59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-13-19

  1. Morning all. Lovely header, Janice. Are you going to share that view with Michelle? We are all waiting for a picture of the blog meet up. I have met you both and know that you will enjoy each other.
    Morning, Chas. Celebrate this day as another faithful day in your walk with your bride.

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  2. We are flipping a switch today at work. It is going to be messy and the agents are going to be frustrated. We are changing our electronic document system from dotloop to DocuSign. The staff will bare the brunt of the anger and frustration. We are all under prepared to do this but putting it off won’t help. It will just delay.
    Everyone is going to need an extra amount of patience.

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  3. We use Docusign artwork and if this group of non-techy English majors can do it, I’m sure you all won’t have any trouble.

    Got to Janice’s house around 3:30, met her friend Linda a couple of hours later and I’m staying in a lovely studio apartment in Linda’s retirement home.

    Retirement is what I’ve been doing, but not sleeping. I may talk poor Janice’s ear off just to keep from falling asleep today!

    Oh, and I’m driving her nice car. You should probably pray!

    The talk went really well at church of the Apostles. I’ve been treated like a queen in Atlanta, which leaves me a little uncertain. I’m usually in the background.

    Off to breakfast, talk at lunch and to see a little bit of the area this afternoon. Ciao!

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  4. Re: the Not So Funny”
    I may have said this before, but I’ve never heard of vaping until I heard that people died from it.
    Also, my spell check doesn’t like the word. I had to check my spelling.

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  5. Morning! Such a bright cheerful header…made me smile when I opened this page!!
    After two delays I am in hopes the wood for the flooring will be delivered today!! Frustration of home renovation has ensued!
    The furnace kicked on this morning…I cut if off immediately…it is just too early for that stuff! 😊

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  6. There is some uncertainty about what caused those supposed vaping deaths. I have read that the ones who died, and those who have been sickened, were using something else in the e-cigarette. Supposedly they were using illegal THC products “from the street”.

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  7. I really don’t like driving behind someone who’s smoking or vaping. They blow it all out their window — and into your open vents or windows. Lane change required immediately.

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  8. Happy Birthday Mumsee!!! Enjoy the drive to the doc appt and enjoy the view! We are blessed to celebrate our Lord’s beautiful gift of YOU today!! 🎂
    Yippee….the wood has arrived and the fellas are loading it into the garage….!

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  9. I haven’t taken the time to understand what vaping is although I just thought they were “fake” cigarettes. Sound as though they are not so safe as they were marketed.
    Seeing cigarette butts on the ground irks me to no end…especially when you live in the forest. Are people really that dumb…why yes they are….. 😞

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  10. See…

    This is what happens when I ask for dates of importance, and people don’t respond.

    Lookin’ at you Mumsee, and the rest of you who didn’t respond. You know who you are.

    OK, finger wagging over…..

    Happy Birthday!

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  11. Let’s see….. who else?….

    Kim, Kathaleena, Jo, Kare, 6 Arrows……….

    I feel bad when I miss this stuff.

    You ladies don’t want that on your conscience do you? 😥


  12. AJ, about my birthdate: OK, sorry, I had asked to have my name removed from your birthday list a couple of years ago when I was in a general funk about birthdays and other things. (I’d also requested of my husband and children that they not get me gifts or provide other acknowledgments for anything other than Christmas. IOW, not Mother’s Day or our wedding anniversary, in addition to my birthday. Kind of a dark time when I didn’t feel like celebrating anything. Was feeling like a peon and like not worth celebrating.)

    Anyway, my outlook is better now than it was then, so if you want to put me back on the birthday list, you can write me down for September 9. Yeah, I know, that’s a long ways off now. 🙂

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  13. Speaking of birthdays, today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Clara Schumann. Clara was the wife of the composer Robert Schumann. She was a well-known concert pianist in her day, did some composing of her own, worked hard to promote her husband’s compositions, and raised eight kids during all that time!

    I’ll see what music of hers I can find over on YT and will post one here in a bit…

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  14. Thanks, Kevin. 🙂

    By the way, if any of you were wondering, our grand piano did get delivered yesterday, despite thunder, lightning, periodic heavy rains, a big mudhole of a yard, and various other assorted interesting phenomena that didn’t deter those piano movers. They did get delayed a little, calling our house about the time they were supposed to be arriving, saying they had just got the piano loaded on the truck and would be heading out. (It’s about a half-hour drive normally, but they arrived more like 45 minutes after the call.)

    The timing was good, though, as the storm here stopped shortly after they left the city to head to our town. Then more thunder, lightning, and heavy rain started up again about an hour after they left our house. They were here in the calm between the storms. 🙂

    They brought the truck around the backside of the house, and drove on some sort of heavy-duty boards my husband had borrowed from a friend of his who does tree-cutting for a living. Makes it easier to drive into areas where the ground is really soft, like our yard is now, after four consecutive days of fairly significant rains.

    Hubby had also put extra crushed rock on the driveway and part of the grass, which is a good thing, because the piano movers almost got stuck in the mud near that transition point. They wouldn’t have been able to navigate back there without that extra gravel, and the running boards or whatever they’re called allowed them to back across the grass, up to our deck, where my husband had removed some of the deck rail so that they could position their lift at the same height as the deck floor, and bring the piano in easily through the open sliding glass door.

    Without all of that, they would have had to try going through the front entry to the house, which may not have provided enough space, or would have been very difficult if it was doable. They didn’t even try, but went the back way first.

    The guys said it was surprisingly easy to do it the way they did. It wasn’t more than a few minutes from the time they drove up the driveway until the piano was in the house.

    I was so moved by the whole process, I had tears in my eyes and had to go hide for a while. 🙂 I thought, these guys are going to think I’m a fool, crying over a new piano! I didn’t cry when my first piano was delivered 30 years ago — the first time in my then-27 years that I ever had a piano in the home where I lived. (I grew up practicing piano next door at my grandparents’ house.) You’d think that if I’d cry over getting a piano, it would be the first time, and not the second!

    3rd and 6th Arrows and I, the piano players in the house, are enjoying playing on the new (to us) grand. I am enjoying listening as much as playing. The sound! It’s got a mellower tone than the upright, but its sheer size fills the house with magnificent, beautiful tone color. There’s nothing harsh or ear-piercing about it; simply round, full, gorgeous sound. Awesome beyond words!

    Oh, and we changed out minds about where to put the upright. We decided against having it in a bedroom, and instead put it in our dining room, which is next to our living room where the grand is. We have sort of an open-concept living room / dining room / kitchen plan in the upstairs of our split level home, so we will be able to do two-piano duets this way. The dining room looks rather lovely right now, with the oak wood-grain upright piano near our dining room table with the orange / brown / yellow fall decor on it. To the left of the piano is a narrow stand with a lamp on it. Last night (and during the afternoon when it was rather dark because of the weather), the yellow glow from the lamp made things look really cozy in there.

    And the black grand in the living room, with the LED piano lamp shining on the music rack as night fell, gave an elegant feel to that part of the upstairs.

    It hasn’t all quite sunken in yet that this is real, but we are delighting in the new ambiance. 🙂

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  15. Happy Birthday to Mumsee. What a way to celebrate. I won’t even ask how far away that doctors office was. When we know you don’t like to drive anywhere, it was a sacrifice, but not as much as a sacrifice as those chickens made!!!!

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  16. 6, I am sure that those piano movers appreciated all of your preparations. It made their job easy. What a delight to know that God blessed you in so many ways on your birthday week. You certainly know how to celebrate!


  17. Happy Belated Birthday, 6 Arrows!

    Happy Birthday, Mumsee.

    Michelle and I just ate Key Lime pie to celebrate your birthdays. It’s actually what we had for dinner. We had planned to go out,but we had such a lovely and busy day that we made the decision to call pie dinner so we could get rested up for tomorrow’s early drive to a writer’s workshop.

    We had breakfast at the Flying Biscuit, lunch at the retirement center where Michelle did her wonderful talk. Then we drove to Stone Mountain, saw some sights, and rode the skylift to the top of the mountain. It’s been a really fun time for me. I told Michelle that riding the skylight was something I had been afraid to do since childhood. She was so kind to buy our tickets to do that.

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  18. Thanks, NancyJill. 🙂

    Jo, I think the movers did appreciate the prep work we’d done before they arrived. My husband did all the outside preparations, with arranging for, picking up, and returning his friend’s stuff that the movers drove on; getting extra gravel and spreading it; dismantling a little of the deck, etc. Oh, and last weekend, he and 1st Arrow, who was home for 4th Arrow’s graduation party, moved parts cars farther up the pathway into our woods to make room for the movers, in case they needed to go around back of the house. Which now, you know, they did. One of the cars didn’t have an axle, but hubby and son managed to get it moved, anyway, and not without some difficulty. They were determined, though. I told them both how thankful I was for their work.

    I had the fun part — the indoor preparations — moving around furniture in the house on Monday, which was my birthday, making room for the new locations for the pianos. 1st Arrow helped me with that that morning, as he has Mondays off, so he extended his weekend home to help me with some of the heavier furniture. The rearranging and redecorating didn’t seem like work — it was just plain fun. 🙂

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  19. Thank you, Janice. 🙂 (Looks like we posted right around the same time. 😉

    Fun to hear of another meet-up! I can taste that key lime pie — nice vicarious birthday treat. Yum!


  20. Kizzie, no, that’s still a mystery.

    Everyone knows me, I know them, and it seemed to us that we all had all our classes together in those years. I know I have my old report cards and other items from elementary school that my mom saved, I’ll have to hunt that box down and see what clues that gives.

    I definitely remember the teacher, but I really don’t remember (in general) a lot of detail about any of those grades. So I may have known her but never had her? I don’t know …

    But fun seeing all the neighborhood “kids.” And some pretty impressive resumes among them (and people who came in from Tennessee, Utah, Northern California). Among us were a couple guys who are prominent in wildlife biology fields (one I’ve interviewed in the past, he’s considered a national hawk expert and had brought hawks to school for special programs back then); a retired LA County Sheriff’s Deputy; a very smart kid (who’s now drop-dead gorgeous) who first became a renowned physician and then (got bored?) and went to law school and became an attorney; an English professor at a state university.

    And the current principal of the school stopped in to present a resolution for the teacher.

    Altogether, a fun but also poignant (in a sweet way) day. So many years ago when we all saw each other every day in the classroom and on the playground.

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  21. First choir practice at one of the local universities, the one I mentioned the other day that I would be accompanying, was on Wednesday. A little like getting thrown in the deep end was what it was like. I was given the music right when class was about to start, and had five minutes or so to glance over about 35 pages of notes while the choir warmed up. Yikes.

    I did fine for the four-measure introduction to one of the pieces, in which the piano plays solo before the choir enters. That kind of sightreading I’ve had lots of practice on.

    Playing parts was more of a challenge, especially when it involved the tenor part, which is written an octave higher than the pitch at which they sing. Or, put another way, the notes are written in the treble clef, but are more often actually sung in the usual bass clef range. The director often had me playing two vocal lines at once, and when it was the tenor voice with one of the higher voices, sometimes the tenor’s notes on the staff were higher than the altos, even the sopranos occasionally, but my left hand had to play that part lower when my eyes were seeing it as higher.

    I used to be able to do that, but it’s been over 30 years since I last had to, so let’s just say that skill was rusty, and to do it on music I’d never seen until minutes before, well, I didn’t feel very professional.

    I brought the music home, though, to get familiar with it, and I think it will go much better by Tuesday, when I practice with the choir next.


  22. I got to the rehearsal well ahead of time (like 20 minutes), but there was another choir rehearsing in the room at the time, so I waited out in the hall while that was finishing up.

    A sobering reminder of the times in which we live: I saw a notice on the wall, using an acronym to remember in the event there’s an active shooter situation.

    A little unnerving to read that, but it’s certainly needed in this day and age.


  23. Happy birthday, Mumsee!

    I am so happy for you and your new piano, 6arrows. One of the advantages of homeschooling is you don’t have a need for active shooter drills, and everyone can share the hair brush with worrying about getting lice.

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