6 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-16-19

  1. There, I put my name in the box.

    Bought the house yesterday morning, had renters in yesterday afternoon. A nice family from California.

    Sitting here watching the two youngest do their schoolwork this morning. They wanted to get an early start so started about seven forty five. School does not officially have to start until eight thirty. And then son looked up and said, “Today is Saturday so we don’t have school today, but it won’t hurt to go ahead and get it done.” I smiled. I like that they enjoy their schoolwork.

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  2. My Bible reading is taking me on such interesting journeys. I have been stuck in Genesis 1 for a few days, pondering His Majesty. His amazing creativity, and His power. Awestruck, I am. I am also reading in Luke and Hebrews and Revelation and this morning was Revelation 4, the throne room. What an incredible picture of glory. And it goes back to His creation and how He is glorified through it and in it. What an amazing Book about our amazing God. So far beyond us. And yet wanting to hear from us.

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  3. 🙂 Sunday’s here

    😦 More demoralization at work last week as one of our best cop reporters is leaving for a city job that will double her salary. Who could blame her? But she’s one of those people who really is cut out for breaking news journalism, she loves it and is good at it. It’s in her blood. But there’s just no way to make a living at it anymore, especially in our particular company. She can barely afford her modest little apartment near where I live as it is and there’s no hope of even a cost of living raise going forward. She’s leaving with mixed feelings but it’s an opportunity she really can’t turn down as she’s still in her 20s.

    Meanwhile, one of the three reporters in our tiny, shrinking newsroom is out until May following an injury. He may never be back, though, as he and his wife have been quietly plotting an imminent move to Canada where they’re from. A freelancer will be helping out to cover his beat, but it looks doubtful that another full time reporter will be hired.


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