49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-16-19

  1. Welcome to my day. So glad that it is Friday. School is out, now I have to walk down the hill to pick up the truck at autoshop. And then there is Teen Centre, our hamburger night out.


  2. What? What’
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    I’ve never wished for Fall before. But I have had this allergy for about a month now.
    Hacking – Coughing that won’t go away.
    This has never happened before.
    Good morning everyone else.


  3. I just got around to reading Michelle’s newsletter.
    Interesting points for discussion for a new class.
    Seems like it could only be used once.
    Unless, each question became an issue. That cold happen.


  4. We had a new person telling their story each week. We started with a chatty 75 year-old funny story teller, and went through my daughter talking about growing up at our church and how it influenced her going off into the world; my husband on science and faith, a recent Berkeley graduate in spiritual life and witnessing on that campus; our youth director on faith and growing up in Hawaii; an older woman who struggled with the abortion option; a current Bible study leader who came to faith through his love of rock and roll and so on.

    One of our elders was a heroin addict in his youth, which shocked us all— but left quite an impression on a young in our congregation struggling with drug addiction.

    The point was to tell a fuller story of our faith— how God worked in our lives.

    Much like we do here from time to time, telling stories can be powerful and invites fellowship.

    We end a week from Sunday with our head elder, a CPA who founded and has led all these trips to Nicaragua on the basis of his faith.

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  5. Good morning. I’m happy it is Friday because it is payday.

    We were so busy at work last night. My heart goes out to those who are struggling.

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  6. Thanks for the “not so funnyies”

    When Elvera was younger, she had three toned hair, combination of red and black wit tinges of grey. She had natural gray when it was fashionable for women to tint their hair.
    Most of you ladies won’t remember that.
    Anyhow, he had a saying when her hair was messed up. “It looks like wildfire.”
    now, without a strand of red, we still say that if it needs brushings.

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  7. Good morning, all. Different start to the day. I have removed daughter from the opportunity to work around here. Sad but true. That puts all the chores on the youngest two, including the milking, but they are up to it. Good children. And it is nice to see thirteen’s legitimate concern for twenty two and seventeen. Something I have always liked about him.

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  8. Happy Friday.

    Chas, have you had the cough checked out?

    I used to get rather severe allergy attacks every spring (head cold symptoms, not coughing) when I lived in a rental house in Long Beach. Thought it was a cold but doctor said allergy. When I moved, it went away, and I never did figure out what was blooming there that set me off.


  9. Donna. No. I’ve never had tis before. It has been a month now. Linda got me a pill to take at night. It helps a lot, but not entirely.
    I’m not big on going to doctors. Mostly they weigh, you take your temperature and blood pressure and write a prescription that may, but usually don’t, work.
    I realize that my attitude comes form eight decades of not needing doctors.

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  10. A boyfriend used to say my hair was the color of bright copper. No more, sadly, but the red still comes out in the sun. I have some gray now but it’s all blending in and looks OK to me (and my hair cutter/stylist), it hasn’t “taken over” and overwhelmed yet. And I’m beyond the age when I should be all gray so not a big deal to me.

    So many stories to juggle these days, I have possibly two today which is one too many.

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  11. My grey is getting more visible. My mother used to insist my grey hairs were not visible, now she admits that she can see them. I am not going to dye it. I am in my mid-thirties now, and my mother began to go grey then.

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  12. Chas – Look at it this way (regarding going to a doctor): Taking care of yourself is also taking care of Elvera. That cough may be something more serious that needs dealing with sooner rather than later.

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  13. Michelle – One of the deacons of our old church was a wise, intelligent, conservative-looking gentleman with quite a testimony. He had been a “long-haired hippie-type” into drinking and drugs. When his wife got saved, he once threatened her with a knife. One morning he woke up face-down on the living room carpet, seriously hungover. He looked up to see his two toddler boys peering down at him with concern, and at that point the Holy Spirit convicted him.

    I often pray that one day X will be like that – that he will come to Jesus and be so transformed that people who don’t know him now would be hard-pressed to believe he could have done the things he’s done.

    (I recently found out that he had also been arrested for something else not long after his attack on Nightingale. That makes five times – that I know of – of him being arrested for something. But he has never served any jail time. That does not do him any favors.)

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  14. Just took a forty five inch rattler out of the dog pen. That Barney is good but ought not to be taking that on. He did well and I hope he did not get bit before I got in there. He did let out a yip as he and Jake were distracting it for me, defending their turf.

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  15. Chas, I’ll join the chorus here in urging you to go get your cough checked out.

    Prayers for you and Elvera, as always.

    Kim, from yesterday, that icy reception you got at work made me hiss at the screen, What is wrong with people? I’m so sorry that’s happening to you.

    Yesterday was a bittersweet day — the end of an era. I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy going to the once-yearly piano teacher workshop held in our area. (Except last year there wasn’t one — the first time since it began in 1987.)

    Our beloved presenter is stepping down from doing workshops, she announced yesterday. And because the print music industry is changing so much, due to a lot more self-publishing and other factors, the music store that has hosted these workshops would have a much more difficult time knowing what has come out in the previous year that makes good supplementary repertoire for piano students, which has been the focus of these workshops.

    That was why there was no workshop last year — there simply wasn’t enough good supplementary music from the major publishers that came out in the previous year to justify having a workshop. Yesterday’s did have enough titles, though it was far less than the amount of music presented in past years during the publishing industry’s heyday.

    Still, though, it was sweet to be able to sit in the audience one more time to hear our friend’s wisdom on teaching piano students, organizing our studios, and other things she discusses around the playing of excerpts of the new music she’s reviewing for us.

    Fun, too, that some of her friends she knows outside of the music business came to the workshop. She joked to us music teachers in the audience that her other friends present there, “only think I play golf.” So she invited them to come and see what else she does besides that. 🙂

    She’s still amazingly spry. She just had her 65th high school reunion this month! But there are limits to her energy, of course, and she admits to being more tired now than when she was younger.

    All in all, it was a great run with these workshops she’s been presenting all these years. I think I started going to them in the mid-1990s, only missing in the years I had a nursing infant.

    Time marches on, with some sweet memories of the past and maybe some goodbyes leading to new horizons for the future.

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  16. I’ve just come home from work and all my icons are gone rom the desktop computer screen.

    Apparently the computer updated while I was at work?

    And wiped the screen clean?

    Why yes, I have plenty of work to do— most stashed on the desktop.

    I’m going to take this as a sign that I should run errands, not to work.

    I’m trying really hard not to cry.

    My husband cannot help me until he gets home tonight.


  17. A QoD:

    Is “the sixth sense” — or a “gut feeling” or instinct or whatever you might call it — real? Given by God? Non-existent? Not to be trusted?

    Something I’ve been pondering lately.


  18. 6 Arrows – My two cents: I’ve always heard the term “the sixth sense” used to refer to an ESP-type thing, which would be suspect. Most people I have read of or known who have claimed to have some kind of sixth sense/ESP/whatever-they-may-call-it have not been Christian, or have been the loosey-goosey kind of Christian.

    There is a Christian friend I have (although not well-versed in the Bible, so maybe also loosey-goosey) who often “knows” things before they happen, or knows what someone is thinking or about to say. I have pondered what is behind that.

    I have had at least one dream that came true (about friends divorcing). There have been times when the Holy Spirit has given me a sense of something that later happened. By that, I don’t mean that I absolutely knew that they were going to happen, but that when they did happen, I remembered the “feelings” or “sense” that I’d had beforehand. (Hubby’s death was one of those times.) I wouldn’t consider that a sixth sense, though, merely the work of the Holy Spirit working in me to prepare me for something that would happen.

    (Before Hubby’s death, I’d had a recurring sense that something bad was on the horizon, for months before. A few days before his death, as Nightingale and I were either arriving at or leaving the hospital and were in the car, I had a strong feeling that he would not be leaving the hospital alive. I still remember that horrible feeling.)


  19. As I understand it, “gut feelings” or “women’s intuition” can come from our minds putting together little things that we don’t even realize we were aware of. Other times, I believe it is the Holy Spirit warning or prompting us.

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  20. My hair is mostly natural. The grey and mousy brown are natural. The bleached blonde is not. I think it may be more white than grey. I’m not sure.


  21. Tomorrow is my brother’s fortieth wedding anniversary party. We may go, or we may not. We may need to drive up to CDA on Sunday to retrieve daughter from the facility. That will be a long day of driving I have done it before but not for years. I don’t drive much at all anymore.


  22. Well, I turned my story for the weekend in. Not the story I’d have liked, but when you don’t get call-backs you have to go with what you’ve got. It was long despite that. One guy says he’s still calling me back but it’s getting too late now.

    So I took a break and hauled the empty trash cans up — mine and the neighbors’ — so that’s done.


  23. Yesterday at the workshop my name got drawn for a door prize. I am now the happy owner of a huge 400+ page book entitled The Independent Piano Teacher’s Studio Handbook: Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Teaching Studio.

    I’d seen it advertised in the Hal Leonard Publishing catalog before, and was intrigued by the title and what might be in the book, but hesitated to buy a $35 volume that might contain a lot of information I already know from my years of teaching experience.

    But to win it (!), and then find when I brought it home yesterday that it’s got great food for thought in several parts of the book I’ve examined already, is simply sweet! 🙂

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  24. I don’t know if any of that actually answered your question or was helpful. Was there anything more specific you were looking for?


  25. Not much talking around here. It is a rainy Saturday, tho looks like the sun is trying to peek through. I am hanging out in my pj’s and relaxing. My friend Joan, 82, who is here is quite the talker. She called this morning and I was able to limit it to 15 minutes instead of 35. For this introvert, that is a stretch.

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  26. OK, I finally had to badger someone into talking to me for a quote that was really needed in this story I’d filed.

    Done. Whew.


  27. Your answer was helpful, Kizzie. And, no, there wasn’t anything specific I was looking for because I really had no idea what the answers to my questions might even be.

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  28. I’m pooped.

    I was going to paint a bedroom. The paint we bought 2 weeks ago was bad. The store had it on clearance since it had been on the shelf a long time. I opened it and it was lumpy along the edges. Stirring did nothing. I took it back to the store and the man put it in the machine, but it was still lumpy, so they gave me new paint. Supposedly the new paint is not as good quality. Interestingly, I have some old paint of the same brand and quality as the one that went bad, and it is still good. I used it on the laundry room and kitchen. It till goes on smooth. I never did get to the bedroom. It’s the guest room, so no rush. Instead, I mowed the lawn since it’s supposed to rain a lot tonight.

    Tomorrow id D2’s birthday, so we’ll go visit her and her husband. They want to try out a new Mexican restaurant in their city. Plus, there is a Lumber Liquidators store there, so we’ll get new flooring for the guest bedroom while we’re there. It’s a room the had wetness issues, so we had to replace part or all of two walls and the carpet. I’ll paint the guest room in the morning before we go.

    Is that enough talking for you Mumsee?


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