38 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-9-19

  1. Lindsey says we’ll vote on it. 🙂

    So they can be openly mocked, as they should be. 🙂


  2. Pass the popcorn please…..


  3. And another.



  4. And yet another VA. politician is named in the blackface scandal, but this time it’s a Republican.


    “Virginia State Senator Tommy Norment Edited Yearbook With Blackface, Slurs”

    “Virginia state Sen. Tommy Norment was once the managing editor of a yearbook chock-full of racial slurs and images depicting blackface, according to a report by The Virginian-Pilot.

    Norment, the Republican majority leader of the state Senate, oversaw the Virginia Military Institute’s yearbook in 1968, the news outlet reports. In that yearbook, students appear dressed in blackface in several photos, and racial slurs are used regularly. In one instance, a student from Bangkok, Thailand, is called a “Jap” and a “Chink.” A caption under another unidentified man’s photo reads: “He was known as the ‘Barracks Jew’ having his fingers in the finances of the entire Corps.”


    “Norment released a statement on Thursday, confirming his status as a former managing editor but deflecting responsibility for the pages that contained offensive material.

    “The use of blackface is abhorrent in our society and I emphatically condemn it,” he said. “As one of seven working on a 359-page yearbook, I cannot endorse or associate myself with every photo, entry, or word on each page. However, I am not in any of the photos referenced on pages 82 or 122, nor did I take any of the photos in question.”

    The politician went on to note that he “supported the integration of VMI.””


  5. Everything that used to be fun and talent in those days are racists today.
    Jack Benny’s driver, “Rochester” was a crowd favorite.
    Al Jolson’s black face rendition of “Mammy”
    Radio favorites Lum and Abner.
    and others.

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  6. Oh look. You had to know they’d try to blame Trump. 🙂

    Trump musta been using his magical time travel machine again. 🙄

    How else could his actions today have caused Democrats to dress in black face 30 years ago? And he’s not stopping them from doing the right thing and resigning in disgrace.


    “The blackface scandals involving Virginia’s Democratic Governor and Attorney General have prompted Rep. Al Green (D-TX) to renew his calls for the impeachment of President Trump.

    The Hill reports:

    Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said the refusal of both Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam (D), and the state’s attorney general, Mark Herring (D), to resign after admissions of wearing blackface in the past “is but a symptom of a greater syndrome that currently plagues our country as a result of not acting on President Trump’s bigotry.”

    Green argued that the pair has been emboldened “to a great extent because the Trump presidency has sent a message that you can be immune to the consequences of bigotry, by daring those with the authority and power to constitutionally remove you from office.”

    Say what?

    Virginia Democratic party candidates swept into office in a blaze of glory in 2017 because of their anti-Trump views. That election, we were told, was a sound repudiation of the president himself and his policies.

    So what does Trump’s alleged bigotry have to do with the fallout from the admissions by Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring that they did racisty things back when they were in college?

    Nothing. ”


    Dang that evil wizard Trump!

    (shakes fist at sky)



  7. I saw an article that listed a whole bunch of celebrities who have appeared in blackface for various reasons, such as trying to portray a black celebrity in a skit. That doesn’t make it right, of course. (Although I have to say that it doesn’t seem as bad to me when the actor is portraying a person, not meaning to mock their color or ethnicity. But I could be wrong on that.)

    Is conservative media investigating Fairfax’s accusers in the same way they did Kavanaugh’s accusers?

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  8. AJ – (Re: your 10:43) – I agree that Trump is not to be blamed for the actions of others. But it looks like Rep. Green is not blaming him for those men appearing in blackface in the past, but for their decision not to resign now, as if Trump has emboldened people not to care about racism. (Again, I don’t agree with his assessment, I just think his words were misunderstood.)

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think people should be calling for their resignations based on something done years ago, when they were young and stupid, that they have apologized for, as long as there is not a persistent pattern of racial insensitivity or outright racism.

    Although maybe Northam should be urged to resign because of his apparent lying about it. (But, as others have said, his views on late-term abortion are more concerning.)


  9. These new Democrats don’t realize what they’re up against if they try to impeach Trump.They don’t realize that he is a NY street fighter who’s motto is probably
    1. I don’t start fights
    2. I don’t fight fair
    3. I don’t lose.


  10. Part of me thinks voters will be ready for calmer waters (which might not bode well for a Trump re-election). But if the Democrats nominated a far left candidate, as it appears they’re ready to do, that will give Trump, perhaps, a lift. The unknown wild card still, however, will be the independent, more centrist candidates who likely will jump into the fray. They could pull a lot of votes from both parties at this point.


  11. Kizzie is right. The democratic point is due to Trump’s refusal to take responsibility, this has made easier or has encouraged other politicians to ignore scandals and stay in power.

    Chas – Trump may live in New York but his businesses were driven out long ago. He’s lost so many times that he declared bankruptcy seven times. He was so desperate for investors that he’s taken money from Russian mobsters and banks (same thing). He’s cornered and as he was run out New York he will be run out of Washington. The question is when and to where.


  12. The Democrat candidates are centrist. Universal health care as a policy is centrist or at least over 70% agree with it. Similar policies are similar to the rest of the OECD and are consider normal and endorsed by all parties..

    The Starbucks guy and others who might jump in are afraid the status quo is danger. They’re afraid of sensible taxation and sensible social policy


  13. Speaking of Elizabeth Warren. . . Some have accused her of lying about having American Indian ancestry. But she is the one who took the DNA test and released the results. I would say she was mistaken, not lying. If she was lying, she would have hushed up the results, or not taken the test in the first place.

    Many white American families have a story about having some long-ago American Indian ancestry. My cousin Tommy called me with the results of his DNA test, and he was so surprised to find out that we didn’t have that Indian great-great grandmother after all. (I had doubted the story as I grew older, so I wasn’t surprised.)


  14. This is old news, but. . .Remember during the Kavanaugh hearings when it was alleged that some women were being paid $50 to be there to protest? World had an article back at that time that said that women who volunteered to let themselves be arrested were given $50 for bail money.

    I don’t know why that little tidbit just came to memory. 🙂


  15. Its often easier to mock people for silly lies or mistakes. However I wonder if there isn’t some latent sexism at play here. Trump (and Clinton) lie about sex and money and there’s a shoulder shrug, Warren claims some native ancestry and the media is all over it.

    Btw, those ancestry tests are fairly general and not entirely accurate. The percentages are not exact either. And the caregories are debatable….does the “British Isles” indicate Celtic. Anglo Saxon, or Viking

    On the other hand there is some accuracy. My daughter took one and the results were what I predicted — 25% Germanic 25% Polish/Russia/Ukrainian 25 % Nordic and the rest scattered around Europe and Central Asia. I don’t need to take it now since I account for the Germanic, UK, southern European and half the Nordic

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  16. My oldest brother has taken the ancestry tests and confirms we are 1/16 American Indian, as we have heard. The rest is Scottish, with my red-headed mother having 100% Scottish blood.

    What I don’t understand is that much is made of American Indians not wanting their DNA in the database . . . so how does absence of a match confirm that one doesn’t have “native” blood? Now, it’s crazy ridiculous to say that a rumored ancestor several generations back allows you to check the box saying this is what you are . . . but then, with African Americans, we follow the “one drop rule” that used to be considered racist. A person with very little black ancestry who looks white can fight very hard against “passing” as a white person. I’m sure there are plenty of Americans only about 1/16 black who would mark the “African American” box and think nothing of it. We’re quite inconsistent in this regard.


  17. Oh, and I don’t see how darkening your skin for a costume is any different from applying fake freckles or wearing a wig. Even if the costume is not complimentary, it isn’t necessarily racism. For instance, if it is acceptable to wear an orange-ish wig to a Halloween party to “be” President Trump (and to ridicule him), why is it suddenly “racist” to darken one’s skin just a little to “be” Obama and ridicule him? If we are going to have robust debate, we cannot be so thin-skinned about every detail of civic life. Dressing up as a black person while your friend dresses as a KKK wizard is in very poor taste, and no one can really argue that as recently as the 1980s he really didn’t know better. But changing one’s skin color for a costume is not, in itself, racism.

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  18. Those DNA tests are bringing some unpleasant surprises, such as some people finding out that their father is not their biological father.


  19. Liar, liars….



  20. —————————

    There’s that word again…


  21. That’s not how this works you clown.



  22. Cheryl,

    On Bill Maher this week, the possibility that cross dressing for Halloween or comedic purposes would soon be considered inappropriate and insensitive to the trans community was raised. Maher was joking but some guest may have taken it seriously.

    In the case of blackface, its taboo nature is probably due to its origins in comedy to mock and demean blacks and secondly blackface allowed whites to act black and thus deny blacks acting roles.

    Its interesting to note blackface isn’t considered inapproriate in places where it was used not for comedic purposes. My dutch cousin organizes the village celebration of St Nicholas Day on Dec 5. St Nick arrives on old fashion boat with candy etc for the kids along with his assistant Black Peter (who also hands out coal to the bad boys) Black Peter is usually a local young man in blackface. The use of blackface started because where in medieval small town Netherlands would you find a black guy to play the role. The cities, more multicultural, have changed the celebration but the villages didnt. (An alternate explanation is that Black Peter wasn’t from African but rather was permanently darken from coal dust).


  23. Aj,

    Stone’s arrest was fairly standard operating procedure. He’s lucky they knocked and didn’t trash the house. This is typical of what happened to communists, gays, student activists, labor activists, minorities, and now they are coming for the white guys. (A not so subtle hint to a certain poem)

    This has been happening since the Palmer Raids of the 1920s and has continued and expanded since esp in the war on drugs. Search “no knock warrants” on YouTube. Stories of doors blasted, dogs shot, houses ransacked, security cameras destroyed and stolen. In almost all the videos there were no knocks on the door, no reasons given and the most found was a little marijuana. Perjury is worse than possession.

    Roger Stone’s was an example of militarized police force that has been using overwhelming force for decades; acting like an occupying army and treating civilians as threats. It appears old white guys are joining the club. However its too late to protest and no one left to help.

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  24. AOC and Omar are going to make these rather benign mistakes as will their staff. AOC and her staff are young and enthusiastic. They will learn to be more methodical and careful. Omar probably meant ICE. I watched part of an interview with Omar…she’s very earnest and quite nerdy and quite smart. Not sure why she made the error but I’m sure she will learn from her error, study up on DHS and be better for it. I can’t say the same for other people’s use of twitter.

    On the other hand these errors should and could be minimized if the new Reps are assigned mentors who are experienced Reps. My perception is some of the more established Democrats would like them to fail esp as AOC seems intent on cleaning up dark money and campaign finance. Old white guys from both parties have been riding a gravy train and view these young idealists as threats


  25. I see where another woman has entered the Democrat race for their party'[s choice.
    Can all of these people fit on one stage?


  26. All I know about Amy Klobuchar (sp?) is that she is a Senator from Wi. I didn’t hear her speech, I was busy playing free-cell.
    But I know she is better qualified than Obama was in 2008.


  27. Oops, Chas, sorry but Amy Klobuchar is from MN. She has a biography, which I have just reserved at the local library. I remember her from being involved in the Democratic Farmer Labor party here in MN. It should be an interesting run up to the primaries.

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