48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-24-19

  1. Morning! And a most blessed day of your birth Peter!! We celebrate our Lord’s gift of YOU today!!
    Weather is to be warmer today..hurray!! This entire week has been winter in CO…come on Spring!!
    Cute little yellow bird up there…is it a goldfinch?


  2. Good morning! I enlarged the phone screen and found a tiny black and yellow bird that I assumed is named Waldo. Cute! Outstanding in the field.

    Heat is building in Atlanta. Yesterday we got to 91. Everyday it will be warmer. It was 80° at 11 p.m.last night.

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  3. Happy birthday, Peter. Hope you have some kind of special activity for today or over the weekend to celebrate another year of life.

    Our goldfinches are so bright and pretty again.

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  4. Peter – Happy Birthday!

    Re: the NCIS discussion last night – We had already learned earlier in the season that Ziva is alive, although up to this point, I think Ellie Bishop was the only one who knew.

    Of course, as a mother, my thought goes to how heartbreaking it must be to be missing her little daughter (who is now with Tony), and wondering if Tony now knows she’s alive.

    I was disappointed in Michael Weatherly (Tony) for “dissing” NCIS a little bit in an interview while bragging on his new show.

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  5. Good Morning Wanderers.
    Last night I went to another book event at Page & Palette in town. The book being discussed was the story of the Indianapolis. written by Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic. Sara had been fascinated with the story ever since she had seen Jaws.

    I sat next to two gentlemen who were there. One graduated from Auburn and was the head of the Florida Transportation Employees Credit Union before retiring, the other graduated from Alabama and was an environmental attorney for the EPA before retiring. I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say.
    Of course, I had to buy the book.

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  6. Sometime within the past few weeks I mentioned a Christian Facebook friend who believes that the Bible teaches that Jews and gentiles were saved a little differently, or at least, the preaching to them was different. He eventually shared this article with me, which explains it some more.

    I briefly looked at the comments, too, and came across someone (more than one someone, I think) claiming that Paul was not an apostle and that he hijacked the faith, that what he taught was not Christianity. Wow. There are some wild ideas out there. (I’m sure many of you are already familiar with these ideas. I’ve heard of them before myself.)



  7. Jaws, a summer classic.

    Paul hijacking Christianity — Yep, that’s actually a pretty common idea among liberal Christians (who, for that reason, like to call themselves “red letter” Christians). Only what Jesus was actually quoted as saying (or not saying) “counts.” Or at least it counts a lot more than anything else in the Bible.

    NCIS – Kizzie, I hadn’t seen where Weatherly had ‘dissed’ NCIS, but one shouldn’t bite the hand that fed one in one’s struggling early days, at least not publicly. Because of NCIS is has his own show now.

    Maybe in the NCIS storyline Ziva and Tony have already re-connected?

    Happy Birthday Peter!

    Janice, my condolences on your weather, it’s the kind of weather I hate the most. I’m glad you have air conditioning. Hot nights are the worst.

    It’s Friday and I’m hoping for an easy story to write. It’s been a very busy week and yesterday was especially intense.

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  8. My college alma mater — which had to dump its mascot for being politically incorrect — now have adopted a shark as the new mascot (the school is near the beach and has a shark research lab). I wondered if the band would be playing the Jaws theme at games.

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  9. I once proofread a book with that red-letter Christian idea, and it was infuriating. First he threw out any right to claim that homosexuality and abortion were wrong, because Jesus said nothing about them (which isn’t actually true, because Jesus did speak on marriage and murder) . . . and then he went on to talk about our need to nurture the environment, which I’m pretty sure Jesus in His incarnation said nothing about, or at least nothing that is recorded! (We are told to be stewards of the earth, so to some extent Christians should be environmentalists. But it’s amazingly inconsistent for a “red-letter” Christian to include that as one of his preaching points.)

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  10. Chas, I’m working at the track today . The horses exercise from 6-10. They race in the afternoon. We sit around and wait for someone to get hurt. Mainly we sit and wait.


  11. Interesting development with The Boy and acute little biracial girl his age named Gabby. (I only mention her being biracial to give a little idea of how she might look.)

    Gabby’s mom, Emmie, is friends with my next door neighbor Denise, who also happens to have Gabby in her daycare. Emmie and Gabby have been over at Denise’s house every afternoon/evening lately, as Emmie is helping them with get the yard across the street in order, as it needs a lot of work. (Denise and her husband bought that house to use as a rental eventually.) So The Boy and Gabby have started playing together outside every afternoon, into the evenings.

    Denise and another neighbor have remarked on how well they play together, which is a surprise to them, as Gabby is a strong-willed “my way or the highway” kind of girl. Denise says she doesn’t often play well with others. But somehow, these two strong-willed children are having a great time together. I’m happy for them.

    (So, of course, some of the adults are now joking that they’re gonna grow up and get married, and making cracks about them being boyfriend and girlfriend.)

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  12. I love the title of our upcoming sermon Sunday, to be given by one of our elders:

    Know the Lord
    (And Get Over Yourself)

    Jer. 9:23-24

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  13. My eyes are dilated so I can’t read. I found out nothing new from this back of the eye specialist. I did not get drops or an injection. I go back in a month to see the first doctor to try and get glasses. Then I see this second doctor in six months. Is it starting to seem a bit strange to anyone else? This one said I can take the eye exam and may or may not pass to get my driver’s license.

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  14. This had me chuckling. I was reading a review of an upcoming summer show called Grand Hotel. The writer wrote that the owner had married his widow’s best friend.

    Did that jump right out at you, or did you have to think about it a minute? It jumped out at me, but I read it carefully another couple times to make sure I hadn’t misread. Then I laughed! (I even sent TV Guide an email pointing out the mistake. I rarely write to magazines, especially not fluff like TV Guide.)

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  15. Janice I don’t understand your eye doctor saying you can take the test and may or may not get your license. Before I renew my license next summer I must go to my eye doctor, take the exam and then carry my document, filled out by doctor, to the DMV. I will be exempt from the DMV eye test and proceed to getting my mug shot taken for my renewal.
    I got my Medicare card in the mail today! Now I must find where or if I should get part C or D or advantage or supplement…why oh why oh why?! I have a month to get ‘er done! 😜

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  16. And we are all so tired of clouds, rain and cold. Sounds like a little better on the weekend, but then below normal temperatures again. I do not like hot, but some moderation would be nice for all of us.

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  17. It all sounds very strange to me, Janice, and quite horrible. Is there another doctor you can see for a second opinion?


  18. Hubby went straight to bed when we got home around 5pm, and he is still sleeping. He got the pain pill (the oral one, not intravenous) at 3:00 at the hospital, about an hour before we left. They told me his next pill can be taken at 9:00pm.

    I never know if I should wake a person to take pain pills (to stay ahead of the pain), or just let him sleep and take one when he wakes up.

    Maybe he’ll awaken in the next half hour, and then I won’t have to wonder.

    But if not, which way is better — let them sleep, or wake them up — at this point (surgery day)?


  19. “Only” 90 degrees, Chas? Gasp!

    Talked to my cousin in Missouri who said it’s been (and will be) just steady, heavy rains where he is.

    I’m off to get my hair cut in the morning (long overdue, it’s been maybe 6 months? Maybe not that long, but close to it).

    I feel like I could go to bed now, but it’s only 7:20 so a bit too early, I’d say.

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  20. We’re under yet another tornado watch. A small one hit near a friend’s farm in Illinois today. She lost the tops of some trees.


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