17 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-22-19

  1. The Catch 22 for parents.

    You want your kid to get a college education, but do you really want your kids to be college educated? Most of it no longer holds any real value. Selecting the right college is more important than ever.


    “Most Americans are not aware how morally and intellectually destructive American colleges — and, increasingly, high schools and even elementary schools — have become. So, they spend tens of thousands after-tax dollars to send their sons and daughters to college.

    But today, to send your child to college is to play Russian roulette with their values. There is a good chance your child will return from college alienated from you, from America, from Western civilization and from whatever expression of any Bible-based religion in which you raised your child.

    If you think this is in any way an exaggeration, here is some of what has happened on campuses in recent months:

    Harvard University fired law professor Ron Sullivan from his position as faculty dean of Winthrop House, a student residential hall, because he was one of Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers. (He has since resigned from the Weinstein legal team.) Some female Harvard students said they felt “unsafe” with Sullivan as a faculty dean.

    Alan Dershowitz, a professor emeritus at Harvard Law, said the decision “may be the worst violation of academic freedom during my 55 year association with Harvard.” Laurence Tribe, also a professor at Harvard Law, said he could not recall a “worse” blunder in his 50 years as a professor there.

    Also at Harvard, all-black graduation exercises were initiated. And like most other colleges, Harvard has long allowed an all-black student dorm to exist on campus.

    If nothing else, this provides additional proof of the vast difference between liberalism and leftism. That is why liberals such as Dershowitz, Tribe and numerous liberal writers have condemned Harvard’s cowardly capitulation to a few female students. Unfortunately for America, however, most liberals will not confront the fact that they have far more to fear from the left than from the right. Conservatives are not the enemy of liberalism; the left is.”


  2. Not shocking. Neither is his naked partisan attempt at trying to release the records before the appeal process plays out. Because he knows it won’t withstand a challenge from the White House.



    “A federal judge’s ‘tell’ in his order forcing Trump to turn over financial records to House committee”

    “The political zealotry of the federal judge who ordered ten years’ worth of Donald Trump’s financial records turned over to the House Oversight and Reform Committee chaired by Elijah Cummings has been revealed with a highly unusual provision of his order.”


    “The remedy for potential political bias in a federal judge’s ruling consists of the appeals process, with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and ultimately the Supreme Court able to reverse such a decision. But Judge Mehta’s order forbids this.

    Mehta also denied a request from Trump lawyer William Consovoy that he issue a stay on the ruling while they appeal the decision to a higher court, meaning that the House Democrats could quickly obtain the president’s financial records if Mazars complies with the request before an appeals court potentially intervenes.

    “The court is well aware that this case involves records concerning the private and business affairs of the President of the United States,” Mehta wrote. “But on the question of whether to grant a stay pending appeal, the President is subject to the same legal standard as any other litigant that does not prevail.”

    The judge stated in his opinion that both parties of the lawsuit have agreed to a seven-day waiting period after any ruling before Mazars releases any documents. The president’s attorneys have indicated that they will appeal any ruling not in their favor.

    A stay of a ruling with irreversible consequences is standard operating procedure. In this case, once the records would be turned over before the appeals process could play out, any appeals reversal would be moot, since the records, once disclosed, cannot be made private and confidential once again. In effect, Judge Mehta has made himself the Supreme Court of the United States as far as litigant Donald Trump is concerned.

    This is a “tell” — an unintentional indication that the judge is biased and willing to deny the right to appeal his decision in order to advance the political agenda of the House Democratic Caucus, as expressed through Representative Cummings’s committee’s subpoena. “


  3. Not shocking either. She’s an anti-American bigot, so why wouldn’t those she associates with be as well?

    Birds of an anti-Semitic, anti-American feather.




  4. So if he’s saying he doesn’t want to testify because he doesn’t want to politicize it, isn’t that admitting that all this farce is just playing politics? Because it is.


    “Mueller To Congress: I’ll Pass On Being Politicized, Thanks Just The Same”

    “So it’s not William Barr preventing Robert Mueller from testifying after all. CNN reported today that Mueller has “expressed reticence” about appearing publicly in a congressional hearing due to the politics surrounding his report. The special counsel office offered some willingness to negotiate closed-door testimony, but other options may still be on the table:

    Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has expressed reticence to him testifying publicly in front of the House Judiciary Committee, according to sources familiar with the matter.

    The special counsel’s team has expressed the notion that Mueller does not want to appear political after staying behind the scenes for two years and not speaking as he conducted his investigation into President Donald Trump. One option is to have him testify behind closed doors, but sources caution numerous options are being considered in the negotiations between the committee and the special counsel’s team.

    Justice officials are generally supportive of how the special counsel’s team is proceeding with negotiations. As Attorney General Bill Barr told The Wall Street Journal last week: “It’s Bob’s call whether he wants to testify.”

    After watching Jerrold Nadler turn the House Judiciary Committee into a circus, it’s tough to blame Mueller for feeling less than enthusiastic about jumping into the center ring. He could opt for a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing instead, but the temperature might not be much better on that side of the capitol building. Chair Lindsey Graham has declared himself uninterested in picking Mueller’s brain beyond the report anyway, and Senate Democrats would likely follow Nadler’s strategy to demand answers about Mueller’s punt on obstruction.

    Even testifying behind closed doors seems like a reach for Mueller, so much so that the offer itself is a little surprising. Anything he says behind closed doors will get chopped up into sound bites and politicized just the same as would happen in open testimony. The delay on the transcript would likely just mean even more hyperbole surrounding any nuanced testimony Mueller would provide, and less chance to push back against it.”


    Same circus, different clowns.


  5. Someone please explain to that dolt Nadler the difference between executive privilege and witness intimidation please. Then he might not look like he’s either a total fool or a partisan hack.

    Oh wait. Too late on both counts.


    “Nadler: We’re Going To Charge McGahn With Contempt, But …”

    “What kind of contempt does Jerrold Nadler have in mind? “Our subpoenas are not optional,” the House Judiciary chair intoned to the empty chair where former White House counsel Don McGahn was supposed to sit. Nadler will move forward with a contempt charge on McGahn, but the type of contempt Nadler chooses will be optional — and important:”

    Former White House counsel Don McGahn, as expected, failed to show at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday morning after being directed not to testify by President Donald Trump, and the Democratic chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler, vowed to pursue a contempt citation against him. …

    “The president has taken it upon himself to intimidate a witness who has a legal obligation to be here today. This conduct is not remotely acceptable,” he said.

    “We will not allow the president to prevent the American people from hearing from this witness. We will not allow the president to block congressional subpoenas, putting himself and his allies above the law. We will not allow the president to stop this investigation, and nothing in these unjustified and unjustifiable legal attacks will stop us from pressing forward with our work on behalf of the American people. We will hold this president accountable, one way or the other,” Nadler said.

    Ahem. An exercise of executive privilege is not witness intimidation, as Nadler well knows. It is a valid legal construct that allows presidents to protect conversations with advisers, and it allows presidents to prevent those aides from testifying about them to Congress. Whether this particular exercise of privilege is valid will have to get decided in the courts, but to call it “witness intimidation” is hyperbolic to an astounding degree. It sounds desperate — and it is, to which we’ll come in a moment.”


  6. The LBG community doesn’t realize that they are advertising for Chick-fil A. Their resistance creates customers. I said before, “You don’t have to be Christian to eat at Chick-fil-a. But many do.” Many of us will pass a McDonalds or Hardees to go to Chick-fil-A if it’s convenient.

    AUSTIN, TEXAS — After emotional speeches by members of the Texas House’s still-new LBGTQ Caucus, a measure dubbed the “Save Chick-Fil-A” bill cleared the chamber Monday along party lines.

    They didn’t say how the party lines were divided.
    But I think we know.

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  7. The Never-Trumpers favorite creepy porn lawyer has more problems. 🙂

    And to think, they considered him credible. Hahaha! 🙂


    “Federal prosecutors are expected to charge Michael Avenatti with additional financial crimes Wednesday, sources briefed on the case told ABC News.

    The new charges will accuse Avenatti of misappropriating money that was supposed to be paid to Stormy Daniels when Avenatti was representing the adult film actress in her public battle against President Trump and his former attorney Michael Cohen, the sources said.

    The charges are to be filed by federal prosecutors in Manhattan who have already accused Avenatti of extortion in a case involving Nike.”


  8. Democrats continue to push a losing idea that would eliminate the Electoral College and make the winner of the popular vote the President. As usual, they show their ignorance. A constitutional amendment is required. They just want mob rule where the large population centers in liberal NY and Cali. decide our Presidential elections. It won’t pass constitutional muster for we are a republic, not a democracy.



  9. Another busted leftist narrative.


    “Another Narrative Busted: Record Number of Foster Care Children Adopted in Permanent Families in Alabama

    Little, if anything the media and the outrage brigade are saying about Alabama’s bill or Alabama or the pro-life movement is true.”

    One of the worst and most dishonest arguments from the pro-abortion crowd is that pro-lifers don’t care about children once they’re here. A particularly grotesque argument maintains it’s more charitable to murder an unborn child who might be born into less than affluent circumstances than to ensure their life is protected and honored.

    Alabama, who recently passed stringent abortion restrictions, fully intending to provoke a court battle, recently set a record for the number of foster care children adopted out of the system and into permanent homes.

    From AL.com:

    There were 710 foster children adopted during the year that ended Sept. 30, up from 509 in fiscal year 2017 and 502 in 2016. The previous record was 676 foster children adopted in fiscal year 2009, according to the Alabama Department of Human Resources, which oversees the foster care system.

    “It sends a strong, wonderful message to all the foster care children in our state,” Ivey said at a news conference at the Capitol, where she posed for photos with children and their families.

    There are about 6,375 children in foster care in Alabama. DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner said about 70 percent of foster children return to their biological families.

    “But those that don’t, they need their own loving caring, permanent family and that’s what it’s all about,” Buckner said.

    Buckner said there were probably about 250 children in the system in need of adoption for whom DHR has not found an adoptive resource. Those are children whose parents have lost their parental rights. The number of children in that situation has been fairly stable — 234 at the end of fiscal 2016 and 236 at the end of 2015.

    Buckner said the increase in adoptions in 2018 is the result of a joint effort that involves juvenile courts, probate judges, DHR and other partners.

    “We recognize that children need permanency,” Buckner said. “We all need family. We need family connection. And we’ve all gotten together. We’re doing some partnership things together. So, we’re all on the same page and we’re trying to push permanency through.”

    Kiss that narrative good-bye!”

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  10. I think that adoption is something that should be taught right along side sex education as abortion is. I’m not sure that many young ladies have even thought of that concept as a positive alternative. If contraception is taught, so should adoption.

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  11. I doubt most of them died from abuse. I suspect they were in car accidents, or got pneumonia, or something along those lines. I was just thinking how they are emphasizing children dying at the border, but children do die, it does not mean they were deliberately killed or it is the result of neglect. Things happen. Bike accidents, falls from horses, food poisoning, illness.

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  12. That’s what I was thinking, but I could see people using that statistic to make it seem that foster care is bad for children, thus making abortion seem like a better alternative. (Not that having to be in foster care in the first place is a good situation.)

    I shared something on Facebook that was a compilation of social media comments by the people who would supposedly be better off to have been aborted, such as those who grew up in foster care, the disabled, those who grew up poor, etc. Some acknowledged that they suffered abuse or difficulty, but they are thankful to be alive and are going on with their lives.


  13. People will always misuse facts. And the idea that it is better for my child to be killed in the womb is appalling but pretty common. It is better for my child to be aborted than adopted???

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