28 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-6-22

  1. They are now backtracking because of all the lawsuits that will be coming…

    It’s long past time for them to start telling people the truth about the dangers of the Covid jabs.

    Are Health Officials Backtracking on COVID-19 Narratives?

    “Health officials have been making headlines in the news for their recent comments that seem to be reversing previous COVID-19 public health messages.

    Both Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and former White House COVID-19 advisor Dr. Deborah Birx, admitted that the COVID-19 vaccines are not particularly capable at preventing infection, reversing previous COVID-19 narratives that asserted the vaccine prevented disease acquisition and transmission.“


  2. Interestingly, Alex Jones gets tagged for $45 million for asserting that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, yet the Left have told us countless times that the Covid jab is safe and if you take it you won’t get Covid. Such lies have been catastrophic (in terms of injuries and deaths) for American citizens…


  3. Enjoy!

    And note this will come about with the help of Republicans.


  4. R’s won’t stop it, and they won’t rescind it. They won’t do a thing of use, as usual.


  5. Tychicus – the scientific method means you have to change your mind when presented with new data. Initially, the vaccine was thought to prevent covid or at the very least prevent symptoms. The data collected indicates the vaccine does not entirely prevent Covid but does mitigate the symptoms. This isn’t backtracking; this is science, you adapt your theory or hypothesis to fit new data. Science is allowed to change its mind; in fact, it’s encouraged.

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  6. Given the median household income in the US is 67K, the table in the tweet indicates they will assign more agents to the richer half of the country. Roughly twice as many auditors to the rich half. Only 24% of Americans make over 100K yet 2/3rds of the agents will be chasing them. And only 1.5% of Americans make over 250K, the new auditors will definitely be chasing the rich if you look at on a per capita basis.

    Boarding an airplane in Canada requires a mask – so at the airport and always on a domestic flight. Once you board an international flight, the airline decides the rules, so on a private jet flying internationally a mask isnt required. I hate flying because you are stuck in a tube with 300 people with recycled air for 6-8 hours (flights to Europe). I’d be very happy if everyone wore a mask just to keep the air cleaner. I have an incredible immune system after years of teaching but long flights often give me a sore throat, cough or congested sinuses.


  7. About 57% of adult Americans don’t pay taxes. So how are they going to raise taxes on all Americans? Fear mongering the poor when the taxes will actually apply to the richer half of the country.


  8. Alex Jones seems to be quite the character. Just now seeing some clips of his shows, lots of high-volume screaming.


  9. So how do we see the future of the two political parties we have now?

    Where do they go from here? Will there be splits? New parties rising up (there are a lot of us now who are registered independent).

    Will those new parties be more extremist than the two main ones are (leaning toward) now?

    How will any party garner enough support going forward? I still believe — and think the polls bear this out — that most of the US voting population lies somewhere in the rather vast middle, leaning ether left or right, but not extremely so.


  10. Perhaps the two parties will limp forward and learn from their mistakes (via lost elections and alienating folks to the point of driving them voluntarily from “membership”).

    But the political climate is in a very ugly state right now and many of us feel essentially alienated from all of it.


  11. Sorry, folks, but the scientific method doesn’t make the citizens of the world Guinea pigs for the mass distribution and emergency use of the Covid jabs. Why is it that it had taken many years to develop vaccines for common childhood illnesses, yet they were able to push the Covid jab out the door in record time – that in itself should have raised all kinds of red flags…

    Then came the mandates – how can you force people to get jabbed to stop transmission when the jab obviously doesn’t stop transmission?

    They knew from the beginning. The virus was released so that they could test their experimental poison.

    The response to Covid, the masks, the jabs and the mandates will eventually go down as the biggest debacle in American history. And unfortunately, worldwide, it’s been a modern-day genocide.


  12. I can’t believe anyone still buys the garbage the Covid “experts” spew.

    They’ve been wrong or lying about nearly everything. And their vaccine is a flippin’ joke.

    But science, or something……


  13. As for Alex Jones…..

    He’s an ass. Always has been.

    But since he gets hit for 45 million for lying to his tiny audience, when will the lawsuits against our lying media start?

    They’ve done far worse, spread way more lies than Jones, to Trump and America than Alex Jones did to Sandy Hook families.

    And please don’t make the lame “well he’s a public figure” argument, because so was Jones.

    Alex Jones is not the problem in America right now. Our lying, biased, distorting, and propagandizing media is.


  14. Frauds.

    9 days. In 9 days, the Cheney stain will be primaried out of US politics. 🙂



  15. A disgusting man.



  16. And the media will run countless scare stories about Covid and Monkey Pox in order to make it appear legit and not political, and explain to the peasants why early/mail in, easy do defraud voting is necessary.

    Lather, rinse, repeat….



  17. Meh, it was only 40 Billion, right…..


    Yes, but that was because they had to carry water for Biden. Now that the corruptocrats in Ukraine have the cash the media can be honest.


  18. As I said, this is an especially ugly time in our nation’s discourse, driven by juvenile name calling, non-stop outrage and endless shouting, snarky tweets. On it goes.

    Christians? We need to lead in setting an example in how to discuss issues in a more mature way. But we too often give in to the spirit of the age.


  19. AJ – There’s no comparison. The media, both print and cable, have professional standards. When an error is made they issue retractions or update the story. They do not incite. Jones delibrately lied. He knew he was lying. He knew his lies caused grief to the families. He knew his listeners were threatening and harassing the parents yet he continued. He “yelled fire in a crowded theatre”. The ordinary media doesn’t do this. You may not like their bias (I don’t either) but they are not Alex Jones.


  20. Tychicus – True, the poilio vaccine took years to develop in the 1950s. But we’re not using 1950s laboratories anymore. Also corona viruses aren’t new; different variants of competing strength have been around before – hence its Covid 19 not just Covid. And much of the tech used and the delivery system used isn’t new – it was developed for the MERS vaccine about a decade ago. Science builds on the past and improves itself.


  21. Of course, only 30% of the funds were directed to the front line. I’m surprised it was this much. Military spending everywhere is notoriously inefficient and corruption is everywhere. I sincerely doubt 50% of the US military spending ends up serving front line troops.

    Dick Cheney is still a war criminal but Liz has done a good job of washing the sins of the father.

    Sharpton is correct, you can’t compel morality. For a politcal party, Republican, that argues gun control and gun bans don’t work, why do they think abortion control and bans will work? And then there’s the war on drugs…… Abortion rates have been in decline for 20 years because pro-life groups presented a compelling argument not because gov’ts legislated morality.


  22. HRW, 10:29, is correct.

    Liz Cheney clearly knows she’s losing her seat and that seems to be OK with her, it was and is the price she chose to pay.

    “The media” is a private industry made up of countless individual parts, some more responsible than others. It is what it is right now.

    Again, find some trustworthy sources and dismiss the rest. This is a period when news consumers — which is all of us — need to be especially wise and careful about what we consume. Some of the hyper-partisan Alex Jones-style sites are simply the worst of the worst.


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