19 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-13-19

  1. Nite – nite Jo.
    Good morning AJ and everyone else.
    It’s 21 degrees in Greensboro.
    LindaS sent me an e-mail saying that Elvera needs a heavy coat when she goes out this morning.
    No kidding~!
    But I appreciate that she’s thinking about her.
    Since we no longer have a walk in garage, I always warm the car up on cold days.
    But she’ll have her heavy coat anyhow.

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  2. She says, “Some things I like about this house more than ours. Like that deck out there.”
    Actually, the one in Hendersonville was nicer. It was partly covered and screened in.

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  3. Morning! I have been easily distracted this morning…I suppose a second cup of coffee is in order! I have digging through my Christmas decorations, sorting out the stuff I will donate or pass on to someone who might like them….🎄
    That is a lovely photo of Autumn up there 🍁 😏

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. Yesterday was a great day at work and there was a meeting with the CEO of our office, the receptionist, and me on making the calendar for 2020. She finally came out and said that she did not want to be in charge of the calendar–which I DO–and that it was forced on her. She also backed me up when I told the “boss” what happened and WHO messed up the calendar.
    An email went out to everyone last night explaining just HOW things were going to be. I am much happier.

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  5. Glad to see it’s fall somewhere.

    It’s actually very overcast here today (58 degrees) and there is actually some rain (!) in our forecast, at long last. But it’s for a week from now so who knows if it will materialize or blow away before then. I was out watering the plants again late yesterday; by now we should be getting enough rain in our regular weather pattern that no one should be having to go outside to “water.”

    I need to “find Christmas” in the garage, too. It’s all in there, somewhere.

    I made coffee this morning, I feel like I need it.

    I’ll be working on a housing density story at home today but have a walk-through tour with a photographer of the rebuilt Elks Lodge at 3:30. It was burned down 5-1/2 years (predawn on April 15, tax day) ago by an arsonist (a disgruntled lodge member who’d been booted out of a card game) and it’s taken this long to get it reconstructed after all the haggling with the insurance company and city of LA.

    They were able to save some of original building, but it also gave them a chance to improve on the 1960s structure by adding wall-sized surround-windows to take advantage of the panoramic view: downtown LA and the Hollywood sign to the north and northeast, the Port of LA below and to the immediate east, and the southern coastline all the way to Orange County to the south and southwest.

    The lodge bought the hilltop property for what now seems like a pittance half a century ago so rebuilding it there was a must; it was just a matter of funding coupled then with all the crazy requirements to get though the city of Los Angeles’ building codes, inspections and various environmental restrictions that have become so encumbered.

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  6. Still feeling sick and weary, but not quite as bad as a few days ago. Frustratingly, I have been awake since 4:45 this morning, and I really need some sleep. I usually get up somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30 to go to the bathroom, then go back to bed and back to sleep (but sometimes not to sleep).

    As you may remember, Nightingale’s bathroom is out of commission. She has been getting up a little earlier than she used to on workdays, so sometimes when I stumble out of my room with my flashlight (like this morning) I see that she is in the bathroom. Then I lie in bed awake listening for when she comes out (which, with my poor hearing, I may miss). Usually I can get back to sleep, although it’s often that dozing-waking kind of sleep.

    This morning, I couldn’t even get back into that. The coughing didn’t help. Then a little after 6, I heard her puttering around in the kitchen, getting her breakfast and lunch ready. So at that point, knowing I would need to be up in 45 minutes anyway, I got up. But not happily!

    This bathroom situation is frustrating. I don’t know how long it will be until we can get it fixed, but I think it’s gonna be a long time.

    Sorry for complaining. 😦 This isn’t the prayer request thread, I know, but please say a prayer that my habits and sleep cycle will adjust so that I can get enough sleep and am ready to get up when I need to on these days when I take Boy to the bus stop. And please pray I’ll have a better sleep tonight. Thanks.

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  7. Since Nightingale routinely suffers from insomnia, she doesn’t seem to have much sympathy for my own lack of sleep, which is usually not as bad as her lack – and she goes to work and deals with it. But I don’t think she realizes that lack of sleep is harder to deal with when you’re older. (At least, that is my experience.)

    In her case, she often lies awake thinking of all her anxieties and problems and the “what ifs” of life. I keep praying that God would save her and help her to lay those anxieties and burdens into His hands. (And the same for my Chickadee, who struggles with great anxiety.)

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  8. Today seems to be a good day. Maryland DIL sent a message that she has an event in New Orleans in July of 2020. She wants to know if she could come in early, stay with us, and then leave the grandchildren while she goes to NOLA. YES!!!!! I have been trying to get her to bring the children down here for a couple of years and it “hasn’t been a good time”. NOW, when it’s convenient for her, she is interested but I will gladly take it because it will THRILL my husband to have all of his babies.

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  9. Kim, is the receptionist who backed you up today the same person who you were having such a hard time with a few months ago?


  10. Kim I am just smiling at your good news of the day. Is this the same receptionist who found herself not talking to you? 😊
    And what fun ya’ll will be having with all those grandchildren together!
    I turned on the tv….I think I will now turn it off…I could feel my blood pressure rising…seriously my heart was thumping in my chest upon hearing our “representatives”!!! May our Lord have mercy on us all…..

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  11. Nancyjill, the whole system seems to be broken, doesn’t it? Most voters not closely following any of it will just throw their hands in the air.

    Had to transition to a story about Purple Hearts being awarded Friday to families of 2 deceased WWI Coast Guard sailors. The CG archivist in Washington, D.C., has been very helpful. Someone back there is doing some work. 🙂

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  12. Beautiful fall header! We continue to have prettier trees than I thought possible considering our weird weather this year.

    I got up before 6 to get ready to take Karen to the doctor around rush hour. She called around 7 a.m. to say she had breathing problems in the evening and almost went to ER and would not be up to go to the doctor. Yes, I am tired today. I am in the church parking lot waiting for choir practice time. I was here earlier for the ladies’ Bible study.

    It has been really cold but bright and sunny. I have been in my lightweight down jacket most of the day. I enjoy feeling swaddled against the cold. I think maybe that is how I started my life outside the womb in December.

    We watched The Book Thief last night. It is a wonderful movie for any who have not seen it.

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  13. Yes, it was the receptionist. Yesterday led to more healing than I thought would be possible. She was pressured by her “boss” to be involved in something she really didn’t want to be involved in. He told me she didn’t want to meet with me on Mondays regarding the calendar. Now we will have a lunch meeting at noon every Wednesday. I have long blamed him more than I blamed her. He kept shirking responsibility in dealing with the situation and told me that as leadership I needed to handle it. Since the “decree” came from the Top Dog he is falling in line.
    I didn’t have to initiate anything.

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