16 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-16-19

  1. okay, this is a rant and I hope it doesn’t get me in trouble. At the end of each day I read the news/politics thread. I appreciate reading about news that I know nothing about. And I know that our country is deeply divided. But it seems to me that the political thread on here is getting very emotional and less factual. I am not sure that I can continue to read it.

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  2. Keep reading Jo. It may be emotional, but your only other source is TV. That is worse, depending on which channel you watch. The news is always slanted.
    For example. The poor woman who was fired by Trump got her job when Obama fired someone else. That’s the way it works. But you never hear it.
    Problem is, Trump has an abrasive personality. As I said before, his mouth runs ahead of his brain. But he is one of our best presidents.

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  3. Chas, Jo probably doesn’t really get American TV either. But the “news” thread on here isn’t a good way to get the news anymore; it’s a way to get anti Trump and pro Trump. But the vast majority of the daily news is irrelevant to our daily lives, and for the most part I don’t waste time with it any more. It’s important to know what major laws are being passed in my own area, and local disasters, but if a school bus crashes in Texas and injures two children, there is no reason I need to know about it. I’m more interested in the life of my brother who lives in Texas.

    This has been quite a week here. We plunged from summer into winter virtually overnight, from leaves still on many of the trees to two or three inches of snow and then a high in the teens the next day. We still have a lot of the leaves still on the trees, but that was enough to strip them of color, so now we just have brown leaves.

    When we were warming up from the sub-freezing weather, we lost use of our toilets and so did our adjoining neighbor (the 90-something households behind us apparently weren’t affected, which is good). We have two new toilets, and this neighbor does too–he moved in here more recently than we did–so it wasn’t a toilet issue but a blockage beyond us.

    We spent the night at a hotel for toilet access, but got little sleep since we didn’t even get there till two in the morning.

    Last night we got back our toilets and also our own bed. We were both sleepy all day yesterday–we feel like we simply “lost” at least one day–but went to bed about 9:00 last night. I didn’t get up till after 7:00 this morning. While I didn’t “sleep straight through,” it was a full night of sleep, and one badly needed.

    I also have two, and possibly three, editing jobs to work on between now and the end of the year. That means for my first year in freelance–I began in 2003–I have been “booked” for the entire year! Now, I haven’t worked full-time, but I haven’t wanted to. I’m also a wife now, and I’ve been doing a lot with photography and with writing. But I had just one break of two or three weeks, and even in that break I had a preliminary project to work on. (I did a sample chapter–for a fee–for a larger project I may pick up.) We also got away for a few days during that break.

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  4. 😦 We’ve plunged from Summer into … faux summer. Cold nights, but still high 70s, 80ish in the daytime (although we’re plummeting to 61 degrees as our high on Wednesday when rain also is said to be coming, but we’ll see about that … Promises, promises)

    😦 Politics. And people are more focused on national/politican news now, I think, that so many local and regional outlets — with the kind of relevant news that Cheryl likes — are going under.

    😦 I really miss “real” national news coverage. What we’re seeing now is like watching a ping-pong game, exaggerations going back and forth, everyone defending their “side” at all costs.

    🙂 But God is sovereign. Part of the downturn in our nation — perhaps the most significant underpinning of the downturn we’re seeing — is the weakening of the church and Christianity’s overall influence on the culture around us. Morality has turned into a free-for-all as we call good evil and evil good. And then celebrate all of that. As someone said at our church-and-state conference at our church last week, the train of apostasy, once it’s coursing full-steam ahead downhill, isn’t likely to be stopped.

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  5. 🙂 Lots of filming going on in our town right now — Perry Mason (HBO), Swat, Dead to Me (which is here a lot, I’ve only seen parts of the first season of that but haven’t watched it since). And there are no longer the loud complaints from shop owners about how disruptive it all is, which is interesting. Either the film crews are better about working with people in town — or people became tired of complaining? Nah, complaining is always too much fun. 🙂 It’s been a favorite pastime in our town for decades.

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  6. I may have mentioned this before. But”
    It is Saturday afternoon. Time for football.
    You are clicking between two games that interest you.
    It’s amazing how often the two of them go to commercial at the same time.

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  7. When you decide not to go to church on Sunday morning, there is nothing you can do with the time you have.
    Elvera gets coughing spells this morning. Not enough to mean anything, but enough to interrupt a service if it started at the wrong time.
    So? I decided not to go. But we will go to SS.
    Meanwhile, we just sit around. She has discuss what she will be wearing a dozen times already. But I’m not ready to put it on her.

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  8. I’m up early, it’s not even 6 a.m. yet and it’s still dark out. I hope the clear coat I put on the gate yesterday will be OK, it was rather late in the day when I started & finished the job (it wrapped up at around 3:30 p.m., and it seemed to be drying quickly). It sounds like we’ve had another damp, foggy night, though, so I’m hoping it had a chance to absorb and dry sufficiently so I don’t have to put on a 2nd coat (which I may do anyhow now). Only so many hours to do these things on a Saturday.

    Carol had a very good day yesterday, not only did her new pastor visit and provide her with communion as planned (he said he’ll now be coming every third Saturday to visit with her), but a couple women from her recently former church stopped in for an unexpected visit. Carol was thrilled. The drive is difficult for everyone as she’s now quite a distance from her former home turf, but I was so happy for her that they decided to do that. It really made her day.

    Well, if I can coax the dogs back indoors I may go back to bed for a little bit, if even just to read.

    Chas, sorry you’re missing church but glad you’ll be able to get to SS.

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  9. I realized I wasn’t feeling great today, either, but did go to church — then came home right afterward and am planning to go lie down for a while. Could be a cold, I have nasal congestion and someone asked me on the phone a little while ago if I had a cold, my voice sounds like I do apparently; but I also have some intestinal weirdness. ‘Tis the season.

    We’ll all have pneumonia before you know it.

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