38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-23-22

  1. I am not sure what it is. I suppose my flowers are mostly done in this morning. We are not home to see, however. We are visiting at the grandchildren’s. Went to a couple of soccer games yesterday. In one both the varsity players were introduced along with their parents. Both their names were butchered by the announcer–not mispronounced but substituted first names given before the correct ones were given. Made for some chuckles.

    Today we will visit some other grands. One birthday girl in each family, so this works out well for us. We don’t see them enough.

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  2. Morning! Sedum sounds right Janice. Mine went kaput a couple years ago during a winter kill off. They have been so hardy but just could not pull through. I always looked forward to the blossom at the end of the summer.

    A day to get things done around here and no trips into town! It is a beautiful sunshiny day in this forest this morning and our temps should get up to 70.

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  3. Have to get going to meet the painter this morning.
    I am in sticker shock from the bid on the doors, I had no idea. It is like three times what I was expecting.
    Do I say yes???

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  4. It turned to fall overnight! I walked about twenty rounds on the driveway in the coolish air with a slight breeze. Then I trimmed a cedar tree overhanging the driveway so I don’t have to bow down to pass under it when walking. I swept the leaves in the carport that Art noticed when he got home yesterday. He does not realize I sweep out there almost daily, but it was too hot yesterday.

    Now I am resting with my friends, Thr Frozen Peas, under my arm. It still feels comforting but I was so busy yesterday that I neglected my new buddies. Wow! Monday makes 4 weeks since surgery and that is suppose to be my recovery time. Just wondrring when I can push the lawnmower again.

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  5. Doors — well, I was a big believer in bids and shopping around (of necessity, I had to save where I could), but if you have the money … I did splurge on the back sliding door, going with Andersen rather than some cheaper brands. But that was the big expenditure and was desperately needed, replaced a rickety old aluminum frame door that had probably been here for decades before I bought the place.

    I’m glad I didn’t have to replace any other doors, love my antique original front door that’s still solid and beautiful.

    I put a call in to the GP’s office to let them know I tested positive, they’re going to see if she wants to call in anything at the pharmacy for me or set up a quick phone/virtual call today.

    Still feeling rough, but I did get a good night’s sleep thanks to the NyQuil I ordered from the pharmacy yesterday.


    Those spiders will be hard to miss! Good thing they’re more or less harmless.

    Kathaleena, so glad you’re getting some good visiting time with the grandchildren.

    And AJ, I’m guessing you’re busy-busy today getting everything ready. Congratulations to all, hoping everything goes smoothly and will be a wonderful family memory for years to come.

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  6. There are 2 interior hall closet doors I’d like to replace someday, but that’s fallen down on “the list” for now (I actually have one replacement in the garage, bought from a guy who was restoring an old Victorian in town).

    Someone put the newer “slab” doors on the closets but all the other interior doors are original, with the inset panels and old knobs, so I’d like to get the “new” ones out and put in some that matches the rest of the house. But as I said, that’s pretty far down on the list for now. Putting in doors can be expensive on the labor end. And they don’t really show much, their both tucked into the hallway.

    I also love the old pocket doors, how hand are those? But again, pretty pricey to put those in as well.

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  7. Is a pocket door one which slips into the wall? I stayed with friends in a home which had a seemingly open bathroom, and I could not figure out where the door was; did these folks not believe in bathroom privacy? Finally I found the door was hiding between the walls, lol.

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  8. My cousin in LB who has the 1908 home has a pocket door that slides between the living room and dining room, all original.

    He bought it when it was literally falling apart but thankfully no one had the presence of mind or money to update it, so it’s all the original woodwork and other features. Beautiful.

    He brought it all back with years of DIY work.

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  9. My husband is replacing 3 doors today—including a sliding glass door—as he nears the end of refurbishing our daughter’s house.

    He has saved her so much money, and really, made sure his baby has a lovely home.

    New kitchen cabinets due next week, which he and our former handyman Daniel will install together.

    A real blessing to have an engineer in your family!

    But, you know, he learned many if these skills the year he lost his job and joined the men at our then-church build the church office.

    He ended up being out of regular work for a year, but so many blessings came as a result, we, as usual, marvel at the twists and turns God led us through to both joy and His glory.

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  10. I am very thankful for my ugly gray metal kitchen door replaced when intruders kicked in the orginal door. A friend’s husband (church family) got it installed quickly and cheaply. We had no spare money as I only got paid for teaching in the preschool while homeschooling and Art has always made a lot less than he is worth out of his choice to help give others a break financially.

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  11. My dad was knowledgeable and skilled in carpentry. He did a lot of wonderful renovations in every home they owned. Wish we had someone like him still in the family, or as a friend.

    For Nightingale, I often pray that God would bring her ” ‘a TDH/if you got a problem, I can help’ kinda guy”. What I mean by that is this:

    “TDH” (tall, dark, and handsome) is a reference to how author Carolyn Weber, in Surprised by Oxford, referred to her future husband. He was a Christian witness to her who helped lead her to Christ, and at first was only a good friend, not yet a boyfriend. (Things turned more serious after she was saved.)

    The “if you got a problem, I can help” comes from a song by Billy Swan from back in the 70s that I had been hearing fairly frequently, from these lyrics:

    “If you’ve got a problem, I don’t care what it is
    If you need a hand, I can assure you this
    I can help, I’ve got two strong arms, I can help
    It would sure do me good to do you good
    Let me help.”

    Sometimes I throw in “a Boaz kinda guy”, too. 🙂

    Of course, I realize that it may not be in God’s will for Nightingale to marry. That idea makes me sad, for both her and Boy, and also for me a little.

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  12. Thank you and thank you all for the prayers, especially Monday. That was the day the difficult one was back from her church missions trip. I was there because the other workers are scared of her. Our new French speaking Haitian nurse was there to care for my dad. I explained that she was there to care for dad and the other to care for mom. And that if the other care giver was not available or missing or otherwise occupied and mom was needing something, she could step up. She walked into the kitchen and the other went in and started bullying her and saying she was fixing meals, not the new worker. I stepped in and let her know we were there for dad and she could fix mom’s but B would fix dad’s. She started yelling at me and berating me. I told her we were honoring her words that she was not going to take care of dad. She said she never said that, and I said we had a text from her. She continued and I mentioned I do have the authority to dismiss her. She said no, it is mom’s daughter who pays her. I said thank you, I will make the call. I tried to keep my words as peaceful and quiet while speaking clearly as I could. (karate daughter was there if anything happened). I went and texted my brother who came immediately. She had run to her room and contacted the daughter. She and her husband came over and we talked and tried to come to resolution. I said we needed a competent adult there any time their worker was there, to protect our dad. They said okay. Then the brother in law started ranting that it was all my dad’s fault because he had been mean to the worker for the past four years. (My dad is not mean to anybody ever). They went to look for the worke, when they eventually found her, she declared she was scared for her well being and was quitting. They packed a little bit and she marched out with her shotgun.

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  13. We all know the worker had told dad he was the worst human being she had ever met and she hated that he was breathing her air. I found out what brought that on. The night before she served a cold meal that was supposed to be hot. My step mom likes her coffee hot and her food hot. He, as the employer, asked her the next day to try to serve the food hot.

    And so goes my drama for the week. Thanks for praying, please continue. The woman has made a huge rift in the family that has not been there for thirty years of marriage. They believe everything she says because they don’t go visit their mom. The youngest daughter has had the duty of showering her mother but had passed it to the worker, so when the worker quit, she learned she does not have the stamina to do the task so I would have to do it. I told her I was pleased and honored to be able to serve our mom. We got it done and my dad said it was the happiest he had ever seen her come out of her shower. We laughed and talked all afternoon.

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  14. Kizzie, they have several very good carers. Two Haitians, one who has been there two years, my two sisters in law, and me. I told them I could go for three days and four nights. But the family still insists she is going to a nursing home. Keep in mind, the daughters leave from October to mid April as they winter in Arizona so they will not be around to visit their mom. But they don’t anyway so no real difference. Anyway, we have caregivers to cover twenty four hours seven days a week. Pray that my anger with them does not turn to bitterness.

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  15. Word press is being weird again. I cannot like anything and the whole sign in thing has reappeared. I am sitting here talking to the screen telling Word that of course they know who I am and stop asking me over and over again!

    Janice that looks to be a wonderful ministry and my great nephew is actually a triathlete. He was competing in that event in Utah this year. Paul hasn’t participated in triathlons but has throughly enjoyed running 50 and 100 mile ultras. Now he is enjoying the camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts and cheers them on with his support and pacing. The young whippersnappers call him “grandpa” 😊

    Dj did the doc send anything over for you to take? Praying you heal quickly and that your neighbor remains Covid free.

    Hi Mumsee ♥️

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  16. Praying, too, Dj, that this is not that cyclical Covid like Kevin and others have had. But at least the second go round is easier than the first.
    You have really made me question my desire to go to in-person church on Sunday. I feel up for it physically but won’t later when I do radiation. Seems I should go during my window of opportunity, but I don’t need any kind of bug. Quite a few in my Sunday school class have young children (the immune builders who build through getting all the illnesses to share with family members) .

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  17. Wow, Mumsee, so glad that you were there and that God enabled you to be calm. A lot of work, but so honoring to them both. I will pray that God will bring the family back together.

    Working on my Bible study there was a question about casting our cares on Him. The house stuff can be a little stressful, so many decisions. But the hardship is not being part of my family. I haven’t seen my 17 year old grandson who lives in this town since July. Not sure why, maybe just busy lives, but it is still sad

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