News/Politics 5-25-19

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Since it’s Memorial Day weekend it’s a good time to talk about our veterans. While this weekend is a celebration and observation of those who gave it all, it’s also a good time to look at some improvements that have been made with regard to the care of survivors, especially those in most serious crisis. 

Below is a link to a Fox News interview Harris Faulkner did Thursday with VA Sec. Robert Wilkie. Those using the VA system, and those with loved ones relying on them for care, will be particularly interested. Some progress has been made, and it seems to be several steps in the right direction toward improving care, as well as speed of access and same day service for mental health and suicide issues. We can do more, but this is a good start.




3 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-25-19

  1. My experience with the VA has been very limited, but it has all been positive.
    They gave me $110/ month to go to USCarolina.
    They allowed me to buy my first house with no down payment.
    I spent 3.5 years in the AF. I got more from them than they got from me.
    I recognize and appreciate tat.

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