67 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-23-19

  1. Since I’m talking to myself, maybe some music…..

    No, not Christmas, I’m about done with Christmas music for the year.

    How about these 2 Swiss guys I recently added to my play list…..

    Mozart Heroes.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. Is it really Christmas Eve -eve? I suppose I have everything I need except for going to the grocery store to get what is for dinner tomorrow night and breakfast Christmas morning. There should be enough leftovers to carry us through the next few days.
    Most of the presents are in gift bags with tissue paper. Only the ones to Mr. P got my regular wrapping job.
    I am just not as “into” it this year as I have been in the past. I am finding that others aren’t either. I have never gone into to Christmas as ill prepared as I am this year. Many are saying it is because Thanksgiving was so late this year. I don’t know.
    Are all of you ready?

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  3. Today is Hanukah. It is a Jewish celebration older than Christmas. It is mentioned in John 10:22 as the feast of dedication.
    When Israel returned from captivity, out OT virtually ends. But Israel had 300-400 years of turmoil after that. Much of it is recorded in the Apocrypha. We don’t study it so most Baptist, in their Bible study enter the NT not knowing about Pharisee, Romans and most other things that affected their culture
    But there was a time Israel was under the control of the Persians (I’m doing this from faulty memory.) They forbid the observance of the law.
    It is reported in one of the documents how a woman had her son circumcised and they crucified her with her child hanging about her neck.

    Anyhow? There was a Maccabean rebellion, they were the Pharisees, They drove out the enemy and restored worship in the Temple.

    The Feast of Lights is because of the miracle in the temple.
    In dedication of the temple, they found that they only had enough oil for one day. But the started the dedication anyhow. The lamp burned for seven days on one day’s supply of oil.
    That’s why they call it the feast of Dedication.

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  4. Morning! Pretty little tree and I found Dj in the photo…with her camera! πŸ™ƒ
    I am as ready as I will ever be for Christmas. Neighbors are coming over this evening so I need to get this house clean and prepare a few appetizers and get the gingerbread house laid out on the table in preparation to construct. Tomorrow the kids are coming over around 3 or 4 and we will have a meal of some sort and open presents. Then just like that..poof..it will be over! πŸŽ„

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  5. Yep, there I am, in one of the shiny ornaments. πŸ™‚ Magic.

    It rained through the night, still raining this morning, and I have no idea what I’m going to write about this week. It’s desperation time as the rest of the world is “off.” These holiday weeks are the hardest.

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  6. Donna,
    We’re glad to see you back. AJ had us worried.
    You can write about Hanukah . Most Christians and likely many Jews don’t know what it is about.

    Otherwise, you are correct. There is nothing happening this week. I need a haircut, but won’t get it until after Christmas. Nothing is going to happen before Friday, now.
    I hope. .

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  7. In case you don’t check Rants and Raves after Sunday evening, you should go back and read it today. It has a nice Rave from Jo about her trip.

    Welcome home, Jo!

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  8. Not only DJ, but is that a photo ornament of a her dogs?

    Good choice, AJ. I like that groups are modernizing classical music so that the younger generation can hear real music and enjoy it. Too many of them think it’s boring. Part of that may be the fact that schools dropped music from the curriculum, so all the children hear is contemporary popular music.

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  9. A couple new trolleys are being considered for purchase to serve the waterfront, maybe I can get someone to talk about that. I know, yawn, but the bar is low-low-low this week.

    There was a traffic fatal overnight, 22-year-old local kid killed; I forwarded that to the crime team.

    Kim, I had the same experience this year, it was like “sudden Christmas,” it didn’t have the usual buildup for me which is always half the fun. I still have a couple gift cards to pick up. And it’s always hard when the holiday falls right in the middle of the week for us, work-wise.

    The gardener normally comes today and it’s his monthly payday, plus I was going to add something for Christmas, but with the rain I’m not sure he’s coming. But I’m guessing he wants and needs his money, can’t blame him for that. So I’ll set the envelope out as usual on the patio. I don’t know what he’d be able to do gardening-wise today, though. Can’t really mow …

    I’m not sure if I’m going to the office or working from home today yet.

    I watched the movie “Spotlight” last night — about the Boston Globe’s stories on the widespread priest molestation cases in the early 2000s and the church’s cover-up. Good film, shocking but important story. Actor who is the patriarch on Blue Bloods played Cardinal Law.

    So here I am writing about new tourist trolleys. And only if I’m lucky, at that.

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  10. Good day to go early to the grocery store. I got to Publix a little after 9:00 a.m. and expected a full lot. It was at least half empty. By the time I got back to the car the lot was almost full.

    Nice tree in the header with the cute ornaments. I should do one of Miss Bosley.

    I am still expecting one more package delivery today. My leg is not up for more than the grocery shopping.

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  11. I’d say general malaise up here as well. Mostly because we’re emotionally worn out from the last three months–me from traveling plus fires, others from fires, church folks from continuing disruption of our normal for the last 18 years. Thanksgiving being so late didn’t help.

    But I think we’re done except for more cooking and feasting.

    13 of my favorite people were here for dinner last night after clean-up from cookie baking.

    (And I’m laughing. We don’t seem to have that many cookies . . . )

    Only oldest son and wife were out celebrating their anniversary. I stood over the stove with the chicken pesto pasta, caesar salad on the counter, vegetables cooking and thought about how blessed that moment was.

    Chaos of children, someone playing the piano, football streaming to our TV, laughter, chattering 15-month old and then glory! 9-month old Ellie climbed the first step (of two) into the kitchen.

    Feel very blessed today.

    But then, I haven’t been back to the kitchen since I dropped into bed exhausted at 9 o’clock . . . .

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  12. We are soggy with a lot of rain lately, but it is suppose to clear and be nice for Christmas Day. I am thankful when that happens so children (and some adults) can get out and enjoy new bikes and sports equipment.

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  13. OK. I am dashing out to get one more gift. Sunday Mr. P and I were in a store and they carried the leather flip flops he likes. I tried to get him to buy then but he wanted to wait. I didn’t buy them yesterday because I thought it would be toooooo obvious, but today I have decided to do it. Then I am absolutely, positively DONE.
    He has a doctors appointment at the VA today and when he gets home we can go grocery shopping.

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  14. Rainy here. Doc appt for granddaughter, maybe he will look at my throat to see if I am dead or not.
    Then two growns return for Christmas. Little brother of the two moms and the Ethiopian. Should be fun. Apparently, eighteen year old son told them he may drop by at some point.

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  15. I worked yesterday. That was a mistake. I made it through the long day OK, but last night, I developed fever and chills and muscle aches. I have voluntarily quarantined myself from the rest of the house, which is currently inhabited by not only its usual occupants, but also the hordes. Thankful that I now have 8 days off (I did not ask for them, but they were given to me).

    Although I am experiencing a malaise, it is a purely physical one. I was able to get gifts for everyone this Christmas, and I had fun finding them. Now I just need to get well enough to wrap them. I never feel under pressure to get gifts for anyone, but I really enjoy doing it every year. Right now, I am resting and listening one of my two recording of the complete The Messiah. The Christ-centred music of this time of the year is my favorite part of the season.

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  16. Thank you all for the birthday greetings. I had a lovely, busy, computer-less weekend, highlighted by the “Traditional Festival of Lessons and Carols” by the Maryland State Boy Choir yesterday afternoon.

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  17. Editor reminded me of a story that got held over from last week, so I have something serious to work on. But it also involves listening to / watching a rather lengthy port commission discussion via video.

    The rain has stopped for now. I put the gardener’s check out on the patio as usual with an added sum for Christmas.

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  18. The only thing I use Linked-in for is to have a presence and to post my weekly blog.

    I learned today, however, that you can discover who has been investigating YOU on the site.

    I’d been hunting an elderly historian–trying to figure out 1. was he still alive and 2. where was he located?

    I made a note and moved along–figuring I should read his books before I contact him to ask questions.

    Ha! Not that elderly–he flushed me out!

    So, today, I wrote him an email confessing and explaining my interest, making mention of his book which I’m currently reading, and asked if I could contact him in future–when I have some genuine questions!

    Merry Christmas to me! Ha!

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  19. I think I’m going to skip the newest Star Wars. I’m just tired of all the death and destruction (they watched the previous movie two nights ago–I went off to read elsewhere).

    Of course, I sort-of want to see 1917–so maybe I’m not being consistent. 😦

    I think it will be Little Women for me–oh, wait, death, war, I just can’t win! πŸ™‚

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  20. I found some old clips of Lost in Space to show Wesley since Art and I frequently have reason to say, “Warning, warning, Will Robinson!” I wanted him to have an appreciation of the past that led into Star Trek and Star Wars. It was fun to time travel to ancient tv days.

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  21. It’s a winter wonderland here today. We had fog overnight and then about 3″ snow πŸ™‚

    My living room smells heavenly right now. I made some clove studded oranges for a hostess gift for our friends who have invited us to a Christmas Day supper. Since our kids aren’t arriving until late the 26th and their kids aren’t coming home this year we shall have a fun evening together.

    Yesterday our pastor did a first person sermon as an elder of Bethlehem narrating the story of Ruth. He’s currently taking us through the book of Judges which has been fascinating and Ruth’s story happens during the time of the Judges. I really enjoy his first person narratives – I learn so much and it stays with me.

    Husband is out in the shop creating picture frames for the pictures he sketched of our kids’ pets. I love having a “don’t spend money” Christmas. Then he’s going to build me a little wood box to put the oranges in.

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  22. Well I scrolled through the cookie list and having been born and raised in Ohio I would someone messed up! Growing up there were Snickerdoodles everywhere at Christmas and that is the tradition I carry forward (and I didn’t see them on the list anywhere). Colorado I would think they were right on with that one.
    I made cookies every year when the kids were home but I just don’t have it in me any longer. This year I purchased a tub of cookie dough from the Milk Man…Oatmeal/cranberry/walnut…that is what we shall have for dessert tomorrow…with marshmallow peanut butter fudge on the side πŸ˜‚

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  23. Clearly those are not long-standing traditional cookies. Who among us California natives ever heard of Vegan Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies?

    On the other hand the Polish cookies in Michigan are plausible. There are substantial Polish populations, and Paczki is a big deal every Fat Tuesday.

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  24. Neighbor texted that they would not be coming over tonight as her husband thought he might be getting a cold. All that cleaning and preparation. 😞 The gingerbread house will be constructed by the grandkids tomorrow…there will be a bigger mess to clean up but I look forward to listening to the giggles and arguments over what piece of candy goes where! πŸ˜‰ I’m ready for a nap…..

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  25. Who comes up with those lists? Mrs L has never heard of the Iowa choice: Dutch caramel cookies. But I like the Kansas and Missouri choices: giant chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip.

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  26. When I was a child we went through a phase of making brown edged cookies. They are simple and good. I was unfamiliar with many cookies on the list. My mother had a recipe, maybe from White Lily, for Silver Bell cookies. They were a thin cutout shortbread cookie with white icing. I loved those but don’t remember her making others besides those two types. We did not have many sweets because of my brother’s diabetes. By the end of high school I looked like that model Twiggy. Then I left home and discovered how much I liked sweets.

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  27. Janice I made Silver Bell cookies every year. Our Grandma Mack (a dear lady from church who had β€œadopted” us as her family) made them every Christmas and gave us boxes of them! She used those hard silver balls on her cookies. If you bit into one of those balls you could crack a tooth!! My daughter continues the tradition and brings me a few every Christmas….

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  28. Nancyjill, who could have ever known that we would have that same tradition? Is it the same recipe? My brother has all my mother’s recipes somewhere. My mother never used those silver balls on them, just the white icing.

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  29. I’ve spent the last couple hours trying to make a Ule-friendly version of Apples to Apples to play on Christmas day. As always for me, it’s the plague of the printer, but I think I got everything printed, just need to cut everything into cards.

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  30. Wasn’t able to nail down the trucker story from the Teamsters as the company never got back to me despite saying they would. So that’s hanging for now.

    But here’s an interesting story USA Today did on the plight of port truckers, they really are at the bottom of the pile — especially when you compare them to the longshore workers who earn 6 figures.


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  31. Oh my goodness, I just started reading that link, Michelle, and realized it was a preview I saw last night in between shows somehow, unbelievable.


  32. I had to make a run to the credit union — ugh, me and all the bumper-to-bumper shoppers, as credit union is not far from the big local mall — and saw the cutest sight. Guy walking 2 small dogs, one of them a corgi, across the street as right-hand-turn traffic waited, and waited, and waited. He kept urging the short-legged corgi to hurry up but he was honestly going as fast as he could on those stubby legs. πŸ™‚ I suspect all of us sitting in our cars were just smiling at the sight.

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  33. I’m done. mr P and I went t the grocery store this afternoon. If it isn’t in the house I won’t be in the house. I do have to run into town tomorrow and pick up Miss Eden’s locket so I can give it to her tomorrow night. It has an E on the front and her birth date on the back. I have one other Mama with an M and her birthdate 30some odd years ago. Her Mama’s has dent in it where she teethed on it. Miss E wil do whatever she wants.
    Who would have ever guessed how much I love babies? Certainly not me.

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  34. On that list, I recognized Chinese Almond cookies and Mexican Wedding Cakes (aka Russian Tea Cakes) as cookies that my mom would make every year. She also made Pfeffernusse, Lebkuchen, and Spritz cookies, and maybe a couple others, too.

    As for the Pfeffernusse, I’ve seen some conflicting recipes and descriptions, so what I have in mind may not be what others have in mind.

    Nightingale is developing her own cookie traditions. Tonight she is making Thumbprint cookies and what she calls Snowballs, which is yet another name for Mexican Wedding Cakes/Russian Tea Cakes. Tomorrow she will make some Spritz and maybe something else. We usually have Gingerbread cookies, too, but she doesn’t think she’ll have time this year, so she bought some (*gasp!*).

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  35. Pfeffernusse!!! We love the hard version of peppernut cookies. We’ve had the soft ones too and they taste the same. Daughter usually makes a batch of peppernuts – they end up looking almost like a bowl of dog chow sitting on the coffee table, but they’re so good to snack on.

    One tradition passed on from my Oma is ammonia cookies (peppermint cookies). We don’t use the baking ammonia as it can be hard to find, so we just use peppermint oil for the flavouring and baking powder for the leavening. It is a very soft, sticky dough that you roll out and cut with cookie cutters – so difficult. Everyone loves the peppermint cookies. One year my friend and I baked them with the baking ammonia and cleared our sinuses but good. We must have measured it wrong, it was so strong.

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  36. So what difference is there in a vegan scarf? It’s certainly not made from a vegan Sherpa, is it? Or is it made by a vegan Sherpa? I mean, if it’s a scarf, and it’s vegan, is it made from something other than wool? (What vegans don’t realize, is that shearing sheep is good for them, as the wool shouldn’t get too long.)

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  37. Maybe vegan because some people are allergic to wool? When I was young and wore wool sweaters, I got an itchy spot on my arm. I may have had a reaction to wool, but no one paid much attention to sensitivities back in the old days.

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  38. Some interesting nerd trivia that may or may not interest you, as yesterday Michelle mentioned LinkedIn.
    We support online learning systems for pretty much everyone. Some examples are Nike, Corning, Kuerig, SunTrust, Bayer, Hyundai, most government agencies, and even Microsoft, because it is such a niche market that no one wants to ramp up enough to do it right. Many subscribe to a third-party content provider for all kinds of training, such as Excel, Six Sigma, Sexual Harassment, and so forth. A major player in that field was called Lynda.com, which was bought out by LinkedIn in 2015. We interact with LinkedIn via our contract with the National Science Foundation. In 2016, LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft – yes, Microsoft owns LinkedIn. They expect it, in their own words, to be “the Center of the Professional Hub.” They have big plans for expansion and integration with Outlook, Skype, Office, and Windows. If it interests you, there’s tons of info available if you google “Microsoft LinkedIn.”
    BTW, you see the second “I” sometimes capitalized and sometimes not, which as a perfectionist and documentation writer drives me crazy. I asked our LinkedIn contact which was correct and he said, “I don’t know – I’m sure you’ll be fine whichever way you use it.”

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