20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-22-19

  1. The header is of course another of my little snow caves from a week or so ago, with just grass inside this one. This one was just steps from my own door. We aren’t the ones responsible for mowing our property; it looks as though they allowed the grass to get a bit long, but that was probably helpful in allowing the formation of these air pockets that turned into mini caves of snow and ice.

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  2. Good morning. I am loving the seasonal transition pictures from Cheryl.

    Donna, did your surgery resolve all of the symptoms?


  3. Morning! Snow and ice everywhere…it is so beautiful especially if you can stay put in the forest!! Unfortunately some in Denver found themselves in the midst of a driver’s nightmare involving over 50 cars in a smashup last night. This morning the area is mostly shut down having no school with many businesses not opening for a bit. But our milkman made it out to our house with the milk…what a guy!!

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  4. On Wed. and Fri. mornings, I take Elvera to the Adult Center for four hours. As we were going, Elvera asked, “Do i look OK?” I told her that she was the best looking 88 year old in Guilford County.
    I was probably correct.

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  5. It’s 57 degrees in my house this morning. I really need to get that floor grate up and cleaned out this weekend (plus replace the old heater filter. It’s getting almost time to turn that heater on for a bit in the mornings to take the edge off. It can be a tricky chore; two years ago (it was early on a Thanksgiving morning) Annie Oakley got a little too curious when the grate was taken off and slid all the way down the ductwork, vanishing for several minutes. Somehow she made her way back up and into the house again. Fun with cats.

    My old AT&T remote bit the dust last night when it fell on the floor and flew into pieces, separating into 3 parts, including the rubber thing in the back of the face of it (meaning it was impossible to put back together again). But I had another remote, a new one that I think came with the AT&T router when that was changed out but I never used, so I was able to at least minimally program that one last night though I don’t think it’s properly synced to my 24-inch Samsung TV so I still can’t turn the TV on or off with it (have to use the TV’s Samsung remote for that now). But between the 2 remotes, I seem to be able to do the few things I need to do watch TV or Netflix.

    Remember when TVs had actual knobs you could get up to turn to control the volume and channels? Haha. I don’t think we ever had a remote control when I was growing up, though they existed by then. We probably considered it exercise to have to get up and change the channels. 🙂 In our tiny house, that meant taking about 3 steps from the sofa or chair to the Tv.

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  6. rkessler, yes, as far as I can recall; they kept me on very low-dose bc pills to control it after that, they may have other options or treatments nowadays; this was back in 1990 or so.


  7. Friday, yay. I have to figure out a story for the weekend; I have several I can choose to do thanks to attending a night community meeting and what was a very full port meeting this week — both had several ‘left over’ items I couldn’t get to right away.

    I also am picking up the new glasses today.

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  8. I’ve been in bed since two yesterday with some sort of flu. It’s not pneumonia, but I did wonder when I started a fever and chills . . . I can’t catch anything over the Internet, right?

    Anyway, I’m on my feet, but not going anywhere today. If feels like one of those days where you sit in a comfortable chair and merely drift in and out of consciousness. Maybe I’ll watch Yesterday for the third time this week. The music, at least, will cheer me up.

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  9. Nightingale had an appointment with her lawyer this morning to talk about the custody case and further explain her reasons for what she wants.

    Turns out that X was semi-correct about the 4:30 drop off time on Saturday. There had been something his lawyer said, seemingly informally after the last meeting, but Nightingale had not “signed off” on it, so did not think it was in effect. The next court date having been postponed through some confusion into what is going on.

    We are both frustrated. There is court date after court date to tweak the custody agreement a little here, a little there, but nothing permanent yet, and the main case (in which she is asking for sole custody and back child support) has not been scheduled yet. It feels as if all that is being accomplished is lining the lawyers’ pockets.

    One thing that she is going to bring up is X’s rude texts to me that day. At one point, he texted, “Your helpless”. I think he might have meant “hopeless”, because “helpless” didn’t seem to make sense in the context. (His use of “Your” instead of “You’re” reminded me of the time years ago when he wrote, “Your an idiot.” That had made me laugh.)

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  10. Still snowing…still icy. I just heard from a neighbor that the milkman slid off the road and is in a ditch about 3 miles away…he’s ok but oh the troubles he goes through to bring the milk…not even the mailman will go out on a day like today!
    Kizzie I do pray someone involved will see through what is happening with X and his manipulations. By all intents and purposes he is a deadbeat and that cannot be good for Boy. (And to his credit he did write “an” before “idiot”… 😂)

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  11. NancyJill – Thank you.

    I have to admit, though, that I’m not sure he did use “an” before idiot. I vaguely think he did not, but not remembering for sure, I left it in. 🙂

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  12. Babies are growing, regaining the lost weight of post birth. Both have Picc lines in the arms rather than just the belly button lines so that means more nutrition available. Both will be on the ventilators for a while. Baby boy is trying to open his eyes a bit. Still fused most of the way though.

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  13. Nightingale found out today that the Disability that X is on allows him to work part-time and earn up to $12,000 a year. But he chooses not to work. 😦

    Either his lawyer is working pro-bono, or X’s well-to-do grandmother (with whom he lives) is footing the bill.

    Please say a prayer that somehow between the two of us, Nightingale and I can instill the value of hard work and integrity into our Boy. And that there will be other men in his life who will do the same.

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  14. Kizzie does not Nightingale’s attorney question why he chooses not to work? It causes frustration that he can contribute nothing and still fight for “rights”? (And be nasty to ya’ll to boot!) He seems to have no “skin in the game” whatsoever! Praying ❤️

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  15. I wouldn’t worry about the effect of a father not working. By the time he gets into his teens, he will have figured out that you have to work to obtain anything. Children do not automatically copy their parents. They begin to notice and sort things out in their early-mid teens.

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  16. Full day, 3 stories and I decided to head into the office for all of that. It also allowed me to use a printer. We’re always there after everyone else in the building (which is filled with all kinds of businesses) empties out, especially on a Friday.

    It’s Friday!

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