Our Daily Thread 12-31-19

Good Morning!

This pic is of Elizabeth and her friend Stephen, who is also a member of our church. The young man begins his basic training today for the US Army Infantry in Georgia. We’d like to request prayer on his behalf, for his safety and success.



Anyone have a QoD?

39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-31-19

  1. As Chas often says, “If you have anything you need to do in 2019, better get it done!

    We’re expecting an influx of children later. D1 and family are coming over. They put polyurethane finish on most of the flooring in their house and need to be away for a couple of days. They went to SIL’s brother yesterday, and are coming here for tonight and tomorrow. Not that we’re ready for overnight guests, since our master bedroom is empty of furniture, waiting for the floor to be finished. Oh, well. We’ll put cushions on the floor and let the children camp out. D1 and SIL can either join them or sleep on a mattress in the living room.

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  2. Good morning! We had breakfast out at The Flying Biscuit. Art and Wesley had never been, but I went there with Michelle when she was in town. It is at our Toco Hills shopping area which is where there was a large gathering of Jewish people recently to show solidarity with those in the New York attack.

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  3. AJ, Elizabeth and her beau make a nice looking couple. Will he be at Fort Benning? There is also military training in Dahlonega. And, he does need prayer, for sure, to get through the rigorous training and then on yo his assignment. Will y’all go to his graduation from bootcamp? If so perhaps we can arrange a meetup while you are in Georgia.

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  4. Morning! That certainly is a sweet photo of two dear young people up there! We will be keeping Stephen in our prayers and cherish the opportunity to do so. And if he ever finds himself landed at Ft Carson he will have us to connect with as family… 😊
    Peter your next couple of days with the family sounds exciting. How well I recall the days of visiting my Uncle and sleeping on the floor. Best of times!

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  5. AJ, a word for Stephen. He may already know this.
    The branch chief of his unit may seem like the meanest guy in the world.
    But he wants you to secede. You will never be convinced of this, but.
    He’s on your side.

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  6. Who’s Wes? I was going to ask. 🙂

    Nice photo, they look like good kids.

    I was handed a story last night that I can do today (I always like those); our missing/stolen(?) viewfinder telescope that vanished over Christmas was mysteriously either returned or replaced by a new one. Now I need to find someone in Rec and Parks or LAPD who knows what happened and can fill me in. But first I’ll go out there and take a look myself, maybe interview a couple folks who may be out there taking in the views this morning.

    Last night I packed away all the “bulb” ornaments in this incredibly handy gadget — a clear box with partitioned plastic trays that set inside, 3 of them — from the Container Store. Does anyone else go there? It’s definitely a woman’s kind of store, they have storage and organizing gadgets you never knew you needed. A friend recently hired them to redo her closet, they also sell a complete closet organizing “system” they also install in your house. I can’t afford anything like that but I do love their handy and well-made boxes and baskets. I first started going there 1-2 years ago, during the summer I was cleaning out the garage. Their clear, plastic weather-tight totes with snap on lids in all sizes were just what I needed (and way better quality that the Rubbermaid ones that have such ill-fitting lids). They’re stackable and keep things very protected in the garage.

    So the Christmas tree decorations are all ready to carry out to the garage, either today or tomorrow. And the tree is ready to haul out, one way or another, to the front yard. Very glad I didn’t leave ALL of it to do on New Year’s Day. I’m hoping to enjoy a quiet, lazy day off tomorrow.

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  7. NancyJill – Then it occurred to me that you might like to know which comment it was. 🙂 It was about having used Bethany Christian Services in the past, and being disappointed in them now.

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  8. Thanks Kizzie…I was beginning to wonder who was using my name! I now recall that comment I made about being a cradle care family with and adopting through Bethany. Still disappointed in their compromise 😢

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  9. We have those partitioned ornament holders for the tree at work. They are super helpful for staying organized. Very good protection for glass ornaments like the former owner bought.

    After our nice breakfast this a.m. things have gone downhill. I went to a nearby mall to pay my Penney’s bill, only 48 dollars and did not buy anything although I considered the deeply discounted wreaths. On my way home I hit something at the edge of the road, maybe just the curb, and could tell it was not good. I drove into my neighborhood before I had to stop. Then I ended up calling for Roadside Assistance. The guy arrived in about 40 minutes and put on the little spare. He left and the car was not right. I crept home gently on it and found that tire was flat, too. Since it is a holiday I guess I will wait about getting it repaired. Maybe I need to lift it off that flat little spare?

    On top of that, it has been several days since I have spoken with Karen and I can’t seem to reach her. I am trying not to worry, but she has been in such a fragile state of being both physically and emotionally that I am concerned.

    Wesley had planned to use the car to visit friends, but one friend has the flu.

    Wishing you all a good New Year’s Eve whether you go out or stay home. Be safe! I just remembered we have some sparkling cider I should put in the refrigerator to chill.

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  10. I never say any of those tings. Except #4. It is scriptural.’ “Where two or mare are gathered, God is in the midst>”
    We used to quote it often in our small IVCF (Intervarsity) meetings at Carolina.
    It was a small chance for refuge from the world.

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  11. Dj I agree that we all mostly mean well when saying certain things to encourage others in the faith. I must say I cringe at times when I hear certain “phrases” used amongst us. Some more trendy statements in my view reduce the Lord God Most High to a lower level with no reverence nor recognition at all.
    Janice I hope ya’ll figure out your car situation. Sounds like you will have to replace the spare anyway so I would worry about getting it off…but what do I know! A most blessed Happy New Year to you all. ♥️

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  12. You know how at Christmastime AJ shares that video of the house with the light show that goes along with the music? Well, we have a house like that here in Stafford, and we got to see it this year. Very cool!

    Then we did some more driving around to look at more Christmas lights, and found another house with a light show and music up in Massachusetts. Also very cool!

    Each house somehow had access to a radio station (high on the dial) to play the music. At the first house, it took us a while to find the right station. In the meantime, the randomly flashing lights just did not have the same effect, looking kind of stupid. 😀

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  13. Janice, you need to remember the name of the responder and don’t deal with them again. He should never left until he was sure you were ready to roll. He is prepared to deal with a bad spare. Some cars no longer have spare tires.

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  14. Love how you can just be “driving around” and wind up in a whole other state on the East Coast. 🙂 That doesn’t happen around here.

    Frustrating day chasing a story — I turned in what I could get, we’ll see if the editor chooses to hold it or go with it for now, then return with another followup when we can get more info. Took me a couple trips this morning out to our lookout point and then to the Pacific region’s LA Rec & Parks office. But staff shortages during these 2 holiday weeks make getting info literally like pulling teeth — no one’s fault, it’s just what happens during the holidays (which is another reason why we dread working them).

    We also have early deadlines today (4 p.m. everything has to be at its final destination) so that’s an added pressure. But all my stuff is now in, though I’m still hoping for a random call back that’ll help fill out the mystery story.

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  15. Kizzie, my mother-in-law had such a house in her neighborhood three or four years ago. It was a bit of a nightmare for those of us just trying to drive through to get to and from someone’s house. (They were near the entrance to the main road into that neighborhood.) They haven’t done it since, so either they moved or they (or someone else) decided it wasn’t a good idea. They may well have decided they were in the wrong place for such a display, and moved somewhere else.

    I have my 2020 calendar on the wall. 🙂 I have sparkling cider in the fridge too; my husband isn’t feeling well, so I doubt either of us will stay up till midnight, and there’s no point in chilling champagne. (I may stay up till midnight, but he probably won’t.)

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  16. My cousin served a sparkling cranberry drink for Christmas, really good.

    So this is odd, but my ‘mystery’ story has now led to a company that is in Kim’s hometown. How weird is that? I’m trying to reach them but realize it’s late on New Year’s Eve. Left a couple voicemails and an email. Maybe Kim can knock on their door.

    Editor says to me, “How do you know someone in Fairhope, Alabama??” Haha. Small world.

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  17. Love how you can just be “driving around” and wind up in a whole other state on the East Coast.

    Or when you live in the corner of a state and have one state 2 miles away and another 60 miles away.

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  18. DJ, Growing up in Phoenix, we traveled to California quite often . . . but it was A Big Deal. A whole other state. Then I spent more than a decade in Chicago, and from there made a few trips to Indiana to see autumn leaves and a few trips to MIchigan (going through Indiana on the way) to go to a fruit stand I discovered when I counseled at a camp in Michigan. And when we lived in the north of this state, we attended church with some people who lived in Ohio (and thus drove to a different state each time they attended church). From Nashville, when I drove to see my brother in the Chattanooga region, there is a patch of road that goes from Tennessee to Georgia (with time changes) a few times.

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  19. I have been trying to guide daughter into allowing her baby to lie down while awake or asleep in the day. It is not necessary to hold her all of the time. No need to leave her crying, but she is happy to just lie there watching.

    Daughter has also learned that stopping the non stop journaling of baby’s every meal, burp, and diaper, was not a bad thing either. It was causing lots of stress in her. She is much calmer, good to see. Actually, working on a quilt project, made out of old jeans.

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  20. I was being so secure that I locked my computer and other valuables in the closet when I went to town. When I got back I could unlock the closet, but could not open the door. Someone from church came over for something else and helped. He had to use a crow bar and even then struggled to open it. At least he didn’t make me look like a wimp.
    This settling into a new culture is not for the faint of heart.
    Chocolate, I need more chocolate. A cure for stress!?

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  21. Although Connecticut is small (the third smallest state in the union), we live on the border with Massachusetts. And being in the eastern part of the state, Rhode Island isn’t too far off, either, but it is a bit of a drive.

    During much of the Christmas season, the house in town with the light show asks for donations to be given to a local charity.

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  22. On the east coast I seem to remember my hosts and I would drive frequently from PA to NJ — took the train to NY, however. Our Iowa homestead was near the northern border. When my mom and I went to Colorado (flying in and out of New Mexico), we rented a car and went between states, but lots of cowboy country in between.

    Our drives to and from Iowa when I was a kid seemed ENDLESS to me. And the states went on forever. But states in the west are simply much bigger.

    Kim, did you see my earlier post about Fairhope?

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  23. Passwords!! I am sitting here trying to access some of my pages and since we purchased new phones and went with a new service today everyone wants my password…that is how I will end out this year 😂
    No fireworks here in the forest but they will be setting them off on top of the Peak at midnight…I will be fast asleep 💤 For now I am just sitting on the sofa listening to Jim Brickman play his piano on Pandora….

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