46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-21-19

  1. You are up mighty early there Kim.
    Good morning anyhow. Good evening Jo.
    I used to get up that early when I was working at DMA.
    It was my goal to get on the Beltway by 6:00.


  2. Morning, Kim. You are certainly up early.
    So many shades of blue on that bird, amazing.
    Morning, Chas, up and at em.


  3. Morning! We have a foot of snow on the ground and it continues to fall. My poor small pines have bowed to the earth under the weight of the heavy snow…hoping they can bounce back! Hummingbirds are flitting around the feeders but they cannot find the holes due to the snow…I shall put another out on the porch rail and hope they find it…. ⛄️

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  4. Michelle – (re: your comment last night) Michelle – I don’t think your comment was unkind, but seemed to be asking an honest question.


  5. I was flabbergasted by an otherwise intelligent friend’s (someone I know and love in real life) comments on Facebook recently. She says she does not trust what the CDC or FDA or “scientists” (she used the quotations marks) say, that they are all corrupted somehow. When I shared an article that showed that the man whose videos she has shared (Robert Kennedy Jr.) is known for greatly exaggerating the statistics, she said that “Big Pharma owns the press”, and would not consider the article.

    When I shared some of what my statistician friend has written on the matter, she replied, “Please, no statistics.” And yet, her own arguments were based on other (skewed and cherry-picked) statistics.

    I understand having different views on this issue, but with when one rejects any information other than what their “side” produces, there is absolutely no room for discussion. I was disappointed in that side of my friend.

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  6. Kizzie, sad, but not an unusual response these days in which partisanship fueled by one-sided and social media “journalism” is how people are being informed. Everyone has — and weaponizes — his or her own “facts.” Their side cannot be wrong or mistaken. Ever.

    Question of the Day: Where do you go for what you feel is objective, reliable news nowadays? Is there such a resource? Even if there is, do we yet not question what the bias is (as certainly there must be one in this day and age)? Whom do we trust among any of the media outlets anymore? While questioning by readers is always advised, are there still news sources you go to that will give you both sides of issues in a fair and dispassionate manner?

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  7. Here’s another piece on the Poway shooting and the church:



    Great sadness and shock have struck the denomination of which I am a minister–the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. That shock pales in comparison with the tragedy faced by the members of Chabad Poway who suffered grievous loss at the hands of John Earnest, a member of an Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The unspeakable, which normally takes place far from the door-step of denominations like the OPC, has kicked in the door and left carnage: a race-inspired shooting, death and destruction. The statements released by the Pastor of the church, and the Moderator and Stated Clerk of the OPC speak clearly for themselves, and also for all Orthodox Presbyterians.

    There is no defense for such an act. There is no justification. No explicitly Christian theology can ever justify such terror mingled with anti-Semitism or other racial bias and sin. Orthodox Presbyterians know this is not the norm. Racial bias and violence are not taught explicitly or implicitly from its pulpits (at least not in my experience). The only explicit racism I have encountered in the OPC was that which was dealt with in a church discipline case, to the credit of the church in which it occurred. Those who have truly embraced Reformed theology know that God’s plan of salvation transcends racial, social and economic borders. They know that the free offer of the gospel goes out to all regardless of race or religion. In fact, those who truly adhere to Reformed theology have a better-than-average understanding of the globalization of the gospel, promised early on to Abram (Gen. 12) and then commanded in the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18ff). In fact, I would adamantly insist that any racism that was historically tolerated or propagated in churches that professed to believe Reformed theology was glaringly antithetical to the system of doctrine which they professed. …

    … Yet, of this much we can be sure: from a denomination which highly values God’s gracious covenant and His promises, from a family which presumably raised their children under these promises, came one who perpetrated a devilish act, supported by a devilish manifesto. The reality check for us all is this: it could be your son or my son that commits such an act. Or for pastors, it could be one your members under your ministry that commits such a crime. That includes pastors who make social justice the primary application of the gospel of Christ. Left to the depravity of their hearts, any of our children (God forbid) could end up acting out horrific racially or ideologically motivated crimes. …

    … The faithfulness of teaching in church or in the home does not guarantee the faith or godliness of the hearer. As Thomas Goodwin noted, “Judas heard all of Christ’s sermons.” It could be that any of our children may be lost to anti-Semitism, inner-city gang life and warfare, drugs or any other such evils. We are right to examine ourselves in such times of tragedy. …

    … The act of terror in Poway was Satanic and deserves not only the full measure of the civil magistrate’s rule, but also of the church’s rule. However, may we never forget that this evil has come from within the covenant community (see Acts 2:23) and could have come from anywhere in the church, or any family. We need grace to be humble and Christlike in our self-reflection. Then, as we seek to be careful in our call for self-examination – let us be informed in such calls. By all means, let us be careful what we say, how we say it, especially in public ministries. But let us all–pastors and parents alike–approach this with the realization that such a tragedy could strike far closer to home that we ever could have expected.


  8. Good morning from cloudy pleasant middle of nowhere. I was able to get a quick walk in this morning as seventeen year old son actually headed out on time so I did not need to supervise his presence in the house. And there was no four month old to entertain me. Sad. But good.

    Seventeen year old daughter is struggling, off her rocker. Her worker came by on Sunday to try to help her get back but that was a fail. And so it goes. She will be fine in a couple of days as oldest daughter and family are coming for a few days.

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  9. Donna ! QoD
    I watch FoxNews. They are slanted conservative but seem to be balanced Shep Smith obviously doesn’t like Trump. As are some of the guests. But they have Trey Gowdy and a couple of others I like to hear.

    I don’t believe they have lied to me.
    Besides, they have the prettiest girls. You don’t have to be beautiful to be on Fox, but it obviously helps.


  10. I loved the comedy of Tim Conway. How could one possibly not laugh while watching him?! (His coworkers often we’re stifling their laughter during a skit!)
    I mostly listen to Fox News when and if I watch the news. The obvious left slant of the local news stations and otherwise is hard to take. I do read Matt Walsh/Ben Shapiro and Tim Challies….
    I put another hummingbird feeder on the front porch rail and as I turned around to come back into the house I heard a loud flutter…a hummingbird was right behind my head! I turned around and he just fluttered there in my face!! I am guessing that was a thank you and he did stay perched on that feeder for the longest time!

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  11. We did have a greedy hummingbird out back flitting from one feeder to the next guarding his territory…..so I placed the fresh one on the front porch rail…thankful indeed!
    And yes Mumsee I have had them bombard my head while taking the feeders down to refill….very demanding they are at times…kind of like family members hovering in the kitchen while preparing their food!! 😂

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  12. Mumsee, western species of hummingbirds aren’t as territorial as ruby-throated.

    I’m guessing today’s photo, the blue jay, is one of the most recognized of species. They are mean birds, but so beautiful. They also are smart and they usually hide from the camera. One advantage of hanging out in the same small area repeatedly is that the animals tend to begin to understand you aren’t a threat. I am now able to get photos of jays much easier than ever before. Even when they came to our bird feeders up north, they would dive for cover the moment they saw me at the window–all other species that came to our feeders got at least somewhat used to me, but never the blue jays/ But the blue jays on the trail have begun to ignore me, allowing me to get decent photos like this one.

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  13. The LCMS Church is very concerned about syncretism and following the 9-11 service in NYC, removed the Lutheran pastor who participated.

    My husband’s response to earnest LDS visitors who invite him to pray with him is, “I’m happy to pray, but I don’t think you’re going to like what I say.”

    They always leave immediately.

    The problem I see with intra-faith services outside of Christian denominations, is we appear to be in agreement with other religions. But, if we think they are worshipping an idol–how can we?

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  14. My involvement with Chambers fans continues to bless my life. This morning I swapped texts with a VA woman I was unable to meet last summer. She wrote a piece today about the ministry to deployed service couples she and her husband have run for the last ten years.

    They’re with CRU at Virginia Tech.

    Here it is FYI: https://excellentorpraiseworthy.org/2019/05/nightly-morning-prayers-2/

    She also gave me a great idea for a blog post that I’m about to research and write.

    Wild winds and overcast here; we’re expecting more rain. My poor strawberries are in three inches of standing water!

    So much for that crop . . . .

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  15. Some time ago (maybe even way back on the WMB?) there was a discussion about a book by Suzanne Humphries, Dissolving Illusions, and there was at least one article shared that seemed to pretty thoroughly debunk the book. Does anyone here remember that, and know where to find that article?

    The friend I mentioned above is saying that polio (or at least the worst effects of it) was caused by DDT, which is a claim in the book.


  16. There is a difference between attending an interfaith service, as Sophia Lee recounts, and simply attending the mosque for an event. I know that members of my city church attended the mosque for a funeral of a member of a Muslim family whom they befriended. The mosques in the village did not have a court for women, so we could not go there (neither could the women of the village) but we did visit our friends for Tobuski (Eid) and share a meal with them. In fact, Eid celebrations were a wonderful opportunity to share, as it is the celebration of the ram that was given in substitute for Abraham’s son. It is a fine balance to make, and I know each team member drew the line at a different place, according to their conscience, but I was in no doubt that none of them were compromising the gospel with their interactions. If Paul could through the Acropolis and then preach at the Areopagus (Mar’s Hill) in Athens without being accused of syncretism, then Christians have a lot of leeway in how and where they present the Gospel.

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  17. DJ’s QoD: I read widely, deliberately choosing both more conservative and more liberal sources in order to triangulate facts from both sides, and if a story is not making sense, I cast my net wider to see what other sources have to say. Links to World, The Guardian, Macleans, and CBC come through my FB feed, and I refer often to the BBC.

    Kizzie, DDT was not used as an insecticide until after 1939, which was when its usefulness as an insecticide was first discovered. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The first outbreak of polio in the U.S. was in 1894, and the first large outbreak in the U.S. was in 1916, with 27,000 cases and 6000 deaths: https://amhistory.si.edu/polio/americanepi/communities.htm.
    I do not remember a discussion about Dissolving Illusions, so it probably occurred before my time, but this might be the article you are looking for: https://vaccinesworkblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/20/dissolving-illusions-book-review/. I am not sure I would share it with your friend though. It is confrontational enough that anyone with an opposing view would just get exasperated with it, and it contains a lot of links to refuting facts rather than fully stating them.
    I have several FB friends who share anti-vaxx articles. I find it frustrating, especially when those article insinuate all the healthcare field as being corrupted. But I do not get into discussions about it on FB. It is not worth it. The one time I did, taking time to back up my facts with data, it was if I had been talking to a wall for all the impression I made. It has become an article of faith for many, tied in with other beliefs, such as occult corruption of government. It will not be surprising when I say a certain sibling in-law has refused to have his offspring vaccinated because of what he read online. It was actually his mother, whom he had persuaded to share his viewpoint on vaccines, with whom I had the fruitless discussion.

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  18. Roscuro – I already see that my friend will not be open to opposing views. She is usually very calm and respectful, but I have detected a shortness of temper in a couple of her comments. My concern is for the people who may read the articles she shares, or watch the videos and be taken in by them.


  19. We finally called the sheriff on daughter again. One came out followed by two back up. Sure surprised the back up when eleven went bursting through the door! They suggested seventeen stop throwing eggs and rocks at me and the house and that she apologize and clean up her mess. She is happy, they are happy. I am here.

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  20. Kizzie, you are not responsible for what she posts on her thread, she is. I confess I was frustrated with one of my cousins the other week and flooded one of his posts with contradictory links in the comment section (it was not about vaccines), but I generally do not make such comments on other people’s posts because I do not want to humiliate them (because their other friends can see my comments) and I know it will just make them more defensive if they feel humiliated. It did not succeed with my cousin.

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  21. Oh Mumsee… I was thinking about her the other day. I know we have discussed whether she is schizophrenic or not, and while doing my exam review, I was reminded of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, which are more intractable to treat than the positive symptoms. Positive symptoms of schizophrenia are things like delusion, hallucinations, paranoia, things that are present that should not be. Negative symptoms are things that are absent that should be there, creating symptoms such as apathy, lethargy, anhedonia (the absence of pleasure in things), social withdrawal, etc. I was thinking seventeen year old has the positive symptoms, but does not seem to have the negative symptoms. It had me wondering if she had one of the disorders that resembles schizophrenia, such schizotypal personality disorder, which is characterized by magical thinking, or schizoaffective disorder, which can include manic episodes.


  22. Had trouble sleeping last night. Too much sinus drainage so couldn’t sleep. I am thinking that, besides allergies, it might be a reaction to the spray I used on the roach I found in my kitchen. The good news is that, for the first time in four months, a haus meri is coming to clean today. I will tell her to come back next week too. I think the roach escaped to die in the silverware drawer, so that needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

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  23. Inter-faith services: While in college, as editor of the yearbook, I twice got tickets to the Chicago prayer breakfast associated with the National Day of Prayer. Mayor Daley was there, and all the other Chicago dignitaries. They had a youth choir and several speakers, and even one or two brief prayers. But it was all done in the name of our Judeo-Christian heritage, not in Jesus’ name, which sent up red flags. I basically attended because I had a $25 ticket I didn’t have to pay for. Nice fresh-squeezed orange juice, too, though I don’t eat scrambled eggs, and wet scrambled eggs were the entree of choice–a pretty expensive breakfast for not eating the main course!

    The next year I returned, with few illusions it was a religious gathering in any meaningful way. It was a cultural thing. That year (probably 1993), they had added a hyphen to Judeo-Christian, and it was now Judeo-Christian-Muslim. I humored myself in wondering how long such addition could last before being unpronounceable, but realized it was already edging toward blasphemy and I would not have returned another year had I been invited. The National Day of Prayer had always seemed a bit silly to me–Christians don’t need one set day, and if you’re including unbelievers it isn’t worship anyway. And it’s supposed to be the church, not Focus on the Family, that invites us to come and worship God!


  24. It’s been a long day working from home — a very long and involve obituary to write along with another story about a development being proposed (which is being held) and a copy block about an actor returning to his alma mater’s drama class to offer encouragement.

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  25. Grandson and son in law are safely with daughter. Baby was screaming when she saw them, but started laughing and grabbing her face when he saw her. Her fears were squashed. She feared he would forget her.

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  26. We had a double rainbow this evening with yellow clouds. The sky was clearing in the West as the sun went down causing these phenomena.

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  27. (Or should it be this phenomena? Those Greek words throw me off when it comes to singular or plural nouns.)


  28. of course we are losing our principal
    should I stage a teacher walkout???!
    no one else has taught my class for years unless I am on furlough

    take my class to the directors office???


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