24 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-20-19

  1. Good evening Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    I know this ain’t the politics thread, but I’ve never seen such a waste of TV time before.
    They talked for ten hours about nothing that I can describe.

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  2. Snow on autumn leaves. Yeah, Fall fell short. But today is supposed to be in the low 60s. Another day of Fall before the temperatures fall again.

    Speaking of Fall, it’s football season. Janice- Pick a game for the tie breaker, please.

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  3. I slept fitfully last night, waking hourly until midnight when I gave up and read until 2.

    Since the first thing that comes to mind when I’m conscious is the twins and I pray, that was a concern.

    But I told myself I could sleep in this morning since I have nothing going on today with planned power outage (though you hate to waste any daylight).

    I woke at 5:15 because the expected wind was blowing so hard.

    Still had power!

    I bolted out of bed. I’d forgotten to leave the car out of the garage!

    While I was up I made coffee and am enjoying the power and listening to the wild whistling wind. Our power is projected to go out at 7 am.

    Neighbor wind chimes are screaming anyway. Crazy day.

    2 friends are supposed to get their pre-fab homes “landed” today. They’re not worried about a power outage on the west side of town.

    But now I wonder, what about the wind?

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  4. I have lived many years in relative comfort that the government has never done anything against me. I am now in danger of losing the health coverage that I was so thankful for this summer. The work around is that I either have BE a W2 employee in some way or I have to HAVE a W2 employee that participates some way in the group coverage. Ex. I hire Mr P as my sign man, pay him $500 a month and buy him the $12 per month dental plan that is available. I have a 9 am meeting with my tax advisor to figure out what to do.


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  5. Morning! A beautiful day here thus far…rain and snow moving in later this morning…it’s going to be a slightly bumpy weather period for the next two days…bring it on! 😊
    That is a beautiful photo up there Cheryl…autumn certainly was a disappointment around these parts this year…well there is always next year 🍂 ❄️


  6. We are in our second week of snow on the ground. The weather was bad on Monday evening driving home, and I slid off the road. When I called CAA (Canadian version of AAA) they said they couldn’t dispatch a tow truck as the road was unplowed and told me to call the police. The police came and called a tow truck. I spent nearly a half hour sitting in the police truck and chatting with the officer about many different topics while we waited for the tow truck to arrive. When the tow truck came, it had a CAA logo on its side… The car was fine, I was fine (except for being very nervous about driving on snow covered roads now), and I was able to get to and from work again on Tuesday.

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  7. DJ, I just read this article (haven’t yet read the WSJ one you linked late last night, other than your quotes from it), and it does indicate Chick-fil-A says none of the new organizations is anti-LGBT . . . which hints that some of the old ones were. So yes, I agree, that is handling it badly. https://www.bisnow.com/national/news/retail/exclusive-amid-global-expansion-and-lgbt-pushback-chick-fil-a-changes-charitable-giving-structure-101818?fbclid=IwAR2T6sOyLrqJjyDwAdQSb6bvs3NrHuhv5f5RLlvS3m0r8iGWzRpEdQrtZmQ

    As I’ve said before, the Salvation Army is a denomination, a denomination that is best known for something other than its church. I disagree quite strongly with some of its theology (I don’t remember the details, just that it was strong disagreement), but a denomination of course should believe the Bible to be true and believe it forbids homosexual activity. But as a charity, the organization has not refused to help homosexuals. That, by the way, is just one reason they should have separated the “charity” from the “church” ages ago. In Nashville, the Church of Christ operates several charities; though I am not CoC, I volunteered for two of those charities (one was doing foster care–technically I got paid, but foster care cost me many times what I “earned” and I didn’t do it for pay–and the other was driving seniors to the doctor), and so I know they were CoC, but they had their own names and they took volunteers from outside their denomination, of course. But separating out more clearly “these are our standards for our church members” and “these are our policies / expectations of those we help” by having separate entities would be useful, especially in times like these. Yes, those who are seeking cause against Christians will still go after them, as they have against Catholic charities, but at least the line would be cleaner.


  8. The photo: when I look through photos I took when I lived in Chicago, with a film camera, I find a few with snow on leaves that are still on the tree, because one fall we had a dusting of snow while some leaves were still on. It’s such a beautiful combination–snow is gorgeous, and colored leaves are exquisite, and combining them is unexpected and lovely. But it’s also rare, or at least it’s only my second time of seeing it in my 30 years this year of living in climates where snow is possible and there are trees. (I lived as a teen for two years in a part of Arizona where we had snow a few times per winter, but the area was desert and didn’t really have trees, just a few small ones planted by individuals near their homes.)

    Last week’s snow was more than the dusting we had in Chicago, and I knew I might never get this opportunity again, so I went out several times a day to get photos in different lighting and make sure I got some good ones.

    This tree is one of three maples planted next to the fourplex behind ours. The first one must have received the brunt of any wind, since nearly all its leaves had fallen to the ground. But the other two still had most of theirs, as you can see. I noticed last year how beautiful these trees get in fall, and I noticed a few days before the snow that leaves were still on two of the trees, and in gorgeous color. As the snow started, I waited for it to start sticking, and as soon as I knew it was doing so, I was out to get photos of these trees (though there wasn’t much light in the sky), and the next day I was out again at first light, even though I hadn’t gotten much sleep, since chances like this don’t come around very often.


  9. Beautiful tree with cotton balls. 🙂

    We have gray skies and some rain this morning, a real novelty around here. It’s the first rain of the season for us and won’t bring much rain (other areas to the north and east are in line to receive more), but anything is appreciated. Looks like rain is in the forecast again for next week, on Wednesday, but that far out the forecast can likely change.

    I think the dustup over chick fit a isn’t really about the company, I don’t think anyone actually blames them really (they did what they felt they had to do as a business to survive and not have to keep fighting these unending battles just to sell their chicken sandwiches) so much as it is about another example of how our culture and political climate is freezing out the practical exercise of some of our freedoms with this “mob” rule backlash effect we keep seeing.

    Conformity on some key issues is becoming the forced norm. Conform or keep quiet, don’t draw attention to yourself or your business by thinking or acting or donating differently. Go along and get along, accept that this issue in our society has been “settled.”

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  10. I cannot seem to spell (nor can spellcheck and autocorrect ever truly accept) Chick-fil-A

    I seem to have some kind of bug, a cold or something; I’ve been getting a lot of head congestion, especially in the evenings, and am overall really tired and achy. Basically I’m dragging this week and have been since Sunday when I came home from church and took a 2+ hour nap. But when you work from home, you feel like you can’t really “call in sick.” Chicken soup sounds good.

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  11. From Cheryl’s ink:


    But after years of “taking it on the chin,” as a Chick-fil-A executive told Bisnow, the latest round of headlines was impossible to ignore. This time, it was impeding the company’s growth.

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  12. We have lots of snow although the last few days it has been melting down.

    Fall was beautiful – the colours were almost as nice as eastern Canada this year – very unusual.

    Our farmers have lots of crops they will need to harvest in the spring as they are now under the snow. Hopefully the snowmobilers will not ride over the swaths indiscriminately.

    Our dog, Keva, is really struggling with his back legs. Husband is hoping we don’t have to do anything drastic until after Christmas 😦 He is on anti-inflammatories which help quite a bit)

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  13. The farmers here also have crops under snow. Corn is not a problem, as they can harvest it in the snow, but the soybeans are a problem. The farmers were delayed in planting because of an excessively wet spring, then the crops were stunted because of an excessively dry summer, and now harvest season has been cut short by an early onset of winter. Not a good year for farming.


  14. Dj Chick-Fil-A makes a mean chicken noodle soup 🙃 Hope you feel better soon!
    Kare I do hope Keva’s body continues to respond to the anti inflammatory drug. Babe was on Rimadyl and it helped her immensely in her later years. ❤️

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  15. Roscuro, we are well south of you, but we’ve had the same experience this year. We don’t have a lot of cropland in this part of the state, but a lot in northern Indiana and some down here. I don’t know what has happened with harvests this year. (When we lived farther north we had a lot of farmland on our road, but now what there is in the area, we don’t see very often. Some farms still had crops a few days ago, but I don’t know any details.)


  16. Car wash!

    It’s pouring rain here, at long last. Oh, how wonderful is the sight and sound … pounding, pounding, water rolling off the patio overhang in sheets.

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  17. We don’t want them to die, Jo, Just keel over.
    When Ron Reagan was governor, everyone wanted to go to California. Lately, everyone seems to be leaving.
    Unfortunately, those leaving are taking the reason they left with them
    That is happening to NC to with northern migrants.

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  18. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

    I left this comment a minute ago on the news thread. I will now share it with you here, so you know too. This will take effect later when I get around to it.


    Let’s see Kevin,

    He comes here daily, insults me, calls me a cultist, uneducated, and worse, all on a blog I take the time to pay for and maintain by myself. He’s been wrong since day one, hasn’t once apologized, or given a mea culpa, and continues to push things he knows are lies, and then won’t own up to it. He has questioned peoples’ salvation and walk simply based on who they voted for, he has acted in a most unforgiving manner.

    I’ve lost patience, I’ve grown tired of it. And I’ve also noted that but for a few, no one ever says a word about it. I’ve grown weary of this game and am even considering tossing in the whole deal. Were it not for the rest of you I may have already.

    So in a word.


    But I can promise you this. It ends soon one way or the other. Rather than continue acting poorly myself, which I acknowledge my role in doing willfully, I will do what I have been avoiding. I’m banning Ricky. As a result, anonymous comments will have to go away too. Log in and own it, or don’t say it.

    This is where I’m at. Nothing personal Kevin, not directed at you specifically, but since you brought it up…..



  19. Snowing here….
    I stop in the News/politics thread from time to time but rarely comment. I was ignorant of who “anonymous” was but assumed that person was a liberal Democrat 🙃 I mean come on quoting the NYT??? I am sorry about the effect of all of this has had on your blood pressure AJ…and thank you for hanging in there with us ❤️

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  20. Long day and night with a 3-hour night meeting to cover after spending the afternoon at the office in LB and plowing through mounds of (work-related) paperwork that had be piling up on my desk at home. Ugh.

    And my wireless printer has become un-connected from my mac, can’t seem to reunite them. That’s a problem, I need my printer.

    Harbor commission meeting first thing in the morning. But it’s Thursday tomorrow, we’re getting to the end of the week.

    And looks like the cousins’ road trip will be to San Clemente on either the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. I think Nixon’s western White House was there, right? I’ve been by there a number of times on my way to oceanside or San Diego or Tijuana — but I don’t remember ever actually stopping and going “to” San Clemente.

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  21. AJ, we all so appreciate all you do for maintaining this blog. I know it’s not easy and is very time-consuming. Even doing our little “pets’ blog” for the newspaper for several years a while back became such a chore at times. I know how much time goes into the daily task for doing something like that. It often can feel like a burden. But your work is appreciated.

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