28 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-14-19

  1. WaPo beclowns themselves again while carrying water for Dems.

    Now they can read minds too. They know what you’re saying even when you don’t.


    Wait…… I’m getting another vision……

    No…. just gas.

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  2. ———


  3. The Dems have unknowingly exposed the true scandal here.


    “Fake Russia and Ukraine Scandals Expose a True One

    Trump’s enemies are exaggerating what is entirely normal and trying to turn disagreements over policy and tone into “high crimes and misdemeanors.””

    “There is a striking symmetry between the charge that Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia to sway the outcome of the election and the Democrats’ current effort to impeach President Trump. Both involve our relations with countries that Americans do not think of very often, but over which the elites obsess.

    The rhetoric in each case is crafted carefully to turn conservatives’ patriotic instincts jiu jitsu-style against the president. And both cases feature overwrought rhetoric that transforms the ordinary and the unremarkable into “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

    The official Russian interference story became more grim in the retelling. While there were hacking efforts against the DNC, and Hillary campaign advisor John Podesta was a victim of a phishing scam, this is fairly modest stuff. Anyone who has used the internet is aware of the risk of hacking and accustomed to ignoring suspicious emails. None of these efforts affected the election process itself.

    In addition to these events—that may or may not have originated from the Russian government—there were also official Russian information operations, which included social media content designed to amplify divisions between Americans.

    As a consequence, a vanishingly small number of people may have seen an advertisement or two. To call these actions, which hurt no one and changed no votes, a “digital 9/11” or the equivalent of Pearl Harbor is ridiculous and grotesque.

    There was also an outreach effort to the Trump campaign by two Russians that went nowhere—this face-to-face outreach was sui generis and may very well have been part of a CIA plot to entrap then-candidate Trump.

    That’s it. Trump didn’t “collude,” had nothing to do with any of it, and “it” was not that big of a deal. There was no changing of votes, hacking tabulating equipment, or any other action that directly affected the election process.

    Mere influence of elections through speech is not corrosive to our democracy. Media figures, politicians, and educational institutions have promoted cosmopolitanism and internationalism for decades. We were supposed to travel to that hip café in Bratislava and meet the native peoples of Peru.

    Following the cosmopolitan spirit, public relations efforts from other countries are a normal part of American political life, and they are eagerly reported by our media. We heard from former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, that he didn’t want Trump to be elected. Mexico’s government also engaged in direct efforts to defeat candidate Trump. In 2004, presidential candidate John Kerry said that other countries’ leaders wanted George W. Bush gone and told him so in secret. No one thought any of this was foreign interference or a threat to our democracy.

    Direct foreign lobbying is permitted because we assume foreign nations and businesses have an interest in the goings-on in America—the world’s preeminent power. While foreigners cannot vote, nor can they legally donate to American political campaigns, our system presumes that we may benefit from hearing what they have to say.

    The premise of free speech is that the truth is best found in a “marketplace of ideas” and that truthful speech can counteract bad speech. On this basis, America still has Radio Free Europe, some 28 years after the fall of the Soviet Union. And America funds numerous non-governmental organizations in other countries, including Russia.”


  4. Ken Starr says it’s a charade too.


    “Ken Starr Gives Damning Indictment Of Democrats’ Impeachment Hearing”

    “Former independent counsel Ken Starr, whose criminal investigation of former Democrat President Bill Clinton ended with Clinton’s impeachment, told Fox News on Wednesday after watching Democrats’ impeachment inquiry hearing that there was “no hope for impeachment” and that “no crime was proven today.”

    “The members were very strong. I think the members overall acquitted themselves extremely well on both sides of the aisle. The quality of the questioning was extremely high for the most part,” Starr said. “One key thing, the Republicans not only are rock solid, so that means if this trend continues, there is no hope for impeachment, that’ll do it for the conviction in the Senate.”

    “And to me, here was something that was very telling: No crime was proven today,” Starr said. “There were a lot terms used, extortion and bribery, but no crime. This is very unlike Nixon and unlike Clinton.”

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  5. A ‘Low-Rent Ukrainian Sequel’

    And it all starts with more lies from the Schifty One.


    But Nunes sets the record straight.


    “After the spectacular implosion of their Russia hoax on July 24, in which they spent years denouncing any Republican who ever shook hands with a Russian, on July 25 they turned on a dime and now claim the real malfeasance is Republicans’ dealings with Ukraine.

    In the blink of an eye, we’re asked to simply:

    forget about Democrats on this committee falsely claiming they had “more than circumstantial evidence” of collusion between President Trump and the Russians;

    forget about them reading fabrications of Trump-Russia collusion from the Steele dossier into the congressional record;

    forget about them trying to obtain nude pictures of Trump from Russian pranksters who pretended to be Ukrainian officials;

    forget about them leaking a false story to CNN, while he was testifying to our committee, claiming Donald Trump Jr. had colluded with Wikileaks;

    and forget about countless other deceptions, large and small, that make them the last people on earth with the credibility to hurl more preposterous accusations at their political opponents.

    And yet now we’re supposed to take these people at face value when they trot out a new batch of allegations. But anyone familiar with the Democrats’ scorched-earth war against President Trump would not be surprised to see all the typical signs that this is just a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign. For example:

    After vowing publicly that impeachment requires bipartisan support, Democrats are pushing impeachment forward without the backing of a single House Republican.

    The witnesses deemed suitable for television by the Democrats were put through a closed-door audition process in a cult-like atmosphere in the basement of the Capitol, where the Democrats conducted secret depositions, released a flood of misleading and one-sided leaks, and later selectively released transcripts in a highly staged manner.

    Violating their own guidelines, the Democrats repeatedly redacted from the transcripts the name of Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor for the Democratic National Committee who worked with Ukrainian officials to collect dirt on the Trump campaign, which she provided to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    The Democrats rejected most of the Republicans’ witness requests, resulting in a horrifically one-sided process where crucial witnesses are denied a platform if their testimony doesn’t support the Democrats’ absurd accusations. Notably, they are trying to impeach the President for inquiring about Hunter Biden’s activities, yet they refused our request to hear from Biden himself.

    The whistleblower was acknowledged to have a bias against President Trump, and his attorney touted a “coup” against the President and called for his impeachment just weeks after his election.

    At a prior hearing, Democrats on this committee read out a purely fictitious rendition of the President’s phone call with President Zelensky. They clearly found the real conversation to be insufficient for their impeachment narrative, so they just made up a new one.

    And most egregiously, the staff of Democrats on this committee had direct discussions with the whistleblower before his or her complaint was submitted to the Inspector General, and Republicans cannot get a full account of these contacts because the Democrats broke their promise to have the whistleblower testify to this committee. Democrat members hid these contacts from Republicans and lied about them to the American people on national television.

    I’ve noted before that the Democrats have a long habit of accusing Republicans of offences they themselves are committing. Recall that:

    For years they accused the Trump campaign of colluding with Russia when they themselves were colluding with Russia by funding and spreading the Steele dossier, which relied on Russian sources.

    And now they accuse President Trump of malfeasance in Ukraine when they themselves are culpable. The Democrats cooperated in Ukrainian election meddling, and they defend Hunter Biden’s securing of a lavishly paid position with a corrupt Ukrainian company, all while his father served as vice president.

    Despite this hypocrisy, the Democrats are advancing their impeachment sham.”

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  6. ————-

    The media misrepresenting things?

    Oh say it isn’t so….. 🙄


  7. And Kent was less than truthful, even under oath.


    And Jordan destroys the hearsay testimony.

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  8. I hear it was a very sad and embarrassing afternoon for most of the few surviving Reagan Republicans. However, I was fully engaged with a 16 month old. We “mowed” the lawn, then played golf and read books.

    It will be my son’s job to protect his mind from both the liberals and whatever remains of the The Trump Cult once he gets a little older.


  9. This was predicted here a couple of weeks ago. The growing numbers of college graduates and minorities in Georgia may be too much for Trump to overcome. That is exactly the coalition which will probably govern America for the next 25 years. Goodbye to Reagan’s coalition of defense hawks, economic conservatives and religious conservatives. You had a great run.



  10. Of course he’s your favorite. He’s a globalist shill NTer.

    What’s not to love?

    Besides everything.

    A sample of his work shows he’s Ricky, with better writing skills.

    He’s patient zero of the TDS outbreak in the media. 🙂

    His hacktastic works includes such titles as

    “Trump Is Not Well
    Accepting the reality about the president’s disordered personality is important—even essential.”


    “Trump’s Words Are Poison
    The president has done more than any politician in living memory to fan the flames of ethnic and racial antipathy and nurture a culture of bigotry.”


    “The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity
    Support for Trump comes at a high cost for Christian witness.”


    “What I’ve Gained by Leaving the Republican Party
    I’m more willing to listen to those I once thought didn’t have much to teach me.”

    🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Alert!


  11. More of their lies fall to the truth, and another busted leftist meme.

    They. Have. Nothing.



    “Top Ukrainian official: Sondland did not link aid to investigation of Bidens”

    “Ukraine’s foreign minister told reporters on Thursday that U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland did not link investigations into Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son with military assistance.

    “Ambassador Sondland did not tell us, and did not tell me exactly, about the relation between the [military] assistance and the investigations,” Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko told reporters, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

    “I have never seen a direct link between investigations and security assistance. Yes, investigations were mentioned, you know, in a presidential conversation. But there was no clear connection between these events,” Prystaiko added.

    The House launched an impeachment inquiry into President Trump in September after revelations that the asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into the Bidens on a July 25 phone call. “


  12. 9:17 and 11:33

    Thanks for the list of articles by Peter Wehner. Wehner and Michael Gerson are two of the most prominent evangelicals to have served in recent Republican administrations.

    Here is more info about him:


    I believe that prior to Charles Krauthammer’s death, there was a weekly private luncheon group which included Wehner, Krauthammer, Brit Hume and Charles Murray. I would have paid to listen in to those discussions.


  13. Yesterday, Adam Schiff questioned two former ambassadors who heard rumors of Trump talking to someone on the telephone.

    Now. You know as much about it as anyone else.


  14. Nixon was a serious man, yet his impeachment involved a comically inept burglary. Trump is profoundly unserious and comically inept, yet his impeachment involves very serious national security issues.

    Educated people all over the world must understand this and marvel at the blindness and/or corruption of Trump’s Republican supporters.


  15. Nancy Pelosi was never the most brilliant Speaker of the House, and she is well past her prime. Less than a year ago she was facing a potential challenge from her fellow Democrats.

    However, after obliterating Trump in both the government closing crisis and the long term budget deal, she is now getting to clean his clock almost every day. Things have changed.


  16. Nor did any of the rest of us, Anne.


  17. Hmmm. Conservative position = fringe crazy people, essentially? I think there was probably a fairer, more dispassionate way to have written this one.

    From a WaPo (news) story that looks at the ‘dueling narratives’:


    One storyline rests on a whistleblower complaint – corroborated by a string of named diplomats as well as the White House’s own reconstructed transcript of a July phone call between Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart – about a shadow foreign policy to undermine conclusions about Russian interference in the 2016 election and damage one of Trump’s 2020 rivals, former vice president Joe Biden.

    The other, which has played out in conservative media and on Trump’s Twitter feed, relies largely on conspiracy theories and cover stories – some of which have taken root in the farthest reaches of the Internet before percolating up to the Oval Office – about Ukraine’s influence in the 2016 election and Biden’s reasons for going after a Ukrainian prosecutor, who was widely viewed by Western powers as corrupt. …



  18. A fair and detached summary of yesterday’s testimony at World’s Shift:


    Diplomats describe Ukraine buzz at White House

    With the first public impeachment hearing completed, House Democrats and Republicans are fighting to win over a polarized American public to their interpretation of events.

    What did we learn from Wednesday’s hearing? Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent described President Donald Trump’s attempts to get Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Taylor testified that a staff member told him about overhearing a phone call between Trump and U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland in which the president asked about the “investigations.” Republicans pointed out that the diplomats relied on secondhand accounts of Trump’s July 25 phone call that ignited the impeachment investigation and this latest phone call. Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch will testify next on Friday.



  19. Adam Schiff, the Russian hoaxer (weeks ago): “We’ll be hearing from the whistleblower soon.”
    Schiff, yesterday: “I do not know the identity of the whistleblower, and I’m determined to make sure that that identity is protected.” (How in the world do you protect the identity of someone whose identity you don’t know?)

    Schiff obviously doesn’t want the ‘whistleblower’ (under oath) having to answer questions such as “What did you tell Schiff’s staff and when?” and revealing who all he is connected to. So instead, the “whistleblower’ has to be kept hidden. At this point, even Dems are embarrassed by Schiff, especially after yesterday’s disaster.
    Bill Taylor (summing up his entire testimony): “What I can do here for you today, is tell you what I heard from… people.” There’s your hard evidence, folks.

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  20. Rep. Rep. Ratcliffe: “In this impeachment hearing today, where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crimes, where is the impeachable offense in that call? Are either of you here today to assert that there was an impeachable offense in that call? Shout it out,,, anyone?”

    Kent and Taylor (with deer-in-the-headlights look): —————————-

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  21. Yeah and here’s Ricky’s favorite Thesarus completely bastardizing the rule of law.


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