35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-21-19

  1. “My wireless printer is disconnected from my computer”
    I know what Donna means, but it sounds funny anyhow.

    Good night jo. It’s kinda late for you now.
    Good morning everyone else.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. It’s going to be a nice day weatherwise around here. I am heading to Pensacola in a little while. I have 14 agents who are receiving their REALTOR pins today at the Pensacola Association of Realtors monthly luncheon. There is a tailgate party going on at the office, but if this doesn’t happen today it will be February before they can receive it. It’s kind of a big deal for new agents.
    I am still looking for a work around so that I can keep my insurance. My tax person advised against hiring Mr. P as my assistant/sign man. She said she thinks there is a 30 hr minimum work week. I don’t look good in orange even if it would be Club Fed. The only other option is for the office to W-2 part of what they pay me. I have been out looking at substitutes and nothing else covers as much and is more expensive. I don’t want to be morbid and “worry myself sick” but I do need to be realistic. My father and three of his siblings have died from cancer. Now my aunt is on hospice and another has survived breast AND lung cancer.
    On the other hand, I am grateful I had this insurance this year or I would still be walking around with a parathyroid leaching calcium out of my body.

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  3. I should have gotten my car serviced yesterday. Honda has power . . . we’ll probably have it by the time I get home later today.

    I don’t really mind these power outages. With nothing to distract me, I worked until the battery died on my laptop and got quite a bit done. It gets dark so early, I ate dinner at 5 and “turned” out the battery operated light at 7:45 to fall asleep.

    Only to wake at midnight and read for several hours.

    I could have gone to the library to work on my laptop (they have electricity three blocks over), but I didn’t like the idea of coming home to a black house on a black street by myself. My husband has been in upstate New York all week.

    So, I went to bed early. Just like people used to do 140 years ago! 🙂

    They’ve tallied up the loss from last month’s five day outage: $70 million to local economy.

    It’s hard not to feel bitter and cynical when you see all the real pain in my neighbors and probably even a bit of me. 😦

    Curious Honda needed me to come in to replace the shifter knob.

    That’s it.

    We live in such a “cushy” world.

    Particularly with the electricity. 🙂

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  4. The other day at work, I came in to find the internet was out. It was out through much of the region apparently (no explanation for the widespread outage was given). It was a real problem, as things such as the daily schedule and reporting system exist only on the internet, and I could not access the schedule to give patients their next appointment, etc. Most healthcare agencies now have electronic communication and/or charting systems, so electrical and/or internet outages would be serious matters.


  5. Looks like more rain is ahead for us through much of next week, possibly even on Thanksgiving. Yay. The sun is out this morning but everything’s nice and drenched.

    rkessler, I has an endometriosis surgery also, many years ago now. Who knew there was such a thing?

    It was a late night followed today by an early port meeting which I need to sign onto shortly. Live-stream makes life much easier for many of us these days.

    Not sure what to do about the printer, it’s seriously vanished from my computer and I can’t add it back on like I should be able to. I’ll see if our former photo editor’s “kid” is still around to fix it, but I think he may be in Europe now (first year of college); I can try apple chat but I think it’s a router problem as the issue appeared right after AT&T had to add more bandwidth to my router the other night when things kept buffering. That somehow knocked the printer offline. But I really do need a printer when working at home. Seems like I may have to have someone actually come over and deal with it.

    I love the wireless printers but they can be a hassle when they disconnect and the signals go all haywire.

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  6. The territory of Nunavut was unable to use their internet communications system at the beginning of this month due to a ransomware attack: https://nunatsiaq.com/stories/article/government-of-nunavut-slowly-rebuilds-computer-network-following-ransomware-attack/. For a large territory with a tiny population scattered in communities separated by vast distances that can only be traversed by plane at this time of year, it was a very serious matter and affected all government services. We are all much more dependent on the internet than we realize.

    When I trained in the OR, I assisted with several endometriosis operations, most of them laparoscopic. I could see the operations being done on the monitors with the laparoscopy, and the surgeons would have such a difficult time just getting through the scar tissue in the abdominal cavity that had been caused by the endometriosis (scar tissue is thicker and much more irregular than normal tissue).


  7. Electricity is back, the heat is on and life can return to normal.

    I feel emotionally exhausted. I think I’ll sit in the chair, work through some of my material and maybe take a nap–or just read a book.

    But, my husband is landing just about now at SFO and Stargazer is taking off for ten days work/play in Vietnam.

    I better take a nap fast . . . .

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  8. we have our one teacher workday today. I can even go to market a bit later. so nice.
    I see rain is forecast for northern California finally.
    I am looking at sunshine here, but we have been getting some hard rain each day. Very green here.


  9. Grandson is sleeping. It must be rough being him right now. Sometimes here, sometimes there. But he is handling it very well. Most outgoing ten month old I have ever met.

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  10. Michelle, given the years in which we grew up, do the words, “taking off for ten days work/play in Vietnam” sound as strange to you as they do to me?

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  11. One of my new-ish Facebook friends is an actual friend of a family member. He is in his 60s, and either never married or has been single for quite a while. His post the other day lamented that it seems that all the interesting and “most attractive” ladies live far from him.

    I commented that he should try the not-so-attractive ladies. My comment has received four “likes” and one laughing emoji. Interestingly, the four likes were from women, and the laughing emoji was from the man. Kinda made me sad.

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  12. Kizzie, I think that God wired men in such a way that physical attraction is part of their wiring. The good news is that different men find different things attractive in a woman. The “model” look seems to be unattractive to most women, but some men find it attractive. But men vary tremendously in what they find attractive. I have even heard men say the most important “physical” trait in a woman is that she carries herself with confidence. But God made all sorts of different kinds of women, and men to like all sorts of different kinds.

    But honestly, a 60-something man who has never been married is almost certainly not a good “catch,” so his opinion of women is probably irrelevant as to what men think. When I was in my 40s and doing online dating, I decided that a bachelor was quite an unlikely choice–there are likely to be reasons he is still single. A woman who is single (and never married) into her 40s, 50s, and beyond is likely to be engaged socially and isn’t necessarily socially weird. (Occasional “cat ladies” are the exception in lifelong singles among women, but the male equivalent isn’t an exception, in my experience.) My first choice for a man to date was a widower, with my second choice being a divorced man who had biblical cause for his divorce. A divorced man without biblical cause and a never-married bachelor were both excluded from consideration. And I say that as someone with a 49-year-old bachelor brother whom I’d like to see marry, and who I think would probably make a decent husband. But the chances of getting an emotionally healthy man of that age who has never married seemed quite remote, and a man of that age who is able and willing to make the life changes to live with a wife seemed really slim. (Through the years I have had close friends and I’ve had multiple housemates, so I had no concern about that for myself, and indeed had no trouble making the transition into being a wife. Had I been an only child who had never had roommates, and never spent time with married siblings and married friends, I might have been concerned about that for myself, too, but in the circumstances I wasn’t.)

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  13. Men have the option of dating younger women (because younger women find older men who have some security to be appealing, so it all works out). Well, it works out well for the older men, I should say. 🙂

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  14. Kevin (4:50), yes, vacationing in Vietnam struck me as a really crazy idea. 🙂

    But times and the world change. I remember my parents having a hard time buying anything made in Japan after what they experienced through WWII.

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  15. The Pigskin Picks are up.

    Sorry for the delay, I was in a hurry for the workman coming to finish my parking pad that I forgot it. 🙂

    Also, after further thought, I will not ban anonymous posts.That will still be permitted, they will just be policed better.

    Now go post your losing picks, since the week 13 winner already has. 🙂

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  16. But for those of you who watch This is Us, one of the characters recently (maybe last season?) took a trip to Vietnam and it was fascinating to realize how really long ago that war was. But our generations who lived through it being on the news every night will always connect it to that era.

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  17. I managed to write a long port story without printing out my many pages of notes — since i have my work laptop and my own laptop at home, I just set them up side by side and went back and forth to write, which worked fine (though I still am old-school enough to feel tied to hard copies of notes). But it’s done.


  18. DJ, I’m “old school” enough to like working with hard copy, too. When I edit a book, I always go through it at least twice. I go through it once on computer (because I don’t want to be hand keying picky little stuff like added commas) and then print out a clean copy and edit the hard copy. Apparently I’m in a dying breed, but it’s simply easier to see text on paper for some things. I have a better sense of how long a chapter is on paper, for instance, and can compare pages with each other easier, and I also just see certain errors better.

    But publishers are more and more going to even proofreading being done on computer (PDF files), which I personally think is a mistake it they want the book to appear in print form. I have a large screen, and even I don’t have a whole page (top to bottom) on my screen at any given time. You simply can see errors better on the printed page when you can see the whole page. Also, in the old days publishers paid for proofers to mail the proofs back, but now (1) if I print the page, I have to do so at my own expense and (2) if I’m going to edit on PDFs, I have to pay for the editing program, and it costs about half as much per year as I’ve ever made in proofreading, so that’s out. Proofing has never really been worthwhile for me (I will proofread a project if asked and if I need the work, but it isn’t mentioned on my resume as a task I do), but now I’ll just leave it to younger folks who are used to doing everything on computer, and stick with editing (which pays better, anyway, and is a lot more hours of work per project).

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  19. We have more rain coming next week, Wed through Friday according to my phone today. And it’s chilly (for us). And we got the first (natural) snow in our mountains (some of the ski resorts use trucked in snow to keep pace with their annual tours schedules).

    Time to break out the long scarves and boots. I’m wearing a turtle neck today (under a sweatshirt), first time since last winter.

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  20. I loved A&C when I was a kid.
    Just silly cutups, but I liked it.
    They had a radio show, not a s good as the film.
    I was hugely disappointed when I learned that they didn’t like each other.
    Lou Costello carried on a radio program, doing all the slapstick. After the show, Bud Abbot said that his (Lou’s) child had died in a swimming pool accident that afternoon.

    There was a favorite radio team “Hardin & Weaver” on WMAL in DC in the 1960″s That was a good radio team. They didn’t associate off air either. I gather that most “teas” are just business teams. But they click on air.


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