7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-31-19

  1. Cousin is coming to visit! Looking forward to that, as always. As are the children, who think she is probably the best cook on the planet, and they could be right.

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  2. This weekend is the Apple Festival Weekend in Hendersonville. H’ville Lions always have a Big Breakfast fundraiser. I e-mailed a couple of colleagues there. Seems they had a good and busy day.
    I’m happy for them. I can’t do much to help now, so they didn’t miss me.

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  3. It has been going since 1936 when the business folk thought offering a free barbecue to the community was a good way of saying thank you. Seems to have worked.

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  4. 😦 We were wondering why we had so many ravens or some kind of bird circling the house. First noticed them last Wednesday. I was thinking there may be something dead in the back, but did not think it might have been a steer. Today a neighbor, we met for the first time, stopped by to tell us the DNR will be trapping wolves behind our home. She was the second neighbor who has lost a steer to wolves. The other neighbor lost a calf and one female wolf was caught. This was a two year old steer, about 550 lbs. or so.

    We saw some cattle in our yard one evening. There were vehicles and people out herding them, so we assumed they were all taken care of. Two were missing and one was found dead; killed by wolves. Not sure what happened to the other one. The noise from wolves and their victims has been terrible this summer.

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