36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-28-19

  1. Morning all and Happy Thanksgiving as we all give thanks.
    The header photo could have been taken in my backyard in California. Lots of wild turkeys running around there and deer. Which is why my deck has a gate.

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  2. Good night Jo.
    everyone else have a happy thanksgiving.
    I have so much to be thankful for that it’s hard to manage.
    I’ll post the main things later.

    Just before I got up this morning, I was thinking that a guy in Iran or Hong Kong was doing his thing. I’m here, doing mine. Trying to think of something to be thankful for.
    It’s an odd world.

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!
    Atlanta chilled down in the evening so the temp is perfect for baking. Enjoy the family time and feasting, the sports events, parades, games, and chats by the fireplace. It is a wonderful day to give thanks for our many forms of blessings. I am especially thankful this season for being able to drive again.

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  4. Morning! Turkey! We have those roaming about these parts and they have been known to fly right out in front of your car…or they will decide to meander down the middle of the road. Sometimes they will follow your car pecking at your tires! Well one of them is going in the oven in just about a half hour! 🦃 😂
    I am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you here and pray your day be filled with sweet moments and yummy food! Thank you AJ for pulling us all together and keeping us here…you have blessed us beyond measure!

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  5. I too, am thankful for all of you.
    And especially to AJ for keeping this family together.
    It takes lots of work to do that.
    I am thankful for all of you. I may have mentioned it before, but because of Elvera’s condition, I am severely restricted in my getting out and around. Family, twice monthly Lions and my SS class are the only contacts I have with civilization.

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  6. Yesterday we had lunch at Mother’s in Nee Orleans. Then we went to the WWII Museum. We really didn’t have enough time and it was very crowded.
    There was a visiting installation of glass art featuring pieces of glass a military chaplain collected from some of the bombed out churches in Europe as the military came in. He kept a journal and the glass artists tried to incorporate his memories into the art they created around the chards. Beautiful and extremely moving. There was a glass piece where you could open the door and drop a slip of paper in with a name of a WWII veteran. Mr. P wrote his father’s name and dropped it in. They had a troubled relationship so it was good to see him do that.

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  7. We have a turkey here too.

    It’s all ready to go into the oven. They’re the best kind. 🙂

    Potatoes are peeled and cut for mashed, carrots are peeled and ready, pineapple stuffing is already made ( I do it early because it’s pineapple, and stuffing from the bird is gross. Plus I have a small oven. 🙂

    Only thing left is to put the heat to it all, which will start at halftime of the 113th playing of the P’burg/Easton game, about 11:30. Then I come back at halftime from the neighbors, pop the bird in, and go watch the second half. When the games over, start the rest and eat around 2ish. 🙂

    I’ve perfected this technique over many years. 🙂

    Also, if you’re interested in watching the live stream of the oldest interstate Thanksgiving Day Game in high school football history, here you go.


    Go Liners! 🐺

    Who by the way are the team with the most wins in NJ state history.

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  8. There was also a 45 minute movie World Without Boundaries narrated by Tom Hanks it was somewhat interactive. Various lighting, seats shaking, fog, and the stories.
    At the end an assortment of soldiers walked up on a monument. Then every other soldier walked down and it was old men and women. They turned around and the old soldiers and the younger soldiers saluted each other. (It was on film not live) And that’s when I lost it. Very moving.

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  9. Singing at 9, home to finish the pies and figure out the brussell sprouts. I’ve been doing other thngs . . . . Have a wonderful hoilday. It will just be R and I, our oldest son, his wife, 4 Adorables, my brother and sister-in-law and their adult daughter.

    This is a great deal for us–they’re chefs!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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  10. Happy Thanksgiving 🍽🍁🦃 everyone. Mr P and I are going to have a big breakfast and ride the streetcars through New Orleans. He has it planned. I’m just along for the ride. Tomorrow is Preservation Hall and Dinner at GW Finns. Saturday we will be home in time for the game. BG is staying at the house taking care of the dogs. Mr. P made his Mac and cheese for her. “Shhhh. Don’t tell Nana but his is better”. 😉

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  11. Happy Thanksgiving. We will have several grands around to enjoy. Thanksgiving is quite different from what it used to be when I did it all myself. Life is about change. We have so much to be grateful for, so no complaints.

    My SIL had one of those turkeys take the front grill of his car out. We can get them through the yard, but prefer them to move on to the neighbor’s.

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  12. We enjoyed pancakes at Cracker Barrel. I also ate eggs and grits. Now we are watching the National Dog Show on TV as one form of Thanksgiving Day Parade. Miss Bosley turned her back to the dogs. They are beautiful creatures. They are showing herding dogs now. Border Collies rock!

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  13. I was going to say … Football? It’s a dog show day!

    And yes, border collies rock. Tess is so cute when I’m getting ready to put their bowls of food down or I’m getting the leashes out to get ready to go out on the evening walk — she actually starts prancing and dancing with me, her moving backwards, her ears pricked, she gets so excited. She’s still got “it.”

    We have 11:30 a.m. reservations at a modest little french-American cafe, this is a group of people (it tends to have different folks each year which makes it kind of fun) that used to get together when Norma organized it so many years ago. Her good friend, a retired LA teacher and Methodist, has kept it all going. She and a couple others are active in the town’s historic archives so those conversations are always fun.

    My cousin is driving down to join us, she’s done that before — but she said she might order breakfast instead of turkey and I was thinking the same. But we’ll see. It’s a tad early for some of us to eat ‘dinner.’ 🙂

    Then Carol has begged me to come see her this afternoon, but I keep telling her it will depend on the downpours we do (or don’t) get along with timing and how soon our lunch/dinner wraps up. I’d have to have enough time to visit before her dinner hour at 4:30 or 5, can’t remember now. They’re also having their big turkey dinner at the noon hour. But what is normally an hour’s drive could be much longer if there’s a lot of rain. It poured early this morning. The mountains are getting 2+ feet of snow out of this system.

    Thanks always and forever to our God for His amazing blessings and the strength he provides. Life isn’t always easy; but it’s such a joy to have such a sweet and loyal community of faith here on the internet. Blessings to you all, a hundred fold.

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  14. Oh, I just realized that Best in Show might be a spoiler for those who haven’t watched yet. I am sorry!

    I need to get with the Christmas cards. Art is watching football.

    He was happy with our Bean Lomein for lunch. He said, “This is good stuff.” A collection of recipes that receive the highest rating by Art may end up in a cookbook.

    I will cook fresh veggies for dinner. I have many to choose from in the fridge.

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  15. We went to Becky’s (oldest GD) for Thanksgiving dinner. Elvera says she enjoyed it but is glad to be back home. It was a nice time.
    I watched lots of TV today, including the parade. Lots of people talked about being thankful. But the only time I heard God mentioned is in Trump’s speech to the troops in Afghanistan.

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  16. We didn’t have our Thanksgiving dinner today since Nightingale was working. Boy was with his dad and his family. We will have our Thanksgiving dinner and such on Sunday.

    I put my little four foot Christmas tree up today, and the nativity set.

    Although still not up to doing much, I pushed myself to get some things done today, taking breaks between each chore. There were a couple things I was very glad to finally get around to.

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  17. Big lunch at the Palace Cafe. Mr P rested. I walked around the French Quarter and bought a Christmas outfit for Miss Mads. I checked in with BG.
    We went out a little while ago and had appetizers. Now we are about to watch a movie. Life is good.
    In case you ever get the chance crab cheesecake is really really good.

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  18. Sounds like everyone had a busy blessed day! Daughter and family left just a bit ago and the two young men from church are in the family room chatting away with husband. I feel a sinus infection coming on so I am trying to quash it with Sudafed and ibuprofen…left side as always and there is lots of pressure… 🤒 ugh…(at least it didn’t hit me until later this afternoon..just out of the blue…bam!)


  19. Busy day here as well. The restaurant meal was fine (for a restaurant meal 🙂 ) I sat next to the president of our town’s historic society and found a story in the midst of conversing with her. My cousin joined us this year. It was raining hard all morning, but then began to ease up in the afternoon so I decided to make the run to Glendale to see Carol and drop off the few things I had for her (Christmas stamps, an inexpensive Nativity piece from the drug store that’ll fit on her night stand).

    There was very little traffic going there, I made it in record time (not unusual for holidays, traffic seems to be exceptionally light on the actual days such as Thanksgiving and Christmas). I stayed about an hour, made it home quickly by 5 p.m. or so.

    I briefly signed on to FB after getting home and immediately saw some awful posts about how horrible Thanksgiving (“Thankskilling”) history is, others swearing at each other in a spat over their views of how to solve homelessness (one person feigning the high road by ending her nasty posts with “God bless you” or “I’ll pray for you”).

    Honestly, people.

    I found a Clint Eastwood movie to watch which is much better. 🙂

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  20. Crackers and chicken. Watched The Hobbit and Andy Griffith Show. Put together a puzzle. Very nice Thanksgiving. Played with the ferret and the guinea pig, though not together. Went on a nice walk. Saw quail, deer, hawks, the usual. All three daughters have reported in ill, though seemed to bounce back from it a lot more quickly than I am doing.

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  21. DJ, earlier I looked up baking sweet potatoes, since I’ve done it before but wasn’t really sure the right temperature. And just about all the comments on that particular recipe were on how to eat something else with it other than butter, because butter is bad for you and/or butter is a cruelty-based food.

    If butter is too “cruel,” then eating meat is unspeakable. I’m really not sure I even want to see where all this is headed.


  22. I did have them “hold” the green bean salad from my plate today. So the green beans were spared.

    I believe the Thanksgiving article was about how horrible the pilgrims were to the Indians and how it should not be cause to celebrate anything.

    Interesting that people have no concept of human nature and “nuances,” if you will, that there is always a mix of good and bad in every population (Indians and Pilgrims alike) and generation.

    Well, and not to mention butter.


  23. DJ, yeah, I get the “Pilgrims and Indians” part. This far removed from that first Thanksgiving, it’s probably impossible to know exactly what did happen, but it’s safe to say that not every interaction was morally corrupt. And the idea that we are moral paragons and they were moral lepers is preposterous–“they were all bad, and we should know, since we’re moral experts.”

    The generation that questions whether a person can in good conscience eat butter but thinks it is up to an individual whether to kill a baby in the womb . . . well, we probably aren’t so good at this that we have enough moral currency left over that we can start judging our ancestors.

    And if we are going to judge every action taken in the past by modern standards, and refuse to enter into even the good parts, we probably should stop celebrating family birthdays and anything that looks back to a day earlier than today.

    Yes, wicked actions were committed in the history of our country, every generation of it, even today. But we cannot simultaneously tolerate any choice made today and judge every choice made yesterday. It seems to me more and more like a bizarre time to be alive.

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  24. Got to Facetime with two of my daughters and four granddaughters. Saw pictures of several out in the snow. My oldest grandchild, son, is fourteen. Well he is now taller than my 5′ 11″ daughter. He was carefully standing straight, but how did he get so tall. I though boys grew later.

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  25. Jo, if his mother is 5’11”, then yes, he’d be taller than her by 14, because he’ll probably end up well over six feet. Boys do often grow later, but they’re close enough to their adult height by 14 that they’re considerably taller than their moms by then, in most cases, if I’m not mistaken. In photos of my (eventually) 6’4″ brother taken when he was 14, he is obviously way taller than not just our mom, but our dad. (My parents were only three or four inches apart, and he ended up a foot taller than Mom.)


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