Prayer Requests 5-21-19

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 108

My heart, O God, is steadfast;
    I will sing and make music with all my soul.
Awake, harp and lyre!
    I will awaken the dawn.
I will praise you, Lord, among the nations;
    I will sing of you among the peoples.
For great is your love, higher than the heavens;
    your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
    let your glory be over all the earth.

Save us and help us with your right hand,
    that those you love may be delivered.
God has spoken from his sanctuary:
    “In triumph I will parcel out Shechem
    and measure off the Valley of Sukkoth.
Gilead is mine, Manasseh is mine;
    Ephraim is my helmet,
    Judah is my scepter.
Moab is my washbasin,
    on Edom I toss my sandal;
    over Philistia I shout in triumph.”

10 Who will bring me to the fortified city?
    Who will lead me to Edom?
11 Is it not you, God, you who have rejected us
    and no longer go out with our armies?
12 Give us aid against the enemy,
    for human help is worthless.
13 With God we will gain the victory,
    and he will trample down our enemies.

6 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 5-21-19

  1. The 5.8 million Turkmen are a desert people who primarily live on the outskirts of the Kara Kum desert. There are also 1.3 million Turkmen in Iran,  200,000 in Afghanistan and  46,885 in Russia. Known for its autocratic government, Turkmenistan has large oil and gas reserves but, despite this wealth, much of Turkmenistan’s population is still impoverished. Many Turkmen live abroad, mainly in Turkey, leaving their spouses and children behind in order to support them.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a spiritual hunger in the hearts of people. However, with a very autocratic government and a strictly controlled press, an atmosphere of fear prevails and it is difficult for people to get to know the truth. 

    Even though Turkmen are Sunni Muslim, many have  little knowledge of the Qur’an or the tenets of their faith. Rather, their  religious experience is rooted in superstitions and folk Islam. 

    Please pray…
    Turkmenistan is considered to be one of the most restrictive countries in the world.  ​
    Pray for Muslim background believers who are fiercely pressured to return to Islam. Pray for their protection and endurance.

    Pray that security forces who are monitoring Christians would encounter the Gospel. 

    Pray that the many Turkmen who live in Istanbul and other cities abroad would be introduced to Jesus.

    Pray for a new approach to ministering in Turkmenistan: for young professionals working in secular jobs to not hide their Christian identity, but from the very beginning be transparent about their walk with Christ.

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  2. The people group to pray for today is the Kaka’i, a Kurdish people group in Iran and Iraq. Their version of Islam, kept quiet due to mainline Sunni persecution, is a syncretized religion called Yarsanism, a blend of Zoroastrianism and Shia Islam. They were, along with the Yazidi, Shia Muslims, and Christians, victimized by ISIS, and formed their own unit with the Kurdish Peshmerga forces who pushed ISIS back in Iraq. Yarsanism is secretive, but they seek a personal relationship with God. Pray that the Kaka’i will find what they are seeking after (Matthew 7:7) and that those who have found Him would share Him with others.

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  3. I’m not sure if anyone will see this, so late in the day, but if you do, I’d appreciate prayers while I struggle with mental fatigue. A too-busy day on top of a too-busy week on top of a too-busy many months. My brain was out to lunch tonight during the piano lesson. Gave him an ear training test using the theory book one beyond the one he’s in. Couldn’t find the new piano book tonight that I’d just bought for him since his previous lesson, even though I had just been prepping it today.

    Embarrassing and frustrating almost to the point of tears. I feel sick without feeling at all physically sick. Just really fuzzy, foggy, and not with it.

    Thanks for praying.

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