those phrases I posted about earlier in a link — “God showed up in the end.” In fact, God is always there, from the beginning, in the middle, in the end, ordaining all that will come to pass.

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  27. okay, successfully survived the next crisis. 63 degrees was starting to feel pretty cold. I called the head of the missions committee and while I was talking to him I was able to get the cover off the wall thermostat. I then hunted around and found some new, I hoped, batteries. Still nothing, but after I hung up and they were going to come over, the heat finally came on. Oh, so nice to feel the warmth.

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  28. Chas – I don’t know the details, but maybe the hiker was lost in an area that didn’t have cell service.

    Jo – Sometimes when I have been told to google something, I wonder just what exactly I should google. Too broad a search brings a lot of irrelevant posts. Sometimes it is hard to come up with the right phrases to search for.

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  29. Jo – You probably wouldn’t like my house at night. I keep the rooms at 62* at night. (But I think Mumsee keeps her house colder, if I’m not mistaken.)

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  30. I turn the heat off at night which means the house cools and then hovers around 60 overnight, it’s sometimes in the 50s by the time I get up. But I absolutely cannot sleep with any heat on, I prefer a cold bedroom (though probably not as cold as mumsee likes).

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  31. Sweet photos Peter! Memories made!! 😊
    We..well he…turns the heat down to 60 at night when we go to bed. But…I have an electric blanket that I turn on “high” and I sleep nice and toasty all night long….

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  32. In Chicago my first year out of college, one week the landlords were away (in that house a bunch of us rented bedrooms from a Christian couple) and the heat went out, and none of us had any idea how to find or light the pilot light.

    Even in my childhood, in Phoenix, once I got cold at night I simply could not warm up. I learned as a child that if I needed to use the bathroom at night in winter, simply to “hold it.” I had quite a few instances when I needed to go so badly that I woke up on the verge of wetting myself, but managed to go back to sleep and never once wet the bed. But the nights I did get up, afterward I would lie in bed shivering the rest of the night. Once I got chilled, I simply could not get warm again, and this was with several blankets on my bed.

    So in Chicago, the heat was off, it was 50 degrees or so in the house and probably getting colder overnight, and I went to bed and huddled under the covers, but as expected I could not get warm. And I didn’t have a car yet, so I couldn’t have driven somewhere else if I’d had anywhere to go. I lay in bed shivering, hoping that this time I’d manage to warm up, and finally found the solution that worked: I remembered that our bathroom was so tiny it heated up quickly and steamed up during a shower. So I went into the bathroom, closed the door, and ran the shower with completely hot water for a few minutes. (I didn’t get in.) Once the bathroom was cozy, I wrapped myself in a towel until the towel was warm and cozy from my body heat. Then I turned off the shower and went to bed, taking the towel with me. With that beginning, I slept.

    The next day I called a friend and asked if I could stay at her house the next two or three nights (until our landlord and landlady returned). When they returned, others in the house asked to be allowed into the secret of the pilot light so we wouldn’t have that happen again!

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  33. Donna, better to be a battleship than a battle-ax.

    Chas, find friends only works if the location app is on. I keep mine off as it burns battery. I only turn it on if I need to use the directions app.


  34. Cheryl, when we lived in Ohio, I used to have 6 blankets on my bed and I would warm it up with a blowdryer when I got into bed. Now our house can get down in the 50s, but have have my personal heater in bed next to me.

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  35. We had a nice New Year’s. I let Trey stay up and at midnight we ate our 12 grapes. He had his mouth so stuffed full that he looked like a chipmunk. I think he will remember this all of his life as the first time he got to ring in the new year.

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