25 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-2-19

  1. Morning all. Thanks for visiting Magnolia for us, Janice.
    Ten days of school left. One student left today to visit family in India. Another leaves on Friday. We are planning lots of fun projects, but not this week. This week is to be ordinary and keep them working.
    I leave the day after school is out and have to pack up my home and my classroom.

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  2. Good morning! It is cold here as the weather report said it would be. We may even have snow flurries with nothing sticking. That could be fun.

    The things I saw in the Magnolia store were fairly simple which was nice. Since we don’t have cable, we don’t watch the show so I did not know what to expect other than nice and classy.

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  3. For those of you who wondered about the “Shower (tree) Frog’”, I executed a daring rescue over the weekend. It happened after he jumped on me in the shower. We have cups in a basket by the tub for Little Miss to play with when she takes a bath. I got two of them and captured Mr. Frog 🐸 in them and threw him out the breakfast room door. I am happier now and I can only assume so is he.

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  4. I wonder how much those bunches of birch ‘logs’ were selling for. I could probably make a killing if they didn’t grow for free up here 🙂

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  5. Today would be my father’s 81st birthday. That’s hard to imagine. In my mind (except for the last couple of months) he will always be tall, strong, and able to do anything. Even though he died in June we waited to spread his ashes until his birthday.
    My Aunt V has given us instructions that she wants her ashes spread where we spread his. B-Family Christmas will be at the beach on the 21st.

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  6. Kim’s father would be seven years younger than I am.
    But I don’t need that to feel old. I felt it already.

    😥 I am getting dire warnings that I’m missing out of the chance to get Trump wrapping paper.

    Just another thing to worry about.

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  7. A relative (on my one cousin’s mom’s side, so not directly related to me but we intersect at occasional holiday gatherings) has written a book about himself. He grew up in northwest Iowa (of course, where else?), was in the Air Force, an attorney & for many years worked as a political consultant who knew many of the governors and other leading politicians in Iowa.

    It was only $3.50 on Kindle so I bought it last night and started reading through it, it’s helping me diagram in my head some of the family lines as I know everyone but have not always been able to keep the precise connections clear in that clan. They’re the large, Irish Catholic side, we were the small Scottish Protestant side of the families that came together when my dad and his brother married.

    I’m in some denial this morning, but I suspect it is Monday?

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  8. Because of the inclement weather and bad road conditions last night (especially since there is a tall, steep hill between our town and her town), Chickadee spent the night here last night. Instead of spending the day with me, she arranged to be picked up. She spent most of the morning in her room. I felt so sad after she left.

    This may sound dramatic, but as I was praying later, I prayed that the McKs would not “ruin” my daughter as they’ve ruined their older daughter (YA). YA is 32 and has not had a job, except for babysitting, since college. Now the news is that she “can’t” work because of her asthma. And yet she manages to spend days walking around various fairs in the summer and fall, and babysitting little kids and other things that take energy. It’s as if her parents have infantalized her. (She is not eligible for any Social Security disability program, either.)

    That family is so dysfunctional, and yet so “nice and sweet” on the surface. Chickadee loves them and seems to think she belongs to them more than to us. It hurts.

    Praying God will heal my heart and help me to have more faith for Him to move in this situation.

    Also, I think that being sick for over four weeks is taking a toll on me emotionally.

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  9. Tomorrow Chickadee will be back to help Nightingale rip up my living room carpet. The carpet is old and in bad shape, and we discovered that there is a faux brick tile underneath. It’s not that we like the faux brick, but that it would be better than the yucky carpet, which has begun to come up in an area where two pieces meet. Also, Nightingale bought an area rug for me from Wayfair (on sale).

    This will involve taking all the books off my bookshelves and some other discombobulation. I am already feeling overwhelmed, and we haven’t even started. (Nightingale told me to leave it to her, but I’m afraid she may mess up my “system” with how I keep my books.)

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  10. Well good Monday to you all. I started out early this morning running errands, dropping off donations at the thrift store, going to post office, grocery, Sam’s, and purchasing some wool for my Christmas present projects. I am beat and it is only Dec 2!! So much time so little to do…wait…reverse that 😉
    Kizzie it is exciting to move out the old and have a re-do…I think you will love it once it is over and done with. I have purged so much stuff I did not need nor even knew I had in some instances. My daughter took a box full of my Christmas decoration purges to her house and I had a huge box that I dropped off this morning at the thrift store…someone will enjoy it I am certain! My parents had the faux brick linoleum on their kitchen floor oh so many decades ago…it really looked kind of nice…I scrubbed that floor so many times as a teen!
    Praying continually for your Chickadee….that she would one day have her eyes opened to how deeply she is loved…not only by you but of our wondrous Saviour….may the chains that bind her be broken….and her heart born anew…..

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  11. my house had faux red brick on the kitchen floor, too, but before it actually sold they swapped it for a pale yellow linoleum which worked better as the kitchen can be dark and the dark floor made that effect more pronounced.

    It’ll be fun to have a re-configured house with new furniture for Christmas, Kizzie. And hopefully you’ll be feeling peppier by then as well.

    I need to go through my closets again and purge, purge, purge.

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  12. DJ – When I went through my clothes, I was amazed at how old and outdated some of them were – the ones crammed in the far side of the closet or heaped on the floor.


  13. Silly people – picking up wild animals.

    Kizzie, please don’t overdo it and have a relapse. But I am excited for a new look living room!!! I wish I could come help redecorate!

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  14. It also dawned on me that I don’t think I’ve donated any clothing or household items this year — I usually turn in 5-6 bags pretty regularly and use them as part of my donation tax write-off. I’d better get busy!

    It’s crunch time at work this week for me, my last day before stay-cation is Thursday and I’m trying to get at least two stories to leave the editors, along with a few photo assignments. I spent much of today processing photos from the weekend holiday parade, we had a bunch of them but now reporters have to do the work of writing cutlines, downloading them, sending them to different sites so they get in both the digital and paper editions, etc. Just really time consuming.

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