49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-9-19

  1. Good morning! The tree with the beautiful leaves was in the parking lot of the library. I think the photo is sideways, though. I guess it somehow got turned around in my phone.

    I have a writer’s critique meeting this a.m. I am still having to take in old writings because I do not have a good set up for writing with my new (normal) vision. I will work on that as a Christmas present to myself.

    I hope you all have a pleasant Saturday, and I expect that the best tems will win.

    Michelle has had lots of interesting posts on Facebook from her research trip lately.

    It is cold, LA Dog Park cold, this morning!

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  2. Good Morning Everyone.
    Anyone else watching Jack Ryan on Netflix or Hulu or wherever it is? I always liked the movies and the books. I am inclined to like this series.
    Another that Mr P has us watching is about the space program. It’s an alternative version where the Russians were the first to the moon and Nixon was demanding we beat them to establishing a military base. It also pushes women to the forefront on going to the moon. I don’t like this series. I feel like it is demeaning to the accomplishments made by the United States. I feel like it was a contest and we won. Where would we be had we lost the race? Would the Soviet Union have won the Cold War?
    I don’t like alternative outcomes to history. I like history to remain what it always has been with the full understanding that the winners write the story. Yes, I do like to know the stories of the losers but I don’t like the habit we have gotten in of writing the “what if”.

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  3. We watched The Client, a movie from 1994, starring Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones. It was very suspenseful and had great acting. For those who like on the edge of your seat suspense, this is for you. It’s based on a John Grisham novel. I also found The Book Thief DVD at the library.


  4. I never would have guessed that the picture was sideways.

    You can’t build a base on the moon.
    Logistics is impossible.
    I have a picture of the Apollo 12 astronaut standing in his lunar garb. I call it “The lunar bikinis”. It’s as close to naked you can get on the moon.
    and we don’t need to go to Mars. There is nothing we can do there.
    I told Chuck. “If we discovered gold on the moon, it wouldn’t pay to mine it.”

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  5. Morning! It is going to be a beautiful fall day here…winter comes back tomorrow evening…then it will be fall’s turn again…it’s like a big ol’ game of leap frog with the seasons around here!! 🐸

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  6. Dreamers gotta dream, Chas. Mankind is hard-wired by God to push on.

    Dead end encountered? OK, maybe, but with a little turn to the left or a little turn to the right, or discovering a new wrinkle while on the journey that causes us to look at things with a little different lens, it all may just lead to something extraordinary that was never expected.

    I slept in this morning, it was a long week and a late night out for me.

    I started watching Jack Ryan earlier this week. I liked the first season but couldn’t get this second one (I think I watched 2 episodes; I may just have to start this season over again, maybe my attention was distracted as I wasn’t following it too well. The first season debuted during our Fleet Week celebration over a year ago with a red carpet roll out for all the stars on the Iowa.

    Does anyone watch Bosch (a detective series)? I’ve really enjoyed Connelly’s books which created the character and the series is much better than I thought it would be. They’re filming in our town next week, the series airs on Amazon in the spring time.

    Well, it’s off to see Carol this afternoon. I will plan to leave here around noon so that’ll get me there after their lunch time.

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  7. Carol kind of surprised me the other day by asking me out of the blue if we were going out for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I said probably not as she wasn’t able to go out these days, so then she asked if I could bring a Thanksgiving dinner in to her. I’m quite sure they’re having turkey at the place she stays and I’m meeting up with some folks for an early thanksgiving dinner/lunch already so going up there might be a time crunch for me, frankly; but I can probably get up there for a visit sometime later over that long weekend (I’m taking that Friday off as a vacation day, we don’t actually get it off as a holiday). My cousin and I also are doing something either on Friday or Saturday, I think one of her cousins from her mom’s side of the family will be in California for a visit and we’re supposed to head out to meet them halfway between San Diego & LA.

    I’m so sorry that Carol is trapped indoors like she is, but generally she seems not overly motivated to use her Access ride service (which, admittedly, would need some pre-planning with her staff there, but I don’t think she’s ever even broached the subject with them in terms of how that might be put into place, like securing a wheelchair, for her to actually make use of). I talked to Carol a bit about getting her out to a Christmas Eve service this year (I’d go to her place and ride along in the Access van to the church), but just discussing all we’d need to put into place to do an outing like that seemed a bit overwhelming to her and she said maybe I can just stop by for a visit that night, which I can do.

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  8. You fill balloons with water and add food coloring. When frozen, you cut the balloons off and they look like giant marbles — Christmas decorations for your yard.

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  9. We will soon have an annual meeting to approve next year’s church budget. A really classy looking bound booklet has been mailed to members. I did not expect to receive such a professional looking work of graphic art for a yet to be approved budget. Is this the new thing to do in growing churches? I am still trying to get my head around how things are done in our new almost two years old church.

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  10. At our church you show up at the West campus on an announced Sunday evening to approve the next year’s budget. It is shown on an overhead screen. Then afterwards we all eat ice cream 😊 🍦

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  11. true confessions: I spent too much at the craft faire. Basically I did all of my Christmas shopping. Where I spent a lot was buying prints of some art work. These pictures were done by one of my first students, from Australia. He is now graduated and working on his art. He even did a portrait of Steve Irwin and gave it to his family. I always knew I wanted some of his art.

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  12. I haven’t dealt with church budgets since I served my 3 years on the vestry. Everyone should at some time. I was amazed at all that we supported. Our priests weren’t getting rich. They earned a decent amount, as they should, but most of our budget went to support other ministries. A school in Africa, an orphanage in Haiti, fresh water education in 3rd world areas, church plants in other countries –France being one!!! Who knew the country with some of the most beautiful churches is no longer Christian overall?

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  13. Well, I guess if you live in a place where they’ll stay frozen, you live in a place where they’ll freeze in the first place. Fortunately, we aren’t quite so dependable as all that.

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  14. I have lived 89 years without knowing the source of true happiness.
    I got a Greensboro address in the link.
    I might live out the rest of my years without it.


  15. Yeah, the overhead projector followed by people leaving for home so they could finally get some lunch, and that’s about it, once a year, the annual meeting after church. We seem to always have a lot of money in the bank, so that’s good.

    I had a very good visit with Carol and her boyfriend, Charles, today — also met Carol’s new roommate, Patricia, who is from Belize. I brought Carol a few sodas to keep in her small table-top refrigerator in her room & a little Snoopy bobbing head Christmas decoration (his head bobs as long as he’s in the light, it’s “solar,” indoor and outdoor, so his head is constantly bobbing).

    Carol’s OK, hanging in there but her legs are still weak. What would be the best shoes for her? She’s had some New Balance that are worn out after a year and is looking at some natural, “barefoot” running shoes which I don’t think would provide enough support (but the price was right on Amazon, she hasn’t ordered them and can’t until the end of the month when she has more $). Her doctor told her to go up a size (which I’d also told her but his advice meant more, understandably) to a 15 (she wears very large men’s size shoes plus now has a lot of edema that has made her lower legs and feet very swollen). I told her to ask the doctor/podiatrist, for his advice. I think another pair of New Balance, up a size, would be best.

    I was thinking about the discussion of space and exploration, whether it’s worth it or not, and recalled Columbus (dare I utter his name?) who set out to find one thing but found another. The thing is, as we explore we never quite know what we’ll find in the end, even when we “think” we know. 🙂 God is good.

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  16. This recent development with Nightingale’s health insurance premiums going way up has me feeling like I’ve been thrown me backwards.

    When we first began this new journey of ours, after Hubby’s death, we had no idea where we stood financially. After a little while, we had a little better picture, and made a plan. Then we realized that plan would not work, so we made another one that would. Eventually things evened out.

    Now this has thrown a big wrench into it all, and on top of that, I took a closer look at my own finances yesterday, and realized that I must have miscalculated somewhere along the way, and my expenditures have been more than I had counted on. So I am feeling pretty overwhelmed and discouraged.

    My plan for this morning was to take a look at my banking records and my budget, to see what went wrong, but I am still sick from that virus, which is making me feel too emotional. I realized that I would probably get too upset with myself or the situation, so it is best to leave it until next week when I am (hopefully) feeling better and more up to the task.

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  17. Praying for you Kizzie…is this upcoming year the year you can start receiving SS?
    Dj would Carol benefit from wearing a shoe made by SAS? I have always heard they have great support and are well made…my old neighbor Miss Margaret wore SAS shoes exclusively.

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  18. Writing notes to folks. I am also writing to my grandchildren. It is hard to write to all of these different ages, especially when I don’t see them often or really know what they are doing.


  19. I worked my way through the portion of my college my dad wouldn’t pay for by selling shoes. (He gave me 4 years). SAS or San Antonio Shoe Company make or made excellent shoes. Some days my 20 something year old feet would hurt and I would pull a pair from stick and wear them a while.
    DJ look in to Carol’s doctor writing a prescription for the shoes he thinks best. Medicare may pay for them that way.


  20. NancyJill – I will be able to start receiving Hubby’s Social Security in 2021, when I turn 60, so that’s not too far away.

    Cheryl – I may look into what I might be able to do online, but when I looked in the past, I didn’t find anything that fit. When I look at my budget and spending more closely, I’ll be able to see what I can trim. I wasn’t way off, just not where I thought I was. Also, Nightingale wants to take on some of the bills I have been paying when she gets a new job.

    Nightingale has been saying for a while that she should find a different job, and that her nursing home doesn’t pay well. Her friend Virginia, who is savvy about the business world as well about some other things (like houses), has been encouraging her to try for something better. I guess this is the impetus to do so. (And it turns out that although her premiums are still going up way more than comfortable, the number she first looked at was the highest premium. Hers is a little lower.)

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  21. What is playing into my moods and reactions is this stupid virus. It has me feeling weak and weary and teary. Cold symptoms finally popped up a couple days ago.


  22. I can look into SAS online, but she’s looking for something that’ll cost no more than about $40. I know the shoes she was looking at don’t look like they’d work well for her. She had picked out another pair of athletic shoes like the NB’s she has but during the time they were on her Amazon ‘wish’ list, the price somehow shot up.

    There’s also the issue of socks, she bought some (size 15-16 men’s) but they won’t fit her feet or ankles which are really swollen. She insisted I bring some scissors yesterday so I could cut them, which I did (and that ruins them, basically, but she insisted). She’s worn her year-old NB shoes without socks which is not a good thing to do either for your feet or for the shoes. And I noticed yesterday while walking behind her that her right foot tilts in, so she walks on the inside of the shoe basically. And she’s still shuffling her feet.

    Kizzie, I’m glad things look a little better — so the insurance Nightingale uses is the employer insurance? Is there anything more affordable on the open market?

    I had trouble sleeping and then went into a deep sleep through the early morning hours but dreamed the whole time about work — got up absolutely convinced it was Monday and groaning about what stories I had to do this week. How did this weekend go so fast, I kept thinking …

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  23. I was trying to race around to get ready for church, got a shower taken, the cat (but not yet the dogs) fed, but then decided I was simply running too late and was still too tired. After a hard week at work, especially the last couple days, and being out late Friday night and visiting Carol yesterday with a long drive in both directions in our lovely LA traffic (the sun went down around the time I hit the freeway to come home), I decided to stay in this morning. I may even grab a nap later today.

    I am still quite relieved it is NOT Monday, however. Whew. I really wasn’t ready for that.

    But I hate missing church and am already regretting that (but there was no way I’d get there even close to on time). I’ll listen to the sermon on Sermon Audio later.

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  24. Perhaps a raise might be in store for Nightingale & the staff to help offset the new med coasts? Unfortunately, the costs are shooting skyward for employers as well, so their portion of providing employee health care is becoming a real real burden.

    I don’t know what can be done, but rising medical care costs are a growing issue for most of us.

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  25. DJ – Yes, this is insurance through her employer.

    It would be so great if she could get a “state job”, with one of the prisons or the VA or something. And I feel guilty for thinking that, because it doesn’t seem right that state employees get such better pay and better benefits at the expense of taxpayers who are often struggling to make it through. But that’s the way the system works, so if she could get one of those jobs, I would not complain. 😉

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  26. It used to be that the private sector paid more (but government had better security & benefits). Now government jobs pay significantly more, in many cases (and provide regular raises that seem to be built into the system). And government still has much better benefits, including retirement options (though many states, including hours, have found ourselves in a real mess with trying to now fund all those government pensions — so that will change, but I suspect the jobs will still offer more than many or even most private sector employers).

    My cousin, who worked for LA Unified schools for her entire career, has free medical care for life + a pension.

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  27. Pensions in the private sector have been pretty much unheard of for many years now. We used to have a matching 401K but that was taken away nearly 2 decades ago.


  28. And it appears a lot of gov’t jobs require sitting around talking or playing on the phone while customers wait. Unless you get to work independently and shut your door to all intrusions but the customers. That seems to help the worker get stuff done.


  29. We seem to be stuck in summer out here. Not hardly a drop of rain so far, temps hovering around 80 for the most part. 😦

    Have you all seen this commercial?

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  30. I remembered what the shoes Carol wanted were called — ‘minimalist’. They’re designed to be ultra flexible with thin soles, re-creating the sensation of running barefoot.

    The price was right for her (under $40 I believe) — and she’d be wearing them almost exclusively indoors of course — but I told her I really didn’t think they’d provide enough support for her feet.


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